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D  I  S  S  E  N  T  E  R  S


Borne    William s.of Robert ROBINSON of Newby the 1st day.

Buryed   Jannett DENKING of Newby 5th March 1704

Borne    Mary d. to William FALLOWFIELD of Great Strickland
             26 January, 1705

Borne    John s. of Christopher COWPLAND of Litle Strickland
             24 June, 1706

Buryed   Cicely w. of James FALLOWFIELD of Great Strickland
              25 July, 1706

Buryed    James FALLOWFIELD of Great Strickland  Husband of
               the above said Cicely   3 August, 1706

Borne     Jonah s. to William FALLOWFIELD of Great Strickland
              22 January, 1708

Borne     William s. to Christopher COWPLAND of Little Strickland
              17 March, 1708
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