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EARL-At Cumwhitton on the 29thNov. 1844, JOHN, second son of Mr HUGH EARL, aged 34 years

EARL - At Cumwhitton, on the 9th Oct. 1855, after a long and tedious illness, SARAH, the beloved wife of WILLIAM EARL, aged 70 years, a native of Renwick

EARLY-on the 21st Feb. 1889, at Cowans court, Whitehaven, William, son of James Early, coalminer, aged 1 year and 2 months.

EASTON - At Wigton, on the 16th Nov. 1855, JANE, daughter of GEORGE EASTON, labourer, aged 6 years

ECCLES, On the 22nd January, 1897, at Lady Pit- terrace, Edmund ECCLES, postman, aged 47 years.

ECCLES-On the 24th March1897, at 4, Granby Terrace, Michael Street, Whitehaven, SARAH, wife of JOHN ECCLES, labourer, aged 31 years.

EDDY-James, At Pow Street, Workington, 26th March 1884, draper, aged 30 years.

EDE-On the 12th May, 1930. At 18, Challoner Street, Cockermouth, Eveline IVISON, eldest daughter of Mrs. And the late Charles EDE, of Bank House Crawley, Sussex. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery

EDGAR-At 51, Main Street, Cockermouth, on the 16th March 1903. (suddenly), Albert, the dearly loved and only child of John Black and Sarah Edgar,aged 4 years and 10 months. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

EDGAR-Pvt. D. I. Edgar, dearly loved son of Margaret and late Robert Edgar, Newtown, Silloth, reported missing November 18th, 1916.

EDMONDS-On the 16th Feb. 1884, at Penrith, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL B. EDMONDS, late of the 2d Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) aged 58.

EDMONSON-Onthe 14th Sept. 1879at Gilgarren Distington ANN widow of MR JOSIAH EDMONDSON master mariner aged 68 years.

EDWARDS, who died at Clarinda Terrace, Ellenborough, March 22nd, 1901, aged 52 years.

EDWARDS. - At Seaton, Workington, 23rd March 1903, after a long lingering illness, Louisa, the beloved wife of Joseph EDWARDS, and daughter of Frederick and Mary Ann KIRKBRIDE, aged 28 years. Interred at the Camerton Church.

EGGLESTONE. At Sheffield, on the 17th Apr. 1918Sally, daughter of Mr and
Mrs Elliot Egglestone, North Road, Kirkby Stephen, aged 23 years.
Interment at Kirkby Stephen Cemetery

EGGLESTONE -In Crosby Street, yesterday, after a lingering illness, MRS. JANE EGGLESTON, aged 62 years. Nov. 1855

EILBECK. - On the 26th Oct. 1903, at 27, George Street, Whitehaven, Ann EILBECK, aged 32 years. - To be interred to-day

EILBECK - Nov. 1855, at Hinningside, in Gosforth, ANN EILBECK, daughter of MRS. JANE EILBECK, aged 8 months.

ELAND-In loving memory of our dear mother, who died April 29th, 1930.

ELETHERINGTON-(?),of Cockermouth, aged 42 years. Was interred at Whitehaven Cemetery on Monday, the 14th Sept. 1903

ELLIOT-Annie, the second and dearly beloved daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth ELLIOT, Workington, who died May 30th, 1894, aged 19 years.

ELLIOT-At 21, West Street, Wigton on the 30th November,1930 Elizabeth, widow of John ELLIOT. (late of Clappers), aged 90 years,Interned at Bromfield

ELLIOT- At Longtown, on the 12th May 1844, Margaret Sarah, the infant daughter of Mr. George ELLIOT, aged six months.

ELLIOTT-George, Workington, May, 1931.

ELLISON: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Duke Street, Whitehaven, Hannah, wife of Mr. John ELLISON, husband-man, aged 66 years.

ELLWOOD - On the 19th March 1897, at Harrington, Edith, infant daughter of Robert ELLWOOD, steelworker.

ELLWOOD-At 4 Acre Grove, Birkdale, Southport, John, dearly beloved husband of Mary ELLWOOD, aged 69 years. To be interred at Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, on Saturday April 16th 1932.

ELLWOOD-At Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite, on the 24th Jan. 1932, John, the dearly beloved husband of Alice Ellwood, in his 60th year. Was interred at Uldale Old Church.

ELLWOOD - At 16, Rose Hill, Harrington, on 30th June, 1938, Robert, beloved husband of Annie Mary ELLWOOD, aged 62. To be interred at Harrington Church

ELLWOOD. - On the 25th Apr. 1897, at 6, Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, the wife of THOMAS ELLWOOD, pawnbroker, aged 49 years.

EMERSON-Mary, widow of John, At 17, Court, Market Place, Whitehaven, 25th March 1884. aged 69 years.

EMMERSON-a child of the name EMMERSON, in the neighbourhood of Caldbeck, was scalded to death, by falling into a large iron pot, filled with boiling water. August 20, 1819.

ERRINGTON-On the 23rd May, 1897, at Arlrcdon, George, son of Henry ERRINGTON, aged 16 years.

EVELYN-Sir FREDERICK.Dorkin in Surrey. He was one of the oldest members of theJockey Club. Miss EVELYN, his only sister, survivied him but one day. The title, we believe, is extinct!April 181?

EWART- On the 26th Feb. 1822, at Brampton, in Cumberland, Mr. Charles EWART, ofSwallow-street, Piccadilly.

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