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CAIN-On the 12th, Dec 1882 at John-street, Marypot, Mr Michael CAIN, aged 72 years.

CAIRNS on the 17 Feb 1889, at Brow street, Maryport, Thomas son of the late Mr David Cairns. coalminer, aged 4 yrs.

CALVERT- In Loving Memory of Henry, Dearly Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Calvert, Low Lorton, WHO DIED (suddenly) ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 1912, AGED 42 YEARS. Was interred at Lorton Church, on Monday, the 9th.
Verse with card- How sure the aim, how swift the blow that bore thy life away; How bright wert thou at noontide’s glow, How still at close of day. How sweetly rang thy martin song, From all foreboding free, And ere the night-winds swept along How many wept for thee. **

CALVERT ~ In loving memory of dear mother, Sarah Calvert, who died at Egremont on May 15th, 1895 aged 80 years

CALVERT-Thomas, who died at Hensingham On Feb 12th, 1879, aged 55 and was interred at Hensingham.

CALVERT. - On the 16th October 1902 at high Padstow, Hensingham, Thomas Henry, son of Joseph CALVERT, coalminer, aged 8 months.

CALVIN. - On the 17th Oct. 1902 at 31 Pipehouse Lane, Whitehaven, William, son of William CALVIN, Coalminer, aged 16 months.

CAMERON - On the 17th March 1882, at Ellenborough, Miss Betsy CAMERONS, aged 80 years

CAMERON-GEORGE, collier manager, of Greysouthern, who died at Seaton, 9th June, 1894 aged74 years.  

CAMERON. On the 13th July 1882, at Wyndham Row, Broughton Moor, MR. WILLIAM CAMERON, aged 73 years.

CAMERON - In Princess Street, on the 18th July, 1844, William, son of Mr. and Mrs. John CAMERON, aged 6 months.

CAMPBELL-On the 9th June 1897, at 5, Marlborough-street, Whitehaven, Helen, infant daughter of William Campbell, coalminer.

CAMPBELL-Henry, At Ribton Lane, Whitehaven, 4th Nov. 1884, aged 23 years.

CAMPBELL-James, The 29thMarch, 1812. at Kilbryde Castle, aged 89.

CAMPBELL. - On April 9, 1931, Mary, beloved wife of the late Edward CAMPBELL. To be interred at Broughton Moor

CANNELL - On the 22 nd Nov. 1882 at Quay-street, Whitehaven, Ruth Ellen, infant daughter of Mr. Isaac CANNELL.
CANNON-At Finkle Street, Workington, 15th June 1884., Rebecca, widow of Mr Daniel CANNON, seaman, aged 74 years.

CAPE-(no first name)my dear father who died at Broughton Moor, on Jan 15th 1931; also my dear mother, who died Feb. 6th 1928.

CAPE- Huddart, Keswick, expired suddenly on Wednesday, Oct.1903 about 4-30pm while sitting in a chair in her bedroom.She was 88.

CARLISLE-At Great Dockray, Penrith, on the 16thOct. 1844, MRS. ANN CARLISLE, aged 37years;

CARNAGHAN - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Catherine Street, Maryport, Annie Jane, daughter of Captain John CARNAGHAN, aged 2 years.

CARR - On the 15th Feb. 1897 at Frizington, Robert Stainton, sone of John Carr, aged 22 months.

CARRICK-In Lowther-street, on the 12th Oct. 1844, ELEANOR, the infant daughter of MR.WILLIAM CARRICK, Jun.

CARRICK- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF ISAAC CARRICK, Of Mosedale, Who departed this life August 20th, 1880, AGED 65 YEARS, And was interred at Greystoke Church August 22nd.  Verse with card- Sudden and unexpected was the blow That smote our joys, and laid our prospects low; In vain his pleading form we call to mind, Attentive, gentle, tender and kind. Weep not for me my wife and children dear, A tender father has left you here; And when you go my grave to see, Prepare yourself to follow me.**

CARRICK- In Affectionate Remembrance of JANE, Widow of the late Isaac Carrick, Mosedale, Who departed this life Oct. 15th, 1894, AGED 84 YEARS. Interred at Greystoke, October 18th. Verse with card- Past all pain forever, Done with sickness now, Those dear eyes are closed forever, Peaceful is thy brow. Greatly shall we miss thee, But our loss will be thy gain, In Heaven we hope to meet thee, With Jesus there to reign.**

CARRUTHERS-Private A E (Eddie) CARRUTHERS, who died of wounds in France, April 11th, 1918, aged 19 years, the dearly loved son of W and S Peel CARRUTHERS, of 58 St Helens Street, Cockermouth.

CARRUTHERS-James CARRUTHERS, of Cockermouth, who died on the 20th September, 1899. aged 51 years.  Interred at Brigham.

CARRUTHERS - At Mawbray House, Crosby, Robert, beloved husband of Eleanor who was accidentally killed on Saturday, March 19th, 1932. To be interred at Crosscanonby Church.

CARRUTHERS-On Sunday, November 28th, 1920, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Thomas Carruthers, King Street, Aspatria, aged 51 years. Was interred at St. Kentigern's, Asptria

CARRUTHERS. - On the 18th Oct. 1902 at 2 Prospect Hill, Whitehaven, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Mary CARRUTHERS, and second son of William and Mary CARRUTHERS, aged 28 years. Deeply regretted.

CARRUTHERS-Tom Peel, who died at 58, St. Helen's Street, on November 29th, 1918, aged 25 years.  Also of Pvt. Arthur Edward (Eddie), who died of wounds received in action on April 11th, 1918, aged 19 years, the dearly loved sons of William and Sarah Peel

CARRUTHERS- On Monday, at his residence, Kingston Park, near Whitehaven, in the 82nd year of his age, William CARRUTHERS, Esq.

CARTER-At 5, Fitz Road, Cockermouth, on May 2nd, 1931, Joseph Carter, husband of the late Sarah Carter, aged 81 years. Interred at the Cemetery, Cockermouth.

CARTMELL-Lawrence. the beloved son of Daniel and Mary Ann, the Meadows, Keswick, who died September 16th 1886, aged 4 years and 10 months.

CARTMER. On the 18th July 1882. at Crosby-street, Maryport, ISAAC, infant son of MR. JAMES CARTMER, butcher.

CARY-Catherine, On the 12th Dec. 1844, at her residence, Racey House, Charlton Kings,Gloucestershire, in the 81st year of her age, CATHERINE , the wife of the REVEREND ARCHDEACON CARY, of Hazlebrook, in the county of Roscommon, and only surviving child of the late MRS. LAW, Widow of the Right REVEREND JOHN LAW, Lord Bishop of Elphin, by her previous marriage with JOHN THOMLINSON,Esq., of Carlisle and Bencogo, in this county.

CASS - At Portinscale, on the 19th Nov. 1855, of consumption, MISS ELEANOR CASS, aged 22 years.

CASS-In loving memory of Jonathan Cass, who died 24th November, 1919.

CASSON-On the 1 Aug. 1903. William the dearly beloved and last surviving son of the late Jackson and Elizabeth Casson of Victoria Villas, Cleator Moor,age 37 years.

CASSON- At Swallowhurst, Bootle, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MATTHEW COWARD, son of MR. ANTHONY CASSON, aged 12 years.  

CASSON,On the 22nd January, 1897, at St. Bees, Maria Dixon, widow of William W. CASSON, hair dresser, aged 74 years.

CASTLE-April, 1812, aged 23, SAMUEL CASTLE, Esq., jun. deputy clerk of the peace for the county of Durham.

CASTLEY- On the 9thNov. 1858, at Shap, Mr. William CASTLEY, carpenter, aged 69.

CATTON- At York, Mrs Ann CATTON, aged 102. Feb. 1814

CAUGHEY-On the 17th Dec. 1882, at Goat, Papcastle, Miss Fanny CAUGHEY, aged 21 years.

CHALMERS- Mr. Gabriel CHALMERS, inthe 81st year of his age. Nov. 1858.

CHAMBERS.- At Ousby, on the 30th June 1887, Ann, wife of Mr. Edmund CHAMBERS, aged 69 years.

CHAMNEY-At Penrith, on the 15th Dec. 1844,JOHN, son of MR. EDWARD CHAMNEY, innkeeper,aged 17 years.

CHAPMAN-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at Common Side, Distington, Jane, wife of Mr. Henry CHAPMAN, aged 58 years.

CHARTER- W. F., at Moresby House, near Whitehaven, son of the late Mr W. F. CHARTER, brewer of Egremont. March 1903.

CHEESE-On the 27th May,1863 at Gosforth Rectory, Cumbrland, HELEN relict of the REV. B.CHEESE, B.D., rector of Tendring, Essex, and rural dean, in her 75th year.

CHESTER-Jane of Hexham, Feb 1814 aged 100.

CHESTER-William Musgrave Chester, who died suddenly, Jan. 16th 1930.

CHICKEN-Frances, the dearly beloved daughter of William and Margaret, of Flagstaff Farm, Silloth, who died Friday, September 20th, 1901.

CHISHOLME-On the 26th Sept.1879, at Caldewgate, Carlisle, JANE CHISHOLME, aged 54 years.

CHRISTIAN - On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Frizington, Catherine, wife of Mr. Robert James CHRISTIAN, coalminer, aged 57 years.

CHRISTIAN-On the 7th April, 1812, at Douglas, Miss JANE CHRISTIAN, daught of Capt. CHRISTIAN, of the Nelly and Betty.

CHURCH-Sept. 26, 1819, at Moresby, aged 74, Mrs CHURCH, sister of the late Rev Henry NICHOLSON, of Moresby.

CHURCH- On the 24th of April 1821, at Seringapatam, William Lowther CHURCH, seniorCaptain of the 18th Madras Infantry, and late of Whitehaven, Cumberland,aged 38.

CLAGUE-At 22, Church Street, Workington, on the 9th Feb 1903, Isabella (Bel*e), the dearly beloved daughter of John and Isabella Clague, aged 18 years. Interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

CLAPPERTON. - On the 11th July 1913, at 100 Senhouse Street, Maryport, James Archibald, third and dearly beloved son of Mr. And Mrs. W. CLAPPERTON. Was interred at the Maryport Cemetery

CLARK-On the 28th Sept. 1869 at Haile, Ann CLARK, aged 88 years.

CLARK-Driver Richard, R.F.A., of the Dairy Netherhall, Maryport, who died at Addenbrooks Hospital,Cambridge, on November 26th, 1917.

CLARK - In Charlotte Street, on the 5th Oct. 1855, of scarlatina, JOHN, son of MR. THOMAS CLARK, gas-fitter, aged 6 years.

CLARK-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, Emily,infant daughter of Mr John Martin Clark, plumber.

CLARK-Fanny Clark, of Gilcruz, who died August 17th, 1902, aged 12 years and 9 months.  Was interred at Gilcrux Church August 21th,1902.

CLARK-At Banklands, Workington, 15th inst. John Clark, formerly of Cockermouth, in his 88th year.  To be interred at Bridekirk today.

CLARK - In Charlotte Street, on the 5th Oct. 1855, of scarlatina, JOHN, son of MR. THOMAS CLARK, gas-fitter, aged 6 years.
COLLIN - Oct. 4, 1855, MRS. BETSY COLLIN, aged 85 years, Maryport

CLARK- At Uldale, Oct. 1844, MR. JONATHAN CLARK, aged 70 years – much respected through life.

CLARK-At Hadrian House, Maryport, on March 6th., Mary Ann, widow of Joseph Clark. Interred at Maryport Cemetery, Monday, 10th March 1930.

CLARK - On the 24th June, 1897, at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Mary, the wife of Martin CLARK, labourer, Goosebutts, aged 65 years.

CLARK - At Welton, on the 19th Oct. 1855, after a long and painful illness, Mary CLARK, aged 32 years.

CLARK-SARAH ANN, wife of Mr JOSEPH CLARK, stone mason,aged 30 years. Dec 9th 1844

CLARKE-On the 19th Jan. 1859, at 69, Glocester-terrace, Hyde Park, CATHERINE ELIZABETH,the beloved wife of ANDREW RICHARD CLARKE, Esq., of the Powe, Keswick,Cumberland, in her 25th year.

CLARKE - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Greysouthen, Henry Edward, infant son of Mr. David CLARKE, coalminer.

CLOUDSDALE - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Sawrey, Mr. Jonathan CLOUDSDALE, aged 36 years.

CLAYTON- Joseph, son of Mr and Mrs J CLAYTON,of Clay Street, Workington, attached to H.M.S. Emperor of India, who died in Haslar Hospital, Gosport, was buried at Haslar with full naval honours. Aged 21, died May 193?

CLEMENTS-On the 26th March 1897, at Egremont, Mr. WILLIAM CLEMENTS, carter, aged 70 years.

CLIFT-On the 14th Dec. 1882, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Jane CLIFT, aged 75 years.

COATES.- At the Black Lion Inn, Corn Market, Penrith, on the 22 May 1896, Mary Agnes COATES, aged 27 years.

COBRAN- At Hensingham, near Whitehaven, Oct. 1844, suddenly, ELIZABETH,wife of MR. THOMAS COBRAN, aged 55 years.

COCKBAIN ~ On the 10th May 1899, at Clara Vale, Ryton-on-Tyne, Mr. Martin Cockbain, coalminer, aged 62 years.

COCKBAIN-At Far End Row Threlk...  Sunday, June 19th,1898 Mary, (parts of page missing) the beloved daughter of William and Sarah Cockbain

COCKBANE-Thomas, 1860, April - Thomas Cockbane,45 - Roof fall at Lowther Coal Pit.

COCKS. - On the 29th May, 1897, at 43 Peter Street, Whitehaven, Sarah COCKS, aged 81 years.

COCKTON-Sarah, 1812-3rd August-Little Clifton - Burned by clothes catching fire.

COID- At Harrington, 22nd March, 1884, Mr. John COID, labourer, aged 69 years.

COLAS- At the Black Swan Inn, Castle Street, Carlisle on the body of a deaf and dumb idiot child, aged nine years the illegitimate daughter of Margaret. Death by burns, January, 1847.

COLEBANK - On the 21st Jan. 1920, Rozel, Seascale, Lisly, dearlyloved daughter of the late Isaac and Hannah COLEBANK, aged45 years. Interred at St Mary's Church

COLGIN. - On the 13th August 1869, very suddenly, on board of his vessel at Melbourne, Australia, Captain Joseph COLGIN, master of the barque, Harrington

COLLIN-Susan At Jarringmoor, near Wigton, aged 84. Feb. 1812

COLLINS- At Wood Street, Maryport, 26th March 1884, Naomi, wife of Mr. George Larkham COLLINS, recieving officer, aged 39 years.

COLLINSON- At London, on the 23rd,Oct. 1844, aged 31 years, in Northumberland Street, New Road, BARBARA C.C. COLLINSON, youngest daughter of the late REV. JOHN COLLINSON, vicar of Kirk*arl*, Northumberland.

COLLISTER-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Sandhills Lane Whitehaven MR T COLLISTER aged 49 years.

CONAWAY-Jane, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CONAWAY, Seat House, High Seaton, died April 1931.

CONKEY-at Hensingham, Miss. Eleanor CONKEY, aged 19, Oct. 1819

CONKEY, Robert - February 1st, 1883, Whangs Farrm, Egremont, Cumberland, England

CONLON: On the 20th Apr. 1882, at Kirkby Street, Maryport, Elizabeth Mary Monighan, daughter of the late Philip CONLAN, seaman, aged 15 years.

CONNOR- Robt CONNOR, who died on the 16th of June, 1902, aged 56 years, and was interred in the Maryport Cemetery on 19th  June.

CONROY-Thomas, 1846, 7th May - Bridgefoot- 42, Buried in slide of clay at railway.

COOK-Edward S., January 1932, aged 29, a Seascale man, collided with a tramcar and sustained injuries from which he died some days later in hospital.

COOK-Mary, of Wigton, Feb. 1814, aged 59.

COOKE-William, At the Old Printworks, 26th March 1884, Mr. Wm. COOKE, aged 75 years.

COOPER-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Scalegill, Egremont, Mr. George COOPER aged 79 years.

COOPER-At S. St. Helen's Street, Cockermouth, 28th Jan.1932 Jane, widow of the late Robert Cooper(builder) aged 75 years.

COOPER. - On the 20th June 1882, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Joseph Grave, infant son of Mr Joseph Cooper, draper.

COOPER-Richard, English-street,Cockermouth, Oct. 1819 aged 33

CORLETT-Ada, beloved wife of late Joshua CORLETT, died at Parton, April 7th 1930; also Josephine, daughter of above, died March 18th 1929.

CORK - In treasured memory of a dear husband and father, Charles Albert CORK, who died at Wardhall, Arkleby, on July 1st, 1937, in his 36th year.

CORK-Thomas Percy, died at "Tile Kilns" Kirkbride, November 6th 1925

CORKHILL,(female) Suicide, October, 1879, Cleator Moor.

CORNTHWAITE - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Barrow, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Richard CORNTHWAITE, aged 67 years.

COSTIN-At 46, Wood Street, Maryport, on the 29th November, 1920, Joseph McGraa(?)Costin(coalminer), beloved husband of Annie Costin, aged 39years.  Interred at Maryport Cemetary

COTTERILL-Thomas, Whitehaven, July 25th, 1852. aged 24 years.

COTTIER-  At Swansea, on September 18th,1903 Leonard Grave, son of Capt. Cottier, and Grandson of the late Stephen Grave, late of Mirkholme, aged 33 years and 10 months.

COTTIER-Thomas,41 years, interred in Broughton Parish Churchyard, June 1895.

COULTHARD-A.B. Thomas E, R.N.D., who died in the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, November 24th, 1915.

COULTHARD-on the 22nd Feb. 1889, at his residence, Africa villa, Whitehaven, Joseph Jefferson Coulthard aged 62 yrs.

COULTHARD-On the 19th Oct. 1879, at Wood-street, Maryport, Josephine, daughter of Mr Joseph Coulthard, painter, aged 13 months.

 COULTHARD-Judith Ann the dearly loved mother of above, who died at Station Road, Flimby, March 12th, 1908.  Both interred at Flimby.

COULTHARD-On the 28th Sept.1879, at Lowther-street, Carlisle, Margaret, daughter of the late MR. William Coulthard, aged 23 years.

COWAN-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mrs Ann Cowan, aged 76 years.

COWAN. - On the 19th June 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, William COWAN, ship carpenter, aged 60 years.

COWARD - On the 29th June 1938, at 20, Priory Hill, Dartford, Kent, James, the beloved husband of Edith COWARD (late of Midland Bank, Keswick).

COWIN - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at Frizington, Margaret Ann, wife of Robert Cowin, aged 33 years.

COWMAN-At 66, John Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, Evelyn WOOD, daughter of Jeremiah and Agnes COWMAN, of 92, Victoria Road, aged 17 months.  Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

COWMAN - On the 28th Nov.1879, at the Ironworks, Seaton, Hannah, daughter of Mr. Joseph COWMAN, watchmaker, aged 1 year.

COWMAN - On June 22nd, at Romford, John, dearly beloved husband of Jinnie COWMAN. Interred at Romford Cemetery on 27th June, 1938.

COWMAN. - On the 17th May 1897, at 19, Hilton-terrace, Whitehaven, William Harris COWMAN, aged 31.

COWPER-On the 31st March,1881 FREDERICK COWPER, Esq., J. P., and D. L., of CarletonHall, near Penrith, and No. 10, Montagu-square, Hyde-park, in his 87th year.

COWPER- 21st Jan. 1814 at her son's house, at Unthank, near Hutton Hall, Mrs COWPER,widow, aged 94.

COWPERTHWAITE. - On the 5th June 1882., at Brickfield-road, Liverpool, Mr Matthew Cowperthwaite, formerly of Cartmel, aged 32 years.

COX - At Low Graythwaite, on the 23rd Sep. 1855, MAJOR GEORGE COX, late of the 60th Bengal Native Infantry, aged 49 years.

CRAIGHILL-John CRAIGHILL who died at Crosthwaite, Keswick, April 2nd 1926.

CRANE-On the 4th June 1897, at Galemire Hospital, Jane daughter of Jno. CRANE, ironminer, aged 12 years.

CREAR-at No 11 Carter lane, on the 26 Feb 1889, Peter Crear, aged 76 yrs. Interred at the Whitehaven Cemetery.

CREERIE- Oct. 27, 1844, At Maryport, MRS. MARY CREERIE, aged 74

CREGEEN–Martha Ann, the beloved daughter of Edmund and Eleanor Cregeen, who died at Hensingham, August 22nd, 1895, aged 23 years. Interred at the Hensingham Cemetery.

CRELLIN - On the 9th Feb. 1897, at Scilly Banks, Moresby, William, son of Thomas Crellin, aged 15 months.

CRENELL-On the 25th Oct. 1879, at Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, widow of Mr Samuel Crenell, master mariner, aged 64 years.

CREWDSON.- At Wetherick House, Penrith, on the 19th May 1896, James CREWDSON, blacksmith, aged 55 years.

CROFT-Ann, of Durham, aged 89. Feb. 1814

CRONE-In loving memory of our dear mother, who died at 70, Kirkgate Cockermouth, June 6th,193l

CRONE - At Constantinople, on the 4th Sept. 1855, of apoplexy, WILLIAM, son of the late MR. DANIEL CRONE, stonemason, Aspatria, aged 26 years.

CROSBY-At 59 Main Street, Ellensborough, on the 14th April 1932, William, youngest son of the late Joseph and Betty Crosby, aged 67. Interred at Dearham

CROSBY–At Buchanan’s Terrace, Ellenborough,October 5th,1903.  William Henry (Lenny), the beloved son of Joseph and Betsy Crosby, aged 27 years.

CROSSE-The Rev. Arthur Bayly CROSSE, canon of Norwich, died yesterday at his residence in the Cathedral precincts, aged 78, from a heart affection, Sept. 1909

CROSTHWAITE-at Harrington, in the 80th year of her age, and greatly respected through life, Mrs CROSTHWAITE, relict of the late Mr Benjamin CROSTHWAITE. Feb. 1814

CROSTHWAITE-John, Feb. 1812, interred on Friday at St. John's chapel in Hensingham; the first interment in that burying ground.

CROSTHWAITE-At Balmoral House, Lake Road, Keswick, March 1st, Margaret, Widow of George Crosthwaite, aged 82 years.  Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

CROSTHWAITE. - On the 22nd Oct. 1902, at Winder Brow Farm, Lamplugh, William CROSTHWAITE, late of Birks Farm, aged 64 years. To be interred at St. Michael’s Church Arlecdon, on Saturday, the 25th, leaving Winder Brow at quarter past two o’clock. Friends please accept this the only intimation.

CROZIER. - On the 6th Feb. 1897, at Parton, Joseph COZIER, general labourer, aged 81 years.

CRUDDACE - At Branthwaite on the 22nd March, 1932, John, second son of the late Robert and Jane CRUDDACE, aged 67. To be interred at Dean Church.

CRUDDACE-Robt. Geo. Brow Top Cottages, Branthwaite,died April 1931.

CULLEN-on the 13th Feb 1889, at Cleator Moor, Arthur, infant son of Mr John Cullen, painter.

CULLEN-On the 20th May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, John CULLEN, miner, aged 72 years.

CUMMINGS - On the 17th March 1882, in Ashley-street, Carlisle, Frances CUMMINGS, infant.

CUMMINGS - On the 7th Oct. 1855, JOHN son of DAVID CUMMINGS, seaman, aged 7 years, Maryport

CURRIE-On the 16th May 1899, at 16 Ribton Lane Whitehaven, Ann, wife of the late Mr. James Currie, aged 46 years.

CURRY - On the 28th Nov. 1882 at Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mr. William Davison CURRY, aged 25 years.

CURWEN-On the 20th Sept 1860, HENRY, Esq., of Workington Hall, Cumberland, and Belle Isle, Windermere, aged 76

CURWEN- At the Rectory, Workington, on Wednesday week, MONA, the infant daughter ofthe REV. HENRY CURWEN.Oct. 1844.

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