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BACKHOUSE-On the 16thJan.1859, at Deal, CHARLOTTE, widow of the late THOMAS BACKHOUSE,Esq., of Caldbeck, Cumberland, aged 75.

BACKHOUSE- On the 10th Nov. 1858, at his residence, Blackwell, Darlington,  John Church BACKHOUSE, Esq., aged 47.

BACKHOUSE - At Havana, on the 31st Aug. 1855, mortally wounded whilst defending himself from a gang of robbers who had entered his house, GEORGE CANNING BACKHOUSE, Esq., H.B.M.'s Commissary Judge at that place, eldest surviving son of the late JOHN BACKHOUSE, Esq., Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, aged 37.

BAILIFF-At Graves Cottages, Dearham, on 31st October 1931, Margaret Brenda, the dearly beloved grandchild of Thomas and Sarah Bailiff, aged 16 months. Was interred at the Dearham Churchyard

BAILLIE- Within the last three weeks, three children of Mr. BAILLIE, painter,gateshead. Feb. 1812

BAINBRIDGE- tAt Nest, near Alston, on the 19th Nov. 1858., Peter, aged 77.

BAIN - On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Senhouse-street,Maryport, Margaret, daughter of Mr John Bain, engineman, aged 13 months.

BAINBRIDGE-At Doddick, near Threlkeld, 11th June 1884, Hannah BAINBRIDGE, aged 57 years.

BAINBRIDGE-At Rosewain, near Wigton, 2nd June 1895, Jane BAINBRIDGE,aged 84 years.

BALDWIN - At Harrowgate, on the 29th Sept, 1855, after a few hours' illness, the REV. JOHN BALDWIN. A.M. of Dalton, near Ulverston, late a Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge, and a magistrate for the county of Lancaster.

BANKS-on the 2nd Dec 1844, Mrs ELIZABETH BANKS, widow aged 85 years, Workington.

BANKS-On 11th January 1932 at Sunnyside, Keswick, Emma Jane BANKS, widow of John B. BANKS,aged 91 years.

BANKS-Jane,at Harrington, Mrs BANKS, Age 82.Sept. 1819

BANKS- At Melbourne, Australia, Joseph Hodge Banks, son of the late Joseph Banks, of Keswick, Cumberland, pencil manufacturer, aged 40 years.Jan. 1885.

BANKS-On the 24th Nov.,1879 at Flimby, Isaac, infant son of Mr. Thomas BANKS, farmer.

BANKS-On the 17th Sept. 1879at Parton MARY widow of MR THOMAS, grocer aged 91 years.

BARBER. - On the 29th January, 1897, at St. Bees, Eliza, wife of Andrew BARBER, quarrier, aged 62 years.

BARCLAY, The Rev. John BARCLAY, minister of the Berean Church, Edinburgh. After enjoying a good night’s rest, and eating his breakfast as usual, he left his house in perfect health, on the forenoon of Sunday the 29th July 1798.

BARKER-On the 1st Oct.1879, at Broughton-in-Furness, Mr. Abram Barker, aged 42 years.

BARKER-On the 18th Oct. 1903, at Great Witley. HENRY BRAITHWAITE  BARKER of Galesyke, Netherwasdale, aged 66 yrs.

BARKER-John, Carlisle, aged 70.Nov. 1819

BARLOW - At Ironworks House, Maryport, on the 18th March, 1932, Margaret, the beloved wife of the late John BARLOW aged 90 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

BARNES-At New Bampton, on the 18th Aug. 1898, Ann, widow of Joseph Barnes, late of Hole House, Thursby, aged 94 years. Interred at Thursby

BARNES- On the 16th August 1882, at Furnace lane, Maryport, Isabella, infant daughter of Mr. John H. BARNES, painter.
BARNES On September 3rd 1903 at Humphreston Hall, Albrighton, GEORGE BARNES aged 73 years. Was interred at Donington Church

BARNES-John, beloved husband of the late Mary BARNES of Crosby Street, Maryport, aged 70 years. Was interred Maryport Cemetery on Thursday, June 19th, 1920. At Rest.

BARNES- On the 8th April 1846, Mr. John BARNES, of the Howe, near Keswick, Cumberland, inthe 89th year of his age.

BARNES-At Drumburgh, on the 15th June 1898, Mary, widow of William Barnes, aged 89 years.

BARNES - At Dryholme, in the parish of Holme Cultram, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John BARNES, aged 78 years.

BARNES - On the 28 th Nov. 1882 at Portland Square, Workington, Mr. Robert BARNES, aged 49 years.
BARRINGTON-Richard Viscount. He is succeeded by his brother, the Rev G BARRINGTON, Prebendary of Durham.Feb. 1814

BARTON-At Waterloo Street, Cockermouth,on Sunday, August 16th 1903, Isaac Stewart Barton, aged 14 months. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

BARTON-On the 1st Dec., 1902, at Wordsworth Terrace, Cockermouth, Mr. John E. BARTON, aged 32 years.

BARWIS-On the 5th Dec. 1840, at the residence of his uncle, George GUTCH, Esq.,Bridge-house, Paddington, Benjamin Fitzgerald BARWIS, youngest son of JohnBARWIS, Esq., of Lanrigg-hall, Cumberland, aged 7 years.

BARWIS-On the 17th Nov. 1843, after a lingering illness, John BARWIS, Esq. Of Langrigg-hall, Cumberland, aged 68.

BARWISE-on December 3rd 1901 at Port MacKay, Queensland, Australia, Hannah, wife of the late George BARWISE, late of Newtown, Aspatria, aged 63 years.

BASHFORD-Workington, May 1844, Mrs BASHFORD, aged 82

BATEMAN-Ann, the beloved wife of James BATEMAN, who died at Castle Tannery, Cockermouth, May 25th, 1893, aged 45 years.

BATEMAN. At 110, Lowther Street, Penrith, on the 10th April, 1918Anna, the
beloved wife of the late Richard Bateman, in her 80th year. Was
interred at Dacre on the 13th.

BATEMAN - On the 18th Jan. 1920, at Low Moor End, Ennerdale,Hannah BATEMAN, late of Kelbank, Gosforth, aged 71 years,Interred at Gosforth

BATEMAN-Joseph, Town, (Egremont) age 33, died 22nd  Sept. 1814.

BATEMAN- John, Town, (Egremont) age 37, died 6th  Oct 1814.

BATEMAN. - On the 30th June 1882, at Peter-street, Whitehaven, MR. WILLIAM BATEMAN, master joiner, aged 44 years.

BATES on the 20th Feb. 1889, at the Griffin Hotel, Pow street, Workington, Jane,wife of Thomas Bates, aged 40 yrs.

BATY - at Faugh, on the 18th Nov. 1855, ROBERT BATY, yeoman, aged 45.

BATTY. -On the 19th Jan. 1897, at Wilson Pit, Whitehaven, Ann, widow of George BATTY, coalminer, aged 71 years.

BAWDEN-Jane, widow of the late Edward Bawden, of Wath Brow, who died suddenly on Friday, August 12th,1898 at 37, Trumpet Road, Wath Brow, aged 60 years.

BAXTER, Rev. Mr., sen., of Arlcedon, aged 88, March 1777.

BAXTER - at 114, High Street, Maryport, on the 19th March, 1932, Mary Jane BAXTER, the dearly loved wife of the late William. Was interred at Maryport Cemetery.

BAXTER - At the Metal Bridge, on the 22nd Nov. 1855, MR. THOMAS BAXTER, inn-keeper and farmer, aged 53 years

BAYLIS - On the 20th March 1882, at King-street, Maryport, MrThomas BAYLIS, Deputy Harbour-master, aged 58 years.

BEASLEY-On the 22nd April 1882, at the Castle Lodge, Whitehaven, Mr. Samuel  BEASLEY, lodge-keeper, aged 75 years.

BEATY-On the 5th Sept.1903 at Belmont Villa, Hensingham, GEORGE BEATY, the beloved husband of SARAH BEATY, late of Allerby, aged 83 years. Interred at Hensingham Cemetery

BEATTY-On Nov. 29th, 1902, at 109 Queen-street, Whitehaven, Alfred, dearly loved son ofJohn James and Mary BEATY, aged 10 months. Was interred on the 3rd inst.

BECHAM - At Brough, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MR. JOHN BECHAM, late of Asby, at the advanced age of 95.

BECK. - On the 28th May, 1897 at 70, George-street, Whitehaven, Alice, daughter of John Robert BECK, aged 9 1/2 years.

BECK-James, The 11th April 1812. at the Grove near Hawkshead, Lancashire, JAMES BECK Esq., formerly of Newcastle.

BECK - At Penrith, on the 19th Oct. 1855, Mr. John BECK, plasterer and painter, aged 66, much respected.

BECK. - Sarah Ann BECK, the beloved wife of Joseph BECK, who died at 14 East Row, Kells, on Friday, August 9, 1912, aged 60 years.

BECKETT - On the 19th March, 1882, in Lorne-street, Carlisle, IraColin BECKETT, aged 14 months.

BEDFORD-At Workington Infirmary 4th Dec 1920. "Wee Archie," beloved son of Jack and Helen Bedford, Distington age 1 years and 8 months.

BEEBY-On the 24thOct. 1879, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mrs Ann Beeby, aged 57 years.

BEEBY, wife of  Mr. BEEBY, skinner at Cockermouth, March 1777.

BEEHY-George, 28th July, 1847, Mr. George Beehy, of Prospect-building,Highgate, and of Cockermouth, Cumberland, aged 60.

BELCHER-On the 14th Sept. 1879in Jane Street Carlisle MR WILLIAM aged 26 years.

BELL - on the 21st July 1844, Mr. Andrew BELL, butcher, aged 40 years.
BELL-At the Mary HEWITSON cottage Hospital, Keswick, The Rev Alexander  BELL, B.A.,retired Congregational Minister and beloved husband of Blanche BELL, aged 86. Interred at St John's Church, Keswick Jan. 1932

BELL-At Keswick, Nov, 1844 ANN, relict of the late MR. THOMAS BELL, ostler, aged 79 years.

BELL-Ann- At High Field House, Keswick, 21st March 1884, Ann, widow of Mr. Edward BELL, late of the Derwentwater Hotel, Po***scale, aged 68 years.

BELL-Ann Bell, widow of the late Thomas Bell, aged 85 years. Interred at Aspatria Church. April 1931.

BELL-On the 19thOct. 1879, at Dearham, Daisie Maggie, infant daughterof Mr W Bell.

BELL.-On the 20th January, at Red How, Lamplugh, Dore, Infant daughter of John BELL, coachman.

BELL. - On the 4th July 1882, at 6, Gores-buildings, Whitehaven, ELIZABETH EMILY MARGARET, infant daughter of MR. ALRED BELL, furnaceman.

BELL-At Longtown, on Sunday, the 10th Nov. 1844, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, MR. JAMES BELL, jun, stone mason, aged 30

BELL-On the 1st Dec., 1902 at 8, Catherine-street, Whitehaven, George Edward, infant son of Mr. William BELL.

BELL-Signaller G. W. BELL who was killed in action, March 30 th, 1918.

BELL. On the 16th July 1882, at Bothel, ISABELLA, wife of MR. WILLIAM BELL, farmer, aged 65 years.

BELL - On the 31st March 1882, at Rwanrigg, Mr. J. BELL, colliery engineman, aged 24 years.

BELL- On the 14th Nov. 1858 , Mr. James BELL, aged 65.

BELL-Joseph BELL, who died at Mayo House, June 9th 1909.

BELL-Maggie, the dearly beloved daughter of David and Jane Bell, who died at 40, King Street, Maryport, on December 1st,1918, aged 4 years 5 months.

BELL - At Workington, July 1844, Mary, the wife of Mr. William BELL aged 72 years.

BELL- At Workington on the 13th Dec. 1844, MARY ANN, daughter of MRS. HANNAH BELL, aged 3years

BELL- MR. ROBERT BELL, aged 78, Dec. 1844, at Maryport.

BELL-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Flimby SARAH wife of ROBERT, aged 20 years.

BELL-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at Low Road, Whitehaven, Sarah Elizabeth Eliza Jane, wife of Wilfrid Ditchburn BELL, aged 32 years.

BELL-Thomas, Wigton, died June 1898, 77 years of age.

BELL-At Maryport, Dec. 1844, Mr THOMAS BELL, miller, in the prime oflife; same day Mr ROBERT BELL, aged 78 years.

BELL-At 4, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, (the residence of her daughter and son-in-law), 28th March 1930, Mary beloved wife of late David Bell, aged 65 years.  Was interred at St. Columba Church, Broughton Moor.

BELL. - At Kelly Street, Workington, on the 27th Oct. 1903, William BELL aged 60 years. - Interred at harrington Road Cemetery  

BELL-William (Willie), the dearly loved son of the
 late John BEll and Mrs STEVENS, who died at Whitehaven Infirmary, on June 7th 1917, aged ten years and eleven months.

BELL-On the 15th Aug. 1879 on his passage from San Fransisco WILLIAM ALLAN son of MR JOHN BELL formerly of Workington aged 25 years.

BELL, William Carlisle, Hatter, March 1777.70 yrs.

BENDLE- Mr. Christopher BENDLE, of Spring Garden - lane, aged 77.Oct. 1819 Cockermouth

BENN-Joseph, Jan. 1814, at Ginns, near this town, Mr Joseph BENN, aged 66;several years master of a vessel out of this port.

BENN-At Rickmansworth, on the 13th Feb. 1852, at the house of his brother-in-law, theRev. William BENN, aged 40, rector of Kirkandrews-on-Eden, near Carlisle

BENN, Rev. Thomas BENN, Dec. 1879, late incumbent of Whitechapel, Goosnargh, at the advanced age of 81 years.

BENNETT-On the 24th Nov.1879, at Belleisle Place, Workington, Mr. George Shepherd BENNETT, stationmaster, aged 43 years.

BENSON - On the 6th Jan. 1902, at Greysothen, Annie, daughter of Christopher and Mary Jane Benson, aged 6 months.

BENSON. -On the 27th January, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Joseph BENSON, platelayer, aged 73 years.

BENSON-On the 23rd Nov.,1879 at Ulverston, Dorothy, widow of Mr. William BENSON, aged 49 years.

BENSON. - On the 29th June 1882, at 23, Longfellow-street, Liverpool, in his 46th year, GEOFFREY BENSON, younger son of the late GEORGE BENSON, formerly of Whitehaven.

BENSON-At Sydney, N.S.W., on October 7th,1920 John William, the dearly beloved son of Elizabeth and the late Richard Benson, of 31 Peter Street, Workington.

BENSON - On the 3rd January, 1902 at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Joseph Benson, Mariner, of Cleator Moor, aged 54 years.

BENSON-Greysouthen, on the 2nd March 1930, Thompson Hodgson, son of the late John and Sarah Benson, aged 45 years.  Was interred at Brigham.

BENT, On the 19th Jan. 1897, At Egremont, Ann, widow of William BENT, carter, aged 81 years.

BERRY-on the 23rd Feb. 1889, at 5, Catherine St., Whitehaven, Richard, son of Mr Richard Berry,labourer, ages 2 years.

BERRY-At 106, Harrington Road, Workington, on the 30th May 1895, Thomas BERRY, late of Forth House, Cockermouth. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

BERWICK - On the 3rd January. 1902, at Green, Distington, Margaret Berwick.

BETTELEY-On the 15th Sept. 1879 at Barrow ANN widow of WILLIAM aged 88 years.

BEVAN- At Hong Kong, on the 17th of July,1858 William Fraser BEVAN, aged 39 son of the late Captain Henry BEVAN, Dumfriesshire Militia.

BEWLEY.- At Thurso Villas, Levenshulme, on the 23rd May 1896, Esther, daughter of
the late William BEWLEY, 9 Middlegate, Penrith, aged 43 years. Internment
at Penrith Cemetery

BEWLEY,John of Hollow Dyke Farm, Frizington,Nov. 1920.

BEWLEY. - On the 15th Oct. 1902 at 16 High Street Cleator Moor, John, husband of Emily BEWLEY, aged 52 years.

BEWLEY - On the 11th Jan. 1932, at 98 Back Row, North Side, John, beloved of Mary BEWLEY, aged 66 years.Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

BEWLEY - Mary, wife of Mr. William BEWLEY at William Pit, near Whitehaven, July 1844, aged 30 years.

BEWSHER- In Affectionate Remembrance of ROBERT BEWSHER,  of Ullock, Who died August 22nd, 1881, AGED 81 YEARS. To be interred at Arlecdon, on Thursday, at Half-past 2 p.m., leaving Ullock at 12 o’clock. Verse with card- “His end was peace” **

BEWSHER- In Memory of SARAH BEWSHER, wife of Robert Bewsher, of North Mosses, WHO DIED MAY 12th, 1870, And will be interred at Arlecdon, on Monday, the 16th. The funeral will leave North Mosses at 12 o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

BIBBY- Edward, of Newbiggin, in the parish of Waberthwaite, in the county of Cumberland, gentleman, who died on the first day of October 1902

BICKERSTETH - At Sapcoat Rectory, Leicestershire, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, the REV. JOHN BICKERSTETH, M.A. eldest son of the late HENRY BICKERSTETH, M.A., of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland

BIERD- Northgate-street, Chester, at the patriarchal age of 104 years, Mr. John BIERD, a pensioner on Chelsea Hospital.Oct. 21, 1819.

BIGLAND - At the house of his father, at Leamington, on the 27th Sept, 1855 WILSON HENRY JOHN BIGLAND, only surviving son of REAR-ADMIRAL BIGLAND, of Bigland Hall, aged 31 years.

BIGLANDS-At Wigton, on the 8th Dec. 1844, aged 34 years, SARAH, eldest daughter of the late Mr JOHN BIGLANDS, of Saltcoats, Holme Cultram

BIGRIGG-Albert, beloved son of George and Hannah BIGRIGG, died April 17th 1931. Also Doris, died March 18th, 1927.

BILLINGTON. - Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine BILLINGTON, who was accidentally killed at Charles Cammell & Coy's Works, Workington, on his birthday, September 24th, 1899, aged 32 years.

BIRBECK-On the 6th June 1897, at Cleator Moor, Catherine Ann, widow of Mason BIRBECK, miner, aged 48 years.

BIRD - At Eamont Bridge, on the 23rd Nov. 1855, aged 54, MARY, the wife of MR. JOHN BIRD, and third daughter of the late MR. THOS. LAMB, of the same place.

BIRD - On the 22nd March 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Wm. LITTLE, son of William BIRD, coalminer, aged 15 months.

BIRKETT-Ada, of Cockermouth, death, Sep. 29 1883

BIRKETT-Ann, of Cockermouth, death, May 23 1885

BIRKETT-Ann, of Cockermouth, inquest, May 20 1885

BIRKETT-Annie, At High Lorton on the 2nd Dec. 1877, Annie, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas Birkett, labourer.

BIRKETT-Burnett, of Cockermouth, death, Aug. 14 1880

BIRKETT- Catherine Ann of Cockermouth, death, Aug.  5 1876

BIRKETT-On the 25th July 1848, at Wath, Cumberland, Dickinson BIRKETT, Esq., of Whitehaven, Cumberland, in the 53d year of his age

BIRKETT-Dixon, of Cockermouth, death, Dec. 13 1879

BIRKETT-Elizabeth, On the 14th June Common End. Distington, Elizabeth, aged 81 years

BIRKETT-Elizabeth, At Mayo Street, Cockermouth on the 10th Dec. 1884, Elizabeth wife of Mr. John Birkett, formerly of High Lorton, aged 61 years.

BIRKETT-At White Horse Inn, Scales, on the 30th May,1895 George BIRKETT, aged 51 years. - Was interred at Threlkeld

BIRKETT - At Harrington, Sept, 1844, Mrs. ISABELLA BIRKETT, widow, aged 64 years, much respected.

BIRKETT-Henry, of Cockermouth, innkeeper, death, July 31 1875

BIRKETT-James, of Cockermouth, fishmonger, death  May 16 1894

BIRKETT-Jane, of Cockermouth, death, Jan. 19 1878

BIRKETT-Jane, of Low Lorton, death, 5e Aug. 2 1879.

BIRKETT-John, At Quetta in Afghanistan, 2nd September, 1886 John William, son of Thomas Birkett of Apple Grove, Workington, aged 25 years.

BIRKETT.--On the 8th Nov. 1855, at Irish-street, age 50 years, Mr. William BIRKETT, ledger clerk at the Harbour Office, Whitehaven

BIRKETT-John, At the family residence, Lot 23 in the 3rd con. of Reach, Port Perry, North Ontario, 18th Dec. 1883, Francis M. Birkett aged 5 years & 7 months, grandson of Mr. John Birkett of Mayo Street Cockermouth, and late of the Rising Sun, Lorton.

BIRKETT-John, at Challoner Street Cockermouth on the 5th Sept. 1893, John Birkett aged 70 years. Interred at Lorton Church

BIRKETT - At the home of her son, Mr. Joseph Birkett, Silver-hill, near Keswick, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John Birkett, shoemaker, Wythburn, aged 94 years. Sept 1869.

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Carlisle, railwayman death Dec. 28 1889.

BIRKETT-Thomas, At the Rising Sun Inn, High Lorton on the 24th March 1878, Thomas Birkett aged 89 years.
BIRKETT-Thomas, of Cockermouth sudden death Jan. 12 1895

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Deanscales, miller Aug. 12 1876

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Isel, death  March  8 1890

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Millom, October 20 1883

BIRKETT-Thomas, of Whitehaven, fatal accident, Oct. 12 1895

BIRKETT-At Cockerside, Cockermouth, Bertie, infant twin son of William and Jane A. Birkett, died August 19th, 1898.

BIRKETT-William, Holmrook, Sept. 1903, 61 years of age.

BIRKETT-William, of Cockermouth, death, Nov. 14 1874

BIRKETT-William, of Cockermouth, death, May 27 1876

BIRKETT-William Henry, of Cockermouth, death, March 17 1877

BIRKETT-William, On the 6th Sept. 1879 at Hewrigg WILLIAM BIRKETT aged 77 years.

BITTLESTON-On the 27th Sept. 1831, at Upper Stamford-street, Mr. Adam BITTLESTON, late of Mary Port, in the county of Cumberland, aged 84.

BLACK-At Horseman Street, Cockermouth on the 13th March 1903, Frank, the Eldest and beloved son of James and Annie Black, aged 19 years.

BLACK-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Millholm Bank, MR. JAMES BLACK, of the north British Railway, aged 39 years.

BLACK-Jane Simpson, daughter of Joe, At Stanger, Embleton, near Cockermouth, 1st Nov. 1884, aged 11 years.

BLACK-On the 3rd Feb. 1902., at 15, Hart Street, Carlisle, Margaret BLACK, aged 84 years.

BLACK. - On the 29th January, 1897, at Arlecdon, Robert, infant son of Joseph Richard BLACK, carter.

BLACK-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Lord Street Carlisle MR ROBERT BLACK aged 78 years

BLACK.-On the 6th February 1897, at Frizington, Sarah, daughter of William BLACK, aged 13 months.

BLACKBURN-THOMAS, engineman, the beloved husband of DOROTHY, who died at 95, Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor, June 16th, 1894,aged 55 years.

BLACKLADDER - In Trafalgar Street, Carlisle, on the 23rd April 1880, MARION BLACKADDER, aged 43 years.

BLACKLOCK - At Keswick, on the 16th Nov. 1855, MR. WILLIAM BLACKLOCK, chaise driver, aged 50 years.

BLACKWOOD. - On the 28th Feb. 1897 at Harrington, James Blackwood, ironminer, aged 61 years.

BLAIND-John. At Dumfries, the 13th April, 1812, son of Mr. SAMUEL BLAIND, merchant there.

BLAIR-On the 27th April 1931, at 61, Dalzell Street, Moor Row, Joseph, the dearly loved husband of Ann Blair.  Interred at Egremont Cemetery.

BLAYLOCK. - On the 16th Oct. 1902, at 31 Crosby Street, Maryport, Annas BLAYLOCK, infant daughter of Mr. Wm. BLAYLOCK.

Blezard-Edward,The 9th Nov.1813 at St Lucia, aged 24, son of the late Mr John Blezard, shipbuilder of Liverpool.

BLINKHORN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF JOHN NICHOLSON BLINKHORN, The Beloved Son of William and Mary Blinkhorn,  Who departed this life June 25th, 1883 AGED 7 YEARS. And was interred at St. Peter’s Church, Halliwell, June 28th. Verse with card- A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant at our hearth, Which never can be filled. Farewell, dear parents, be content, I was not yours but only lent; And God has only had his due, He’ll not be long ere he calls for you. **

BLYTHE. - On the 17th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, Mr John Blythe, bookbinder, aged 68 years.

BOADLE- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF JOHN BOADLE, of Mockerkin, Who died on the 18th of April, 1869, Aged 73 Years. And interred at Arlecdon Church, April 22nd.Verse with card- none **

BOADLE-At 26 Southey Street, Keswick, on the 29th Jan. 1932 Marion, beloved only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chambers Boadle, aged 16 years. Interred Keswick St. John's Church.

BOADLE-At 7 Eadies' Terrace, Harrington, on the 19th Dec.1920, Mary Eleanor(May), dearly beloved daughter of Mr.and Mrs.J.L. Boadle,aged 21 years.

BOAK-At Dockray Hall Mill Cottages, Kendal, on Tuesday week, MR. JOSEPH BOAK,aged 90, Dec. 1844

BOLTON-On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Broughton-in-Furness, Tamar, eldest daughter, of the late Rev. J. BOLTON, vicar of Millom.

BOMBELLI-At Whitehaven,on Friday last, MR. BALDI BOMBELLI, optician, aged 67 years, Oct. 1844

BONE-at Waverton, near Wigton, Mr John BONE, butcher. Feb. 1812.

BORROWSCALE–On January 5th,1932 at Cleator Moor, Matthew BORROWSCALE, aged 64.

BORTHWICK-At The Bungalow, #Bassenthwaite on the 19th Sept. 1903. John, aged 63 years.

BOSWELL - On the 21st Oct. 1855, at 105, Princes-street, Edinburgh,
Lieut.-Colonel BRUCE BOSWELL, H.E.I.C.S., of Crawley Grange,
Buckinghamshire, youngest surviving son of the late WILLIAM BOSWELLl. Esq.,
advocate, and grandson of the late JAMES BOSWELL, Esq., of Auchinleck.

BOUCH-Isabel Dalzell the dearly loved daughter of John and Mary Ann Bouch, of Aspatria, who died August 7th 1897, aged 8 years 3 months.

BOULTON. - On the 20th Oct. 1902 at 5 Winter’s Place, Whitehaven, William george, son of George BOULTON, aged 2 years.

BOUSFIELD.- At Culgaith, on the 21st June 1887, Jane Isabella, infant daughterof John
BOUSFIELD, labourer.

BOUSTEAD- at Brampton, Mr. S. BOUSTEAD, aged 47, Oct. 1819

BOWE-At no.1, Whitehaven Road, Cleator Moor, on 11th April,1932 Banks Bowe, the beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Bowe, aged 79. Interred at St John's Church.

BOWE-On the 7th Oct.1879, at Main-street, Cockermouth, MR. GEORGE BOWE, woollen carder, aged 72 years.

BOWE-At Keswick, Dec 1844, aged 78 years, Mr JOHN BOWE, stone mason,father of Mr BOWE, of the Kings Arms Inn.

BOWE- In Remembrance of GEORGE THOMAS BOWE, of Fangs Farm, Loweswater, Who died October 19th, 1899, AGED 38 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Sunday, the 22nd, at 2 o’clock, leaving Feenan’s Temperance Hotel, Cockermouth, at 12-30.
Verse with card- A sudden change, I in a moment fell, I had no time to bid my friends farewell; Make nothing strange, death happens unto all, My lot to-day, to-morrow you may fall.      **

BOWE-At the High Nest, Keswick, May 29th,1895 Sarah, widow of the late Caleb BOWE, aged 85 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

BOWERBANK-At Low Side, Mungrisdale, on the 10thDec. 1844, MISS DINAH BOWERBANK, aged 20 years.

BOWERBANK-Fawcett, At 1, Market Street, Cockermouth, 21st March 1884, aged 58 years.

BOWES-Joseph,8th July, 1755-Crushed by levers of furnace bellows.

BOWES-Samuel Frederick Bowes, eldest son of the late Samuel Blair, and Margaret Bowes, who died at the Royal Eye and Ear Infirmary, Edinburgh, on the 30th of November, 1879, aged 17-1/2 years. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery

BOWMAN - On the 18th Dec. 1882, at Southport, Ann, sister, of the late Rev. J. BOWMAN, formerly vicar of Walton, aged 76 years.

BOWMAN-On the 28th March 1897, at 20 Michael Street, Whitehaven, infant son of GEORGE BOWMAN, coalminer.

BOWMAN-at Smallthwaite, in Lamplugh, Sept. 1819 advanced in years.

BOWMAN-at Penrith, Miss Jane, aged 18, youngest daughter of the late Mr Edmund BOWMAN, agent to E. HASSELL, Esq. of Dalemain.Jan. 31, 1812

BOWMAN-Mary, BOWMAN, aged 68, Nov. 1819

BOWNES-William, Arlecdon, died June 1898.

BOWNESS-In Affectionate Remembrance of CHARLOTTE, THE BELOVED WIFE OF WILLIAM BOWNESS, of Arlecdon, Who Died September 11th, 1877, AGED 52 YEARS. To be interred at Arlecdon Church On Thursday, September 13th, at Three o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

BOWNESS-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Seaton MARY wife of MR WILLIAM BOWNESS blacksmith aged76 years.

BOWNESS. On the 14th July1882, at Old Hall, Oughterside, ROBERT, infant son of MR. THOMAS BOWNESS, ploughman.

BOWNESS-At 33, Parks Road, Arlecdon, suddenly, William Bowness, aged 64 years.- was interred at Arlecdon Church.

BOWMAN-On the 15th June, 1897, at 4, Peile Place, Michael-street, Whitehaven, Catherine Waterson, daughter of Alexander BOWMAN, mariner, aged 21 years.

BOWMAN-At Little Broughton, 9th Jan.1932, Hannah Mary, beloved daughter of the late William and Hannah Bowman, aged 49 years. Was interred at Christ Church, Gt. Broughton.

BOWMAN-Harold A. Bowman, who died at Market St. Cockermouth, Jan 14th 1928.

BOWMAN - At St. Anne's Hospital, Appleby, on the 18th Oc. 1855, Mrs. M. BOWMAN, widow, formerly of Knock, at an advanced age.

BOWMAN.- At Bomby, Bampton, on the 19th June 1887, wm. BOWMAN, aged 68 years.

BOYCE-On the 23rd Nov.,1879 at Parker Terrace, Flimby. Louisa, Daughter of Mr. William BOYCE, aged 1 year and 4 months.

BOYD-Accidentally drowned at Teasdale, Stil, near Oban, Argyllshire, N. B., on the 8th May 1895, Arthur Livingstone, third and dearly beloved son of George and Margaret Boyd, of Whitehaven, aged 21 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

BOYD-At 1 High-street, Whitehaven, and late of Lonsdale Place, Moresby, on the 6th Feb. 1897, Elizabeth Bland BOYD, only daughter of the late Mr. John BOYD, clothier, Whitehaven and Workington. Interred at Moresby Churchyard, on Wednesday the 10th.

BOYES - In loving memory of Ena, wife of Wm. BOYES, who died July 2nd, 1934. Remembered by all at Orchard House, Greysouthern.

BRADLEY-On the 11th Dec. 1882,at Southey-street, Workington, Mr. John BRADLEY, aged 35 years.

BRADBURY-At the Steam Packet Inn, Workington, Emma Bradbury. Interred on Friday, the 19th Aug 1898.

BRAGG-On the 3rd Sept. 1905, at the residence of her nephew, 12, Preston-street, Ann, the only daughter of the late Wm. BRAGG, Moor House, Haile, aged 82 years.

BRAGG.- At Sunnycroft, Aikton, on the 10th April, 1932, Emma Jane Bragg, daughter of the late William BRAGG, Workington, ship owner aged 84 years. To be interred at Aikton

BRAGG - On the 19th March 1882, at Dovenby, Hannah, wife of MrWilliam BRAGG, farm bailiff, aged 62 years.

BRAGG-At Ruby Hill, Flimby, December 4th 1920, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Herbert Irving Bragg, aged 37 years.

BRANNAN - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Lindsay Court, Main Street, Cockermouth, Jane, Infant daughter of Mr. Tom BRANNAN, flax dresser.

BRAITHWAITE. - On the 19th May, 1897, at Scawfell Hotel, Seascale, Edward BRAITHWAITE, aged 33, will be interred in Gosforth Church-yard

BRANTHWAITE-Ernest Henry (Ernie), the dearly beloved son of James and Ruth Branthwaite, who died at 8, Michael Street, Whitehaven, on November 24th, 1919, aged 15 months.

BRAITHWAITE-On the 8th Oct.1879, at the Black Lion Hotel, Whitehaven, MR. HENRY BRAITHWAITE, aged 62 years. No cards.

BRAITHWITE–Jane BRAITHWAITE, who died at 70, Moresby Parks, May 16th, 1926

BRAITHWAITE. - At Branthwaite Hall, on the 27th Oct. 1903, Jane, the beloved wife of the last Joseph BRAITHWAITE, aged 76 years. - To be interred at Dean.

BRAITHWAITE-On April 7th at 2 North Rd Bransty, Whitehaven, John late of Moresby Park aged 81.  Was interred in Moresby Curchyard April 10th 1930.

BRANTHWAITE-John, the beloved husband of Isabella, of Arlecdon Park Road, Arlecdon, who died on May 27th, 1895, aged 51 years. Was interned at Arlecdon Churchyard.

BRAITHWAITE-John BRAITHWAITE, who died April 7th, 1930 : also Jane, his wife, who died May 16th 1926, late of Moresby Parks.

BRANTHWAITE -Sept. 1844, at Whitehaven, Mrs. JANE BRANTHWAITE, Queen-street.

BRANTHWAITE.--On the 10th Oct 1869, at Todhunter's buildings, Queen-street, Mr. Joshua BRANTHWAITE, stonemason, aged 39 years.

BRANTHWAITE-In loving memory of our dear little daughter, Sarah Jane, who died at 28, Asby, April 30th, 1927.  

BRANTHWAITE-In loving memory of our dear children, Sarah Ann, died on August 15th, 1888, aged 15 years Eva died on September 11th, 1887; Hilda Annie, died on July 7th, 1891 ; Jonathon, died on April 18th, 1881 ; Dinah Maria, died on June 20th, 1879 ; Joseph, died on March 20th, 1894,the beloved children of Jonathon and Jane Branthwaite, of Rowrah

BRASS-At High Houses, Ireby, on the 11th Sept. 1903, Margaret Ann, wife ofWilliam John BRASS, aged 39 years.

BRATTON- On the 13th Oct. 1819. at Burton-on-Humber, aged 100 years,Mrs. BRATTON. She retained her faculties to the last.

BRENNAN-On the 24th inst.,1920 at Marsh Terrace, Workington, Michael (Mat.), the beloved husband of Mary Brennan, aged 55 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

BRIAN-On the 14th May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, Jas. BRIAN, miner, aged 27.

BRIDSON-On 6th Sept.1903 at 35 Croft terrace, Egremont, MR ROBERT BRIDSON, aged 77 years. Was interred at the Cemetery, Egremont

BRIGGS-Mrs. (no 1st name), Seaton, The oldest resident in the village, Mrs BRIGGS, who was 90 years of age, was removed by death June 1895, Her husband, the late Thomas BRIGGS died in April, 1872

BRIGGS - On the 1st Dec.1879, at Frizington, Sarah Alice, daughter of Mr. Daniel BRIGGS, platelayer, aged 1 year and 2 months.

BRIGGS-William, the dearly beloved husband of Mary BRIGGS of 11, Mill Street, Frizington, who departed this life on Saturday, September 20th, 1902, aged 71 years.

BRIGGS - At Broughton in Furness, on Friday last (July 1844), after a protracted illness of six years, Mr. William BRIGGS, senior, late grocer, spirit merchant, and tallow chandler at that place, aged 68 years.

BRIGGS-William, Oct. 1844, after a tedious illness, MISS ELEANOR BRIGGS,daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM BRIGGS, of Moor Side, in the parish of Gosforth, aged 17 years.

BRISCOE-At Bothel, on the 18th Dec. 1844, MR. WILLIAM BRISCOE, yeoman,in the 83rd year of his age.

BRITTON-JONES-William J., the Bootle Rural Council Surveyor died April 1932 at  his home, Lapstone Road, Millom, at the early age of 53.

BROCKBANK. - On the 2nd May, 1882, at Silecroft, Mr. John BROCKBANK, in the 82nd year of his age.

BROCKBANK.-On the 18th April 1899, at the Union Workhouse, Mary BROCKBANK, aged 76 years.

BROCKLEBANK-At Hawkshead, Mrs. Alice BROCKLEBANK, aged 84. March 1814.

BRODIE-At Barton Moss, Manchester, 19th Sept. 1903, John BRODIE, formally ofPapcastle, in his 71st year.

BRODIE-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Cockermouth, Mr. William Clement BRODIE, in his 50th year. schoolmaster at the Industrial School, Cockermouth, Sept. 1905

BROOKE-wife of JOHN BROOKE, Esq.late of Aullthorpe Lodge, near Leeds, and daughter of the great civil engineer, J. SMEATON Esq., who built the Eddistone Lighthouse. April 3, 1812.

BROUGH - At Maryport, on the 14th Nov. 1855, MR. DANIEL BROUGH, aged 75

BROUGH ~ On the 16th May 1899, at Westmoor End, Hayton, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Peter Brough, aged 54 years.

BROUGH - At Wigton, on the 28th Nov. 1855, Isabella, DAUGHTER OF JOHN BROUGH, Nailor, AGED 5 YEARS

BROUGH-At Beech Hill, Langrigg 11th Aug, 1895, Mason, the beloved son of John and Rachel Brough, aged 1 year and 11 months.

BROUGH-At Croft House, Gilcrux, on the 12th Jan.1932, Rachel, widow of the late John Brough, Beech Hill Aspatria, aged 73 years. Was interred at Bromfield Church.

BROUGH-Pvt. Thomas Pattinson Brough, D.L 1, dearly loved only son on Elizabeth Brough, Torpenhow, who was presumed kiled in action on December 3rd, 1917.

BROUGHAM-On the 30th Oct.1870, at her residence, Mostyn Hall, Penrith, MRS. ISABELLA HAY,widow of the late MAJOR THOMAS BROUGHAM, Bengal Army, in the 91st year of her age.

BROWNE-On the 16th July, 1818. at Castle-hill, Cumberland, MRS. BROWNE, relict of thelate WILLIAM BROWNE, Esq. of Tallentire-hall, in the same county.

BROWN. - On the 18th Oct. 1902 at 78 Penzance Street, Moor Row, Ann, wife of John BROWN, aged 70 years and 5 months.

BROWN.- At Langwathby, on the 24th June 1887, Ann, eldest daughter of John Brown, aged 28 years.

BROWN-At Maryport, on the 10th Nov. 1844, Mrs. Barbara BROWN, aged 73 years

BROWN- in Catherine Street, Whitehaven, FRANCES, daughter
of the late WILLIAM BROWN, Esq., of Roper Street, aged 48, Oct. 1855

BROWN - On the 1st April, 1882, at John-street, Maryport, George, son of Mr. William BROWN, seaman, aged 4 years.

BROWN - At Dumfries, on the 17th Oct. 1855 at 21, St. Michael Street, Mr. JAMES
BROWN, grocer and provision dealer, aged 30 years.

BROWN- on the 12th Nov. 1844 very suddenly, MRS. JANE BROWN, widow of the late MR. ANDREW BROWN, aged 84 years

BROWN: - At Craggs House, Seaton, on the 17th Sept. 1903, Ann the beloved wife of Adam B BROWN, aged 30 years

BROWN-Henry, At Coulderton, near St. Bees, last week, MR. HENRY BROWN, aged 30 years.Interred at St. James's Chapel, in Whitehaven.Oct. 1844

BROWN-the 11th Feb.1812 Mrs. BROWNE, mother of Mr. J. BROWNE, builder,Congleton.

BROWN- At Maryfield, Kelton, on the 13th Nov. 1858, Mr. Alexander BROWN, farmer

BROWN-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at Kildare, Wigton, Grace Kirsopp, wife of Mr. William BROWN, aged 31 years.

BROWN-Margaret Ann (Maggie), the beloved wife of William, who died at Greysouthen, May 18th 1929.

BROWN-At 8 Park View, Seaton, on 8th April 1932. dearly beloved husband of Nancy BROWN. Interred at Camerton Church on Friday 11th.

BROWN-At Craggs House, Seaton, on the 17th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved wife of Adam B. BROWN, aged 30 years. Interred at Camerton Church.

BROWN-On the 25th Oct. 1879, in Rickergate, Carlisle, Mr George Brown, aged 62 years.

BROWN-At Chapel Brow, on the 21st Sept. 1903, Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas BROWN, and only daughter of William and Ann TWEDDLE, aged 21 years.

BROWN-John, the dearly beloved son of James and
 Mary BROWN, Ellenborough, killed in action in France, June 10th, 1918,aged 21 years

BROWN-At Prospect House, at Holmrook, on the 19thDec. 1920., Mary Jane, aged 74, widow of the late Thomas, solicitor, Whitehaven.

BROWN. - On the 18th June 1882, at Dearham, Mr Matthew Brown, coalminer, aged 45 years.

BROWN. On the 12th July 1882, at William-street, Wigton, MR. STEPHEN BROWN, aged 27 years

BRUCE. - On the 21st April 1897, at 80, Newtown, Whitehaven, ALEXANDER, infant son of ALEXANDER BRUCE, fish salesman.

BRUMFIELD-Mary The 5th Jan. 1814, at Papcastle, greatly respected, wife of Mr John BRUMFIELD, aged 68 years.

BRUNT - At Trumpet House, Near Whitehaven, Sept. 1844, after a short indisposition, in the 54th year of his age, the REV. JOHN BRUNT, who for upwards of twenty years was incumbent minister of the parish of Cleator.

BRUNTON-On the 21st Nov.,1879 at Dalton, Elizabeth BRUNTON, aged 58 years.

BRYCE - At Garliestown, on the 10th Oct. 1855, Captain GEORGE BRYCE.

BUCHANAN -On the 30th Dec. 1828, at Penrith, John BUCHANAN, Esq., in the 74th year of his age.

BUCHANAN-On the 26th July, 1852, at Moffat, Dumfriesshire, MARY, daughter of the late JOHN, Esq., of Penrith

BUCKLAND-On the 26th Jan.1932 Robert Edmund, the dearly beloved husband of Frances Isabella Buckland, 2,Douglas Road, Workington , aged 53 years. Interred at Salterbeck.

BULL-On the 1st Sept.1869, after a long illness, THOMAS, for 36 years thevalued servant of the late COLONEL and MRS. MACLEAN, Lazonby Hall, Penrith.

BULMAN-Mary, At Milton, on the 28th Jan. 1847, wife of John BULMAN.

BUMBY-On the 27th Nov., 1902 at the residence of her son, Newmains, Harriet BUMBY, formerly of Maryport, aged 66 years.

BURN-At Alston, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Thomas BURN, ofthe Dun Cow Inn, aged 77.

BURNET- At Aspatria, on the 11th Nov. 1858, Mr. John BURNET

BURNETT-Robert, beloved husband of Catherine Burnett, of Great Clifton, died May 26th, 1894, aged 57 years.

BURNEY-On the 23rd April 1882, at Countess-street, Bransty, Whitehaven,  Sarah, wife of Mr. John BURNEY, coalminer, aged 49 years.

BURNS - On the 18th March 1897, at Frizington, Deborah, wife of John BURNS, gardener, aged 70 years.

BURNS.-At 6, Duke-street, Cleator Moor, 25th April, 1899, Ellen, widow of the late Mr. James BURNS, aged 65 years. To be interred at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

BURNS.-On the 2nd February, 1897, at Moresby Parks, Martha COCHRANE, daughter of Luke BURNS, aged 9 years.

BURNS-on the 15th Feb 1889, at Marsh terrace, Workington, Robert, infant son of of Mr Henry Burns, ironmoulder.

BURNES-At Marst Street, Workington, 30th May 1895, Mary BURNS, aged 11 years.

BURNYEAT - On the 20th Sept. 1869, at St. Bees, after a lingering illness, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. William Burnyeat, joiner, aged 16 years.Sept. 1869

BURNYEAT-At Deanscales, 22nd March 1903, Thomas BURNYEAT, formerly of Latterhead, Loweswater, aged 73 years.  Interred at Dean Church.

BURROW-On Saturday last, the 17th Jan 1863, E. A. BURROW, Esq., of CarltonHall, Ravenglass, Cumberland, J. P., aged 55

BURROW-George, at Workington, at an advanced age, cartman. Nov. 1819

BURROW-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at Ulverston, Grace, widow of Mr R Burrow, aged 70 years.

BURROWS - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at Eskmeals Railway Station, William Archer Burrows, railway clerk, aged 22years.

BURTON-On the 21st May, 1895, Margaret, the beloved wife of Joseph Burton, of Tallentire. Interred at Bridekirk on the 24th.

BUSHBY-30  Jan. 1778  Lately on board his vessel lying at King -- road Capt. Bushby of the Bellona belonging to Workington.

BUSHBY-19  April 1791  At Workington on the 9th inst. Capt. John Bushby of the Falcon aged 26, greatly respected by all who had his aquaintance.

BUSHBY- 9  April 1811  The 30th ult. at Appleby Mr. John Bushby surgeon. He served the office of Mayor in that borough in 1803.

BUSHBY- 9 July 1811   Yesterday morning in Scotch Street Mr. John Bushby in an advanced age.

BUSHBY- In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary, The beloved wife of John Bushby, of Mockerkin, Who died October 21st. 1886 Aged 88 years. To be interred at Loweswater, on Tuesday, the 26th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 12:30 o’clock p.m.  
Verse with card- “HER END WAS PEACE” **

BUSHBY- 3  June 1817  Monday se'night at Mockerkin in Loweswater of a short illness in the 66th year of her age Mrs. Mary Bushby of that place. She was of rare endowments, of a charitable and humane disposition and an upright and devout Christian. Her memory will be long held in remembrance in the circle of her friends and acquaintances as her death is regretted and lamented.

BUSHBY- In affectionate Remembrance of JOHN F. BUSHBY, of Mockerkin, Who died April 15th, 1887, AGED 86 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater, on Wednesday, the 20th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 12 o’clock Noon.
Verse with card- “Be ye also ready ; for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.” **

BUSHBY-At East House, Embleton, on the 20th Sept 1903, Jane beloved wife of Joseph BUSHBY.

BUSHBY- On the 11th (*or 17th)July 1856, at Skelgill, near Keswick, Cumberland, SIDNEY, sonof THOMAS A. BUSHBY, Esq., of Liverpool, aged five years and eight months.
BUSHBY-13 Dec. 1814  At Wigton on Saturday se'night Mr. Thomas Bushby manufacturer much respected.

BUSHBY-22 May  1792  A few days ago at Greystoke in this county Mr. William Bushby many years innkeeper at that place and greatly respected.

BUSHBY- 8 March 1814  The 25th ult. aged 68 Mr. W. Bushby landlord of the 'Crown', Eamont Bridge.

BUSK-at Bath, in the 81st year of her age, Lady BUSK, relict of the late Sir Wadsworth Busk, formerly his Majesty's Attorney-General of the Isle of Man. Sept. 1819

BUTLER- On the 8th Feb. 1865, accidentally killed by a fall on the Great Gable atWastdale, Cumberland, CHARLES LENNOX BUTLER, second son of the HON. CHARLESLENNOX BUTLER, of Coton House, Rugby, Warwickshire.

BUTLER- On the 27th June 1858, at the Vicarage, Penrith, ELIZABETH, wife of the REV. S.J. BUTLER, vicar of Penrith, Cumberland.
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