Morland Baptisms 1741 - 1742



Mar.      31     Richard s. of Robert WILSON of White-stone
Apr.      22     Mary d. of Edmond HOBSON of Newby-High-sides
May        7     Robert s. of Robert BURREY of Kgs. Meabourne
July        5     Hannah d. of John ROBINSON of Newby
July       16    Mary d. of William WOOD junr. of Newby-stones
Aug.      24    Jane d. of Richard VARTY of Thorncroft (entry struck

Sept.       3    Margaret d. of Matthew  MITCHELL of Little Strickland
Sept.       6    William s. of Thomas LONG-MYRE of Little Strickland
Sept.      30    William s. of Richard HEBSON of Newby-Stones
Nov.      26    Robert s. of John WILLSON of Newby
Nov.      26    Isabell d.of George SCOWFEILD of Morland
Nov.      30    William s. of Thomas GRAHAM of Wickerfeild in the 
                     Ld Ship of Meabourne & Parish of Morland
Dec.         3    Elizabeth d. of William & Anne HEBSON of Greengill
                     Bank in the parish of Morland
Dec.       17    Anne d. of John & Florence BROWNRIGG of Morland
Dec.       22    Mary d. of Henry BATEMAN of Litle Strickland
Jan.        14    Anne d. of Alexander MURROUGH
Feb.       17    William s. of Thomas RICHARDSON of Sleagill



Apr.       22    John s. of John BROWN of Grt. Strickland
Apr.       29    Robert s. of Richard HODGSON of Newby-stones
May         2    Elizabeth d. of Robert DENT of King's Meabourn
May         6    John s. of John WOLF of Newby Lord-ship
May         6    John s. of Thomas THOMPSON of Morland
Jun.         3    Thomas & John sons and twins of Henry & Mary
                     CHAULMLEY of Thrymby
Aug.        1    Joseph s. of George THORNBOROUGH of Peaslands
Aug.       15   Margaret d. of Henry NELSON of Newby-stones in this
                     parish  Privately.
Aug.       16    Joseph s. of John ELLISON of Little Strickland in this
                     parish  Privately
Aug.       19    Mary d. of Richard WINTER of Morland

Sept.       23    John s. of John WOOFF of Newby
Oct.        28    Jno s. of Mathew KENDAL of Morland
Nov.       11    Jane d. of Geo. HODGSON Slegill
Dec.         9    Richd. s. of Thos. HODGSON & Margt. his wife
Dec.        27   John s. of John KENDAL & Mary his wfe of Harlow
Dec.        30   Margaret d. of Edward BURREL and Mary his wife
                     of Newby