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Memorandum that Thomas WARWICK Maister of Arts in Quenes Coll;
    in Ox; by Mr. Tho. WARCOP then parson of Kirkby thure into the
    Vicarage of Morland of Morland the 10 day of Juli 1606.  He succeed-
    ed Mr. Thomas WARWICKE his father who was Vicar of that Church
    40 yeares or thereabouts and then resigned the same unto his son.
        Witnesses to this induction  Mr. Tho. WARCUOP (sic)  John

Anno Doi  1620 December xvi Thomas WARWICKE Clericus in Artib;
    Magister inductus fuit in ecclesiam hanc et vicariam eiusdem de Morland
    per me Georgium WARWICKE Archidiaconum Carliol per mandatum
    Reverendi in Christo partis ac domini doi  Roberti Episcopi Carliolen;
    his testibus Richard BACKHUS   Richard KERKEBRIDE   Thomas

I Thomas WARWICKE Vicar of Morland did read the booke of Articles
    agreed upon by the Bpps of both the pvinces & by the Clergie of the
    Convocation in 1571 and doe willign acknouledg the same and everie
    Article therein to be true and according to the Word of God  Aug 12
    1621    Wittnesses   Thomas BACKHOUSE,   Ric. BACKHOUSE,
    Robert WINTER, marke,   Lanclelote BACCHOUSE,   Allon
    JAMSON,   Willyam GYBSON,   Stephen SMITH,   churchwardens.
    Wth the rest of the parisonesr.

Memorandum quod Guilielmus Hall in artibus magister  Aula Edmundi
    OXEN:  inductus fuit in vicariam perpetuam ecclesiae parochialis
    de Morland.   decimo septimo die July  Anno Dom; 1624.  His testibus
    Mr. Lanclot HUTTON de MELORBYE et Edward Hall de Templ
    Sowerbye et Richarde BACCHUS.
    In isto vero vicaria successit iste Th. LANCLOTE (struck out).
    Guliell:  Hall ipsius patri qui ipsa pse resignavit

Memorandum that I William HALL  Mr of Arts and Vicar of Morland
    have red the articles of the Church according to the commandement of
    the Archbishope of Yorke within the space of a month after the
    presentations into the liveing wch articles was red the viij of Agust
    witnesses heare of those names underwritten

Anthonie x ROBINSON

A generall Chapter houlden att Penrith the third day of Maye att what
    tyme was given into the Court a new Register of all Christenings
    weddings & burialls wthin this pish since the 25h daye of March
    1636 till this third daye of Maye 1637

Generall Chapter the 27th day of April holden at Penrith upon which
    day a true coppye of the Register was given unto the Court.

Be it remembered that the 29th day of Decembr 1654 John PEARS
    came this day before me and was sworn and allowed to be Parish
    Register for the parish of Morland in the County of Westmorland
    Witnes my hand the day above said:
                                                                Tho:  WILBUR

    Mr. Pearse BURTON of Queenes Colledge Oxon then succeeding
    Mr. HALL in the sayd Vicaridge of Morland.

Collected upon ye lrs. pattens (sic) for Heeden in Yorkshire for the
    losse their by fire the 5th day of Julie 1657 the sume of 18s  6d and
    given to John TOULE the 30th day of March 1659 being one of those
    appointed to receive the same.  Received the said sume by me the said
    John TOULE   his mrk.

Aprill 21st  1665.

Payd then to John ROBINSON of Newbystones wch his brother Thomas
    ROBINSON was by order of Mr. RALLISON to receive and send to
    him being one of the Treasurers for a briefe for a fire in Lancashire 9s
    11d.  ob whereof 6s 7d ob was collected in ye parish Church of
    Morland & 3s 4d in Bolton Church payd as aforesd the sd sume the day
    & yeare above written by me P. BURTON Vicar de Morland.

Memorand:  that January 21.  1720 / 21 James RICKERBY clerk A.M.
    was inducted into ye real, actual and corporal possession of ye parish
    Church and Vicarage of Morland in ye county of Westmorland &
    Diocese of Carlile by me Ri. SHEPHERD Rect. of Cliburne.

We whose names are here underwritten were present at ye induction
    aforesaid & are wittnessss therof  Ed. BACKHOUSE,   John
    WEBSTER,   William DOCKER,   Churchwardens.
    Wm. NEVISON,   Wm. ATKINSON,   Richard WINTER

(Blank except for some scribble_

Dear C........................I received your letter to my great
    to he..................

Be it remembered that June 14th  1743  John BROWN Clerke A.M.
was inducted into the real actual and corporeal possession of the parish
church and vicarage of Morland in the County of Westmorland and diocese
of Barlisle by me..................................John BROWN vicar of
We whose names are underwritten were present at the induction of the
aforesaid and are witnesses thereof.   Wm. WILKINSON,   Wm. BOWNESS,   John

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