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Of the PEOPLE call’d



Testimony of a Good Conscience,

From the TIME of

Their being first distinguishedby that N A M E,Taken from Original Records,and other Authentick Accounts.


V O L U M E  I.


From the Year 1650 to the Year 1660.


John xv. 20.  The Servant is not greater than the Lord. If they havepersecuted me, they will also persecute you.Psal. xxxiv. 19.  Many are the Afflictions of the Righteous, but theLord delivereth him out of them all.Psal. xii. 5.  For the Oppression of the Poor, for the Sighing of the Needy,now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set him in Safety from him thatpuffeth at him.


LONDON: Printed and Sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle,

at the Bible in George Yard, Lombard-street, 1733.




IV.  C U M B E R L A N D.


1.  For Non-payment of Tithes,

 By Distress of Goods. 

Anno.          L.  S.  D.                                                     L.  S.  D.

1653.  For   2  14    3   demanded, Goods taken worth     4  18    8

1654.         20  00  11                                                       87  18  11

1655.         35  15  11                                                     121  16    3

1656.         32  14    8, 2                                                 117  13    7

1657.         37  18    4                                                       96  16    8

1658.         14    6    0, 2                                                   51    0    0

1659.         12  18    5                                                       34  16  11


    In all   156    8    7  demanded, Goods taken worth  515    1    5



By Imprisonment.


1655.  Matthew ROBINSON was imprison’d at Carlisle twelve Weeks, and afterwards subpena’d into the Exchequer, and twice appeared personally at London, being above two hundred Miles from his Habitation: Yet no farther Process was made against him.


John DICKSON, for not paying Tithes, was also imprisoned at Carlisle, and subpena’d afterward into the Exchequer, where he was obliged to appear to his great Charge and Trouble.


2.  For not paying Steeple-house Rates,

Clerks Wages, &c.


Anno.          L.  S.  D.                                                     L.  S.  D.

1656.  For   0  10    4   demanded, Goods taken worth     2    1  11

1657.           1    1  10                                                         2    2    2

1658.           1    9    8                                                         3    7    8

1659.      *   0    1    4                                                         1  13    8

       And for Clerks Wages

                    0    9    1                                                         2    8    5


       In all     3  12    3    demanded.          Taken in all.   11  13  10



[ *  In this Year several of the Sums demanded are not taken Account of. ]


3.  For declaring Truth to the People in the Steeple-houses, &c.


George FOX for declaring the Truth in the great Steeple-house at Carlisle [ After the Priest had done, he began to preach, and when the Priest was going out, the Magistrates desired G. FOX also to depart, to which he answered, That he came to speak the Word of Life and Salvation from the Lord amongst them; and so went on preaching so powerfully that the People trembled and shook, and they thought the Steeple-house shook also.  See SEWEL’s History of the Quakers, 2d Edit. p. 66. ], and witnessing a good Confession before the Magistrates and People there [ When the Magistrates and Justices sent for him the next Day to the Townhall, they had much Discourse concerning Religion, and he shewed them, that though they were great Professors, (viz. Presbyterians and Independents) yet they were without the Possession of what they professed.  Ibid. ], was committed to Prison, and there kept seven Weeks, being sometimes confined among Thieves and Murderers. [ After a long Examination they committed him to Prison as a Blasphemer and Heretick and a Seducer. There he lay till the Assizes came on, and all the Talk was, that he was to be hanged: And the High Sheriff Wilfrey LAWSON was so eager to have his life taken away, that he said, he himself would guard G. FOX to Execution. This made such a Noise, that even great Ladies came to see him, as one that was to die. But though both Judge and Magistrates were contriving how they might put him to Death, yet the Judge’s Clerk started a Question, which puzled them and confounded their Counsels, so that he was not brought to Tryal, as was expected.  Ibid. ]


Robert WITHERS for asking the Priest of Aketon a Question, after he had done his preaching, was committed to Prison at Carlisle, and there kept a Month: As was George BEWLY, for being in Company with the said Robert at that time.


Robert HUNTINGTON and James NOBLE were also imprisoned at Carlisle for speaking in the Steeple-house there, the former of them was detained three Months, and the latter nine Weeks.


Robert WITHERS, Thomas RAWLINSON, John STUBBS and Thomas GWIN, for declaring against the People’s false Worship at the Steeple-house in Caldbeck, and speaking a few Words to the Priest there, were barbarously and inhumanly abused by the rude People, one of them being knocked down, and much of their Blood spilt upon the Place.


John MARTIN for speaking to the Priest of Kirkbride, and testifying against him as an Hireling, as he met him in the Fields, was committed to Prison.


1654.  Thomas STUBBS was concerned to go into the Steeple-house at Dean, where, when the Priest had done, he said, Thou daubest up these People with untempered Mortar, whereupon the Priest bid his Hearers fight for the Gospel, who presently fell upon the said Thomas and several other Friends then with him, tore their Clothes, and beat them in a most cruel manner: The Priest’s Son particularly did beat and bruise the Face of Richard RICHARDSON. After which Abuses, the said Thomas STUBBS was committed to Prison by two Justices, who, conscious of the Wrong they did him, writ his Mittimus and Liberate both in one Paper, and so sent him to the Goaler, who, under Pretence of Fees, detained him fourteen Weeks.


Peter HEAD, for declaring the Truth in the same Place, was imprisoned fourteen Weeks in a close Place among Felons in the Heat of Summer.


John HEAD, for delivering some Queries to the same Priest at Dean, at his own House, was imprisoned fourteen Weeks.


John SLEE, for speaking to the Priest at Grisdale, was kept close Prisoner among Felons two Months.


Katharine FELL, for asking a Priest whether he could witness what he spoke to the People, was kept in Prison nineteen Weeks, having a young Child sucking at her Breast.


1655. Dorothy WAUGH, for declaring Truth in the Streets of Carlisle, and testifying against Sin and Wickedness, was, together with Anne ROBINSON who accompanied her, committed to Prison by the Mayor, who ordered an Iron Instrument of Torture, called a Bridle, to be put upon the said Dorothy’s Head, which they kept on about two Hours: And some time after having the like Iron Instrument put on both their Heads, which prevented their speaking to the People, they were publickly led through the Streets, and exposed to the Scorn and Derision of the Rabble, and then turned out of the City.


John WESTRAY and Thomas SCOTT, for speaking to the Priest in Seck-Murder Chapel, were cruelly beaten by the Populace.

 1657.  The following Persons were also imprisoned at Carlisle for reproving the Priests at several Times and Places, viz.

John GRAVE, twenty two Weeks.

George BEWLY, fourteen Weeks.

John BURNYEATT, twenty three Weeks.

Matthew ROBINSON, twenty nine Weeks.

Anthony TICKLE, twenty seven Weeks.

George WILSON.


4.  For not putting off the Hat


1654.  Thomas BEWLY and Hugh STAMPER, standing in the Sessions House at Carlisle, at a general Sessions, with their Hats on, were committed by the Justices to Prison without any legal Cause assigned. They were detained a Month, and then discharged without any Fees demanded: But the next Year Hugh STAMPER was arrested for Fees, and again imprisoned, and kept there above twenty one Weeks.


1655.  Matthew CARPE and Anthony FELL were imprisoned for standing in the open Sessions with their Hats on, and were kept in Prison above three Weeks.

 A Peculiar Case. John PEACOCK and John STRICKETT being Constables, and refusing to make Distress for Tithes, were fined 1L. 6s. 8d. and for Non-payment were committed trison.