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Mar.     27    Thomas COWPER of Litle Strickland
Apr.     20    Agnes d. of Lancelot BACKHOUSE of Morland
Apr.     26    Elizabeth d. of Mathew DENT of Kings Meaburn
July      22    Grace WILSON of Kings Meaburne
July      26    Elizabeth TODD of Penrith
July      31    Mabell d. of John TOMPSON of Thrimbie
Aug.       2    John s. of Richard ROBINSON of Newbie Stones
Aug.     16    William s. of Anthonie BARNES of Litle Strickland

Sept.     28    Ann d. of Richard ROBINSON of Thrimbie
Oct.      11    Joan VAREY of Streathead
Oct.      17    Thomas s. of John BAXTER of Thrimbie
Oct.      29    Richard ROBINSON alias CROGGLING
Nov.       7    Isabell SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Nov.     19    Elizabeth CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Nov.     21    Marie NICHOLSON of Kings Meabourne
Dec.      15    Ann d. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Dec.      17    John s. of Thomas CLEMAT of Morland
Dec.      18    Jennet CLEARK of Greengill banck
Dec.      18    Illinor d. of Anthonie REMIE of Morland
Jan.       11    Barbarie d. of Edward FALLOWFEILD of
Jan.       17    Ann d. of John ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.      10    Elizabeth SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Feb.      13    Benjamine s. of Mr. Thomas FLETCHER of
                    Litle Strickland
Feb.      20    John s. of John CLEASBIE of Newbie Stones
Feb.      22    Marie d. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Feb.      24    Grace COULSTON of Sleagill
Mar.        7    Elizabeth STEAVENSON of Morland
Mar.      24    Elizabeth ADDISON of Kings Meaburne.



Mar.      25    Isabell d. of William KENDALL of Newbiestones

Sept.     28    Robert WINTER of Morland
Oct.      13    Ann HALL of Morland
Oct.      18    Rowland s. of Thomas HARRISON of Kings Meaburne
Oct.      24    Thomas s. of Mr. Thomas FLETCHER of
                    Litle Strickland
Dec.      31    John s. of Henrie LAMBERT of Morland
Jan.       13    Agnes w. of Thomas NICHOLSON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.        2    John ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.        4    Illinor JACKSON of Morland
Mar.      18    Katherine w. of Richard CHESTER of Great Strickland



Apr.       2    Richard CHESTER of Great Strickland
Apr.       5    Richard s. of Thomas CLEASBIE of Meaburne
Apr.       6    John s. of Thomas KENDALL of Newby Stones
Apr.     15    Frances d. of William CLEBURNE of Woodside
May       4    John s. of Joseph WOOFE of Great Strickland
May       5    Ellinor COUPER of Great Strickland
May       7    Richard SMITH of Thrimbie
May     13    Thomas EWBANCKE of Kings Meaburne
May     20    Jennat DOCKER of Morland
May     23    Jennat d. of Richard SMITH of Great Strickland
May     29    Ellenor ATKINSON of Great Strickland
Jun.     11    Elizabeth FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Jun.     25    John FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
July       3    Ann w. of Richard STEPHENSON of Morland
July     29    Jane BIRD of Trantron
Aug.     7    A base sonne of Thomas DALTONS of Meaburne
Aug.   10    John HARRISON of Kings Meaburne
Aug.   15    Alexander COOKE of Morland
Aug.   15    Isabell ROBINSON of Acowyate
Aug.   15    Frances w. of Richard ALLON of Newbiestones
Aug.   26    John s. of William BEWLEY of Acowyate

Sept.   12    Isabell d. of Thomas KENDALL of Newbiestones
Sept.   17    Georg s. of Richard SMITH of Angell-hill
Oct.      6    Marie w. of Lancelot JACKSON of Morland
Oct.    15    Margret w. of Thomas CLEASBIE of
                  Kings Meaburne
Dec.    15    Marie w. of John CLEASBIE of Pease Banck
Dec.    15    William ION of Morland
Dec.    31    John s. of Thomas DAWSON of Litle Strickland
Jan.     12    Isabell w. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of
                  Great Strickland
Jan.     17    Jane d. of William BARNES of Hesley
Jan.     30    Agnes d. of William LANCASTER of Thrimbie
Feb.      3    John s. of William LANCASTER of Thrimbie
Feb.      8    Agnes w. of Richard MATTHEW of Thrimbie
Feb.    13    Marion d. of William BARNES if Hesley
Feb.    15    Georg ATKINSON of Morland
Feb.    29    Thomas CLEASBIE of Kings Meaburne
Mar.    12    William FALLOWFEILD of Litle Strickland
Mar.    21    Peter s. of William DOCKER of Newbie



May     2     John s. of Richard CAMPLING of Newbiestones
May     4     Thomas NICHOLSON of Kings Meaburne
May     8     Frances SIMPSON of Thrimbie
May   24     Thomas KENDALL of Newbie Stones
Jun.   28     Thomas s. of Robert CLEARKE of Newbie
Jun.   10     Richard s. of John BAXTER of Thrimbie
July   22     Mabell d. of Richard SMITH of Angell-hill
Aug.    1    Katherine DENT of Kings Meaburne
Aug.  30     Richard COWPLAND of Thrimbie

Sept.    8    Agnes w. of Henrie COWHEARD of Mealey Sike
Sept.    9    Barbarie w. of Robert TAYLER of Woodhead Milne
Oct.     1    Janett ROBINSON of Newbiestones
Nov.  16    Thomas COLLISON of Great Strickland
Nov.  22    Lancelot s. of Lancelot SMITH of Newbie
Dec.   17    Isabell w. of Mathew CHESTER of Great Strickland
Dec.   19    Marie w. of Thomas SOWERBIE of Great Strickland
Feb.     2   Christopher s. of John TOMPSON of Great
Feb.   18    John WILSON of Smeargill
Mar.     2    Isabell HARRISON of Kings Meaburne




Apr.    14    Thomas s. of Thomas HOLME of Beathome Yaite
Apr.    18    A young childe of Matthew ALLON of Little Strickland
Apr.    19    Robert DOCKER of Morland
Apr.    22    Isabell w. of Matthew ALLON
May    10    Agnes w. of Rowland WILSON of Newbistones
Jun.      1    Alice w. of Richd SMITH of Angell hill

Nov.    27    Hugh BIRD of Sleagill
Nov.    28    Margarett LOWES of Morland
Dec.     11    Richard STEPHENSON of Woodside
Jan.       6    Margarett CLEASBY of Slegill
Jan.      18   Mr. John PEARES schoolmaster and parish clarke
                   of this parish for neare the space of 30 yeares who dyed
                   much lamented by the generality of this parish and
                   amongst x x x x  P. BURTON vicar ibid.
Jan.     20    Richard COULSTON of Dowgill
Jan.     21    Francis LANGHORNE of Thrimby
Feb.      1    William s. of Edward MILNER
Feb.    13    Peter s of William DOCKER of Newby
Feb.    15    Thomas s. of Richard CAMPLING of Newby
Mar.      4    Grace d. of Edward SPEDDING late of Bolton.



Mar.     28    Thimas DAWSON of L. Strickland
Apr.       8    Richard s. of Rich. MATHEW of Thrimby
May      19    Elizabeth BEATHOM of Towcett  widdow
Jun.      19    John WOOLF of Shappbeck
July        6    Ammie d. of Edward BACKHOUSE of Morland
July      14    Anne w. of Gyles LAMBERT of Morland
July      16    Edward SMITH of Slegill
July      31    Margrat w. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of
                    Great Strickland
Aug.     10    Thomas BLAND of Slegill
Aug.     31    Margrat w. of Mr. Thomas FLETCHER of
                    Littel Great Strickland

Oct.         6    Thomas WHARTON of Slegill
Oct.       13    Anne w. of Thomas COWPER of Littel Strickland
Oct.       25    Thomas s. of Robart CLEASBY of Kings Meaburne
Oct.       31    Robert BACKHOUSE of Morland
Dec.        2    Anthonie s. of William ROBINSON of Akebanks
Dec.        2    Ilinor ROBINSON of Newbie
Dec.        4    A traveller
Dec.        5    Edward NEUINSON Esqr. of Woodhead
Dec.        8    Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Dec.       27    Christopher LYCOCK of Gteat Strickland
Dec.       29    John ROBINSON of Newbie
Jan.         8    Ann SOWERMAN of Newby
Jan.       13    Thomas WILLAN of Thrimbie
Jan.       24    Jannat GILL of Morland
Feb.        7    x x x x x  sonne of Richard HODGSON of
                     Great Strickland
Feb.        9    Frances Willan of Thrimbie
Feb.       14    John HUCK of Thrimbie
Feb.       24    John s. of Margrat PATTINSON of Morland
Feb.       26    Brigget d. of William ROBINSIN of Akebankes
Mar.       21    William s. of Christofer BEATHOM of Little



Apr.     14    Robert RICHARDSON of Kings Meaburn
Apr.     21    Ann d. of Mathew ALLON of Thrimby
July      12    Sisniaie LANCASTER of Great Strickland
July      21    Anthonie ROBINSON of Harrance

Sept.    19    Elizabeth w. of John COLSTON of Morland
Sept.    20    x x x x x SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Oct.     26    Elce d. of Thomas RICHARDSON of Morland
Nov.      6    Richard STEPHENSON of Great Strickland
Nov.    14    Isabell w. of John BELL of Harance
Nov.    22    Richard HEBSON of Little Strickland
Nov.    26    Bridget DAWES of Acowyat
Dec.      3    John CLEASBY of Paslands
Jan.     16    Edward COULSTON of Morland
Feb.      3    Jannat w. of Richard HODGSON of Newby
Feb.      7    Bridget  w. of William SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Feb.    23    Simond BRYAN of Great Strickland
Feb.    25    Joshef s. of Thomas CLIMIT of Morland
Mar.    19    Mabel w. of Arthur BLAND of Newby



May    7    x x x wife of Thomas DALTON of Meaburne
Jun.   16    John s. of Anthonie REANICK of Morland
July     2    Frances w. of Anthony BARNE of Litle Strickland
July   14    A sonne of Thmas (sic) DALTON of Meaburne
July   14    John s. of Robart WINTER of Morland
Aug.    6    Thomas s. of Stephen NEVINSON of Newby
Aug.  14    Mary d. of Grace WILSON of Newby
Aug.  16    Mathew KENDALL of Newby
Aug.  22    Elizabeth d. of Mathew CHESTER of Great Strickland

Sept.    8    Ann w. of Robt. DENT of Meabourne
Sept.  14    Rich. NEUISON of Sleagill
Sept.  26    Thimas s. of Henrie COUPERR of Morland
Sept.  30    x x x  of Thomas ROBINSON Grt. Strickland
Oct.     4    Mathew DENT of Towsett
Oct.     8    x x x  of Robt. WEBSTER of Thrimby
Oct.   12    Katherine d. of MR. DALSTON of Strickland Hall
Oct.   16    Christopher s. of MR. DALSTON of Great Strickland Hall
Oct.   25    Thomas NICOLSON of Mirland
Nov.  30    Margrat d. of Richard SMITH of Sligill
Dec.   13    MR. RICHARD FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland Hall
Jan.    28    John ADDINSON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.     8    Richard MATHEW of Thrimby
Feb.     8    Margrie w. of Mathew ROBINSON of Newby stons.
Feb.   13    William CLIBBURNE of Wood side
Feb.   25    Mr. Peares BURTON who was Minister of this Parish for
                  the space of 13 years who dyed much lamented for by the
                  generalaty of the Parish.
Mar.     1    Isable w. of Thomas WILKINSON of Morland
Mar.   19    William ION of Morland
Mar.   20    A child of Ambris WILKINSON of Kings Meaburne
Mar.   22    Thomas s. of Thomas DOCKER of Morland




Apr.     5    James WEBSTER of Thrimby
Apr.     8    John CAMPLIN of Newby
Apr.   18     Rich. YAITE of Newby
Apr.   18     x x x daughter of Rich. CLEASBYE of Peaslands
Apr.   30     John s. of Rich. CLEASBYE of Peaslands
Jun.     7     Randell BYRDE of Newby
Jun.    26    Rich. HOLME of Bedlam YATE
Jun.    28    Jefery s. of Mathew DENT of Mebourne
Jun.    29    Elizabeth d. of Edward CLARKE of Morland
Aug.     5    Jane d. of Chris. WILKINSON of Newby
Aug.     8    John s. of Jno KENDALL of Morland

Sept.     3    Edward TAYLOR of Great Strickland
Sept.     8    Robt. s. of Robt. BACKHOUSE of Morland
Oct.     12    Robt. s. of Jno BUSHBY of Newby
Oct.     14    Mary WOOFE of Towsett
Oct.     15    Mabell HUCK of Thrimby
Dec.      9    Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Dec.    12    Robart STEPHENSON of Hesley
Jan.      9    Jannet w. of Robert TAYLOR of Morland
Jan.     23    Mathew DUFTON of Great Strickland
Feb.      4    Edmand HOBSON's wife of Great Strickl.
Feb.    28    Grace PARKER of Morland
Mar.      4    Roger WEBSTER of Thrimby
Mar.    17    Lanclot BACKSHOUSE of Morland



May     16     Anne d. of John HOBSON of Thrimbye
May     28     Elizabeth w. of Nicholas DENT of Kings Meaburne
Mar.      4     Rowland DENT s. of Nicholas of Kings Meaburn in
                    ye prish church att Warton in Lancashire
Apr.      2     Robt DENT s. of Nicholas of Kings Meaburn
Jun.     15     John CLEMIT of Meaburne
July     19     Allas d. of James MATHEW of Thrimby
July     21     Agnes d. of Mathew ALLEN of Thrimby
Jan.     25     Thomas NEVINSON of Meaburne
Jan.     25     Jannat w. of Edward FALLOWFEILD of Newby
Mar.    24     Thomas BRAYDELY of Moorsid.


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