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Mar.    25    Agnes LAIDMAN an old woman
Mar.    26    The wife of Richerd HEBSON of Litle Strickl.
Mar.    26    Thomas NYCHOLLSON of Kings Meaburne
Apr.    13    Agnes BLAND of Litle Strickland
Apr.    19    x x x the daughtr. of Ric. HEBSON of Litle Strickland
May      8    Richerd WEBSTER a yong man
May    18    The wife of John NICHOLLSON of Meaburn
Jun.      3    The wife of John LANGTON of Bongate
July     23    The son of Richerd BACKHUS
July     23    John s. of Roger STRICKLAND
Aug.    31    Roland WILLSON of Grene Gill

Nov.    27    x x x ye wife of John ROBINSON youngr.
Nov.    29    Thomas s. of John WILLSON of Great Strickl.
Dec.      2    Richerd base son of Charles DOCKER
Dec.    18    Mris FALLOWFEILD w. of Richerd
Jan.     13    Isabell w. of Alexander ROBINSON
Jan.     15    Elizabeth COLLSTONE a poore woman
Jan.     27    Elizabeth LAIDMAN a wedowe
Jan.     25    Willm CLEISBIE of Thrimbie
Feb.    23    Richerd BOURBANCKE of Litle Strickland
Mar.    10    Wedowe PERESON of Strickland Wodside
Mar.    13    Wedow DAWSON of Great Strickland
Mar.    14    Michaell COLLSTONE of Sleagill
Mar.    15    A child of Robert WINTERS of Morland



Mar.    28    Richerd HUCKE of Bedlem Yate
July     24    The wife of John WHINFELL

Sept.   20    Henrie APEDELL a younge man
Oct.      8    Alexander BRYHAM an old man
Oct.     12   John s. of Henrie WILLSON
Oct.     31   Robert WINTR. a single man
Nov.    20   Grace d. of Charles DOCKER
Nov.    21   Janett d. of Willm ROBINSON
Dec.      3   A childe of Martin GIBSONS of Hallton
Dec.      6   Elizabeth d. of Willm FALLOWFEILD
Jan.       7   John RIGGE Esquier
Feb.     18   Mrgaret KENDALL d. vnto John



Mar.      25    John HODGESON an old man
Mar.      28    Thomas WINTER
Mar.      29    Anthonie SANDERSON a travaler
Apr.      21    Janett w. of Richerd BACKHUS
Apr.      25    Michaell of Kirckbienkendall
Apr.      30    Henrie NICHOLSON wife
May        4    A child of Roland WILLSONS of Newby
May      20    Henrie DODGESON an old man
May      31    Micheell s. of Myles PELTER
July       24   Frances BACKHUS
July       28   The wife of John CLEMMETT

Sept.       4    Elizabeth w. of John DENNISON
Sept.       5    Thomas s. of Symon ALLON
Sept.     17    Rowland DOCKER an old man
Nov.       1    Robert SMITHE
Nov.       4    Thomas ATKINSON of Orton pish
Nov.     17    Thomas s. of Margaret CHRISTELLSON
Dec.       5    Gyles CLEISBIE s. of Henrie
Dec.       8    Agnes d. of Thomas GIBSON
Dec.     22    John s. of Edward WILLANE
Feb.       7    Janet NYCHOLLSON
Feb.     20     x x x x x  ye daughter of Tho. FALLOWFEILD
Feb.     27    Elizabeth d. of John FORREST
Mar.      3     Isabell d. of Roger WILLSON
Mar.      6     Ye wife of John BRYHAM
Mar.     20    Robert BACKHUS ye son of Richard



Apr.      9    Janett d. of John GASHE
Arp.    12    Elizabeth STEVENSON
Apr.    30    George HEGDALE
May      5    Isabell d. of John SMITHE
Jun.      7    Richerd s. of Willm LEIGH

Sept.   11    Edmund s. of Richerd CHESTER
Sept.   11    Thomas ROBINSON of Sleagill
Dec.    10    Agnes w. of Edward WILLSON
Dec.    15    Henrie COWP
Dec.    16    Agnes w. of Henrie SIMPSON
Dec.    18    Margaret d. of Thomas SMITH
Dec.    19    Isabell d. of Thomas HARRESON
Jan.      3    Elizabeth w. of Xpfor CLESBIE
Jan.     14    Rowland SMITH
Jan.     15    The wife of Edward STEVENSON
Feb.    28    Peter DOCKER a strainger
Feb.    29    Marion w. of Robert WILLMSON
Mar.      5    Janet d. of Robert WESTGARTH



May      7     Robert COWPER
July     15     Helene DENT
July     16     Jane BLAND
Aug.    26     Richerd s. of John DENNISON

Nov.     8     Helene d. of Edwarde JACKSON
Nov.    13     x x x x x  the wife of Rowland BETHOME
Feb.     12    George ROBINSON
Feb.     22    Margaret SMITH a wedowe
Feb.     27    Elizabeth d. of Thomas SMITH
Mar.     13    Richerd SMITH
Mar.     13    Thomas CLEBURNE
Mar.     18    Agnes d.of Roger WEBSTER



May     11    John SIMPSON of Thrymbie
May     27    Thomas SANDERSON of Great Strickland
Jun.       1    Richard s. of Wm. PLEASINGTON
Jun.       2    Grace d. of John WILLSON
Jun.       8    Richerd SMITH of Meaburne
Jun.     11    Margaret w. of Robert DOCKER
Jun.     19    Richerd SMITH of Sleagill
July       9    Elizabeth NYCHOLLSON a wedowe
July     10    Edward s. of Thomas UBANCKE
July     11    Two twinnes of Thomas WILLSON of Meb.
July     12    Elizabeth w. of Wm. ROBINSON

Sept.     8    x x x x  the sonne of Thomas WILLSON
Sept.    25    Robert s. of Thomas WILLSON
Nov.    26    Agnes w. of John SMITH Slegill
Jan.     29    x x x x the wife of John WILLSON
Jan.     27    Margaret d. of Richerd WELLS
Feb.      7    Isabell d. unto John WILLSON
Mar.      4    Richerd WELLS an old man
Mar.    14    Isabell w. of Henrie WALKER
Mar.    16    Wynifride d. of Xpofer FALLOWFEILD
Mar.    22    Richerd s. of Robert STEVENSON



Mar.    26    Agnes w. of John CLEISBIE
Apr.       7    Margaret w. of John CLEBURNE
Aug.    17    Humfray CLARCKE an old man
Aug.    17    Richerd s. of Henrie BACKHUS
Aug.    30    Willm s. of John GASHE

Oct.     16    Richerd s. of John COLLSTONE
Dec.     28    Doretie vnto Thomas WARWICKE
Jan.      31    x x x x  the wife of Stephane SMITH
Mar.    12    The wife of Roger STABLE



Apr.    9    Thomas STEVENSON
Apr.    9    Elizabeth BACKHOUSE
Mar.  21    Roger STRICKLAND



Mar.    30    The wyffe of Thomas COOKE
Mar.    30    The wffe of Arthure BLAND
May     17    Lancelott RIGGE
May     19    John RIGG
Aug.      7    Robt. ALLEXANDER

Oct.       4    Barbaray d. of Thomas UBANCKE
Nov.      9    The dowghter of Christopher TWENTYMAN
Nov.    15    A dowghter of John ADDYSON
Dec.     26    Annas wyffe of John KENDALL
Dec.     29    Dorrytye w. of Thomas COLSTON
Dec.     30    Annas STEAVENSON
Jan.      22    Annas w. of Thomas SWYTH
Feb.       5    Robt. s. of Thomas PERCYVELL
Feb.     15    A child of William FALLOWFEILD
Feb.     16    Rychard NYCHOLSON



Mar.    27    Mable d. of John RIGGE
Apr.    20    Thomas s. of John KILNNER
Apr.    22    Elizabeth d. of Rychard WARWICKE
Apr.    26    Elizabeth NYCHOLSON weadow
May    11    Alize FAWCETT
May    13    Willm CLEMMETT
May    29    Alice CLEBOURNE
July      8    Robte s. of Rychard CLARKE
July    20    Rychard FALLOWFEILD Esq.

Sept.      9    George s. of Mr. Thomas WARWICK   vicar
Sept.    18    Agnes WILLSON
Oct.     26     John s. of Henrye STEPHENSON
Nov.      9    Jaynett d. of Thomas WILLSON
Dec.     20    Ye wyffe of Willm HEBSON
Jan.      28    Hewgh STEPHENSON
Feb.     11    Margrett w. of Roger BEATHAM
Feb.     18    Roger NOBLE
Feb.     25    George BACHOUSE
Feb.     25    Marye w. of William WALKER



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