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Apr.         25    Elizabeth w. of Nicholas BAILEY of Newby Stones
May         18    Agnus d. of Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne
May         24    Richard HOLME of Bedlam Gate
Jun.           2    Mary d. of John FALLOWFIELD of Newby
Aug.        15    Elizabeth w. of William STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland

Sept.        18    Anne w. of George CLEMENTSON of Newby
Oct.         21    John KENDAL of Newby
Nov.          6    John s. of Mr. John THOMSON of Morland
Nov.        12    Rachel d. of Thomas WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Dec.          1    John BOWMAN of Thrymby
Dec.          8    Jane WOOFE of Moor Houses in Newby Lordship
Jan.         11    Anne BRYHAM a poor widow in Sleagill
Jan.         16    Richard PERKIN of Morland
Jan.         18    Alexander DEVERS of Morland
Jan.         25    Isabel w. of John LAMBERT of Litle Strickland
Feb.          5    Barbary w. of Edward ROBINSON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.        24    Mrs. Alice KILNER of Kings Meaburne (Widow)



Apr.         6    Henry WHITE junr. of Sleagill
Apr.       20    Isabel w. of James ROBINSON of Sleagill
May       13    Elizabeth w. of William WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Jun.       18    Rebekkah d. of Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne
Aug.      21    Mary BARKER a poor widow of Morland

Sept.        1    Edward ROBINSON a poor man of Kings Meaburne
Sept.      11    Elizabeth THWAITES of Little-beck
Oct.       11    Edward s. of John FALLOWFIELD of Newby
Dec.       19    Joseph s. of Joseph BLAND of Litle Strickland
Jan.         2    William WORKMAN of Kings Meaburne
Feb.       24    Richard ROBINSON of Newby Stones
Mar.       13    Anne ROBINSON of Morland-lowfeild



Apr.         3    Mary d. of William BROWNRIGG of Dowgill
Apr.       19    Anne ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
May       13    Julian w. of John EDMONDSON of Newby
Jun.         1    Agnus d. of Bridget BOWMAN of Thrymby
Jun.       15    Mary d. of Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne
Jun.       18    Margarett d. of Thomas WHARTON of Sleagill
Jun.       28    John s. of Christopher ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Aug.        5    Mary WINTER of Morland
Aug.        6    Thomas s. of John HOBSON of Murburgh

Sept.      16    Mary w. of John WILSON of Newby Stones
Sept.      20    Humphrey BOWMAN of Thrymby
Nov.      12    Francis d. of Nathan TEMPLE of Kings Meaburne
Nov.      16    Anne WILSON a poor woman of Sleagill
Nov.      16    Robert WILSON senr. of Newby
Dec.       14    Richard BETHAM of Litle Strickland
Jan.         1    Isabel WINTER of Morland (Widow)
Jan.       13    Joseph s. of John HOBSON of Kings Meaburne
Jan.       30    Isabel d. of Richard HODGSON of Murburgh
Feb.      11    Florence w. of Richard KENDAL of Morland
Feb.      16    John HIND of Sleagill
Feb.        8    Bridgett EDMONDSON of Newby Stones
Feb.      14    Elinor w. of John WALTON of Newby Stones



Mar.        26    Shadrack s. of Thomas GIBBONS of Morland
Apr.        27    Elizabeth d. of Elizabeth NELSON of Morland
May          2    John WILKINSON of Morland
May        17    Elizabeth d.of Mr. John THOMPSON of Morland
May        28    John ELLWOOD of Sleagill
Jun.        14    John WALTON of Newby
Jun.        16    Elizabeth d.of William DOCKER of Newby
July        11    Henry s. of Henry LANGHORNE of Kings
July        13    Anthony ROBINSON senr. of Morland
Aug.        6    George PERKIN of Harding
Aug.        7    George s. of John MYLES of Litle Strickland
Aug.        8    Margaret d. of William HEBSON of Sleagill
Aug.       24   Nicholas JOHNSTON of Newsam in the parish
                     of Graistock a patient under DOCTOR HARRISON

Jan.        19    Esther HUDSON of Litle Strickland
Jan.        23    Henry WILKINSON Bread-baker of Morland
Feb.         1    Elizabeth d.of John FALLOWFEILD of Newby
Feb.       17    Elizabeth d. of Robert YEATES of Grt. Strickland
Feb.       21    Frances d. of Richard HEBSON of Greengill-Bank
Feb.       28    Margaret w. of Joseph THOMSON of Litle Strickland
Mar.       14    James JACKSON of Sleagill



Mar.          30    Hannah d. of John HOBSON of Murburgh
Apr.            5    Elizabeth HODGSON of Sleagill
Apr.            5    Thomas TEASDALE of Thrymby
May           16    John s. of John BETHAM of Thrymby Grange
May           16    Mary d. of James THWAITES of Litle Beck
July            10    John CAMPLIN of Morland
Aug.          11    Julian PERKIN of Sleagill
Sept.          29    Mary d. of Thomas STEPHENSON of Great
                         Strickland feild
Oct.             1    Elizabeth w. of William FURNESS of Sleagill
Oct.           16    William s. of Thomas SANDERSON of Newby
Oct.           20    Mary d. of William MARTINDALE of Newby
Oct.           26    Anne HULLOCK of Wood-house
Nov.          16    Katharine d. of John HILL of Litle Strickland
Nov.          27    Thomas RICHARDSON of Newby
Nov.          30    John FALLOWFEILD younger of Grt. Strickland
Dec.            2    Mary d. of Christopher WALTON of Litle Strickland
Dec.          10    Robert s. of John ROBINSON of Newby Stones
Dec.          11    Deborah d. of Richard DOBSON of Newby Stones
Dec.          18    Anne d. of William MORLAND of Grt. Strickland
Dec.          20    Margarett w. of Thomas MOOR of Grt. Strickland
Dec.          23    Jane w. of John RITSON of Sleagill
Jan.           16    Isabel d. of Nicholas DENT of Kings Meaburne
Jan.           19    Agnes d. of Christopher WHARTON of Sleagill
Jan.           24    Michael TAYLOR of Morland
Feb.            8    Isabel d. of Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne
Mar.          16    Hannah d. of Ambrose WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Mar.          25    Mary w. of Thomas HODGSON of the High Sides




Mar.          31    Elizabeth w. of John BETHAM of Litle Strickland
Jun.            4    Thomas WILSON of Newby
Jun.            9    William WHITE of Mealy-Sike in ye parish of Morland
Jun.          12     Jennet SALKELD of Morland
July          12     Hannah d. of Stephen NICHOLSON of Kgs. Meaburne
July          31     Stephen SMITH of Hard Ing.
Aug.         18     John s. of William WILSON of Grt. Strickland

Sept.         21    Joseph s. of John KIRKBRIDE of Grt. Strickland
Sept.         27    John SANDERSON of Woodhouse
Oct.          20    William FALLOWFEILD of Grt. Strickland
Dec.           6    John CHESTER of Grt. Strickland
Dec.          12    Elizabeth ROBINSON of Sleagill
Dec.          27    Jane STEPHENSON o'th' Flatt near Grt. Strickland
Jan.           13    John ELLEN of Kgs. Meaburne Blacksmith & Whitesmith
Feb.            5    Elizabeth FALLOWFEILD widow of Grt. Strickland
Feb.            7    Elizabeth d. of James THWAITES of Litle Beck
Mar.          23    Elizabeth w. of Alexander MORROW of Morland
Mar.          24    Robert s. of Anthony FURNESS of Sleagill



Jun.          2    Thomas STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland
Jun.        18    James s. of George SALKELD of Morland
July          8    Edmund LANCASTER Senr. of Grt. Strickland
July        19    Mr. John THOMPSON, an eminent, worthy, &
                      ingenious School-Master of Morland
July        20    Anne d. of John LANCASTER of Grt. Strickland
Aug.       24    Thomas WINTER of Kings Meaburne

Sept.        1    Elizabeth d. of Robert WINTER of Morland
Nov.        3    Robert s. of Thomas HINDSON of Sleagill
Nov.        5    Dorothy d. of Jonathan MYLES of Thrymby
Nov.      29    Grace PEARSON of Kings Meaburne
Dec.       17    William WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Dec.       27    Edmund s. of Edmund KENDAL of Newby
Dec.       25    Mrs. Elizabeth DENT of Kings Meaburne
Feb.         3    William s. of Henry BATEMAN of Litle Strickland
Feb.       26    Margaret WINTER of Morland
Mar.         5    John HOLME of Sleagill
Mar.       14    John EDMONDSON of Newby Stones
Mar.       16    John LOWIS Apprentice to John PERKIN of Morland
Mar.       20    Isabel w. of Robert HODGSON of Newby Stones
Mar.       23    Dorothy GRAHAM of Morland



Mar.        27    Anne w. of John BROWNRIGG of Morland
Apr.          3    William s. of John BROWNRIGG of Morland
Apr.        24    Elizabeth w. of Jonathan SHEPHERD of Sleagill
May        13    Margaret STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland
May        19    Margaret YEATES of Newby
May        25    John ROBINSON of Grt. Strickland
Jun.        20    Margaret d. of Edward DIXON of Morland
Jun.        23    Thomas WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
July          5    Michael BECK of the Parish of Betham & County of
                      Westmorland, a patient under Mr. Thomas HARRISON
                      an eminent physitian of Kings Meaburne in the Parish
                      of Morland, buried in Morland Churchyard

Sept.         7   Margaret BRAYTHWAITE a patient under Mr. Thomas
                      HARRISON of Kgs. Meaburne
Sept.       11    Margaret w. of Edward ROBINSON of Sleagill
Oct.        30    James s. of George WILSON of Great Strickland
Nov.         1    Joseph s. of Susan HEBSON of Sleagill
Nov.       12    Ellinor CLARK of Morland
Nov.       12    Isabel d. of Ambrose WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Nov.       21    Magdalene d. of George WILLSON of Grt. Strickland
Dec.         4    John s. of William HOBSON of Moorbourgh
Dec.        29    Richard s. of William DOCKER of Newby stones
Jan.          4    Elizabeth w. of John SMITH of Sleagill
Jan.         11   Annie AARON of Sleagill
Jan.         24   Anthony s. of Mary METCALFE of Hard-ing
Feb.        15   Elizabeth d. of Thomas RICHARDSON of Sleagill
Feb.        25   Elizabeth d. of James WISEMAN of Thrymby



May        10    Mary ABBOT widow of Wickerfeild
Aug.       20    Annie w. of Henry BIRD of Grt. Strickland
Aug.       23    William HOBSON of Broad Slack
Aug.       29    John BARKER of Newby Stone

Sept.         1    Mary w. of Henry BIRD Junr. of Grt. Strickland
Dec.        14    John s. of Nicholas and Johanna DENT of Kings 



Mar.         29    John JACKSON of Morland
Apr.           7    Jane BOUSFIELD widow of Newby stones
Apr.         11    Mary KENDAL widow of Newby stones
Apr.         22    Margaret w. of John MYLES of Sandriggs
May         10    Daniel MATTHEWS a poor boy
Jun.           8    Joseph FURNESS of Dallon Bank
Aug.        22    John LAMBERT of Kempley

Sept.          2    John FALLOWFEILD weaver of Newby stones
Sept.        10    Mabell HOLME of Sleagill a widdow woman
Sept.        15    John PARKER of Kings Meeburne
Dec.         27    Thomas s.of James THWAITES of Sweer-Gill
Dec.         28    Mary w. of Edward TAYLOR of Grt. Strickland
Dec.         29    Henry HUNTER of Grt. Strickland
Jan.          22    Agnus d. of John MOSS of Sleagill
Feb.           2    Catherine ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.         12    Mrs. Mary NEVINSON w. of William NEVINSON Esqr
Feb.         17    Grace w. of John DALSTON of Dowgill
Feb.         20    Henry a young infant of Robert RICHARDSON of 
                       Kings Meaburne
Feb.         22    Robert KENDALE of Croglin Hall
Mar.           5    Francis LAMBERT of Litl Strickland

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