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Apr.    15    Mr. William LANCASTER of Great Strickland
May    23    James s. of Richard SANDERSON of
                  ye High Moore
Jun.      6    Georg NEVINSON of Newby Stones
July     15    Illinor ROBINSON of Newbie Stones
July     29    Thomas s. of Thomas WHARTON of Slegill

Sept.   13    Isabell DENT of Kings Meaburne
Sept.   18    Thomas DOCKER of Newbye
Oct.    14    Edward BUSHBIE of Newbie Stones
Oct.    23    Margret d. of William FALLOWFEILD of
                  Great Strickland
Dec.      3    Barbarie w. of Thomas HOLME of Slegill
Dec.    14    Sarah HETHERINGTON of Great Strickland
Dec.    28    Grace w. of John DENT of Kings Meaburne
Jan.       7    Edward s. of Thomas LOUGH
Jan.     13    Jennat JAMESON of Great Strickland
Jan.     15    Isabell SYMPSON of Thrimbie
Jan.     24    Richard HUCKE of Bethlem Yate
Jan.     30    John s. of Richard PATTISON of 
                   Strickland Hall
Feb.    23    Ann WILKINSON of Morland
Mar.      5    Elizabeth w. of John WILSON of Newbie
Mar.    23    Robert WINTER of Morland



Apr.      8    John MARTINDALE of Kings Meaburne
Apr.    10    Ann KENDALL of Newbye
Apr.    12    Barbarie WILLIAMSON of Morland
Apr.    23    Winnefride d. of Robart DENT of Kings Meaburne
May    15    Margret WALKER of Thrimbie
Jun.      7    Elizabeth w. of Thomas VAREY of Streat Head
Jun.    13    Reignald TEASDALL of Slegill
July      1    Jane d. of Richard HOLME of Morland
July      6    John CHESTER of Great Strickland
July    16    Isabell w. of Robert ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
July    16    Thomas s.of Thomas WHARTON
July    31    John RICHARDSON of Over Whitbar
Aug.   18    Richard s. of Arthur BLAND of Newbye
Aug.   30    Isabell d. of Richard CLEASBYE of Thrimby

Sept.  27    Jane MYLES of Thrimbie
Sept.  30    Robert s. of Richard DENT of Kings Meaburne
Oct.   13    Georg s. of William HOLME of Slegill
Oct.   20    Thomas WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Oct.   24    Thomas SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Oct.   29    Margret d. of Thomas NEVINSON
Nov.    4    William WILKINSON of Neither Whitbar
Nov.  19    William HEBSON of Newby Stones
Nov.  26    Frances w. of Thomas CLEASBIE of 
                 Kings Meaburne
Dec.   18    Elizabeth d. of John LANCASTER of
                 Great Strickland
Dec.   23    Jannat TAYLER of Great Strickland
Dec.   30    Illinor CLEMMAT of Morland
Jan.     3    Ann w. of Robart DENT of Kiings Meaburn
Jan.    12    Ann CAMPLING of Newby Stones
Feb.   12    Frances WILSON of Sweare-gill
Feb.   18    Margret w. of John WILSON of Sweare-gill
Mar.     7    Isabell ROBINSON of Newbye Stones
Mar.   10    Thomas s. of John WILSON of Meaburne
Mar.   21    Mabell d. of Richard SANDERSON of
                 High Moore 




Apr.    2    Richard s. of John PEARSON of Meaburne
Apr.    4    Margret WEST of Kings Meaburn
Apr.    7    Elizabeth d. of Richard DENT of Meaburne
Apr.    8    Edward WILLON of Kings Meaburne
Apr.  29    Isabell w.of John KENDALL of Newbie
May    1    Jannat JACKSON of Morland
May  17    Thomas TODD of Kings Meaburne
May  24    William ROBINSON of Acowgate
May  24    Jane SIMPSON of Thrimbie
May  26    Frances d. of James WOOFE of the
                High Moore
May  30    Elizabeth BRYHAM of Great Strickland
Jun.    5    Richard s. of John COWPER of Litle Strickland
Jun.  11    John s. of Henrie BAXTER of Thrimbie
Jun.  15    Mabell w. of Henrie WESTGARTH of Thrimbie
Jun.  29    Marie d. of Edmond LANCASTER of Gt. Strickland
July    3    John s. of Richard CAMPLING of Newbie
July    7    Margret d. of Richard DENT of Meaburne

Sept.   1    William BLAND of Newbie
Sept. 19    Magdalene DENT of Meaburne
Sept. 26    Jennat BACKHUS of Morland
Oct.    8    A child of William STEAVENSON of
                Great Strickland
Oct.    8    Cicilie JACKSON late of Kirkbie thure
Nov. 26    Margret KILNER of Great Strickland
Nov. 27    Jennat SMITH of Great Strickland
Dec.    8    Elizabeth d. of John HEBSON of Newbie
Dec.  13    William s. of Richard WINTER of Morland
Dec.  16    Henrie s. of ye said Richard WINTER
Dec.  24    Elizabeth d.of Willm SANDERSON of Great St.
Dec.  24    William WESTGARTH of Litle Strickland
Jan.     2    Magdalene COWPLAND of Litle Strickland
Jan.     5    Richard GIBSON of Great Strickland
Jan.   14    John HUCK of Bethlem Yate
Jan.   15    Lucie d. of Anthonie STABLE of Great Strickland
Jan.   17    Edmond s. of Edmond NOBLE of Slegill
Jan.   19    Ann STEAVENSON of Hesley
Jan.   22    Agnes w. of Thomas UBANCK elder of Meaburne
Jan.   31    Frances DIXON of Morland
Feb.  14    Ann w. of Richard PATTISON of Strickland
Feb.  17    Ann CLEARKE of Morland
Feb.  25    Jenat w. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Mar.    4    Jennat WILKINSON of Morland
Mar.  13    William ROBINSON of the High Moore
Mar.  16    Isabell d. of Robert ADDISON of Meaburne
Mar.  24    Roger JACKSON of Morland 



Mar.      25    Anthonie BARNES of Hesley
Mar.      29    Richard DENT of Kings Meaburne
Mar.      31    Ann ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Apr.      21    Georg SMITH of Angell Hill
Apr.      28    Mabell w. of William AMBROSE
Apr.      30    William WESTGARTH of Litle Strickland
Jun.       24    Ann w. of John WILSON of Newbie
July         8    Henrie s.of Robt. RICHARDSON of Meaburne
July       14    Henrie HOLME of Slegill

Sept.     18    Margret w. of William HEBSON of Sleagill
Sept.     30    John TEASTALL of Meaburne
Oct.        4    Robt. s. of Edward BACKUS of Morland
Oct.        4    Henrie WILKINSON of Morland
Oct.      10    Elizabeth w. of Robert YATE of Newbie
Nov.     14    William SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Nov.     15    Margret d. of William KILNER
Dec.      19    Jane w. of William SANDERSON of
                    Great Strickland
Dec.      29    Elizabeth d. of Richard PATTINSON of
                    Great St. Hall
Jan.       12    Thomas ROBINSON of the High Moore
Jan.       31    Richard NICHOLSON of Newby Stones
Feb.        8    Jennat w. of William KENDALL of Thrimbie
Feb.      23    Richard  CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Mar.        5    Lancelot s. of William SANDERSON of
                    Gr. Strickl.
Mar.        9    The daughter of John LANCASTER of
                    Great Strickland
Mar.      22    Ann HEBSON of Litle Strickland
Mar.      23    A daughter of William FALLOWFEILD of
                    Litle Strickland.



Mar.    25     Ann BARNES of Hesley
Mar.    28     Henrie BULY
Mar.    29     Jenat DOCKER of Newbie
Mar.    31     Michaell WASTALL of Great Strickland
Apr.    20     Mr. William HALL       Vicar of Morland
Arp.    30     Barbarie d. of Thomas NICHOLSON of Morland
May      7     William s. of William CLEBURNE
May    16     Thomas RIGG of Towcet
May    16     the daughter of Roger ROBINSON of G. Strickland
May    22     Barbarie d. of Lancelot BACKHUS of Morland
Jun.    20     Christopher CLEARKE of Litle Strickland
July    10      Thomas WILSON of Newbie Stones

Oct.      8     Thomas GRAVE of Great Strickland
Oc.     13     John TODD of King's Meaburne
Nov.   24     William s. of Rowland_____________
Jan.    14     Jennat d. of Edward CLEARKE of Grenegill
Jan.    29     John NICHOLSON of Kings Meaburne
Mar.   12     Thomas BRYHAM of Great Strickland
Mar.   15     A litle childe of Thirmie



Apr.    1    Stephen SMITH of Slegill
Apr.    2    Ann d. of Georg NEVINSON of Slegill
Apr.  13    Thomas s. of William TOMPSON of Morland
May    2    A daughter of Edward ROBINSONS of Slegill
May    2    Agnes d. of William BARNES
May    3    Richard BOWERBANCKE of Litle Strickland
May  27    Jane w. of John MILES of Thirmebie
May  30    Thomas JACKSON of Kemplee

Sept. 22    Jenat d. of Edward FALLOWFEILDE of Newbie
Sept.  -     Christopher s. of Mr. John WHELPDALE of Penrith
Nov.   3    William s. of Thomas LAMBERT of Cleburne
Nov. 23    Margret SMITH of Sligill
Dec.  17    Henrie s. of Matthew DENT of Kings Meaburne
Jan.   15    Elizabeth SMITH of Newbie Stones
Feb.  10    Richard HEBSON of Slegill
Feb.    8    Ann GARNETT of Litle Strickland
Mar.  10    Ann d. of Lanclot SMITH of Newbie Stones



Apr.    7    Henrie BIRD of Great Strickland
Apr.   17    Mabell d. of William LANCASTER of Thrimbie
Apr.   20    Elizabeth w. of Thomas WILKINSON of Newbie
May   17    Winniefride w. of Thomas UBANCKE of 
                 Kings Meaburn
July     3    Thomas GREENHOW of Newbie Stones
July   10     Rowland SIMPSON of Thrimbie
Aug.    1    Marie d. of Lanclot BACKHUS of Morland
Aug.   20    Margret SALKELD of Morland
Aug.   20    Thomas s. of Thomas SINGLETON

Sept.     4    Barberie w. of Henrie WESTGARTH of Thrimbye
Sept.   18    Jennat w. of John WHINFELL of Slegill
Sept.   25    John MATTHEW of Thirmbie
Nov.   18    John NEVINSON of Slegill
Nov.   26    Jenett w. of Richard WILSON
Dec.    11    Elizabeth d. of Lancelot BACKHUS of Morland
Dec.    22    Margret d. of John COULSTON of Dowgill
Jan.      3    John WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Jan.      6    Jane d. of Rowland SIMPSON of Thrimbie
Jan.      9    Richard GIBSON of Great Strickland
Feb.   18    Katherine VAREY of Litle Strickland
Mar.     5    Frances w. of Henrie BAXTER of Thrimbie
Mar.     8    Ann d. of Richard CAMPLINGE of Newbie Stones
Mar.   13    Thomas WESTGARTH of Litle Strickland
Mar.   17    John DENT of Kings Meaburne
Mar.   24    Jane BIRD of Slegill



May    4    Elizabeth w. of John DOBSON of Litle Strickland
May    7    Richard COLLISON of Great Strickland
July     4    Isabell d. of Michaell WILKINSON of Morland
July   22    Elizabeth BARNES of Litle Strickland
July   24    Ann d. of John WILSON of Smeargill
Aug.  25    Thomas s.of Mathew ROBINSON of Newbie Stones

Sept.    1    Rowland s. of Robert DENT of Kings Meaburne
Sept.  20    Richard s. of Richard CAMPLING of Newbie
Sept.  24    John SMITH of Great Strickland
Oct.   31    Ann d. of Edward HARISON of Kings Meaburne
Nov.  16    Robert s. of Richard HODGSON of Newbie Stones
Nov.  20    Margret w. of Henrie JAMESON of Great Strickland
Dec.     5   Ann d. of Edward FALLOWFEILD of
                 Newbie Stones
Dec.   21    Joseph CLEMATT of Morland
Jan.      4   Thomas s. of Lancelot SMITH of Newbie Stones
Jan.    18    Frances SMITH of Slegill
Jan.    19    John WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Jan.    29    Anthonie BARNES s. of William
Feb.     2    Mathew PARCIVELL of Newbie Stones
Feb.   10    Henrie s. of Thoams DALTON of Meaburne
Mar.     4    Thomas WILSON of Thirmbie
Mar.     4    Robert YATE of Newbie Stones
Mar.     7    Margerie WHARTON of Slegill
Mar.    15   Elizabeth d. of Robert BEATHOME of Towcet





Mar.    27    John COULSTON of Morland
Apr.    20    Edward COULSTON of Morland
Apr.    21    Margret BACKHOUSE of Morland
May      5    Jennat WARKMAN of Great Strickland
May     27    Barbarie d. of William COOKE of Morland
Jun.     21    Elizabeth NICHOLSON of Newbie Stones
Aug.    18    Christopher s. of John WILSON
Aug.    20    John DOBSON of Litle Strickland

Sept.   18    Robert LANCASTER a traveller
Oct.     30    Jane BRADLEY of Thrimbie
Dec.      7    Richard CLEARKE of Greangill Banck
Dec.    15    Ann d. of William PARCIVELL
Dec.    27    Marie d. of Nicholas DENT of Meaburne
Dec.    28    Frances d. of William POWLEY of
                   Litle Strickland
Feb.    12    Elizabeth w. of William ION of Morland
Mar.      6    Matthew CHESTER of Great Strickland
Mar.      6    John s. of Richard CHESTER of Great Strickland
Mar.    13    A childe of William BARNES of Hesley



Mar.     30    Ann w. of Symond BRYHAM of Great Strickland
Apr.      2     William s. of Wm. PORTAS of Barnard Castle
Apr.     15    Thomas s. of John BRYHAM of Great Strickland
Apr.     18    Matthew WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Apr.     28    Richard CLARKE of Greengill bancke
May     14    Matthew DENT of Kings Meaburne
May     16    John s. of Richard CAMPLING of Newbie stones
Jun.     26    Anthonie CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
July       4    Edmond LANCASTER of Great Strickland
July     26    Jennat d. of Richard SANDERSON of Skailgarthhead
July     28    John CHAMPLING of Morland

Oct.     23    Richard ROBINSON of Newbie Stones
Oct.     28    Richard WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Nov.      5    Richard DOCKER of Morland
Nov.    11    John WILSON of Newbie Stones
Nov.    16    Thomas WILKINSON of Neither Whitbar
Nov.    22    Ann d. of Anthonie CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Dec.     15    A poore woman  a vagrant
Dec.     28    Mabell w. of Francis LANGHORNE of Thrimbie
Jan.       2    Ann w. of Anthonie ROBINSON of Harrens
Jan.       4    Magdalene SMITH of Great Strickland
Jan.       8    Robert GRAME a traveller
Jan.      21    Dirothie w. of Thomas BRADLEY of Mooreside
Jan.      21    Grace BARNES of Litle Strickland
Jan.      21    Elizabeth ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Feb.     10    Mabell JACKSON of Kemplee
Mar.     15    Elizabeth WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Mar.     23    Katherine NELSON of Kings Meaburne


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