Morland Marriages 1731 - 1740



May     30    Lancelott BOUSHER  Margarett SAVAGE both of Bolton
Jun.       8    Richard HODGSON of Newby Stones & Elizabeth d. of
                   John HODGSON of Moorburgh
Jun.     10    George CLEMISON of Newby Stones & Elizabeth
                   DEWER of Morland

Oct.     10    Thomas ROSE of the parish of Hamsterley & Tamar
                   YOUNG of this parish
Oct.     23    Thomas MILLER of the parish of Shapp & Jane HEVYSIDE
                   of Sleagill in this parish. L.
Nov.    22    Edward BEARGETT of the Parish of Lazonby & Alice d. of
                   William BALES of Bewly Castle
Feb.     21    John FARRER of Flakebridge in the parish of Orton &
                   Isabel TEMPLE of Kings Meaburne in this Parish



Apr.     25    Mr. Richard SMITH of Newbikin & Emmy d. of John
                   HILL of Litle Strickland
May     18    John ELLISON of Towsett & Bridget d. of Henry BIRD
                   of Great Strickland
Jun.       1    Robert WEBSTER & Jennet BERWICK
Jun .    15    John RAILTON of the parish of Penrith & Agnes JONSON
                   of this parish
Jun.     20    Richard ATKINSON of Brampton in the parish of Long
                   Martin & Rachel DENT of Kings Meaburne Feild

Nov.      9    Robert WILSON of Newby & Margaret SMITH of
                   White Stone
Feb.       5    George HODGSON of Newby  Jane WHITE of Sleagill



May     13    William ION & Mary WHITESMITH of Newby
May     15    George SALKELD of Sandford in the parish of Warcupp &
                   Rachel HOLME of Bampton Hall in the parish of Bampton
May     15    James THWAITES & Mary HARRISON of Kings Meaburne
May     27    John LANGHORNE of Bolton & Alice ROBINSON of Kirby
Jun.       7    Robert KENDAL of Newby and Mary TAYLOR of Morland
July       5    Thomas LOADMAN of the parish of Kirby Stevin & Elizabeth
                   FURNESS of Kings Meaburne
July      31    Thomas BRUNSKELL of Couby in the parish of Appleby &
                    Agnes LAMBERT of Bolton in this parish

Oct.       7     John LAMBERT & Margaret BUSHBY both of Little Strickland
Oct.      18    William STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland & Jane
                    FALLOWFEILD of Newby
Nov.     26    William WYBERGH & Mary WALTON of Litle Strickland
Jan.      13    Mathew LANCASTER & Frances HUDDARD both of Grt.



Apr.     20    John GRINDALL of the parish of Dufton & Anne d. of William
                   BALES of Bewly Castle in the parish of Morland
May     30    Robert ADDISON & Agnes HARRISON both of Kings Meaburne
Jun.       4    John LOWES of ye Parish of Orton & Elizabeth DOBSON of this
Jun.       4    Henry CHAMLEY of Penrith & Mary ROBINSON of Kings Meaburne
Jun.     13    Thomas LAMBERT & Elinor WHITEHEAD both of Bolton in this parish

Nov.    10   Alexander MORREY of Bolton & Elizabeth WINTER of Morland
Nov.    17   John WILSON of Newby & Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE of Grt. Strickland
Dec.     12   William BETHAM of Towsett & Jane BRYHAM of Litle Strickland 



May       5     Henry JACKSON of Skulworth in ye parish of Kirkland &
                    Margaret NELSON of Morland
Aug.     21    Richard WILLIS of Newby stones & Anne LEVISTON of

Nov.      3     Thomas CLERK & Anne BETHAM of Litle Strickland
Nov.     11     Robert HEBSON of Crosby Ravensworth & Isabel d. of
                     Henry HOLME of Sleagill
Nov.     16     Mr. John HESLOP of Barnard Castle & Mrs. Elizabeth
                     NEVINSON of Newby Stones
Dec.       1     Anthony FURNESS & Margaret HOLME of Sleagill
Feb.      16    Thomas ROBINSON of ye parish of Heversham & Mary
                    ALLEN of Kings Meaburne in this parish



May      27    John DOCKER of Newby & Mabell LAMBERT of Kemplee
Jun.      15    William SAVAGE & Emma BIRD both of Bolton
Jun.      15    Henry WILKINSON & Jane TROUTBECK both of Morland
Jun.      30    John HEVISIDE & Mary SMITH of Sleagill
Aug.       5    Edward SHEPHERD of Kendal & Isabel JACKSON of Thrymby

Oct.        3    Samuell HANSON of Bolton & Mary ASBRIDGE
Nov.     25    Anthony ROBINSON of Morland & Jane FALLOWFEILD of
                    Grt. Strickland
Dec.        2    George BIRD of Shapp & Mary DENT of Kings Meaburne


Apr.       11   Thomas HODGSON & Margaret HARRISON both of Newby
                     in this parish
May         3    Robert DENT & Elizabeth DENT both of Kings Meaburne
May       16    Josiah CORRY & Elizabeth SAVAGE both of Botlon in this
May       22    William WHARTON of this Parish & Francis GOWLAND of
                     the parish of Penrith
Jun.         9    John MATTHEWS of Kirk Bampton & Isabel JACKSON of
Aug.      29    Thomas SKILBECK of the parish of Crosby-Ravensworth &
                     Sarah GRAHAM of the parish of Morland

Sept.      29    Alexander MURRAY & Anne WILKINSON both of Morland
Oct.       20    Joseph RICKERBY of Thrymby & Jane POULTON of Litle
Nov.        3    John ARCHER of Great Strickland & Anne d. of Joseph
                     FURNESS of Dallen-bank
Nov.      15    Thomas TEBOA of Kings Meaburne & Mary HODGSON of
Feb.       12    Christopher HODGSON of ye parish of Longwathby & Tamar
                     JACKSON of ye parish of Morland
Feb.       12    John BROWNRIGG & Florence ROSE both of Morland


Apr.       17    John ALLISON & Jane JORDAN of Grt. Strickland
May       25    Thomas GRAHAM of the parish of Morland and Mary NIXON
                     of the parish of Artingdale. L.

Oct.         5    William LADLOW & Elizabeth LOWDEN
Oct.       30    Barrow WALKER of Johnby in the parish of Graystock  Yeoman
                     & Jane ROBINSON of Skelton spinster L.
Nov.        6    George THORNBER of Keesly in the parish of Dufton Yeoman
                     & Margaret DENT of Prinslands (?) in the parish of Morland Spinster L.
Jan.         1    Robert GELASBY & Jane HARTLAY both of Bolton



Apr.       23    William NICHOLSON & Jane WOOFF both of Bolton
Jun.       24    Henry NELSON & Elizabeth PERKIN both of Newby in this Parish

Sept.      20    John s. of John WOOFF of Litle Strickland & Anne d. of Robert
                     KENDALE of Croglin Hall
Nov.      12    Thomas HODGSON of the High Moor & Elizabeth MITCHELL of
Jan.       27    Isack WILLEN & Ellinor FURNESS both of Kings Meaburne



May       27    George HULLOCK & Mary MORLAND of ye parish of Morland
May       28    Edmond HOBSON & Elizabeth DENKIN both of the parish of

Oct.       22    George WOOFE & Mary BUTTERWICK of Newbystones
Nov.      30    William HEBSON of Greengill Bank & Anne LAMBERT of Kemplee
                     both in parish of Morland on St. Andrew's Day