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ABBOTT. Died of wounds, in France, on 4th April, 1918 Private Hugh Abbott
 (Canadians),  3rd son of the late William and Sarah Abbott, Lazonby, aged 34 years.

ABERNETHY-Elizabeth, Peter Street, Frizington,Sept. 1903, 53 years

ACKERLAY-At Deanscales, on Monday, March 3rd 1930, Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Elizabeth and William Ackerlay, aged 14 weeks. Interred on Thursday, March 6th, at Paddle.

ACKERLEY-Mary Phyllis, who died at 4 Irving Terrace, Broughton Moor, Jan. 18th 1930.

ACKERLEY-Jennie, who died Nov. 14th 1927.Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Sally, who died June 2nd 1929, Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Mary Phyllis, who died July 24th 1929, Daughter of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ACKERLEY-Joseph William, who died Dec. 9th 1928. Son of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor

ACKERLEY-Jim,who died Nov. 11th 1918.Son of Mary Phyllis, Broughton Moor.

ADAMS.--On the 1st Oct. 1869 at Cockermouth,  Mr. John ADAMS, in his 71st year.

ADAMS - In loving memory of John ADAMS, Row Beck, Dearham, who died July 1st, 1937. Ever remembered by his loving wife and all at 35, Brayton Street, Workington.

ADAMS-On the 21st April 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Mary, wife of Mr.  Richard ADAMS, general dealer, aged 64 years.

ADAMS-At Glasson, Ellenborough, 14thJune.1884, Mr Robert ADAMS, labourer, aged 61 years.

ADDISON - At Dalton, on the 10th Nov. 1855, JANE, wife of GEORGE ADDISON, waller, aged 63 years.

ADDISON- On the 8th Jan. 1837, Mrs. Jane ADDISON, of Mecklenburgh-square, widow of the late Henry ADDISON, Esq., of Penrith, Cumberland, aged 83.

ADDISON-At The Castle Hill, Maryport, 22nd March 1903, John ADDISON, M. Inst. C.E., J.P. (Cumberland), in his 83rd year.

ADDISON-Robert, (Warton, near Lancaster), joiner,aged 96. When the parish church at Warton was repaired in the year 1788, J EVANS, of Holme, the undertaker, offered to give him as much wood as would make him his coffin, if he would make it THEN; which he actually accepted, and has had his coffin by him for twenty six years. Jan. 1814

ADLAY~ On the 13th May 1899, at 12 North Street Maryport, Betty Adlay, in her 91st year.

ADLEY, Mr. And Mrs., within hours of each other, March, 1777, Whitehaven, leaving 6 orphans.

AGNEW-On the 7thOct.1879, at 67, Saxon-street, Liverpool, JANE, widow of the late WILSON  AGNEW, of this town aged 80 years.

AIREY- Miss Agnes, Kendal, Oct. 1819 aged 25

AIREY.- At 56, Arthur Street, Penrith, on the 21st May 1896, Eliza Annie AIREY, aged 39 years.

AIREY.- At Skirwith, on the 19th June 1887, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Wm. AIREY, farmer, aged 9 years.

ALCOCK - On the 8th April, 1897, at Harris Dyke, Sarah, widow of James ALCOCK, master Mariner, aged 77 years.

ALFORD. - On the 27th May, 1897, at Tarn Street, Workington, Florence Alford, aged 1 year and seven months.

ALLAN- On the 18th,Nov. 1858 Mary, wife of Mr. James ALLAN, aged 66.

ALLANBY-Edith, headmistress of St. Anne's Girls School, Lancaster,Sept. 1905, suicide.

ALLANSON-At Torpenhow, on the 24th Sept. 1903, John ALLANSON aged 79 years

ALLEN-Oliver, the beloved son of Avis and the late Henry ALLEN, of Main Street, Frizington, who died on the 20th of September 1902. Was interred at Arlecdon Church

ALLEN- Workington, May 1844, Sarah, wife of Mr. John ALLEN, aged 63 years

ALLEN-Mr. Thomas William ALLEN of High Saltcoats, Drigg.May 1931

ALLENTINE-At Nelson Street, Maryport, 17th June, 1884, Susannah, infant daughter of James ALLENTINE.

ALLINSON-On the 3d April,1870 at Beresford-square, Woolwich, aged 37, AUGUSTUS WARD ALLINSON, Esq., surgeon, youngest son of the late JOHN HIRAM ALLINSON, Esq.,Inglewood House, Penrith, Cumberland.

ALLISON, At Great Broughton, on the 4th Oct. 1855, HARRISON, son of MR. ALLINSON, labourer, aged 10 years.

ALLINSON-On the 7th June 1897, at Egremont, Elizabeth, wife of Harrison ALLINSON, miner aged 23 years.

ALLISON-Thomas, the beloved husband of Ann Allison, who died at Miners' Arms, Prospect, November 22nd, 1918.

ALSOP-On the 29th Nov. 1902, at 36, St. Albans, Everton, Liverpool, Mr. Michael ALSOP, formerly of Whitehaven.

ALTHAM-Sarah, June 1895, On Thursday morning Sarah Altham, 51 wife of James Altham, taper, 2 Mosley Street, Nelson, committed suicide by hanging herself.

AMOS-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Scotch-street, Carlisle, Mr Robert Amos, aged53 years.

ANDERSON-Isabella, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Wm SHORT, of Finkle St, St Bees, widow of Mr Wm ANDERSON in her 87th year died April 1932.

ANDERSON - Nov. 1855, at New Town, Bootle, HANNAH, the wife of MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aged 75 years.

ANDERSON - At Tallantire, on the 28th of June, 1938, Mary, beloved wife of  J.L. ANDERSON. Was interred at Bridekirk on Friday, July 1st. "After much suffering, rest."

ANDERSON - At Langholm, on the 11th July, 1844, Miss. Mary ANDERSON, aged 29 years.

ANDERSON-At the residence of her daughter 40 Frizington Road Frizington, 2 Aug. 1903, Rachel widow of the late Samuel Anderson age 65 years.  Was interred at St Mary's Church, Cleator

ANDERSON-At 18, West Street, Fletchertown, Sarah, beloved wife of Robert Anderson, of Red Burn, Bardon Mill, who died May 3rd 1931, aged 74 years.  To be interred at Allhallows Church.

ANDERSON.- On the 19th April 1899 at Senhouse-lane, Whitehaven, Mr. Wm. ANDERSON, painter, aged 48 years.

ANDREW. - On the 29th Sept. 1869, in Union-street, Carlisle, Mrs. Mabel ANDREW, aged 81 years.

APPLEBY- At Woodgate Terrace, Egremont, on the 12th Nov.1858, James, second son of Mr.Thomas APPLEBY, builder, aged 7 years.

ARCHER-At Row Brow, Dearham, 15th Sept.1903, John Asbridge ARCHER, youngest son of Henry and Mary Ann ARCHER, aged 2 years and 5 months (who died suddenly). Interred at Dearham Church.

ARMSTRONG- on the6the Dec. 1844 at Workington, suddenly, Miss ARMSTRONG, dressmaker, aged 47 years.

ARMSTRONG.- At Suttons Yard, Penrith, on the 21June 1887, Ada ARMSTRONG, aged 2 years.

ARMSTRONG-Adam, On the 14thOct. 1819. at Workington, Mr. Adam ARMSTRONG, coal steward to J. C. CURWEN, Esq.

ARMSTRONG-On the 1st Dec. 1902, at Furnace Mill, Maryport, Ann, Wife of the late Walter ARMSTRONG, aged 66 years.

ARMSTRONG. - On the 19th June 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Annie, daughter of the late Isaac Armstrong, farmer and butcher, aged 36 years.

ARMSTRONG-Christopher, Dumfries, April 1812

ARMSTRONG-on the 15th Aug. 1904. at Washington House, Workington Mr Edward Armstrong age 24 years.

ARMSTRONG-On the 24th Nov.,1879 at the Globe Inn, Caldew Bridges, Carlisle,Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 22 years.

ARMSTRONG-Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife and mother of David Armstrong and family, who died January 29th,1931, at 121 Senhouse street, Maryport.

ARMSTRONG-Ettie, who died at Church Road, Seaton, March 10th, 1920.

ARMSTRONG-On the 15th June, 1897, at George's Pit, Hannah, wife of John ARMSTRONG, joiner, aged 51 years.

ARMSTRONG-At Longtown, on the 29th May 1895, very suddenly, Henry ARMSTRONG, late of Baggrow, aged 78 years.

ARMSTRONG - On the 10th August, 1882, at High Pow, Durdar, Robert ARMSTRONG, aged 30 years.

ARMSTRONG-Janet, wife of Mr. William, of Plumbland. Died March 1930, in her 78th year.

ARMSTRONG-Jim, who died Jan. 8th 1931, aged 4 months.

ARMSTRONG-In loving memory of John Fleming, beloved son of Wm. and Susannah Armstrong, Lowther Street, Great Clifton, who died November 24th, 1918.

ARMSTRONG-At Crosby, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph Armstrong, in his 78th year. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

ARMSTRONG. - On the 24th Oct. 1903, at Glasson, Joseph ARMSTRONG, beloved son of Joseph and Jane ARMSTRONG, Kirkby Street, Maryport aged 26 years

ARMSTRONG ~ On the 9th May 1899, at Templeshannon, Enniscorthy, Margaret,wife of Wm. Armstrong, and daughter of the late Isaac HUTCHINSON of Braystones

ARMSTRONG-On the 26th Nov.,1879 at Church Street, Workington, Mr. Matthew ARMSTRONG, retired master mariner, aged 76 years.

ARMSTRONG-At Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, London, on the 23rd Sept. 1903,Sarah, third daughter of the Late Captain Robert L. ARMSTRONG, formerly ofMaryport, aged 45 years.

ARMSTRONG, At Workington, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MRS. SARAH ARMSTRONG, widow, aged 56 years.

ARMSTRONG- In the Corn Market, Wigton, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Thomas ARMSTRONG, calicoprinter, aged 81

ASHBRIDGE-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Holly Lodge Oxton near Birkenhead in the 77th year of her age JANE widow of the late WILLIAM ASHBRIDGE ofLiverpool and Maryport.

ASHBURN- In Affectionate Remembrance of GEORGE ASHBURN, of Mockerkin, WHO DIED JUNE 22nd, 1882, IN THE 57th YEAR OF HIS AGE,  Verse with card- “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” **

ASHBURN- In Loving Memory of JANE ASHBURN, of Mockerkin, Who died on August 23rd, 1895, AGED 78 YEARS. Interred at Loweswater on Monday, the 26th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1-30. Verse on card- none **

ASHBURN-On the 23rd April 1882, at Bothel, Mr. Jonathan ASHBURN, waller, aged  79 years.

ASKEW-At 42, Ginns, Whitehaven, 12th June, 1884, Eleanor, widow of Mr Martin ASKEW, mason, aged 77 years.

ASKEW-On the 15th Sept. 1879at Broughton-in-Furness MISS ELIZABETH ASKEW aged 19 years.

ASKEW-Rachel, the beloved wife of Wm ASKEW, who died on the 14th Sept. 1903, age 47 years, at 77, Siddick.

ASKEW-Mary, wife of the late Robert ASKEW, who died June 11th 1898.

ASKEW-At Horsman Street, Cockermouth, June 20th,1898 Ruth, the beloved wife  of William Askew, and youngest daughter of the late George and Ann HODGSON, Bowness-on-Solway, aged 44 years- Was interred at the Cemetery, Cockermouth

ASKINS.- At Meeting House Lane, Penrith, on the 21st May 1896, Sidney ASKINS, infant.

ASKINS-At Gordon Street, Workington on the 31st October 1931, Isabella, fourth daughter of George and Mary ASKINS, late of Cockermouth and Liverpool. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

ATKINSON - At Lorbottle House, Northumberland, on the 15th July, 1844, in his 90th year, Adam ATKINSON, Esq.

ATKINSON.- At Warcop, on the 20th May 1896, Ann ATKINSON, aged 82 years.

ATKINSON-At Cumwhitton, on the 8th May 1844., Elizabeth, wife of the late Edward ATKINSON, aged 87 years

ATKINSON-on the 22nd Sept. 1879at Dixons Square Ginns Whitehaven ANN widow of MR WILLIAM ATKINSON,coal miner aged 71 years.

ATKINSON-John,Whitehaven February, 1816,became solicitor 1840,died June 1895.

ATKINSON-At 4,Criffel View Flimby, on May 10th, 1930, John Robert, the beloved son of William and Maggie,aged 13 years and 7months. Interred at Flimby Cemetery

ATKINSON-At Penrith, Cumberland, on the 29th July 1850, Joseph ATKINSON, Esq., solicitor,aged 65.

ATKINSON-At Bedford Villas, Hensingham, 2nd Aug. 1903 Lill, the beloved wife of Thomas Walker Atkinson, and the youngest daughter of the late Peter Barnes, of Cockermouth, age 26 years.

ATKINSON.- In Great Dockray, Penrith, on the 25th Jume 1887, very suddenly, Mary, widow of  James Atkinson, aged 58 years.

ATKINSON-Mary, of Blennerhasset aged 82. Feb. 1814

ATKINSON-William Atkinson, of Seaton, who died December, 1916.

AULD-At Maryport Cottage Hospital. 31st April 1930, Ann Jane, the beloved wifeof John Auld. Standingstones Inn, Broughton Moor, and second daughter ofTom and the late Mary Jane Hayton, aged 41 years. Interred at St.Columba Church, Broughton Moor.

AULD-William, the dearly beloved son of John and Ann Jane Auld, who died at 15, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, on December 5th,1918.
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