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The Armorial Bearings of the City of Carlisle
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cross are fleurie, not patee, and the fifth or central rose is omitted. This is the earliest authority for the tinctures. This same coat of arms, a cross patee and five roses, occurs on the seal of the Mayor of Carlisle appended to the admission of Leonard Dykes to the freedom of the City – date 1640. The legend round the seal is defaced, except the word MAIORIS. [l] It is curious that the deed purports to be sealed with the Corporation Seal, whereas the Mayor’s seal has actually been used. The same seal, but in a worse condition, is to a deed of 1673. I have no doubt it is on many other deeds of the 17th century, but most of the seals are now mere dollops of wax.

   The cross and roses were also on the seal of the Statute-Merchant of Carlisle, which is thus described by Mr. C. S. Perceval, Direc. S.A.  “It is half of a circular seal, as if from a matrix purposely cut in two. The device is (half of) the cross patee, cantoned with roses, which appears as the town seal. The legend S(igillum Statute Me)RCATORIS CARLILE 1670.” [m] This seal, or rather moiety of a seal, cannot now be found, but by the kindness of Mr. Perceval I have been furnished with


[l]  Apud Ciuitatem Carlioli vicesimo secondo die mensis May Anno dni nri Caroli nune regis Anglie decimo sexto Annoq dni 1640 Maiore, ballis, et maxima pte Consilij dict Ciuitatis conventis Leonardus Dykes Armiger Creatus factus et admissus fuit liber Ciuis et burgensis dict Ciuitatis Carlioli, pro suis auxilijs et bene meritis dict Ciuitat impensis et impendendis: Qui juravit fidelitatem pro nro regi et Maiore dict Ciuitate more solit   In cujus rei testimoniu Johnes Baynes Armiger Maior Ciuitat pred manu sua et comunr Sigillo dict Ciuitate Carlioli apposuit die et Anno supra dict.

          Extract ex recordis Ciuits
          Carlioli prdict
          p me Leonard Milborne
          clicum Curie ibn.

[Attempt at translation by transcriber:  At the City of Carlisle on the 22nd day of the month May in the 16th year of our lord Charles by God’s grace King of England and in the year of the Lord 1640, by the mayor, bailiffs and the greatest part of the assembled council of the said city, Leonard Dykes (a person entitled to bear arms) was created and admitted a free citizen and burgher of the said City of Carlisle, for his support and good offices given and still to be given to the said city: Who swore loyalty to our king and the mayor of the said City in the usual manner. In witness of this matter John Baynes (a person entitled to bear arms), Mayor of the aforesaid City, has undersigned in his own hand and with the common seal of the said City of Carlisle on the abovementioned day and year.

          Extracted from the records of the aforesaid City of Carlisle
          by me Leonard Milborne, clerk of the Council there]

[m]  Proc. Soc. Ant., and series, vol. vii., p. 119.