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Mar.       31    Thomas s. of Myles MICHALL of Meaburne
Apr.         1    Jane GRAYME of Slegill
May        12    Thomas FAWCIT of Morland
May        19    x x x x daughter of Lanclot HODGSON of Great Strickland
Jun.          2    Elizabeth w. of Willm KILNER of Great Strickland
Jun.          3    Margrat d. of John HARISON of Towcit
Jun.          8    Josaph s. of Robart BACKHOUSE of Morland
Jun.        13    Sarey d. of Georg BIRD of Thrimby
Jun.        29    Georg s. of James WEBSTER of Thrimby
July        16    Lanclot SMITH of Newby
Aug.       28    Margrat LAMBART of Murber

Sept.      13    Richard KENDALL of Newby End
Sept.      31    Margrat w. of John LANCASTER of Great St.
Nov.        6    Edward COULSTON of Morland
Dec.       14    William s. of Willm WINTER of Morland
Dec.       19    Isable w. of William HOLME of Slegill
Dec.       19    Marie CORIE of Morland
Dec.       20    Robart s. of James CLARKE of Morland
Dec.       21    Isable w. of William SAUER of Newby
Jan.        12    Jane HOUE of Newby
Feb.       21    John BAXTER of Thrimby
Mar.       16    John HILL of Litl Strickland
Mar.       30    Grace WILSON of Newbie




Apr.      1    Elizabeth w. of Isack STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
May      2    x x x x daughter of William MARSHALL of Sandrigs
May      5    Doraty LANCASTER of Thrimby
May      8    Ann d. of John WEBSTER of Thrimby
July      2    John ROBINSON of Slegill
July      8    Frances FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
July     21    x x x x  FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
July     25   Thomas s. of Mr. Thomas MAYCHALL rector of Kirkbe Thure
Aug.    13   Peter s. of John DOCKER of Newbie

Sept.     4     x x x x x x   daughter of Robart CLEASBIE of Meaburne
Sept.    12    Mary BARKER of Great Strickland
Oct.     11    John HARISON of Towcit
Oct.     16    Isabel d. of Christopher DENTE of Meaburne
Oct.     13    Jane w. of Chirstopher BRYHAM of Great Strickland
Nov.      3    John CAMPLING of Newbie
Nov.    21    Elizabeth d. of Isack STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Nov.    23    Susanah d. of Stephen NEUINSON of Meaburne
Nov.    28    Deberah d. of James BIRD of Great Strickland
Nov.    30    Jannat AREY of Streathead
Dec.      2    Thomas AREY of Streathead
Dec.      8    William POWLEY of Litl Strickland
Dec.      9    William HALTON of Slegill
Dec.    29    Grace w. of Christopher BEATHOM of Thrimby
Feb.      7    Elizabeth TAYLOR of Great Strickland
Feb.      8    Richard SANDERSON of Slegill
Feb.    11    Margrat HARISON of Towcit
Feb.    14    Henery DENTE of Meaburne
Feb.    14    Arthur BLAND of Whitstons
Feb.    21    John s. of Richard WILLIS of Newbie
Feb.    22    Agnes w. of Christo FALLIEFEILD of Great Strickland
Mar.      5    Mary d. of John JACKSON of Morland
Mar.      6    William HEBSON of Murbar
Mar.     11    Winiefrid DENTE of Meaburne.




Mar.      27    Thomas s. of John HARISON of Towcit
Mar.      31    Elizabeth HALTON of Slegill
Apr.        1    Richard HARISON of Meaburne
Apr.        3    Elizabeth COULSTON of Dowgill
Apr.       22   Mr. Christopher YAITS   Curat of Thrimbie
May       27   Simond SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Jun.         6   Christopher FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Jun.       16    John BIRD of Great Strickland
July       17    Jannat d. of John DOCKER of Newbie

Oct.        8    Mr. James WEBSTER of Thrimbie
Oct.      22    Ann WILKINSON of Morland
Nov.     13    Ann d. of Christo. ROBINSON of Slegill
Dec.       1    Frances WILSON of Newbie
Jan.        5    Elizabeth w. of Rowland DENTE of Meaburne
Jan.        7    Margrat SOWERMAN of Morland
Jan.      10    John WEBSTER of Thrimby
Jan.      24    Joshuah s. of Mathew DENTE of Meaburne
Feb.       4    x x x x x  wife of Christopher DENTE of Meaburne
Feb.     10    Elizabeth w. of Robart CAMPLING of Newby
Mar.       9    Jannat YAITE of Newbie
Mar.     22    Mabell w. of Thomas TEASDALL of Thrimby
Mar.     23    Georg JACKSON of Thrimby



Mar.     29    John ROBINSON of Morland
Apr.       7    Jane LANCASTER of Thrimby
Apr.     12    Robart DENTE of Meaburne
Apr.     17    Jane WLAKER of Thrimby
Apr.     17    Elizabeth d. of Thomas BELL of Great Strickland
Arp.     21    Margrat d. of James CLARKE of Morland
Apr.     27    James w. of James WOOFE of Towcit
May     13    x x x x x  daughter of Thomas WILSON of Newby
May     16    Thomas SANDESON of Great Strickland
May     17    Christopher ROBINSON of Slegill
Jun.     11    Frances d. of Rich. YAITS of Great Strickland
Jun.     16    Elizabeth WAISTALL of Thrimby
Jun.     18    Frances w. of Mr. William ATKINSON of Morland
Jun.     28    Ann d. of Richard NICHOLSON of Newb
Jun.     28    Mary SANDERSON of Great Strickland
July       1    x x x x x  daughter of Richard NICHOLSON of Newby
July       5    Mary d. of Christopher ADISON of Meaburne
July       5    Thomas s. of Ann WHINFELL of Slegill
July      10    Margrat WILKINSON of Morland
Aug.      1    Elizabeth w. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Aug.      5    Anthony REAMY of Morland
Aug.     30    William KILLNER of Great Strickland

Sept.      14    Elizabeth d. of Thomas GESKELL of Thrimby
Oct.         5    Michall WILKINSON of Morland
Nov.        8    Robart s. of Mathew BEATHOM of Towcit
Nov.      15    William s. of William WILKINSON of Meaburne
Dec.         2    Margrat CLARKE of Morland
Dec.         3    William s. of Robart CAMPLING of Newby
Dec.         4.    John s. of John JACKSON of Morland
Dec.       19    Thomas FLETCHER of Ltl Strickland
Jan.        10    William PATIESON of Litl Strickland
Jan.        21    Ann WILSON of Morland
Feb.         7    John s. of Richard WILLIS of Newbie
Feb.       11    Thomas YAITS of Great Strickland
Mar.         5    Josaph ROBINSIN of Longlands
Mar.         5    Elizabeth w. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD 
                      of Great Strickland
Mar.         8    Elizabeth NICHOLSON of Meaburne
Mar.         9    Elizabeth d. of John MABSON of Morland
Mar.        18    Robart s. of Richard DENTE of Peaslands.



Mar.     25    Josaph baise sonne of William LAMBART junr.
Apr.     22    Mary d. of John ROMNEY of Thrimby
Apr.     24    John DENTE of Meaburnefeild
May     22     Elizabeth d. of Ann SOWERBIE of Great Strickland
July     26     Margrat SALKELD of Morland
Aug.      3    John PEARSON of Meaburne
Aug.      4    Richard s. of Georg SALKELD of Morland
Aug.    17    Henery HOLME of Slegill

Sept.    18    Elizabeth BARNES of Litl Strickland
Sept.    30    Ann d. of Robard CLEASBIE a tranter
Oct.     23    John s. of William TOMPSON of Great Strickland
Dec.     14    Thomas BOWMAN of Meaburne
Dec.     22    A man that was a traveler who dyed at Slegill
Jan.        5    John s. of John DOCKER of Newby
Jan.      18    James TINCKLER of Slegill
Jan.      13    Jane d. of John ELWOOD of Newbie
Jan.      18    Grace d. of Richard STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Jan.      20    Jane BARTON of Streat Head
Jan.      24    Barbry d. of Richard FOURNAS of G. Strick.
Jan.      30    John COUPER of Litl Strickland
Feb.     11    Andrew s. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of G. Strickland
Mar.       3    Richard NICHOLSON of Newby
Mar.     17    Georg GRAYME of Morland 



Apr.    26    Robart s. of Richard WHARTON of Morland
May      5    Elizabeth WILSON of Newbie
May      6    Agnesse d. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
May     12    Margrat d. of Richard FURNAS of Great Strick.
May     25    Elizabeth BACKHOUSE of Morland
May     30    Robart s. of William TOMPSON of Great Strickland
May     31    William s. of William TOMPSON of Newbie
Jun.       3    Henery HOLME of Morland
Jun.     12    Henery COWPER of Morland
July     18    Ann BACKHOUSE of Morland
July     21    Margrie STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
July     29    Elinor COULSTON of Morland

Sept.    28   Thomas TODHUNTER of Thrimbie
Oct.     13    Isabell w. of Christopher WILKINSON of Newbie
Oct.     20    Richard s. of Jane LAMBART of Newbie
Oct.     23    Elizabeth w. of Stephen NEVINSON of Meaburne
Feb.      1    Edmond HOBSON of Hyemoore
Feb.     19    x x x x daughter of Frances POWLEY of Litl Strickland



Mar.     30    Elinor d. of John WINTER of Morland
Mar.     30    Ann CAMPLING of Morland
Apr.       1    Thomas s. of Thomas BELL of Great Strickland
Apr.     11    Nicholas DENTE of Meaburne
Apr.     18    Winiefrid d. of Christopher WILKINSON of Newby
Apr.     19    Robart CAMPLING of Newby
Apr.     22    Richard s. of William ION of Newbie
Apr.     24    Richard SMITH of Great Strickland
Jun.      12    Ann w. of Arthur BLAND of Newbie
Jun.      17    Thomas s. of Georg SALKELD of Morland
July        9    Jannat ROBINSON of Longlands
Aug.       2    Richard COULSTON of Great Stricklands

Sept.     12    William SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Sept.     23    Ann w. of Henery WILKINSON of Morland
Oct.        5    James WEBSTER of Thrimby
Oct.      20    Agnes w. of Robart YAIT of Newbie
Oct.      23    John BELL of Morland
Nov.     13    Thomas WILKINSON of Morland
Nov.     26    Mary w. of James CLARKE of Morland
Dec.       6    Jane BLAND of Slegill
Dec.      11    Margrat w. of William TOMPSON of Great Strickland
Dec.      27    Isabell REAMY of Morland
Dec.      29    Ann SMITH of Newbie
Jan.        2    John JONE of Morland
Jan.      12    Grace STEPHENSON of Litl Strickland
Jan.      19    Richard BIRD of Great Strickland
Feb.     10    Jannat BACKHOUSE of Morland
Mar.       4    Isabell BACKHOUSE of Morland
Mar.       5    William s. of Thomas ROBINSON of Langlands
Mar.     14    Jane w. of Barnard RAISBECK of Meaburne
Mar.     14    Ann d. of William TOMPSON of Morland
Mar.     15    Elizabeth w. of John ELWOOD of Skeels


Apr.      2    Marian HODGSON of Great Strickland
Apr.      2    A poor woman that was a travlor
Apr.    19    Elizabeth w. of Anthony SHARP of Newbie
Apr.    27    Mary FALLOWFEILD of Newbie
Apr.    29    Ann w. of John HOBSON of Murber
May    28    Mathew DENTE of Meaburne
Jun.      7    Elizabeth DENTE of Meaburne
July      1    Mathew s. of William HOBSON of Murbar
Aug.   27    Mathew s. of Georg SALKELD of Morland

Sept.    7    James s. of James CLARKE of Morland
Sept.  16    Mary LANCASTER of Thrimby
Sept.  30    John s. of John WINTER of Morland
Oct.     2    Margrat d. of Oliver DOBSON of Litl Strickland
Oct.     3    Thomas s. of Thomas HOBSON of Murbar
Oct.     4    John s. of Robart CLARKE of Morland
Oct.   25    Johnathan s. of Richard ROBINSON of Newby
Oct.   26    Mary d. of Richard ION of Whidbar
Jan.   19    John STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Jan    24    James HOBSON of Murbare
Jan.   24    James MAYSON of Morland
Jan.   27    Thomas STEPHENSON of Meaburne
Feb.    5    Margrat SMITH of Thrimby
Feb.    9    Elizabeth w. of Edward ROBINSON of Slegill
Feb.  11    John BELL of Morland
Feb.  15    Richard JACKSON of Morland
Feb.  20    Thomas s. of John WILKINSON of Morland
Feb.  22    Richard JACKSON senr. of Morland
Feb.  23    John LANCASTER of Great Strickland
Feb.  25    Thomas SMITH of Sleagill
Feb.  26    Margrat COUPER of Sleagill
Mar.    4    Mary w. of Richard ROBINSON of Sleagill
Mar.    6    Mary ION of Morland
Mar.    7    Allon HOLME of Slegill
Mar.    8    Margrat d. of Elizabeth BEATHOM of Thrimby
Mar.    9    Mathew s. of William BEATHOM of Thrimby
Mar.  15    Ann ROBINSON of Sleagill 



Apr.     19    Edward TAYLOR of Great Strickland
May     28    Jannat PARKING of Newbie
July       1    Robart YAITE of Newby
July     19     Christopher DENTE of Kings Meaburne
Aug.      4    Anne d. of Henery ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Aug.    12    Jane YAITE of Great Strickland
Aug.    20    Elizabeth ADDISON of Meaburne

Sept.     6    Robart CAMPLING of Newbie
Sept.     8    Elizabeth BRAIDLY of Woodside
Oct.      6    Mary LAMBERT of Thrimby
Oct.    29    Henery LAMBERT of Thrimbie
Nov.     5    Margrat WEBSTER of Thrimby
Nov.     9    Frances BACKHOUSE of Morland
Nov.   12    William ROBINSON of Towcit
Nov.   17    Georg BIRD of Thrimbie
Nov.   25    John ROBINSON of Newbie
Nov.   29    Elizabeth WILKINSON of Meaburne
Dec.     2    Margrat LAMBART of Thrimbie
Dec.     5    Thomas GESKELL of Litl Strickland
Jan.      3    Edmond HOBSON of Sleagill head
Jan.    22    Richard WHARTON of Morland
Feb.     3    John BUSHBIE of Great Strickland
Mar.     5    John FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland



Mar.     25    John CHESTER of Great Strickland
Apr.       6    Henrie BIRD of Skeels
Apr.       6    Joseph s. of Rowland DENT of Pezlands
Apr.     10    John s. of George SALKELD of Morland
Apr.     10    Grace NEUINSON of Slegill
Apr.     23    Michall IONSON of Sweargill
May       3    Gyles s. of Thomas WILSON of Newbie
May     26    Georg s. of Elizabeth RICHARDSON of Morland
May     30    John BEATHOM of Litl Strickland
Jun.     13    Margrat d. of Edward WILSON of Sleagillhead
Jun.     22    Ann ROBINSON of Morland
Jun.     23    Edward LANCASTER of Morland
July       2    Grace w. of Rowland DENTE of Peasland
July      31   Doraty w. of John DENTE of Clayber
Aug.    10    Elizabeth w. of William COULSTON of Dougill
Aug.    25    William HOLME of Sligill

Sept.    10    Ann WHINFELL of Slegill
Sept.    19    John s. of Edward ROMNEY of Newbie
Sept.    26    John s. of Margrat ROBINSON of Newbie
Oct.     13    Robart ARMESTRONG of ye parish of Coris in the 
                   Kingdom of Scotland
Dec.       1    Christopher BEATHOM of Thrimbie
Dec.     11    Jane d. of Henery DENT of Meaburne
Dec.     18    Thomas s. of Richard RICHARDSON of Whidbar
Dec.     19    Chirstopher BEATHOM of Thrimbie
Jan.        6   Anthony SHARP of Newbie
Jan.      13    Richard WINTER of Newbie
Feb.       1    Richard ROBINSON of Newbie
Feb.     12    Elizabeth d. of Georg WILKINSON of Morland
Feb.     16    Ann w. of Robart CLARKE of Morland
Feb.     26    Margrat d. of Thomas KENDALL of Newbie
Feb.     21    Janne COULSTON of Great Strickland
Mar.       3    Thomas s. of Robart ADDESONE of Meaburne
Mar.     23    Mary d. of Richard WILLIS of Newbie.


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