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Apr.        3    Isable w. of Robart ADIESON of Meaburne
Apr.        4    Christopher ADDISON of Meaburne
May       17    Elinor BEATHOM of Towcit
May       22    Jane PEARS of Whiststons
May       26    Mary BAINBRIDG of Great Strickland
July         9    John s. of John CLEASBIE of Meaburne
July       22    Mary d. of John DOCKER
July       22    John s. of Edward BEATHOM of Litl Strickland

Sept.     10    Richard s. of Richard GARNAT of Litl Strickland
Sept.     15    Edward s. of Edward BACKHOUSE of Morland
Sept.     24    John ADDIESON of Meaburne
Sept.     28    William s. of William KILNER of Great Strickland
Dec.       7     Mary DENTE of Meaburne
Dec.      15    Richard DENTE of Meaburne
Jan.       11   William WILKINSON of Whitbar hill
Feb.      12    Margrat d. of Bridgat JACKSON of Morland
Feb.      25    Elizabeth THWAITS of Newbie
Mar.        3    Frances d. of John HOBSON of Sleagill head
Mar.        9    Jane d. of Thomas WILSON of Newbie
Mar.      18    Barbary w. of Andrew DOBSON of Litl Strickland
Mar.      25    Isabell SMITH of Sleagill



Apr.        1    Margrat CLIBBURNE of Moorsid
Apr.        3    Sarah HARRISON of Newbie
Apr.      24    Elizabeth WESTGARTH of Litl Strickland
Arp.      25    Mary d. of Thomas PARKING of Sleagill
May        9    Ann WETHERALL of Sandridgs
July         8    Margrat w. of Thomas BELL of Great Strickland
July       14    Henery WILKINSONE of Morland
Aug.      21    Jane d. of Thomas WOOFE of Towcit
Aug.      29    Margrat FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland

Sept.      21    Sarah w. of William BEATHOM of Thrimbie
Nov.      14     Jane d. of Fransic (sic) BARTON of Streathead
Dec.         1    Elizabeth WILLON of Meaburne
Dec.       12    Mary d. of John LAMBART of Kemplee
Dec.       20    Jane BEATHOM of Thrimbie
Jan.          8   Kathern HOBSON of Murber
Jan.        13   Christopher s. of Christopher RIETSON
Feb.         7   William ION of Newbie
Feb.       17    Jannat SMITH of Newbie
Feb.       27    Isable BACKHOUSE of Morland





Mar.    27    Margrat w. of Henry LANGRAN of Meaburne feild
Apr.    26    Jane ADDISON of Great Strickland
May      1    Julian STEPHENSON of Murbar
May      4    John COOK parish clark of Morland
Jun.       4    Isable d. of Edward ROSE of Morland
Jun.     14    Jane ADDIESON of Kings Meburn
Jun.     24    John KENDALL of Krogling Hall
Jun.     26    Thomas s. of Thomas TWHAITS of Kings Meburn
Aug.      1    Robert s. of Robert WILSON of Newby
Aug.      8    Margrat WILLSON of Swergill
Aug.    19    Elizabeth STEVENSON of Morland

Sept.    19    John WILKINSON of Morland
Sept.    28    Marie d. of Richard GARNARD of Little Strickland
Oct.     15    Barbrie w. of Richard GARNARD of Litl Strickland
Nov.      5    George SALKELD of Morland
Nov.    18    Ann WILLON of Meaburn
Dec.       9    Elizabeth COPELAND of Litle Strickland
Dec.     26    John NEUINSON Esq. of Newby Heed
Jan.        1    Rowland DENT of Meaburne
Jan.      20    Ann PYERSON
Feb.     19    Marie PATTYSON of Litle Strickland
Feb.     20    John RICHARDSON of Meaburne



Apr.        11    James s. of Danyell HUDSON of Litle Strickland
Apr.        21    James s of Thomas PARKING of Sleagill
Apr.        25    Isbell DENT of Meaburne
May          7    John DOBSON of Sleagill lhead
May         31    Magdalen BAITMAN of Litle Strickland
July         29    Margrie SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Aug.          5    John YAITS of Newby
Aug.        10    Elizabeth DENKING of Newby

Nov.        23    Grace d. of John WALTON of Newby
Dec.           1    Robert STEPHENSON of Newby
Jan.            9    John s. of John YAITS of Newby
Jan.          13    Shusana CHESTER of Great Strickland
Jan.          15    Francis d. of John BAITMAN of Litle Strickland
Feb.          10   Mary w. of Peter ROBINSON of Morland
Feb.          10   Janat JAMSON of Great Strickland
Feb.          17   Richard HEBSON of Greengill Bank
Feb.          17   Margrat d. of John DOCKER of Newby



Apr.            8    Margrat NICHOLSON of Newby
Apr.            8    Jacob s. of Edward THRELCOT of Millflatt
Apr.          13    Margrat d. of Matthew BETHUM of Thrimby
Apr.          17    Matthew BETHUM of Thrimby
Aug.          21    Barbry w. of William SMITH of Harrans

Jan.             6    John s. of John HILL of Little Stricklanl
Jan.            19    Richard s. of Thomas THWAITS of Hornby
Feb.           27    Agnes TEASDAILL of Meaburn
Mar.           16    Robert DENTof Meaburn
Mar.           21    Christopher TAILER of Great Strickland



May         11     Mr. William ATKINSON of Powdonad in Morland
Jun           8      Thomas TAELER of Great Strickland
July         13      Agnes w. of Robert MORLAND of Great Strickland

Sept.         4      John s. of Edward ROBINSON of Meaburn
Sept.         4      Margrat d. of John KENDALL of Streethead
Oct.         15      Agnes STEPHENSON of Meaburn
Nov.        11      Ann w. of Robert CLEASBY of Meaburn
Nov.        12      Jannet w. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Nov.        14      John GIBSON of Sleagillhead
Dec.          6      Richard POOLEY of Litle Strickland
Dec.         20     Dorothy d. of John LANKASTER of Great Strickland
Jan.          21     Henery WILKINSON of Woodhead
Jan.          23     Shusanna w. of William BLAND of Sleagill
Feb.         17     Margrat d. of John DICKSON of Morland 



May         8    Margrat d. of Mr. Edward BACKHOUSE of Morland
May       15    John RUMNEY of Thrimby
May       18    Mabell w. of John WILLSON of Newby
Jun.       16    John s. of John RUMNEY of Thrimby
Jun.       20    John s. of Nickolas TODE of Meaburn
Jun.       27    Christopher SEALBIE a Traveler
Aug.      22    Edward s. of Edward RUMNEY of Newby

Nov.        1    Edward s. of Edward ROSE of Morland
Nov.        4    Margret ION of Newby
Nov.      22    Ann w. of Christopher RITSON of Great Strickland
Dec.         3    Elizabeth SOWERBY of Great Strickland
Dec.         7    Isabell w. of John KILLNER of Great Strickland
Dec.       13    James CLARKE of Morland Low Field
Dec.       21    Mary d. of William NEVINSON Esquire of Newbyhead
Jan.        10    Peter ROBINSON of Morland
Jan.        24    Elizabeth HEBSON of Newby
Jan.        29    Thomas s. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Feb.         6    Ann w. of George LANGCAKE of Sleagill
Feb.       24    Mr. Christopher ATKINSON of Morland
Feb.       24    Sarah d. of William HOBSON of Tusid
Mar.         9    Thomas s. of John WOOFE of Toused
Mar.       22    John WILSON of Newby




Apr.        20    Thomas s. of John WOOFE of Toused
Apr.        24    Frances ROBINSON of Sleagill
Apr.        25    Thomas s. of William HOBSON of Toused
Apr.        25    Sarah and Rachel base children of William SALKELD
                       of Morland
Apr.        29    Jennat GIBSON of Sleagill
May          8    Robert WEBSTER of Thrimby
May        28    Margret w. of Edward WILLSON of Sleagill
May        31    Margret w. of Lancelot SHEARMAN of Sleagill
Jun.          2    John BRYHAM of Sleagill
Jun.          4    Richard HIND of Litle Strickland
Jun.          6    Richard RICHARDSON of Meaburn
Jun.        25    Jann BOWLT of Sleagill
Jun.        15    Marie SHEARMAN of Sleagill
July          5    Bridgett d. of Timothy EMERSON of Milflatt
July          6    John BUSHBY of Sleagill head
Aug.         8    Jannet TINKLER of Sleagill
Aug.       23    Mary d. of John NELSON of Thrimby
Aug.       24    Sarah d. of John NELLSON of Thrimby
Aug.       28    Richard s. of Thomas TEASDAILL of Thrimby Raise

Sept.         3    Elizabeth d. of of John NELLSON of Thrimby
Sept.       22    Elizabeth w. of John SPEDING of Meaburn
Oct.        23    William HEBSON of Newby
Oct.        27    Ann STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Jan.          9    Thomas HOLM of Bedlem gate
Jan.        20    Robert s. of Robert ADDISON of Meaburn
Jan.        28    Andrew DOBSON of Litle Strickland
Mar.       16    Anthonie s. of Richard ROBINSON of Newby



 Apr.       14    Robert YEATS of Newby
Apr.        15    Anne w. of John KENDALL of Newby
Apr.        15    Margret d. of John RUMNEY of Thrimby
Apr.        22    Anne SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Apr.        30    Frances POOLLEY of Litle Strickland
May          1    Isabell JONSON of Meaburn
May        10    Mathew HARISON of Thrimby
Jun.          2    Richard ABBUT of Thrimby
July          5    Richard PEARSON of Thrimby

Sept.         2    Mary d. of John LANCASTER of Great Strickland
Sept.         3    John MYLES of Sweargill
Oct.          7    James WOOFE of Twossed
Oct.         22    Thomas LANCASTER of Morland
Nov.        20    Francese ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Jan.         29    John s. of Thomas TEASDAILL of Thrimby



Apr.         18    Christopher s. of Gawan DENT of Meaburne
Apr.         21    Elizabeth w. of Gawan DENT of Meaburne
Apr.         22    Henery s. of Richard ARRA of Sleagill
May         15    Isabell ROYE of Morland
Jun.           8    Margret PEARSON of Thrimby
July           9    Thomas ION of Morland
July         21    Mr. Richard CRACKINTHORP of Litle Strickland
Aug.          5    Elizabeth w. of Richard CLARKE of Morland

Oct.        19    Elizabeth BIRD of Great Strickland
Nov.       20    Isabel SMITH of Sleagil
Dec.        10    John HOBSON of Sleagill head
Dec.        24    Robert MORLAND of Great Strickland
Dec.        25    Frances COOKE of Morland
Dec.        28    Miles s. of Robert DENT of Meaburn Mill
Jan.           4    Edmond s. of John LANCASTER of Great Strickland
Jan.         23    Robert CLEASBY of Kings Meaburn
Feb.        21    Katharine HEAD of Whitestone




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