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Of the PEOPLE call’d



Testimony of a Good Conscience,

From the TIME of

Their being first distinguishedby that N A M E,Taken from Original Records,and other Authentick Accounts.


V O L U M E  II.


From the Year 1660 to the Year 1666.


John xv. 20.  The Servant is not greater than the Lord. If they havepersecuted me, they will also persecute you.Psal. xxxiv. 19.  Many are the Afflictions of the Righteous, but theLord delivereth him out of them all.Psal. xii. 5.  For the Oppression of the Poor, for the Sighing of the Needy,now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set him in Safety from him thatpuffeth at him.


LONDON: Printed and Sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle,

at the Bible in George Yard, Lombard-street, 1738.



 IV.            C U M B E R L A N D. 1.  For not paying Tithes. 

By Distress.


          Taken from                             Demand.      Val. taken

Anno                                                 L.   s.   d.       L.   s.   d.

1663. John BARKER for                   2    4    0        3    3    6

1661. Michael NICHOLSON            0    6    5        0    7  10

John MARK                                       0    4    3        0    6    0

John SLEE                                        0    1    0        0    5    0

Widow SLEE                                    0    1    0        0    5    0

Richard TOPIN                                 0  14    0        1    0    0

1662. Thomas CARLTON                 1    2    2        3    3    0

Michael NICHOLSON                      0    3    8        0    8    3

Tho. BEWLEY the younger, }

for 2L. 18s. Tithe, had          }

taken from him by a             }

Precept from the County      }           2  18    0      11    0    0

Court, 2 Oxen and 1             }

Cow, worth 11L.                  }

John NICHOLSON                            2    5    6        5    0    0

1663. Michael NICHOLSON            0    4    4        0    9    0

John TISON                                       1    0    0        3  10    0

Richard ROBINSON                          0    8    0        2  16    0

Thomas WATERS                              1    1    0        9    0    0


James STAINTON of West-dale, for the Value of 3L. demanded for Tithe by one Edward STANLEY, had taken from him

     On the 20th of the first Month, a Cow worth      1  13    4

        286 Fleeces of Wool,                                        9  10    0

     28th A Mare                                                         3  10    0

     30th of the 3d Month, Sheep worth                   11    0    0

     19th of the 8th Month, Plate and other Things    1    9    6

Demand.  3    0    0        Value Taken.  27    2  10


Adam ROBINSON, cast in an Action for treble Damages, at Carlisle Assizes, had taken from him for a Demand of 25s. for Tithe four Beasts worth 28L.

Demand.  1    5    0        Value Taken.  28    0    0


John RICHARDSON, had at the same Assize, a Verdict given against him for treble Damages, upon an Action for Tithe of 1L. 12s. Value, for which was afterwards taken from him, 1 Mare, 1 Cow, and three Steers, worth 7  10  0.

Demand.  1  12    0        Value Taken.   7  10    0


William BOND, upon a Judgment for treble Damages, obtained against him at the same Assize, had one Mare and a Steer taken from him, worth 3  15  0 for a Demand of but 7s. for Tithe.

Demand.  0    7    0        Value taken.  3  15    0


                                                         Demand.        Value taken

Robert HUNTINGTON of   }

     Brough                            }           0    7  10          0  13    4

Thomas STORDY of       }

     Moorhouse                 }                0    0   7½        0    3    0 

Christopher FEARSON                     0    0    5          0    1    0


                       Taken for  -----         19    6   2½    107  18    9                                                       -------------------------------- Besides this, Mungo BEWLEY had taken from him, Goods worth six Shillings, for the same Value demanded. By Imprisonment. Thomas BEWLEY, after he had for several Years successively suffered the spoiling of his Goods on Account of Tithes, was on an Attachment out of the Exchequer imprisoned at Carlisle, where he lay near three Years. In the 2d Month, 1661, were sent to Carlisle-Goal, upon an Attachment out of the Exchequer, John NICHOLSON, Thomas MARK and John PEACOCK, who also were detained there about three Years. In the Year 1662, Adam ROBINSON, William BOND and John RICHARDSON, suffered about seven Months Imprisonment, having been arrested at the Suit of one Francis HOWARD of Corby, a Papist, who afterwards at Carlisle Assizes, obtained Judgment against them for treble Damages, the Distresses upon which we have before mentioned. In the Year 1664, were Prisoners at Carlisle, upon Prosecutions for not paying Tithe, the several Persons following, viz. Richard FAUCETT, John GILL, William RICHARDSON and John FEARON, by Attachments out of the Exchequer, for refusing to answer upon Oath, to Bills exhibited against them by George FLETCHER, for Tithes, the Value of which demanded from some of them was not above Six-pence, and from none of them above one Shilling. Yet were the poor Men harrass’d by the cruel Prosecutor for such a Trifle, and obliged some of them to appear several times at London, 250 Miles from their Habitation. William BOWMAN, William MORRISON and John FELL, for not answering upon Oath, to a Bill exhibited against them in the Exchequer, on Account of Tithes. Hugh TICKELL, Anthony TICKELL, John WILSON, Anthony WOOD, Christopher SCOTT, William LONGSTAKE, Thomas STAMPER, Thomas PORTER, John PATTINSON, Thomas FELL, Thomas CARLETON, John GIBSON, William ADCOCK, Leonard WHITBURN and John HETHERINGTON, upon Writs de Excummunicato Capiendo, obtained against them upon Processes in the Ecclesiastical Courts for Tithes, where they refusing to give in their Answers upon Oath, had been excommunicated for Contempt. Francis HAYTON and William ROWLAND, were imprisoned for Tithes thirty-two Weeks, in the Year 1660. 2.  For not paying Steeple-house Rates.  Anno              Demanded.          Value Taken1661.  For       4   13   1              7   17   101662.              0   12   2              0   18     41663.              0   17   9              2     1     91664.              0   10   0              1     0     4                      ------------           --------------                       6    3    0             11   18   3                      ------------           -------------- 3.  For absenting themselves from the National Worship. The Generality of the People called Quakers in this Country, Men, Women and Children, were fined for Nonconformity to the established Worship; which Fines were rigorously exacted by Distresses made upon Parents for their Children, Masters for their Servants, and even upon such as being themselves Conformists to the Church, had Servants or others in their Famlies who were not. The Sums of Money we have an Account of levied by Distress for this Cause in the Years 1663 and 1664, amount to 87L. 17s. 7d. 4.  For refusing to Swear By Distress. Anno 1660. John ROBINSON, fined at Carlisle Assizes forty Shillings, had Goods taken from him to that Value. Anno 1663. Richard FAWCETT of Ecclesfield, for a Fine of twenty Shillings, had Goods taken worth 1L. 12s. Philip BURNYEAT, for refusing to take an Oath at the Mannor-Court of Lowswater, had his Goods distrained, worth 1L. William MOREHOUSE, was fined at the same Court, and his Goods were taken away worth 2L. Henry ALLASON, suffered by Distress, 2L. 10s. John TIFFEN, for the like Refusal at a Court in Cockermouth, had Pewter taken, worth 3s. 1d. Thomas FELL and John FELL, for the same Offence were fined 5s. each. William MORRISON, for refusing to swear at a Court at Egermond, was fined 6s. 8d. and had Goods taken away, worth 2L. John FELL aforesaid, had taken from him at another time, Goods worth 9s. 1661. Christ. MANSER, for refusing to Swear at a Court at Workington, had a Cow taken from him, worth 2L. 4s. Christopher BIRKETT, fined at the same Court, had a Cow taken from him, worth 3L. 1662. Thomas HUNTER, at a Court at Grange, was fined 3L. 6s. 8d. and had two Kine taken worth 6L. Richard THOMPSON, for the like Fine at the same Court, had a Cow taken worth 3L. Francis HAYTON, at a Court at Allanby, fined 5s. had his Goods taken, worth 8s. 1663. James BARNES, fined 3s. 4d. had Goods taken, worth 8s. By Imprisonment. In the Year 1660, the several Persons following were committed to Prison for refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance, viz. Thomas STORDY, who was kept Prisoner nine Weeks [ Thomas STORDY, was summoned to serve on a Jury at Quarter-Sessions; where appearing, the Justices perceiving he could not swear, tendered him the Oath of Allegiance, and committed him. ]; James ADAMSON jun. confined several Weeks; Elizabeth HEATH, Anne BEWLEY, Elizabeth JACKSON, Elizabeth HAZARD, William OGLETHORP, Anne his Wife, James ADAMSON sen. [ This James ADAMSON, had been to visit his Son in Prison, which being known, in his Return homeward, he was taken out of a Friend’s House, and by a Justice of the Peace tendered the Oath of Allegiance. ]  Isabel OGLETHORP and Elizabeth WILSON, who were detained twenty-two Weeks, to their great Detriment: Thomas SUMMERS, William SUMMERS, Humphry TWIDDALLE and Thomas STORY, who were kept there fourteen Weeks: Thomas WATSON, Richard RIBTON, Christopher MANSER, Richard BANKS and Thomas LEATHES, nine Days; William LOWTHWAITE, thirty-one Weeks [ William LOWTHWAITE, had the Oath tendered him for very Spite, by a Justice of the Peace, whom, it seems, he had offended, by reproving a Servant of his for prophane Swearing. ]; John MATTHEW of Brough, several Weeks; Robert HUNTINGTON, John ROBINSON, Robert MATTHEW and Margaret MARTIN, twenty-two Weeks [ These four were taken up in Carlisle Market, being there about their lawful Occasions, and by the Mayor sent to Goal, for refusing the Oath. ]. In the Year 1661, George BIGLANDS and John DOBINSON, suffered eight Weeks Imprisonment for refusing to take an Oath. In the Year 1662, at the Time of the Assizes at Carlisle, Tho. STORDY went to visit some Friends then in Prison, but was illegally detained by the Goaler, and the next day he with Stephen PEARSON, then a Prisoner there, were had to the Sessions-House; and the Oath of Allegiance was there tendered them, which refusing to take, they were had back again to Goal among the Felons, and the Day after a Bill of Indictment was found against them upon the Statute of 3d K. James, whereupon they were immediately tried, and being brought in guilty, the Sentence of Premunire wae passed upon them, by which they were adjudged to forfeit all their Lands, Goods and Chattels, to be out of the King’s Protection, and to suffer perpetual Imprisonment. In a little time after, all their Corn, Goods and Cattle were seized by the Sheriff, and a publick Sale of them proclaimed, where they were sold at an extreme low Price, in Regard ‘twas hard to find a Chapman, the Country People not caring to buy them. They were at length all disposed of and carried away, without any Regard or Compassion to the poor Prisoners, their Wives or Children, or the poor labouring Men who had been employed in gathering in the Corn, and whose Labour the Prisoners thus plundered, had not wherewith to pay them for; nor would the Sheriff, though earnestly pressed thereto, allow them a Penny. The said Thomas STORDY and Stephen PEARSON, lay Prisoners under this hard Sentence several Years, enduring their Sufferings with exemplary Patience and Constancy, being supported by the Testimony of a good Conscience, in yielding Obedience to the Precept of Christ. John GRAVE of Turpenhow, Thomas WATSON of Cockermouth, and John ROBINSON of Brigham, were taken out of their own Houses by Soldiers, with a Warrant from the Deputy Lieutenants, and carried to the Governor of Carlisle, who caused them to be imprisoned, in the Depth of Winter in a cold Place, over one of the City Gates, where they were denied the Visits of their Friends or Acquaintance, and their necessary Food was frequently kept from them; nor were they permitted to go out to ease themselves: Thus were they kept eight or ten Days; and then being had before several Justices of the Peace, were by them committed to the County Goal for refusing the Oath of Allegiance, where they remained Prisoners for five and thirty Weeks. 5.  For Meeting together to Worship God Anno 1662.  John SLEE, was fined at Quarter Sessions five Pounds, for Meeting, for the first Offence, upon the Conventicle Act, and had taken from him for that Fine, two Steers worth nine Pounds. On the 7th of the 6th Month, 1662, Richard RIBTON, William RIBTON and Thomas ASHLEY, of Great-Broughton; Christopher SHEPHERD and John SHEPHERD of Ribton; Christopher PALMER and William HALL of Little-Broughton; John PARKER of Popcastle, and Lancelot WILSON of Tallontire, upon an Information against them for Meeting, were summoned before several Justices of the Peace, who committed them to Prison, because they refused to give Sureties for their good Behaviour, till the Assizes, where they were indicted for unlawful assembling, and having pleaded Not Guilty, were remanded to Prison till another Assize, during which Imprisonment, Lancelot WILSON, a weakly Man, died: At the next Assizes the rest of them were discharged. John SLEE, George BEWLY, Mungo BEWLY, Anthony FELL, John BANKS, and others, being met to wait on the Lord, at Howhill in the Parish of Sowerby, one George FLETCHER, a Justice of the Peace, with Attendants armed with Swords and Pistols, rushed in upon them: A Friend being then on his Knees at Prayer, was struck over the Head by FLETCHER, and continuing praying, was by his Order pulled backward, and dragged down the Hill in a most rude manner, as were the others above-mentioned, and afterwards sent to Carlisle-Goal. At the next Sessions John SLEE was fined ten Pounds for the second Offence, and the Rest, five Pounds each; for which Fines were taken,                                                                   L.   s.   d.From George BEWLY* 3 Kine, worth        8   0   0Mungo BEWLY 2 Horses, worth                 5   2   6John SLEE 3 Kine, 1 Bull and 1 Heifer    13   0   0 [ * George BEWLY, at the time when this Distress was made, was detained Prisoner for the same Fine. ] Anno 1665.  Richard BANKS, for being at a Meeting, had taken from him by a Warrant, two Cows which cost him nine Pounds fifteen Shillings.