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May     10    Thomas CHAPPELHOW & Deborah TAYLOR of Great Strickland
                   marryed att St. Cuthbert Church in Carlisle
Jun.       7    John WOOFF & Elizabeth ROBINSON both of Newby Stones in
                   this parish
Jun.     14    Thomas ADDISON of Kings Meaburn in ye parish of Morland &
                   Hannah ATKINSON of Milbourne in ye parish of Kirby Thore 
                   both in ye County of Westmorland and Diocess of Carlisle
Jun.     29    George SCORRFEILD in the parish of Temple Sowerby & Mary
                   BACKHOUSE of Morland
July     16     Thomas THOMPSON of Morland & Margaret ROBINSON

Nov.    12     John HOBSON & Isabell SMITH both of Sleagill
Jan.     11     Matthew KENDALE & Mary THOMPSON



Apr.     19    Thomas ALLEN & Elizabeth ELISON both of Bolton
May       6    Thomas WREAY of Morland & Mary ROBINSON of Sleagill

Nov.    30    William NICOLSON & Mary HOBSON

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