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DALRYMPLE-On the 22nd April 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Sarah Ann, widow of Mr. David DALRYMPLE., shipwright, aged 37 years.

DALRYMPLE.-On the 24th April, 1899, at Moresby Parks, James, son of Mr. William J. DALRYMPLE, aged 9 years.

DALRYMPLE-On the 6th Oct. 1869 at 84 Roper-street, Whitehaven, James ARTHUR, infant son of Thomas and Margaret, aged 4 1/2 months.

DALTON - At Cummersdale Mills, near this city, on Friday, the 5th Oct, 1855, MR. DALTON, miller and corn merchant, aged 71 years.

DALZELL-At Clifton, on the 15th Aug.1898, Margaret, widow of the late Thomas Henry Dalzell, of Clifton Hall, born July 4th, 1825, died August 15th 1898.

DARCE-On the 3rdOct. 1819. at Wimbleton, Lady DARCE. By her Ladyship's demise, Mr. BRAND, her son, (the present member for the County of Herts) succeeds to the title and estates; there is, therefore, a vacancy for the county.

D'ARCY - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at Queen Street, Maryport, Mary D'ARCY, aged 2 years.

DARCEY-At 23, Stand Street, Maryport, on 17th Sept. 1903, Mary Jane, Beloved daughter of Patrick and Sarah F. DARCEY, aged 7½ months.

DARWOOD-Jane, At Mawbray, near Allonby, 21st March 1884. Aged 64 years.

DAVEY-John Thomas, second son of John and Elizabeth Jane Davey, 218, Frizington Road, Frizington, who died at Blackpool, November 28th, 1919.

DAVIDSON-At Moor Lea, Crosby on December 5th,1930, Catherine DAVIDSON, aged 65 years

DAVIDSON-On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Blackbank Cottage, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Davidson, foreman, platelayerat the Gretna Branch of the North British Railway, aged 14 years.

DAVIDSON- On the 19th Nov. 1858, James, infant son of Mr. Thomas DAVIDSON.

DAVIDSON - On the 11th Feb. 1897 at Pipehouse-lane, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of Misach Davidson, shoemaker, aged 73 years.

DAVIDSON, On the 20th Jan. 1897, at Trumpet-road, Cleator, Mary Ann DAVIDSON, housekeeper, aged 54 years.

DAVIES - On the 22nd March 1897, at Crescent Cottages, Drigg, Mary, widow of Joseph DAVIES, aged 79 years.

DAVIS: On the 17th Apr. 1882, at Furnace Lane, Maryport, William Watson, son of Mr John DAVIS, tailor, aged 18 months.

DAWSON-The 21st Jan. 1812 at Sedburgh, Mrs DAWSON, wife of Mr John DAWSON, an eminent mathematician.

DAWSON - Carlisle, At 7, Burlington Place, on the 20th April, 1880., JANE, relict of the late JOHN DAWSON, Esq.

DAWSON. - On the 12th May, 1897, at John's-lane, Whitehaven, Matilda, widow of William DAWSON, shoemaker, aged 74 years.

DAWSON-On the 26th Sept.1879, at Castle Vue, Penrith, Ann, widow of MR. TIMOTHY DAWSON, aged 68 years.

DAWSON- At Gosforth, on the 16thOct. 1844, HANNAH, wife of MR. MILES DAWSON, saddler,in the 25th year of her age.

DAWSON-John, At Great Broughton, 27th March 1884, aged 86 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

DAWSON-John, at Grasmere, Nov. 1819, aged 74.

DAWSON-In loving remembrance of Joseph Dawson, second son of the late James and Jane Dawson of Bowthorn, born December 19th 1849,died August 1st, 1903. Interred at Cleator.

DAWSON-At Penrith, on the 12th May 1844, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Thomas DAWSON, letter carrier, aged eight years.

DAWSON-At No 4 Gray Street, Workington on the 5thDec. 1920. Martha Emma thebeloved wife of the late Thomas Sutcliffe Dawson.

DAWSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of Ann Jane Dawson, of Mockerkin, Who died on Tuesday, Aug. 27th 1889, aged 28 years. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Thursday, Aug.29th, at 1-30 P.M.    
Verse with card-“Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Mourn not for whom god has blessed, And taken to His heavenly rest; Free from all the sorrow, grief and pain, Our loss is her eternal gain. **

DAWSON.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at 24, Water-street, Carlisle, Mr. George DAWSON, aged 66 years.

DENT-Ester, Oct. 1819, Kendal, aged 62.

DENWOOD-Alfred, of Parton, who was accidently (sic) killed at the Lowca No.10 Colliery, April 1932

DEWHURST-Jack, a twenty-four-year-old married man who lived with his wife and  one child at 5, Thwaiteville, Whitehaven, died April, 1931. At the Haig Pit Mine.

DEWSBURY - Mary, the wife of William DEWSBURY, July 1844, in her 57th year.

DEVLIN-At Great Clifton, 12th Sept,1903 John DEVLIN, aged 69 years. Was interred at Clifton Church

DEVLIN.--On the 12th Oct. 1869, at 37, Chapel-street, Louisa, daughter of Mr. J. DEVLIN, hawker, aged 1 year and 3 months.

DIAMOND- On the 27th March 1850, at Springfield, Wandsworth-common, Jane wife of Dr. H. W.DIAMOND, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. Mark WARWICK, of Carleton,Cumberland.

DICKINSON - On the 25 th Nov. 1882 at Micklam Farm, Harrington, Mrs. Eleanor DICKINSON, formerly of Seascale, aged 67 years.

DICKINSON-George, who died at Lowca, April 17th 1931.

DICKINSON-On the 3rd June 1897 at Kidburngill. Arlecdon, Jane, daughter of John DICKINSON, aged 66 years.

DICKINSON-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Chalouer Street Cockermouth MARY daughter of MR JAMES DICKINSON ironmonger aged 16 years and 10 months.

DICKINSON-TAMAR, of Silloth, died on the 24th day of April, 1931.

DICKSON - On the 11th Feb. 1897, at The Bath House, Whitehaven, Margaret Dickson, school teacher, aged 64 years.

DINWOODIE.- At Appleby, on the 23rd May 1896, Mary, widow of the late Dr. F.
M. DINWOODIE, aged 84 years. Interred in St. Lawrence’s Church, Appleby

DITCHBURN-Margaret, beloved wife of Joseph Ditchburn, Gate House, Flimby, who died on January 28th,1931.

DITCHBURN-Joseph DITCHBURN, of Flimby, beloved husband of Ann DITCHBURN, who died September 21st, 1897, aged 60 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

DIXON-At 41, Montreal(?) Street, Cleator Moor, on the 8th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved daughter of John and Jane DIXON, aged 6 years and 5 months.

DIXON-At Marine Terrace, Silloth, 29th Aug. 1898 Daniel DIXON, aged 89  years.

DIXON - At Melmerby, on the 25th Sept. 1855, FANNY, the wife of MR. THOMAS DIXON, aged 82.

DIXON At Temple Terrace, Aspatria, on the 9th inst, Mary Jane, beloved wife of Thompson DIXON, aged 50 years, sister of the above Annie LISTER. Interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 11th 1932.

DIXON-George, 1865, 17th July - Great Clifton - Run down by train while sleeping and intoxicated.

DICKSON - In loving memory of our dear father and mother, Robert Harrison DICKSON, died July 3rd, 1936; Sarah Louise DICKSON, died June 24th, 1937.

DIXON - In affectionate remembrance of a dear mother and grandmother, Sarah Jane DIXON, who was laid to rest in Little Clifton Churchyard, June 30th, 1937.

DIXON - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Thomas Dixon, husbandman, aged 68 years.

DIXON- In Upper Stanhope-street, Liverpool, Dec. 1844, aged 49 years, MR.THOMAS DIXON, late of Whitehaven.

DIXON-Grace, beloved wife of Thomas Dixon, Harrington, daughter of Sarah and the late John Turner, who died at no.2, Wickham's Place, Keswick, on Tuesday, January 26th,1932 age 39 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.
DIXON-James Hogson, died December 14th, 1920, aged 13 years.

DIXON-On the 15th Sept. 1879 at High Street Maryport MISS JANE DIXON ages 73 years.

DIXON-On the 18th Sept. 1879 Jonathan son of MR Jonathan DIXON of Lesson Hall Near Wigton Aged 19 Yrs.

DIXON - On the 19thOct. 1879, at Coniston, Mr Joseph Dixon, aged 58 years.

DIXON-At the Workington Infirmary, 10th Sept. 1903, Joseph Daniel, son of Isaac and Ann DIXON, of Little Clifton, aged 23 years.

DIXON-On the 30th Sept. 1869, at his residence, Etterby-street, Stanwix, John MILBOURNE, only son of the late Mr. Richard Gacter Dixon, of Denton Holme, aged 26 years.

DIXON-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at 51, Devonshire -street, Workington, Mabel, infant daughter of Mr. Robert DIXON.

DIXON- At Cockermouth, on the 11th Nov. 1858, Richard James DIXON, aged 17

DIXON-Sarah Dixon, who died at Keekle Terrace, 23rd August 1897 aged 75 years

DIXON - Nov. 1855, at Seascale, Gosforth, at the house of his grandfather, JOHN, infant son of Mr. JOHN DIXON, husbandman.

DIXON. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Quinn’s Terrace, Charles Street, Whitehaven, Thomas DIXON, aged 41 years.

DIXON-At Lime Tree House, Dovenby, on Monday the 15th June 1903, William DIXON, aged 77 years. To be interred at Bridekirk.

DIXON-On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Portinscale, near Keswick, Mr. William DIXON,granson of the late Mr. Robert Dixon, of Swinside Lodge, aged 28 years.

DOBIE-Jane, dearly beloved wife of John Dobie, died at Harrington Road, Workington, November 25th, 1918, aged 60 years.

DOBIE-At Frostoms Road, Workington, on the 17th June 1898, Margaret Lilian, the beloved daughter of  William James and Mary Dobie, aged 11 months and 3 weeks

DOBINSON-on the 15th Oct. 1844, ABIGAIL, widow of the late MR. JOHN DOBINSON, aged 52 years, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with christian fortitude andresignation.

DOBINSON-Henry, beloved husband of Margaret Dobinson, who died November 11th, 1928

DOBSON-Matthew, who died at Mill House, Birdgefoot, November 26th, 1917.

DOBSON-On the 3rd June 1897 at Ginns, Whitehaven, Philip DOBSON, coalminer, aged 39 years.

DOBSON- MR. WILLIAM DOBSON, chairmaker; At Great Dockray, Penrith, Oct. 16th 1844

DOBSON - At Wardrew House, Gilsland, on the 27th Nov. 1855, WILLIAM, third son of the late SAMUEL DOBSON, of Horsley, in the county of Northumberland, aged 25 years

DOCHERTY-On the 20th Sept. 1879 at Timplate Works Seaton JOSEPH son of MR JOHN DOCHERTY coalminer aged 1 year

DODGSON-Daniel,7th December,1754-Fell down coal pit.

DOHERTY-At 22, Udale Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, William (Jemmie), the beloved husband of Christian DOHERTY, aged 58 years. Interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

DOIG-On the 26th March 1897, at the Workhouse, HENRY DOIG, gardener, aged 74 years.

DONALD-Jane, our dear sister, who died at Pica, June 8th,1929.

DONALDSON - On the 29th Nov.1879, at Market Place, Whitehaven, Mr. John DONALDSON, butcher, aged 56 years.

DONALDSON-At York, 18th inst., Andrew Donaldson, aged 87, late of Cockermouth. Was interred at York on the 22nd,1920

DONELLY-At Wigton, on tbe 18thDec.1844, MRS. MARGARET DONELLY,wodow, aged 74years.

DONNELLY - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at 36, Peter-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of James Donnelly, tobacco spinner, aged 56 years.

DORAN-On the 18th May 1897, at Harrington, Agnes, daughter of James DORAN, aged 15 years.

DORAN - On the 14th Jan 1920, at Blackpool, Daniel DORAN, lateof Whitehaven, aged 58 years. Interred at Blackpool

DORAN-On the 13th June 1903 at Egremont, James DORAN, beloved husband of Sarah Ann DORAN, and beloved son of the late, Wm. and Mary DORAN, late of Cleator Moor, aged 35 years. Was interred at Egremont

DORAN-On the 25th Nov. 1902, at Cleator Moor, Mr. John DORAN, miner, aged 62 years.

DOUGLAS- In Affectionate Remembrance of ANN DOUGLAS, Who died at Low Mill on June 18th, 1888, AGED 81 YEARS. Will be interred at Broomfield on Friday, the 22nd Inst., leaving Low Mill at 7-30 a.m., and arriving at Broomfield at 11-30 a.m.
Verse with card- none**

DOUGLAS-Florence, the dearly beloved daughter of Joseph and the late Dorothy Ann Douglas, who died on Saturday, May 2nd 1931, at 12, Mill Street, Whitehaven.  Interment at Hensingham Cemetery.

DOUGLAS-At 76 Wakehurst Road, London, on the 10th April 1932, Mrs A S DOUGLAS, late of 82 Main Street, Cockermouth

DOUGLAS, Tuesday last, in the Market Place, Mr. John DOUGLAS, porter, aged 78. (August 1798).

DOUGLASS - In Union-street, Carlisle on Sunday, the 18th Nov. 1855, of scarlatina, SARAH DOUGLASS, aged 10 years.

DOUTHWAITE - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Barrow, Sarah Ann, wife of Mr. Robert DOUTHWAITE, aged 29 years.

DOVER-Willie, the beloved son of William and Katie Dover, Cabin Villas, Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1918, aged 18 years and six months.

DOWNES. - On the 22nd Apr. 1897, at Broadfield, Egremont, MABEL, daughter of MR. EDWARD DOWNES, tanner, aged 16 years.

DOWNIE-Francis,Wednesday last, at Damside, English-street,Carlisle Mr. Francis DOWNIE, advanced in years.Oct. 1819.

DOWNEY-George, of Kendal, Oct. 1819, aged 53.

DOWNEY,George of Harristown, Aspatria, Cumberland,April, 1917.

DRAKE- Janie, the beloved wife of Richard DRAKE, who died June 13th, 1917, at 20, Fleming Street, Maryport.

DRYDEN- At Belle Vue, Distington, 26th Oct. 1903, Edward Dryden, in his 69th year. Interred at Distington Parish Church.

DUDSON.- At Stricklandgate, Penrith, on the 25th May 1896,  Mary, daughter of George
DUDSON, aged 17 years.

DUFFY-On the 6th June 1897 at Pica, Distington, James DUFFY, coalminer, aged 51 years.

DUNGLISON-Daniel at Keswick,Feb. 1814, aged 85.

DUNN-At 35, Chestnut Hill, Cockermouth, June 5th, 1931 Catherine, widow of the late James Dunn, aged 75 years.  To be interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

DURHAM - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Felix Durham, French polisher, aged 32 years.

DUTTON.-On the 20th April, 1899, at the Union Workhouse, Nancy, widow of Mr. John DUTTON, aged 73 years.

DYKES- On the 1st May 1860, at Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, MARY, relict of the late J.DYKES BALLANTINE DYKES, Esq.
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