Morland Burials 1740 - 1742



May          6    William s. of Richard HEBSON of Newby Stones
May        26    Francis WILLES of Newby
Jun.        21    Thomas MYLES of Kings Meaburne
Aug.         3    Elizabeth w. of George WOOFF of Newby Stones in this
Aug.       26    Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE w. of Thomas BAINBRIDGE of
                      Newby Stones

Sept.         1    Anne w. of William STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Sept.       27    Edward ROBINSON of Slegill
Oct.        12    Andrew DOBSON of Litle Strickland
Nov.        8     Mary w. of Thomas HUNTER of Grt. Strickland
Dec.       14     Mary w. of John SHEPHERD of Sleagill
Jan.        10     John s. of John SHEPHERD of Sleagill
Jan.        22     John s. of William NICHOLSON of Thrymby
Feb.       14     John LAMBERT of Litle Strickland
Mar.       12     James BIRD of Grt. Strickland



Apr.         6    Robert ROBINSON of Bedlam-Gate
Apr.       20    James DENKIN of Morland
Apr.       22    Magdalen WINTER of Morland
July         5    Mary d. of John GRAHAM of Litle Strickland
July       23    Anne d. of Margaret RIBBONS of Sleagill
Aug.      17    Hannah d. of John ROBINSON of Newby

Sept.      10    Nicholas DENT of Kings Meaburne
Sept.      24    John THOMNSON o'th Low Feild
Oct.         5    John SMITH of Sleagill
Oct.       21    John EGGLESTON of Kings Meaburne
Oct.       29    Chirstopher BUSHBY of Grt. Strickland
Nov.      21    Sarah d. of Rachell FALLOWFEILD of Newby
Nov.      29    William JACKSON of Newby Stones
Jan.       18    Ester w. of Thomas COOPER of Litle Strickland
Jan.       28    Marey widow of Christopher BUSHBY of Great
Feb.      19    Anne DENT of Peaslands  widow
Feb.      25    Elizabeth w. of Christopher ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.      27    Elizabeth d. of William & Anne HEBSON of Greengill-Bank
                     in ye parish of Morland
Mar.        8    Ann w. of John CAMPLIN of Newby
Mar.      11    Elizabeth KENDAL widow of Newby



Apr.        12    Thomas KENDAL of Newby Stones
Apr.        13    Eliz. w. of John BAINBRIDGE of Great Strickland
Apr.        25    Ann WHITE of Sleagill
May          7    John WHARTON of Sleagill
May        17    Anne w. of John ARCHER of Great Strickland
May        27    Christopher s. of Thomas WHARTON of
                      Mauls Meaburne Feild
Jun.        18    John HOGG of Thorn-Croft
Jun.        24    William s. of Ambrise WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Aug.       18    Joseph s. of John ELLISON of Litle Strickland in
                      this parish
Aug.       19    Margaret d. of Henry NELSON of Newby Stones
Aug.       26    Jennet w. of Robert WEBSTER of Thrymby

Sept.       23    Elizabeth d. of Tho. WOOFF of Newby
Oct.          8    John HOBSON of Moorbrough
Nov.       24    The Revd. Mr. James RICKERBY  Vicar of Morland
Dec.          6    William NEVINSON Esqre of Newby Hall
Dec.        10    Henery HOLME of Slegill
Dec.        11    Lancelot NELSON of Crackenthorp
Dec.        27    Thomas s. of Nathan TEMPLE
Feb.          3    Sarah d. of Wm. BETHAM of Towside



Mar.         31   Isabella STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland
Apr.           3   Frances HEBSON w. of Richard HEBSON of Newby