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Apr.     7    Margret w. of Williamson COLLISON of
                 Great Strickland
Apr.   22    Winnefride DENT of Kings Meaburne
Apr.   26    John RIGG of Newbystones
May     1    Margret ROBINSON of Morland
May   15    Williams s. of Edward WILLAN of 
                 Kings Meaburn
May   27    John s. of Richard DENT of Meaburne
Jun.     2    Jane w. of Lancelot SMITH of Nubye
Jun.     2    Katherine MIDLETON of Little Strickland
Jun.   10    Ann d. of Thomas SANDERSON of Great
Jun.   21    John s. of Henrie DENT of Meaburne
Jun.   21    Ann w. of Thomas HARRISON of Meaburne
July     1    Margaret d. of John BLEAMIRE of Thrimby
July   15    Thomas VAREY of Great Strickland
Aug.    1    Edmond s. of Henrie BAXTER of Thrimbie

Sept.  10    Isabell ROBINSON of Nubie Stones
Sept.  11    Elizabeth w. of Robert BACKHUS of Morland
Sept.  14    John SMITH of Thrimbye
Sept.  22    John s. of Robert BACKHUS of Morland
Dec.     4    Richard SIMPSON of Morland
Dec.     8    Mr. Richard BACKHUS of Morland
Dec.   12    An w. of William WESTGARTH of
                  Litle Strickland
Dec.   27    Lancelot s. of Richard BACKHUS of Morland
Jan.    29    Dorothye d of Richard CRACKINTHORPE of
                 Litle Strickland
Feb.     1    An d. of Barnard REMYE of Morland
Feb.   23    Stephen NEVINSON of Nubyestones
Feb.   29    Robart WESTGARTH of Thrimbye
Mar.   13    John s. of Richard SMITH of Slegill
Mar.   22    John s. of Thomas GRAME of Slegill



Apr.    17    Christopher TAYLER of Great Strickland
Apr.    23    Margret ROBINSON of Acowyate widdow
May    15    Janet w. of Thomas WILKINSON of
                  Hilton Dale
May    15    Thomas s. of Christopher HOLME of 
                  Great Strickland
Jun.      1    Robart THOMPSON of Morland
July      6    Grace d. of John TODD of Kings Meaburne
July     20    Jane HOLME of Great Strickland
July     27    Thomas s. of Richard JACKSON of Morland
Aug.    19    Thomas base sonne of Isabel KENDALL of

Sept.    12    Christopher s. of Anthonie WHARTON of
Sept.    15    Dorothie w. of Mr. Richard RIGG of Litle
Oct.     16    Agnes w. of Edmond HOBSON of Great
Nov.      4    Ann CLEASBYE of Nubiestones
Nov.      6    Anthonie JACKSON of Thrimbye
Dec.     13    Thomas WEBSTER of Thrimby
Jan.      29    Thomas FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Jan.      31    John STUARDSON of Litle Strickland
Feb.     20    James FAIRER of Morland
Mar.       9    John KENDALL of Nuby Stones



Apr.     24    Richard s. of Arthur JONSTONE of Thrimbye
May     13    John CAMPLING of Nuby Stones
May     25    Roger WILSON of Newby Stones
Jun.     11    Elizabeth d. of Robart RICHARDSON of
                   Kings Meburne
Jun.     23    Briget w. of Hugh BIRD of Slegill
Aug     15    Georg BAXTER of Litle Strickland

Sept.    16    Edward s. of Thomas KENDALL
Sept.    17    Jane d. of Thomas MORTON
Sept.    24    Christopher DOWES s.of Christopher
                   of Acowyate
Oct.     20    Mr. Richard RIGG of Litle Strickland
Oct.     20    Arthur s. of Richard SOWREMAN of
                   Newbie Stones
Nov.    13    Margerie d. of John FALLOWFEILD of
                   Gret Strickland
Nov.    15    William s. of William STEAVENSON of
                   Great Strickland
Nov.    21    Jane w. of William FALLOWFEILD of
                   Great Strickland
Nov.     27    William s. of William ROBINSON of Newbie
Dec.       3    John COULSTON of Litle Strickland
Dec.     10    John s. of Thomas HARRISON of Meburne
Jan.        5    Edward ADDISON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.       7    Agnes w. of Anthonie WHARTON of Slegill
Feb.     13    A childe of Thomas ARAY of Streathead
Mar.     12    Richard HUCK of Thrimbie



Apr.    11    Nicholas ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Apr.    23    Anthonie WHARTON of Slegill
Jun.      4    Janat d. of Thomas WHARTON of Slegill
Jun.      8    Cicilie d. of Richard HOLME of Morland
Aug.   27    Isabell w. of Thomas BRYHAM of Litle 

Oct.     14    Thomas WHARTON of Slegill
Oct.     26    Illinor w. of Robart WINTER of Morland
Nov.    11    Ann d. of William MYLES of Mooreside
Nov.    14    Isabell COOKE of Morland
Nov.    16    John BRADELY of Thrimbie
Dec.     21    Ann SEAVENSON of Great Strickland
Jan.      30    Jane w. of Thomas CLEBURNE of Baireless
Feb.     15    Thomas STEAVENSON of Hesley
Mar.     24    Thomas s. of Thomas COLLISON of
                    Gret Strickland



Jun.    13    William s. of Lancelot BACKHUS of Morland
Jun.    26    Frances w. of James WEBSTER of Thrimbie
Aug.   27    Ann d. of William SHIPPERD of Great Strickland

Sept.    4    Isabell d. of Michaell SALKELD of Morland
Sept.  13    Ann d. of William COOKE of Morland
Sept.  23    John HOLME of Thrimbye
Oct.   10    Thomas DOCKER of Dowgill Head
Oct.   14    Jane w. of Thomas WILSON of Newbie
Oct.   27    Thomas FLETCHER of Streathead
Oct.   28    Jane w. of the said Thomas FLETCHER
Nov.  17    Georg SIMPSON of Thrimbie (who was slain
                  by Colonell BRIGGs men)
Dec.    2    Elizabeth d. of Richard STEAVENSON of
Dec.    9    Peter s. of Anthonie ROBINSON of Harreus
Dec.  12    Elizabeth d. of Hector HETHERINGTON
Dec.  19    Anthonie s. of Anthonie ROBINSON of Harreus
Jan.     6    Illinor w. of Robart STEAVENSON of Hisley
Jan.     9    Ann d. of Richard KENDALL of Newby
Jan.   16    Ann w. of Richard HEBSON of Litle Strickland
Jan.   17    John CLEBURNE of Newbie
Jan.   18    Richard JACKSON of Morland
Jan.   27    Janat d. of Richard MILNE of High Moore
Jan.   31    Mrs. Ellinor LANCASTER
Feb.    9    Winnefride d. of John TODD of Kings Meaburne
Feb.  25    John TODD og Kings Meaburne
Feb.  26    Matthew s. of Richard SOWREMAN of Newbie
Feb.  27    Thomas DENT of Newbie
Mar.  17    Robart s. of Robart BEADAM of the High Moore



Mar.        29    John HOLME of Great Strickland Hall
May        28    Richard WINTER of Slegill
Jun.          5    Christopher s. of Edward FALLOWFEILD
                      of Newbie
July          3    Jenat d. of John PEARSON of Meaburne
July          6    Isabell d. of Richard NEVINSON of Slegill
July          9    Symond FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
July         26    Jennat COWPER of Litle Strickland
Aug.         4    Barnard s. of Barnard REAMIE of Morland
Aug.       11    Henrie WILKINSON of Whitbar
Sept.        -    Opposite month in capitals "Rowland Dent"
Sept.        2    Jane KILNER of Great Strickland
Sept.      22    Ann WILLON of Great Strickland
Oct.         6    Thomas s. of Barnard BAINBRIG of
                     Great Strickland
Oct.       12    Thomas TAYLER of Great Strickland
Oct.       14    Emanuell s. of Robart AMBROSE of
Nov.      15    Edward YATE of Newbie Stones
Dec.       13    Christobell STEAVENSON of Great Strickland
Dec.       19    John HARRISON of Newbie Stones
Dec.       22    Georg HOLME of Newbie Stones
Dec.       23    Dorothie w. of Edward BACKHUS of Morland
Dec.       24    Richard WILSON of Newbie Stones
Dec.       30    Richard SIMPSON of Thrimbie
Jan.         1    Isabflell GIBSON of Newbie Stones
Jan.         3    Richard WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Jan.        13   John ROBINSON of Slegill
Jan.        22   Ann d. of Thomas NEVINSON of Kings
Jan.        25   Ann CLESBIE of Thrimbie
Feb.         7    Elizabeth ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Mar.       19    Edward BEADOME of Litle Stricklandfeild
Mar.       23    Jane w. of Edward WEBSTER of Thrimbie




Mar.    25    Jane w. of Richard MILNE of Slegill
Mar.    28    Georg BACKHUS of Morland
Apr.      3    Margret w. of William HEBSON of Newbie
May      2    John s. of Thomas HUTCHINSON a traveller
Jun.     10    Mabell GARMAN of Slegill
Jun.     16    John HARRISON of Kingse Meaburn
July     17    Thomas s. of John CLEASBIE of Kings Meaburne
Aug.    20    Robart s. of Richard STEAVENSON of Woodside

Sept.   20    Hector HETHERINGTON of Great Strickland
Oct.      2    Robart SIMPSON of Great Strickland
Nov.     4    Thomas KILNER of Great Strickland
Nov.     8    Margret CLEASBIE of Sleagill
Nov.   27    Jane w. of Richard CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Dec.      4   Thomas s. of Thomas SANDERSON of Great
Dec.      5   Edward WILSON of Newbie
Dec.    11   Matthew HARRISON of Newbie
Dec.    13   Edward BLAND of Slegill
Dec.    23   Ann w. of John CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Jan.      6   Margret NOBLE of Slegill
Mar.     2   Henrie KILNER of Great Strickland



Apr.     1    Thomas HOLME of Thrimbie
Apr.   29    Roger GERMANE of Sleagill
May     3    John s. of Barnard REAMIE of Morland
May     9    Thomas s. of Richard SMITH of Slegill
May     9    Jane w. of William BACKHUS of Morland
May   18    Elizabeth TEASTALL of Meaburne
May   20    Ann d. of Richard CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Jun.   19    William WILKINSON of Great Stricklanl
Jan.    23    Isabell d. of William ROBINSON of Newbie
Jan.    25    Jacob s. of William ROBINSON of Newbie
Jan.    30    Marie d. of William ROBINSON of Newbie
Aug.   18    Ann d. of William CLEBURNE of Mooreside
Aug.   19    Jane d. of John CLEMAT of Meaburne

Sept.  10    Richard MILNE of Slegill
Sept.  19    Jane d. of Thomas HARRISON of Kings
Oct.     4    Richard BACKHUS of Morland
Oct.     4    Jenat d. of Matthew DENT of Newbie
Oct.    10    Illinor w. of Richard SMITH of Slegill
Oct.    10    John s. of Thomas HARRISON of Kings
Oct.    12    John s. of Edmond BAXTER of Thrimbie
Oct.    30    Jane d. of Richard DENT of Kings Meaburne
Nov.   11    Thomas s. of Richard DENT of Kings Meaburne
Nov.   14    John MASON of Litle Strickland
Dec.      1    Margret SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Dec.      1    Elizabeth WALKER of Thrimbie
Dec.      6    Frances w. of Henrie BAXTER of Thrimbie
Dec.    16    Margret d. of Henrie BAXTER of  Thrimbie
Dec.    31    Thomas s. of Edward JACKSON of Kemplie
Jan.      4    Thomas s. of Thomas UBANCKE of Kings
Jan.     10    Ann d. of John FALLOWFEILD of Great
Jan.     11    Christopher WHARTON of Slegill
Jan.     13    Margret d. of richard SMITH of Slegill
Feb.      3    Ann d. of Richard DENT of Kings Meaburn
Feb.      3    Elizabeth d. of William FALLOWFEILD of G. St.
Feb.      6    Frances DOCKER of Morland
Feb.    14    Henrie s. of William STEAVENSON of 
                  Great Strickland
Feb.   16    Ann WILSON of Kings Meaburne
Feb.   24    Mabell d. of Robert CLEARKE of Morland
Feb.   27    Elizabeth d. of Thomas SOWREBYE
Feb.   27    John s. of Mr. Willm HALL  Vicar
Mar.    1    John s. of Christopher COWPLAND of
                 Litle Strickland



Mar.      25    John base sonne of John LANCASTER and
                    Marie DOCKER
Apr.       1    Mabell d. of Henrie JAMESON of Great
Apr.        3    Margret d. of Thomas FALLOWFEILD of
                    Great Strickland
Apr.        8    Jenat d. of Edward TAYLER of Great Strickland
Apr.      10    Illinor WILSON of Newbie Stones
Apr.      18    A litle childe of a travelerr
Apr.      20    Ann d. of Robert DOCKER of Dowgill
Apr.      21    Jane d. of Christopher DAWES of Acowyate
May        3    Richard ROBINSON of Newbie Stones
May      14    Mabell w. of Richard HEBSON of Litle Strickland
Jun.      14    Ann COULSTON of Morland
July      29    Widdow TODD of Kings Meaburne
Aug.       9    Thomas s. of Thomas UBANCK of Meaburne
Aug.     24    Elizabeth d. of Christopher CLEARK of
Aug.     26    Margret d. of William WILKINSON of
                    Great Strick.

Sept.     25    Ann d. of Henrie PETTIE of Strickland
Oct.      18    Roger ROBINSON of Great Strickland
Oct.      23    John SMITH of Slegill
Nov.       1    Thomas s. of Thomas ROBINSON of ye
                    High Moore
Nov.     20    Richard s. of Edward FALLOWFEILD of
Dec.       8    Elizabeth STEAVENSON of Woodside
Dec.       8    William SMITH of Slegill
Dec.      15    John CLEMAT of Morland
Jan.        4    William LOWES of Slegill
Jan.        9    John & Christopher sonnes of John CHESTER
                   of Great Strickland
Jan.        9    Marie base daughter of Grace VAREY
Jan.      27    Thomas ROBINSON of Skegles
Jan.      29    Elizabeth BLAND of Slegill
Feb.       2    Margret w. of Christopher LYCOCKE of
                   Great Strickland
Feb.       4    Elizabeth w. of William KENDALL of Newbye
Feb.       7    Margret d. of William CLEBURNE
Feb.     16    Elizabeth FALLOWFEILD of Morland
Feb.     22    Georg CLEASBIE of Thrimbie
Feb.     26    Richard s. of Thomas BOWRBANCK of
                   Litle Strickland
Mar.     14    Ralfe WINSON alias FLETCHER
Mar.     23    Elizabeth w. of John FALLOWFEILD of 
                   Great Strickland
Mar.     26    Lancelot BARNES of Litle Strickland 



Apr.     4    Ann d. of Edmond BAXTER of Thrimbie
Apr.   10    John s. of John CLEASBY of Peasland
Apr.   13    Magdalene w. of William SANDERSON
Apr.   20    Elizabeth TAYLER of Great Strickland
Apr.   22    Richard HEBSON of Litle Strickland
Apr.   27    Margret WILKINSON of Great Strickland
May   15    Isabell d. of William KENDALL of Newbye
May   21    Elizabeth d. of William ROBINSON of Neubie
Jun.   10    Stephen s. of Thomas KENDALL of Newbye
Jun.   18    Margret ROBINSON of Skegles
July     7    Thomas COLLISON of Great Strickland
July   14    Ann GRAME of Great Strickland
Aug.  26    Joan w. of Richard STEAVENSON of Woodside

Sept.  24    Richard WILKINSON of Milbourne
Oct.     9    William STEAVENSON of Morland
Nov.  13    Elizabeth WILLON of Great Strickland
Nov.  14    Jane d. of John HEBSON of Newbye
Dec.    4    Georg COULSTON of Slegill
Dec.   17    Henrie BOWMAN
Dec.   17    Marie w. of Willm BLAND of Newby
Jan.    18    John SMITH of Thrimbie
Jan.    20    Matthew GIBSON of Great Strickland


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