Morland Burials 1680 - 1689



Mar.      29    Ann w. of John RICHARDSON of Meaburn
Apr.        8    Richard s. of Elizabeth FALLOWFEILD
May        6    Jannet d. of Elinor BEATHOM of Towcit
May      22    Elizabeth WARKMAN of Morland
Jun.      17    Ann w. of Christopher COUPLAND of Lytl Strickland

Sept.     28    Barbry WILLIAMSON of Morland
Oct.      22    Winford d. of Rowland DENTE of Meaburne
Nov.     19    Thomas TEASDELL of Meaburne
Dec.        9    Frances SIMPSON of Thrimby
Dec.        9    Maydlan NEUINSON of Meaburn
Dec.      18    Elizabeth CLEMAT of Meaburne
Jan.       13    Thomas s. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Feb.      12    Thom. s. of Mathew CHESTER of Great Strickld.
Mar.        6    Thomas WILKINSON of Morland



Apr.        5    Edward BACKHOUSE of Morland
Apr.      28    Thomas ROBINSON of Slegill
May        3    John KENDALE of Newby
May        3    Elinor d. of Rich. JACKSON of Morland
May        3    John NOBLE of Slegill
May      24    Elizabeth WINTER of Newby
May      26    Tho. FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
May      30    Jane w. of Joh. LANCASTER of Thrimby
Jun.        2    Jannet LAMBERT of Great Strickland
Jun.      27    John s. of Edward BETHAM of Newby
July        8    John s. of Thomas TEASDALE of Thrimby
Aug.     20    Ann d.of William HOLM of Slegill

Sept.     12    Richard KENDALE of Morland
Sept.     29    George NEVINSON of Slegill
Oct.        8    Margarett ROBINSON of Sleagill
Oct.      12    Thomas s. of John LANCASTER of Thrimby
Oct.      31    John SMITH of Thrimby
Nov.     27    Joseph WOOF of Great Strickland
Dec.       7    Mary d. of Christopher ROBINSON of Slegil
Jan.        8    Ellinor HALL of Morland
Jan.        9    John CLEASBY of Newby
Jan.       13   Widow ROBINSON of Slegill
Feb.      23   George s. of John WINTER of Morland



Apr.    11    Thomas s. of Xtopher WILKINSON of Newby
Apr.    14    Margaret w. of Richard JACKSON of Morland
Apr.    17    Francis BARTON
Apr.    18    x x x bastard sonn of Frances CHESTER
Apr.    18    Margaret w. of John CLEASBY of Newby
Apr.    22    Ellinor WILKINSON of Whitbar
Apr.    29    Elizabeth DIXON of Newby Stones
May      4    Richard SMITH of Slegill
May    17    Mathew s. of Willm THOMPSIN of Great Strickland
Jun.      3    Mary w. of Christ. WILKINSON of Newby
Jun.    27    John ADDISON of Meaburn
Jun.    30    John LANCASTER of Thrimby
July      1    Margaret w. of Thomas DOCKER of Morland
Aug.   13    Ann SMITH of Great Strickland
Aug.   27    Elizabeth w. of John DOBBY of Newby

Sept.     5    Mrs. Luce w. of John DALSTON Esq. of Millrig
Sept.   30    Richard s. of Richard HODGSON of Newby
Nov.   25    Richard NICHOLSON of Newby
Nov.   25    Elinor d. of Thomas AREY of Streahead
Dec.     7     John HEBSON of Newby
Dec.     7     Elizabeth d. of Edmond STEPHENSON of Woodsid
Dec.    11    Elizabeth HARRISON of Meaburne
Jan.      4    Richard NICHOLSON of Newby
Jan.      6    Grace FALLOWFEILD of Newby
Feb.    12    x x x of Edward BEATHOM of Newby
Feb.    13    William WILKINSON of Morland
Feb.    15    William WHINFELL of Slegill
Feb.    28    Frances FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Mar.    21    Barbry GIBSON of Newby




Apr.       5    John s. of Robart BACKHOUSE of Morland
Apr.       7    Elizabeth FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
May        9    Elizabeth d. of William HOBSON of Hy Morr
Jun.      10    John s. of Mr. John NEUINSON of Newby
Aug.     16    John s. of Robart ADDINSON of Meaburne

Sept.     14    Elizabeth w. of James WEBSTER of Thrimby
Oct.        7    Isable WOAFFE of Great Strickland
Nov.     10    Elinor PARKING of Thrimby
Nov.     10    Margrat d. of Margrat COUPER of Morland
Nov.     14    Robart ADDINSON of Meaburne
Nov.     24    Ann WEBSTER of Thrimby
Dec.       2    Maydlan KENDALL of Newby
Jan.        5    Elizabeth HOBSONof Murbar
Feb.      12    Gye COPPERTHWAIT of Thrimby
Feb.      26    Jane w. of Georg CLEASBY of Thrimby
Mar.       7    Ann WILSON of Meaburne
Mar.     19    Edmond HOBSON of Hyemoor
Mar.     20    Maydlam ADDISON of Meaburne
Mar.     23    Margrat w. of Thomas ROBINSON of Towcit



Apr.     14    Richard s. of Richard FURNAS of Great Strickland
Apr.     29    Doraty d. of Mr. Richard CRAKINTHORP of Litl Strickland
May     25    x x x daughter of Henery JAMSON of Great Strickland
Jun.     15    Thomas ROBINSON of Towcit
Jun.     26    Elizabeth d. of Isabell SMITH of Slegill
Aug.      5    Mabel w. of Thomas SMITH of Harding

Sept.    14    Richard KIRKBRID of Litl Strickland
Oct.     10    An BRYAM of Great Strickland
Oct.     23    Humphrah s. of Robert CAMPLING of Newby
Dec.     18    Ann d. of John BAXTER of Thrimby
Feb.     13    Elizabeth WILSON of Meaburn
Feb.     24    Isabell IONN of Morland



Apr.     3    Richard KIRKBRID of Littl Strickland
Apr.   16    Doraty GRAYAM of Morland
May     3    Elizabeth w.of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
May     4    Jane d. of Jane BLAND of Slegill
Jun.     4    James s. of Thomas BELL of Great Strickland
Jun.    16    Elizabeth d. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
July    31    James s. of John CLARKE of Morland

Sept.  16    Margrat w. of Robart WEBSTER of Thrimby
Sept.  27    Jane w. of John MYLES of Thrimby
Oct.   12    Michall SALKELD of Morland
Nov.  30    Richard HODGSON of Newby
Dec.    7    Sisallie WINTER of Morland
Dec.  18    Elinor RICHARDSON of Meaburn
Jan.   22    Margrat PERSON of Great Strickland
Mar.  22    Richard WILSON of Newby



Mar.    29    Winiefrid d. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Mar.    30    Thomas DOCKER of Morland
Mar.    30    Isabel w. of Thomas KENDALL of Newby
Apr.    13    Margrat d. of John CAMPLING of Newby
Apr.    20    William DOCKER of Newby
May    10    x x x wiffe of John STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
May    27    John s. of Michall JONSON of Meaburne
May    29    Thomas s. of Henery HOLME of Slegill
Jun.    29    x x x wife of John KILNER of Thrimby

Sept.      3    Edward JACKSON of Kemplee
Oct.       6    Ann JACKSON of Kemple
Nov.    17    James s. of John WEBSTER of Thrimby
Dec.      1    Jullian PATTINSON of Litl Strickland
Dec.      2    Richard s. of Thomas KENDALL of Newby
Dec.     --    Grace d. of William TOMPSON of Great St.
Jan.       3    Ann d.of Thomas GESKELL of Thrimby
Jan.     11    Margrat w. of Thomas ROBINSON of Acowyaite
Jan.     29    Elizabeth w. of Thomas PARKIN of Slegill
Mar.      5    Christopher s. of Robart ADDISON of Meaburne
Mar.     10    Henery COULSTON of Dougill Head



Mar.    27    Edward SPEDDING of Morland
Apr.    16    Thomas COULSTON of Morland
Apr.    19    Isabel d. of Ann KENDALL of Newby
Apr.    20    James HOWARD of Newby Stones
May    21    Elinor w. of John BIRD of Great Strickland
Jun.    22    Elizabeth d. of Thomas STEPHENSON of Meaburne
July    14    Thomas KENDALL of Newby Stons
Aug.   10    x x x x x daughter of Richard ROBINSON of Newby
Aug.   10    Elizabeth w. of John COUPER of Litl Strickland
Aug.   27    Josaph s. of Robart MORLAND of Great Strickland

Sept.   14    Ambras WILKINSON if Meaburne
Sept.   23    John BAXTER of Thrimby
Oct.    25    William s. of Thomas ION of Morland
Nov.   10    Jain w. of John MYLS of Thrimby
Nov.   21    Frances d. of Richard ROBINSON of Slegill
Dec.     7    Ann BIRD of Woodsid
Dec.   30    Margrat w. of John BELL of Morland
Jan.      2    Jannat w. of Richard CAMPLING of Morland
Jan.      6    Frances HEBSON of Litl Strickland
Jan.    20    Thomas HOLM of Slegill
Feb.     5    Ann d. of Elizabeth HALTON of Bewby
Feb.     9    Gyles ROUTLEDG of Newby
Feb.   12    Susana d. of Mr. John NEUINSON of Newby
Mar.     2    Elizabeth w. of Robart ADDISON of Meaburne



Apr.      20       Frances d. of Mary HODGSON of Thrimby
Jun.      28       Edward COUPER of Morland
July        3       Jannat w. of John RICHARDSON of Whitbar
July      27       William s. of John KENDALL of Morland

Sept.      3        Mable w. of William LAMBART of Kemple
Oct.     16         Mary d. of Georg BIRD of Thrimby
Oct.     23         Richard SMITH of Angall Hill
Nov.      8        Ann w. of Robart CLARKE of Morland
Dec.     31        William WILKINSON of Newby
Jan.      10        John CLEASBIE of Newbie
Jan.      16        Edward s. of John SHIPPERD of Slegill
Jan.      25        Agnes w. of Thomas PARKING of Slegill
Mar.     15        John SANDERSON of Great Strickland



Apr.      2    Margrat BARNAT of Great Strickland
Apr.      8    John HARISON of Morland
Apr.    13     Elizabeth d. of John WILSON of Newby
July       5    Robart BACKHOUSE of Morland
July     16    Mary SMITH of Slegill
July     19    A Soutdger that dyed at Thrimby
Aug.    15    Nicholas DENT of Meaburne
Aug.    26    Richard s. of Thomas WOOF of Shap Beck

Oct.    22    Isable d. of Christopher ADDISON of Meaburne
Oct.    23    Isable d. of Christopher WILKINSON of Newby
Nov.     2    x x x x x daughter of Thomas CHESTER of Litl Strickland
Nov.   23    Richard STEPHENSON of Hasley
Nov.   30    Frances WILLIAMSON of Morland
Nov.   17    John TOMPSON of Litl Strickland
Jan.      6    Frances w. of John TODHUNTER
Jan.      6    Elizabeth COPPERTHWAIT of Thrimby
Jan.    14    James DOCKER of Newby
Jan.    15    Mable d. of John WILSON of Newby
Jan.    30    Elizabeth w. of Richard KILNER of Thrimby
Feb.     4    Thomas s. of Mr. Christopher YAITS of Great Strick.
Feb.     6    Richard NOUBLE of Litle Strickland
Mar.     8    Ann s. of Litl Strickland
Mar.   12    Ann KENDALL of Newby end
Mar.    16    Margrat CHESTER of Great Strickland
Mar.    20    Mable PERSIVELL of Litl Strickland
Mar.    22    Amey DOCKER of Great Strickland