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Mar.           27   Robert CLARKE of Morland Lowfield
May             7   Mary d. of John CHESTER of Great Strickland
July             9   Elizabeth NICKOLSON of Meaburn
July           11   Elianor CHESTER of Great Strickland
July           25   Richard FURNAS of Great Strickland Hall
Aug.          10   Robert DENT of Meaburn

Oct.           22   Ann w. of John ALLON of Meaburn
Dec.            5    Richard CAMPLING of Morland
Jan.           23    Mary HODGSON of Thrimby
Feb.          21    Amy w. of Thomas HUNTER of Great Strickland



May        9    Mary w. of George WILKINSON of Morland
July       28    Mabel d. of Andrew DOBSON of Little Strickland

Oct.       12    Anne w. of Matthew MITCHEL of Meaburn
Nov.      26    Frances d. of Thomas BACKHOUSE of Morland
Jan.         3    Anne ROSE of Morland
Jan.       10    Edward ROSE of Morland
Jan.       21    Florence d. of William COOK of Morland
Jan.       22    Susanna w. of John BLAND of White Stone
Jan.       24    Thomas NICHOLSON of Newby
Feb.        3    John BROWNRIGG of Morland
Feb.        5    Jane d. of Abraham BUTTERWICK
Feb.        7    Bridget JACKSON of Morland
Feb.      12    William COOK parish clark of Morland
Feb.      12    Mabel d. of John BLAND of Whitestone
Feb.      14    Abraham BUTTERWICK of Newby
Feb.      18    Anne w. of John KENDAL elder of Morland
Feb.      28    Thomas FALIFEILD elder of Gt. Strickland
Mar.        3    Mrs. Mary FLETCHER of Little Strickland
Mar.        3    Mabel w. of John HEBSON of Little Strickland
Mar.        6    Jane d. of John ELWOOD of Sleagill
Mar.      11    George WHARTON of Sleagill
Mar.      19    Barbara w. of Henry HOLME of Slegill
Mar.      20    Katharine HEBSON of Murbur
Mar.      23    Thomas PARKIN of Slegill
Mar.      24    Mary DENT of Meaburn field



Apr.         4    Thomas BAINBRIDGE of Great Strickland
Apr.         7    Bridget WILLAN of Meaburn
Apr.       10    Edward BEATHAM of Newby
Apr.       12    Elizabeth w.of Richard BLAND of Meaburn
Apr.       15    Agnes d. of John WINTER eldest of Morland
Apr.       19    Richard BLAND of Weathery Crook
May       22    Matthew MITCHEL of Meaburnfield
May       27    Mabel GASKILL of Little Strickland
May       29    Robert CAMPLING of Newby
Jun.         2    Elizabeth TAYLOR of Great Strickland
Jun.         7    Margaret FAUTER of Thrimby
July         3    Mabel GASKELL younger of Little Strickland
July       20    Isabel ROBINSON of Newby
Aug.        9    Mary w. of Richard BRYAM of Little Strickland
Aug.      10    Matthew CHESTER of Great Strickland
Aug.      10    John s. of Thomas BACKHOUSE of Morland
Aug.      31    Richard s. of John HOBSON of Thrimby

Sept.        6    Mary d. of George SALKELD of Morland
Sept.       12    William s. of Mr. Robert WINTER of Morland
Nov.         8    Isabel d.of John CHESTER of Gt. Strickland
Nov.       11    Matthew s. of the said John CHESTER
Nov.       21    Elizabeth d. of Thomas WILKINSON of Meaburn
Jan.          7    Mabel HODGSON of Newby
Jan.         20    John CRAGG of Thrimby
Jan.         24    William TOMPSON of Morland
Feb.        11    Jane SALKELD of Morland
Feb.        24    William s. of John LANBERT (sic) of Kemple



Mar.        26    Stephen NEVINSON of Meaburn
Jun.          1    Henry s. of James BIRD of Great Strickland
July          9    Jane w. of Thomas COULSTONE of Morland
July        19    Agnes d. of John ROBINSON of Newby
Aug.         7    George s. of George & Margaret WHARTON of Sleagil
Aug.       17    Christopher s. of Edward TAYLOR of Great Strickland
Aug.       22    Thomas s. of John WHARTON of Sleagil
Aug.       30    Elianor w. of John HOBSON of Gt. Strickland
Aug.       31    Marian BARNES of Great Strickland

Sept.       26    Jane SEWELL of Thrimby
Dec.          1    Elizabeth d. of Edward ROBINSON of Sleggill
Jan.           4    Mr. John ATKINSON of Morland
Jan.           9    Thomas HARRISON of Meaburn
Jan.         23    William PATTISON of Thrimby
Mar.        12    Elizabeth w. of John PARKER of Meaburn
Mar.        14    Anne TEASDALE of Thrimby Raise



Mar.        27    Margaret d. of Henry LONGHORN of Meaburn
Mar.        30    Richard ROBINSON of Sleagill
Apr.        23    Edith ASKEW of Morland  low hall
May          3    Hannah d. of John BARKER of Newby
May        14    Anthony BRYAM of Little Strickland
May        16    Rowland SMITH of Sleagil
May        22    Hugh s. of Hugh FLETCHER of Morland
Jun.          2    Thomas ROBINSON

Sept.       18    Margaret d. of Xstopher BARKER
Sept.       25    Elizabeth d. of Xstopher BARKER
Oct.        14    Anne w. of Hugh FLETCHER of Morland
Nov.       21    John SHEPHERD of Sleagil
Dec.        11   Anne w. of Edmund STEPHENSON of Woodside
Mar.         7    Elizabeth HOLME of Bedlam Yate
Mar.        10   Anne PEARSON of Meaburn



Apr.        13    John WINTER eldest of Morland
Apr.        27    Elizabeth BRYAM of Little Strickland
May        12    Sarah BIRD of Great Strickland
May        16    John HODGSON of High Moor
Jun.          8    Hannah BIRD of Great Strickland
Jun.        30    Jane PEARSON of Meaburn

Oct.        11    Margaret FALLOWFIELD of Great Strickland
Feb.         8    Elianor DENT of Meaburn
Feb.       16    Elizabeth SHEPHERD of Sleagill



Apr.         16    Mary w. of John SOWERBY of Gt. Strickland
May           3    William s. of John FALLOWFIELD of Newby
May           5    Margaret d. of Thomas HUNTER of Gt. Strickland
May           6    Amie d. of Thomas MILES of Sweargil
May         31    Margaret w. of Thomas STEPHENSON of Gt. Strickland
Jun.           6    John HOBSON of Great Strickland
Jun.         20    Agnes d. of William COWPER of Little Strickland
July           1    Anne d. of Christopher ADDINSON of Meaburne

Sept.         5    Frances d. of Edward BEATHOM of Little Strickland
Sept.       29    Robert ADDINSON  taylor of Meaburn
Dec.        22    Mary w. of John DOCKER of Newby
Jan.         22    Sarah w. of Thomas BELL of Gt. Strickland
Mar.          6    Elianor of Richard WALTON of Morland
Mar.        23    Dorothy d. of Arthur OLDMAN of Sleagil



Mar.        27    Anne d. of Richard KENDAL of Morland
Mar.        31    Jane POWLEY of Little Stricklandfield
Apr.        22    Robert s. of William MORLAND of Gt. Strickland
May          6    William s. of Edward ROBINSON of Meaburn
May        10    Katherine w. of Thomas KENDAL of Newby
May        23    John s. of Michael TAYLOR of Newby
Jun.          6    Mabel BAINBRIDGE of Sleagil
Jun.        10    William s. of William KILNER of Gt. Strickland
Jun.        12    Thomas s. of George HOLME of Sleagil
Jun.        20    Nicholaus s. of Thomas PEARSON   Reagill in ye parish 
                      of Crosby Ravenswith
Jun.        24    Edward WILSON of Sleagil
Jun.        26    Thomas s. of Henry ROBINSON of Morland
July        11    James s. of George TINKLER of Sleagil
Aug.       31    Margaret SMITH of Sleagil

Sept.         8   Mabel w. of Francis BARTON of Mealy Sick
Oct.          2   Richard KILNER of Little Strickland
Dec.          4   Elizabeth w. of Thomas MILES of Sweargill
Dec.        11    Thomas s. of Thomas DENT of Meaburn
Dec.        21    Elianor w. of John HODGSON of Meaburn
Dec.        23    Elizabeth BURTON of Great Strickland
Jan.         13    Agnes WILKINSON of Morland
Jan.         16    Francis BARTON of Mealysick
Jan.         18    Anne SWAINSON of Newby
Jan.         20    Daniel HUDSON of Little Strickland
Jan.         30    Alice RICHARDSON widow of Morland
Mar.          6    Elizabeth RICHARDSON widow of Morland
Mar.          8    William PEARSON of Thrimby
Mar.        20    Margaret CAMPLING widow of Newby



Mar.         30    William s. of George SALKELD of Morland
Mar.         31    Thomas s. of John CHESTERof Great Strickland
Apr.           7    John KIRKBRIDE of Little Strickland
Apr.           9    Mrs. Elizabeth NEVINSON from Reagill Grange
Apr.         10    Lancelot SHEARMAN of Sleagil
Apr.         21    Jennet TINKLER of Sleagil
Apr.         23    John ROBINSON of Newby
May           2    William s.of Edward FALLOWFIELD of Newby
Jun.           4    Thomas CHESTER of Little Strickland
July           3     Elizabeth w. of Mr. William ATKINSON  Vicar  of
July           8     Margaret w. of Anthony DENT of Meaburn
July         23     William ARCHER of Dellon Banks
Aug.          9    Mabel w. of Oliver DOBSON of Gt. Strickland
Aug.        13     Jennet w. of Nicholaus TODD of Meaburn

Sept.         7     Richard s. of Rachel LOWTHER of Newby
Oct.          6     Elianor LACKLAND of Meaburn
Nov.       16     Mary w. of George SALKELD of Morland
Dec.          5    John BLAND of Morland
Jan.           4    Agnes w. of Richard ROBINSON of Newby
Jan.           4    John HEBSON of Newby
Feb.          2    George WILKINSON of Morland
Mar.          4    Elizabeth BIRD of Thrimby
Mar.          8    Barbara FURNACE of Great Strickland Hall
Mar.          9    A wayfaring woman who dyed at Thrimby
Mar.        16    John THOMPSON of Newby



Apr.        30    Jennet HOLME widow of Sleagil
May          9    John WALKER of Shap beck
May        14    Oliver DOBSON of Great Strickland
May        30    Elianor w. of Henry BIRD of Gt. Strickland
Jun.        27    Lettice w. of Mr. John WEBSTER of Thrimby
Jun.        30    John s. of John HOBSON of Murbur
July          2    John s. of John LANCASTER of Gt. Strickland
Aug.         9    Margaret YATE elder of Newby
Aug.       10    Frances BIRD of Thrimby
Aug.       14    Chirstopher DOBSON of Sleagil
Aug.       23    George HULLOCK of Whithber

Sept.         5    Margaret FALLOWFIELD widow of Gt. Strickland
Sept.       25    John s. of John CHESTER of Gt. Strickland
Sept.       30    Nicholaus s. of Nicholaus DENKING of Newby
Oct.          7    Anne d. of Thomas WILSON who dyed at Meaburn
Nov.       12    Mary GASKIN of Newby Lordship
Nov.       16    James s. of James WEBSTER of Thrimby
Nov.       17    Henry HOLME of Sleagil
Nov.       22    Annie w. of John CAMPLIN of Newby
Dec.       12    Mary w. of Henry DENT of Meaburne
Mar.         5    Margaret w. of John BOUSFIELD of Newby
Mar.       12    Jennet BELLUS of Meaburne
Mar.       24    Elizabeth w. of Lancelot HODGSON of Gt. Strickld



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