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Apr.         9    John HEBSON of Little Strickland
Apr.       16    Richard SMITH of Sleagillfield
May         3    Willm WINTER housholdr of Morland
May       12    Mary COOK widow of Morland
May       26    Thomas WILKINSON of Morland
Jun.       17    Barbara BRYHAM of Sleagill
Jun.       23    John JACKSON Senr. of Morland
July       22    Jane w. of Anthony ROBINSON of Morld.

Oct.        5    Margaret w. of Wm. KILNER senr. of Gt. Strickld
Nov.       9    Anne w. of John KENDALL junr. of Morland
Nov.     18    Elizabeth w. of Mr. Wm. ATKINSON of Morld. low hall
Jan.        3    Mr. Wm. ATKINSON  vicar of Morland
Jan.      30    Mary d. of Edwd. BETHAM of Litt. Strickld.
Feb.       6    Margaret SANDERSON of Sleagill
Feb.       8    Thomas STEPHENSON of Gt. Strickland
Feb.     12    Robert s. of Edward ROSE of Morland
Mar.       1    Edmund STEPHENSON of Gt. Strickland
Mar.     10    Margaret d. of Robert CLARK of Morland
Mar.     14    Richard BAINBRIG of Morland
Mar.     23    John WINTR. of Morland



Mar.      29   Jane GRAHME of Morland
May      19    Isabel wife of William WORKMAN of Kings Meaburne
Jun.        2    Isaac STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Jun.        9    Barbary w. of James COWPER of Great Strickland

Oct.      25    William s. of William ATKINSON of Low Hall
Nov.     15    Elizabeth d. of Chris. ADDISON of Kings Meaburn
Feb.      10    Thomas THWAITES of Kings Meaburne Feild
Feb.      16    Henry LANGHORNE of Kings Meaburn Feild
Feb.      28    Robert ROBINSON of Sleagill
Mar.        7    Jane d. of John HOGGART of Woodhead
Mar.      11    John BATEMAN of Litle Strickland
Mar.      22    Catherine CAMPLIN of Newby 



Mar.        26    Mary w. of William MORLAND of Grt. Strickland
Jun.        15    Thomas WOOFE of Towset
Aug.       24    Henry ROBINSON of Morland

Sept.         1    Henry DENT of Kings Meaburne
Sept.         9    Edward BETHAM of Litle Strickland
Sept.         9    John s. of Henry BIRD of Dellen Bank
Oct.         10    Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Gt. Strickland
Oct.         22    John KILNER of Grt. Strickland
Oct.         27    Daniel s. of Joseph HOGGARTH of Wood Head
Nov.        19    John SPEDDING of Kings Meaburne
Nov.        28    Elizabeth BUSHBY of Great Strickland
Nov.        29    Mabel ROBINSON of Morland
Dec.         12    Elizabeth w. of Thomas BROWNRIGG of Morland
Jan.           3    Rachel SCOTT of Litle Strickland
Jan.          16    Bridget w. of John LAMBERT of Kemplee
Jan.          19    Thomas s. of George HOLME of Sleagill
Feb.           7    Susanna d. of Willm HEBSON of Sleagill
Feb.           8    Francis w. of Thomas WHITE of Sleagill
Feb.           9    Henry s. of Tho: WHITE of Sleagill
Feb.         20    Dorothy PATTISON of Thrymby
Mar.           3    Jennet d. of Tho. WHITE of Sleagill
Mar.         21    Richard s. of Anne DENT of Peaslands



Mar.         26    Arthur OLDMAN of Sleagill
Apr.           3    John s. of John ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Jun.          26    Edmund s.of Robert HUTCHINSON of Thrymby
Jun.          27    Elizabeth d. of Christopher COWPLAND of Litle
July            2    Christopher s. of Chris. COWPLAND of Litle Strickland
July            4    Mary d. of John LAMBERT of Litle Strickland
July            6    Mary d. of Richard BRYHAM of Litle Strickland
July           25   Jennet d. of Christopher WHARTON of Litle Strickland
Aug.          31   Winifred COULSTON of Morland

Sept.         19    Jane ROBINSON a travelling poor woman
Oct.          25    William s. of John BROWN of Grt. Strickland
Jan.           14    Elinor w. of Richard FURNESS of Kings Meaburne
Feb.          21    Margaret d. of William WHITE of Morland
Feb.          29    William LAMBERT of Thrymby 



Apr.         23    Nicholas TODD of Kings Meaburne
Apr.         30    Hannah REAY maid servant of MR. RICKERBY
                       of Morland
May         26    Francis d. of Rachel LOWTHER of Newby
Jun.         23    Robert DENT of Kings Meaburne Miln.

Oct.         12    Thomas WHITE of Sleagill
Oct.         22    Mabel d. of George SMITH of Angel Hill
Oct.         29    Jane d. of James RICKERBY  Vicar
Nov.          6    Elinor w. of William MARTINDALE of Newby
Dec.          3    Thomas BROWNRIGG of Morland
Dec.          8    Robert ADDISON senr. of Kings Meaburne
Dec.        12    Bridget BIRD of Grt. Strickland
Dec.        16    Thomas s. of Nicholas DENKIN of Newby
Jan.           6    Agnes d. of Isabel WINTER of Morland
Feb.          3    Anne KILNER of Grt. Strickland
Feb.        17    John SANDERSON of Grt. Strickland
Mar.        13    Leonard SCOTT of Streethead 



Apr.        13    Emmy d. of William DOCKER of Newby
Apr.        19    John s. of James COWPER of Grt. Strickland
Apr.        28    Nicholas DENKIN of Newby
May          5    Anthony SANDERSON of Grt. Strickland
May        14     William KILNER of Grt. Strickland
June       25     Jane NEVINSON of Kings Meaburne

Sept.       10    Elizabeth w. of John HOBSON of Thrymby
Oct.        22    Elizabeth w. of Thomas WINTER of Kings Meaburne
Oct.        22    Francis d. of Joseph HOGGARTH
Nov.         2    Isabel DENT of Kings Meaburne
Nov.       12    Nicholas s. of Margarett DENKIN widow of Newby
Dec.        18    Michael YARKER of Morland
Dec.        29    William WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Jan.         11    John HOBSON of Thrymby
Feb.          2    Elizabeth d. of George PERKIN of Sleagill
Feb.          5    Nicholas s. of John MITCHEL of Kgs. Meaburn Field
Feb.         13    Robert s. of John DOCKER of Newby
Feb.         14    Edward FALLOWFIELD of Newby
Feb.         16    John YEATES of Grt. Strickland
Feb.         24    Thomas s. of George SMITH of Angel hill
Mar.         22    John s. of Peter ION of Grt. Strickland
Mar.         23    Matthew WINDER of Thrymby



Mar.         30    Francis w. of Edmond LANCASTER senr. of Grt.
Mar.         30    Edmund s. of Edmund LANCASTER junr. of Grt.
Apr.           1    John s. of Edward TAYLOR of Grt. Strickland
Apr.           1    Isabel d. of Edward TAYLOR of Grt. Strickland
Apr.           4    Martha TEASDALE of Grt. Strickland
Apr.          12    Alice d. of Tho. GIBBINS of Morland
Apr.          20    James WEBSTER of Thrymby
Apr.          24    William WINDER of Thrymby
May            1    Anne d. of William WILSON of Grt. Strickland
May            9    Anne d. of William WHITE of Morland
Jun.            2    Joseph s. of Robert ADDISON (mason) of Kings
Jun.            8    Christopher s. of Robert ADDISON (Mason) of
                        Kngs. Meaburne
Jun.          10    Margaret BELL of Kings Meaburne Mill.
Jun.          22    Mr. John WEBSTER of Thrymby
Jun.          25    William WILKINSON of Morland
Jun.          31    Thomas s. of Thomas BEWLY of Newby
Aug.           1    Thomas s. of John DENKIN of Kngs. Meaburne
Aug.           8    William s. of Edwd. COULSTON of Morland
Aug.         11    John KENDAL of Kul-garth in the parish of Kirkland
Aug.         25    Margarett d. of John LANCASTER of Grt. Strickland

Sept.         23    Matthew SPEDDING of Kings Meaburne
Oct.          12    Esther d. of Thomas WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Oct.          16    Sarah d. of Edwd. WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Oct.          29    Edward COULSTON of Morland (Piper)
Oct.          30    Margarett d. of Tho. SPEDDING of Kings Meaburne
Dec.           1    Margarett WINTER of Morland
Dec.           2    Isabel TAYLOR of Newby
Jan.          14    Jane YEARKER of Morland
Jan.          23    Isabel d. of John DALTON of Dowgill
Feb.         15    Elizabeth CHESTER of Grt. Strickland
Mar.         17    Esther d. of Thomas WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne



Apr.         24    Mary w..of Michael TAYLOR of Newby
Apr.         28    David MILLER of Swaldale
Jun.           5    William s. of William NEVISON Esqr. of Newby Stones
Jun.         29    John SOWERBY of Grt. Strickland
July         10    Elizabeth w. of Henry SMITH of Newby
July         25    John DOBSON of Grt. Strickland
July         28    Edward s. of Michael TAYLOR of Newby
Aug.          6   Anne WILKINSON of Morland
Aug.        25    Rowland s. of Anne DENT of Kings Meaburne field widow

Sept.        12    Anne d. of William HOBSON of Morland
Sept.        12    Mary d. of Matthew MITCHELL of Towsett
Sept.        26    John s. of William HOBSON of Morland
Sept.        27    Anne d. of Mr. James RICKERBY  Vicar
Oct.         20    Elizabeth d. of Richard VERTY of Sleagill
Oct.         27    Thomas s. of Robert WINTER of Morland
Nov.          6    Elizabeth d. of Thomas RICHARDSON of Sleagill
Nov.          6    John YOUNG of Low Whitber
Nov.          8    Isabel ION of Morland
Nov.        13    Joseph s. of John HOBSON of Murburgh
Nov.        19    Richard s. of Jane FALLOWFIELD of Newby  widow
Nov.        26    Barbary TOPPING of Grt. Strickland
Nov.        26    John s. of Henry WHITE Junr. of Sleagill
Dec.         14   Thomas HUNTER of Grt. Strickland
Dec.         15   Mary WALTON of Newby (a dumb girl)
Dec.         26   Jennet ROBINSON of Grt. Strickland
Jan.            1   Jane STORT (a stranger)
Jan.          20   William s. of Tho. WHARTON of Hard-Ing near Sleagill
Jan.          31   James s. of William HOBSON of Crosby Parish
Feb.           8   Francis d. of George MYLES of Litle Strickland
Mar.          1    Thomas TEASDALE of Thrymby
Mar.          6    Mrs. Mary DENT w. of Mr. Nicholas DENT of
                      Howgill Castle
Mar.        24    Mary JACKSON (widow) of Morland





Apr.        23    Jennet w. of John WHARTON of Sleagill
Apr.        30    Robert LANCASTER of Morland Lowfeild
May        25    Thomas a child of Matthew MITCHELL
Jun.          9    Thomas s. of William NEVINSON Esqr. of Newby Head
Jun.         15    John DOCKER of Newby
Jun.         21    John HEBSON of Greengill-bank
Jun.         23    Robert ADDISON senr. of Kings Meaburne

Nov.        13    John s. of John BARNFATHER of Morland
Nov.        23    Job RAWLINSON a poor traveller
Dec.         18    Sarah LONGCAKE of Sleagill
Jan.           9    Margarett w. of Willliam WHITE of Morland
Jan.         29    Jane d. of George TINKLER of Sleagill
Jan.         31    John NELSON of Morland
Feb.          3    Ruth d. of Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.        22    Jane CORUDDAS of Grt. Strickland
Feb.        28    Anne WORMLEY of Sleagill



Mar.        28    Jane w. of Lancelott SANDERSON of Grt. Strickland
Mar.        29    Anne RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburne (widow)
Apr.        19    George WINTER of Newby
Apr.        24    Thomas CAMPLIN of Newby
Apr.        26    Anne HANHAM of Morland
Apr.        28    Winnifred PEARSON of Thrymby
May          3    Anne KIRKBRIDE of Whitestone
May          9    Anne d. of Christopher PERKIN of Sleagill
May          9    Hannah d. of Thomas BEWLY of Newby
May         12    Jennet WEBSTER of Thrymby (widow)
Jun.           2    Thomas HEVISIDE of Shap-beck
Jun.         10    Richard BRYHAM of Litle Strickland
Jun.         13    Martha d. of John HUTTON of Low Whitber
Jun.         22    Margaret GRAHAM of Litle Strickland
July           2    Isabel d. of Robert WINTER of Morland
July         15    Isabel w. of John WILKINSON of Morland
July         16    Sarah d. of Matthew MITCHEL of Newby
July         29    Agnus d. of Edward BURREL of Newby

Oct.           5    Isabel d. of George PERKIN of Sleagill
Oct.         21    Richard STEPHENSON of Grt. Strickland
Oct.         24    Margaret w. of Richard PERKIN of Morland
Dec.         10    Richard WILLIS of Newby
Dec.         15    Isabel w. of Robert WILSON of Newby
Dec.         20    Isabel d. of Henry HOLME of Sleagill
Jan.          25    Elinor d. of Edmund LANCASTER junr. of Grt.
Feb.         10     John s. of George TINKLER
Mar.           9    William s. of John KIRKBRIDE of Grt. Strickland


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