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FAGAN. - On the 21st Apr. 1897, at Robinson's-court Duke-street, Whitehaven,SOPHIA, widow of JOHN FAGAN, coalminer, aged 58 years.

FAIRLIE- On the 12th Nov. 1858, at West Newington, Edinburgh, Sarah, the widow of thelate Rev. Walter FAIRLIE, and youngest daughter of the late Adam BITTLESTON,of Maryport, Cumberland, Esq.

FAIRLIE- On the 12th Nov.1858, at West Newinton, Edinburgh, SARAH, the widow of the late REV. WALTER FAIRLIE, and youngest daughter of the late ADAM BITTLESTON, of
Maryport, Cumberland.

FAIRLIE- On the 25th Nov. 1856, at Edinburgh, the REV. WALTER FAIRLIE, late of Libberton,and formerly of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

FALLOWFIELD - At Penrith, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of GEORGE FALLOWFIELD, gardener, aged 74 years

FARELL- Mrs., mother of Mr. WORDSWORTH, Whitehaven, March 1777, Aged 81.

FARRELL-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Christopher, of Whitehaven, aged 65 years.

FARREN-Capt Jerry, Seascale, Sept. 1903

FARREN- my dear husband, JOHN FARREN, who died at Johannesburgh, August 28th 1904.

FARRER- In Lowe's-court, on the 13th,Nov. 1858 Martha, relict of Mr. Isaac FARRER, waller,aged 80.

FARRER-Samuel FARRAR, beloved son of John and Ruth Ann

FARRER, Cleator Moor, who died on June 17th, 1895, aged 23 years; also our dearly beloved son, William
FARRER, who died February 15th, 1897, aged 21 years

FARRER-Samuel Farrer, beloved son of John and Ruth Ann Farrer, Cleator Moor; who died on June 17th, 1896 aged 23 years; also our dearly beloved son, William FARRER, who died on February 15th, 1897, aged 21 years and 9 months, and were interred at the Cemetery, Johannesburg,South Africa.

FAULDER-At West Green, Allonby, on November 3rd. Mary Jane, daughter of Joseph and the late Sarah Henry FAULDER. Interred Friends' Burial Ground.

FAULDER-On the 14th Aug.1903,at the residence of her brother-in-law, Wm. I Tolson, 76 Peter Street, Workington, Selina, beloved wife of Thomas Faulder, engineman, Parton, and daughter of the lateJohn Cameron, late of Dearham, aged 35 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

FAWCETT-On the 21st Sept. 1879 at Bargate Lowswater ANN wife of MR J FAWCETT aged 73 years

FAWCETT-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at Frizington, Eleanor Margaret, widow of William, aged 75 years.

FAWCETT-Hannah,13th March,1722 Clifton Drowned in River Derwent.

FAWKES - At Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, on the 20th March, 1932 Isabella, the dearly loved wife of Joseph FAWKES, Witch Close, Seaton, and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William GALE, Bedfors Street, Hensingham. To be interred at Hensingham Cemetery.

FEARON-Ann, At Bass's Court, Main Street, Cockermouth 26th March 1884. Aged 61 years.

FEARON–Evelyn Graham FEARON, of Distington,May 14th, 1929.

FEARON-On the 18th Apr. 1864, at Wiesbaden, ISABELLA, widow of the late JOHN FEARON,Esq., formerly of Mary Port, Cumberland, aged 75.

FEARON - On the 18th March 1882, at Johnston's-court, Church-Street, Whitehaven, John, son of Mr Edward FEARON, labourer, aged 12 years.

FEARON-On the 15th Feb. 1897, at Lowca, Tom Davidson, son of Joseph FEARON, Miner, aged 3 years.

FEE-At 30, Rose Bank, Hensingham, on May 3rd, 1931, James, the beloved husband of Martha Ann Fee.  Interred at Hensingham

FEENEY - On the 24th Nov. 1882 at 37, Backrow, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. James FEENEY, coalminer, aged 7 years.

FEENEY-Mary Ann Feeney, widow of Henry, died at Great Clifton, Jan. 13th 1931.

FEENEY-Henry, husband of Mary Ann, died Nov 15th 1921.

FELL-Edward FELL, who died at  Flimby, June 7th 1917. Also our dear mother, Catherine FELL, died March 27th 1907.

FELL-At Nook House, Torepehow, 17 June 1884, Ester the beloved daughter of John FELL, Newtown, Aspatria, aged 26 years.

FELL - On the 4th April, 1882, at Church-street, Dearham, George, son of Mr. Edward FELL, coalminer, 9 years.

FELL-13thOct. 1819. at Ulvetston, William FELL, Esq. aged 71, greatly respected.

FENTON-On Wednesday, the 4th Dec. 1844, in Kendal, Mr JOHN CHRISTOPHER FENTON,aged 20, clerk in the bank of Westmoreland, and son of Mr THOMAS FENTON,of Levens.

FERGUSON- On the 5th March 1847, at Montreal, Lower Canada, George FERGUSON, Esq., lateCaptain in the 23d Regiment, and eldest son of the late George FERGUSON,Esq., of Houghton-hall, in the county of Cumberland, aged 33.

FERGUSON - on the 22nd Nov. 1855, at Maryport, MRS. ANN FERGUSON, aged 66

FERGUSON-At Station Road, Flimby, 2 Aug. 1903, Mary wife of John Ferguson,age 65 years.

FERGUSON - On the 27th Sept. 1869, at Harrison's-court, New Town, Maria, daughter of Mr. William Ferguson, aged 6 weeks.

FERGUSON-At Heathery Fauld, in the township of Nicholforest, on the 1st Nov. 1844, MR. WILLIAM FERGUSON, aged 78 years.

FIDLER-At Dyke Nook, Frizington, 14th June 1884, Mr Joseph FIDLER, shipwright, formerly of Whitehaven, aged 61 years.

FINLEY-Wm. Henry, who resided with his son at 2 Cottage Row, Queen St, Whitehaven died very suddenly April 1932.

FISHER-At 79, Duke Street, Whitehaven, 18th June 1884, Ann, youngest daughter of Mr Thomas FISHER, aged 7 years.

FISHER-Ben, the beloved husband of Emma Fisher, who died at Broughton Moor, December 4th, 1919

FISHER-At 106 High Street, Maryport, on the 9th April, 1932, Jane TINNION,widow of the late Robert FISHER, aged 87 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery

FISHER-John, 1860, Clifton 9, Killed by elevators at Lowther Coal Pit.

FISHER-at 159 Main Street, Frizington, on the 7th December 1920, Joseph the beloved husband of the late Mary Ann Fisher, aged 78 years. Interred at St Paul's Church

FISHER-On the 18th Sept. 1879 at Brow Top Workington MARY wife of MR ROBERT FAWCETTaged 73 years.

FISHER. On the 16th July 1882, at Braithwaite, near Keswick, MR. SIMEON FISHER, farm labourer, aged 78 years.

FISHER.-On the 16th Jan. 1897, at 31 George-street, Whitehaven, Florence Robertson, daughter of Thomas FISHER, aged 16 months.

FISHER - At Faugh, near Carlisle, on the 9th Nov. 1855, CHRISTOPHER FISHER, yeoman, aged 78

FISHER-Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, aged 73. Feb. 1814

FITZPATRICK - On the 31st December, 1901 at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Daniel Fitzpatrick, iron ore miner, of Whitehaven, aged 72 years.

FITZSIMONS-Edward, Whitehaven, drowned July 17th 1852, 12 years of age.
FLANAGAN-On the 11th Dec 1882, at Robinson's Fold, Queen-street,Whitehave, Margaret, infant daughter of Mr. Daniel FLANAGAN, baker; also on the 9th inst., Mary Catherine, aged 5 years.

FLEMING-On the 21stOct. 1879, at Grange, Borrowdale, near Keswick, Joseph, infantson of Mr J Fleming.

FLEMING-Jonathan, 1837 -Clifton -Exposure while intoxicated.

FLEMING-At Dale Bottom, Keswick, on the 13thAug. 1898, Mary, wife of Mr.Richard Fleming, late of Sty Beck Farm, aged 66 years.

FLETCHER - On the 9th June 1920. At 22, Roper Street, Ann, the dearly beloved wife of Wilson FLETCHER, aged 40 years. interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

FLETCHER-Annie Elizabeth, Keswick, suicide by self poisoning, June 1895.

FLETCHER-At West Kirby, Cheshire, on the 27th March 1897, GEORGE, the beloved husband of MARY ANN FLETCHER, aged 70 years, formerly of Liverpool and Whitehaven.

FLETCHER- At Whitehaven, since our last, MRS. HANNAH FLETCHER, widow, at the great ageof 93 years;Oct. 1844.

FLETCHER - At Maryport, on the 4th Oct. 1855, HUMPHREY, son of JOSEPH FLETCHER, flour dealer, aged 10 months

FLETCHER-On the 24th Nov. 1902, at Winder Ghyll, Lamplugh, Robert Whinn, infant son of Mr. Isaac FLETCHER.

FLETCHER-Joseph Whinn, the dearly beloved second son of Jane and the late Isaac Fletcher, who died on Jan. 16th 1930 at Ingwell Lodge. Also Grace Kendal (Dulcie), their loving youngest daughter, who died Dec. 25th 1927. Also Isaac, their father, who died October 29th 1903.

FLETCHER-On the 20th April 1882, at Peter-street, Whitehaven, Miss Margaret  FLETCHER, aged 84 years.    

FLETCHER - On the 23 rd Dec. 1882, at Station-road, Workington, Miss. Ruth FLETCHER, aged 57 years.

FLETCHER-On Sunday week, Oct. 1853, in Blundle Street, Liverpool, Mrs. FLETCHER, innkeeper, daughter of Mr. John HIRD, of Pallaflat, near Egremont; much respected.

FLETCHER - On the 5th Oct. 1855, WM. BLACK, son of HENRY FLETCHER, seaman, aged 13 months, Maryport

FLINN-On the 12th Sept. 1879 in New Bank Lane Carlisle ELIZABETH FLINN aged 65 years.

FLOOD. - On the 19th June 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Mr Edward Flood, marine engineer, aged 33 years.

FORREST-On May 24th, 1895, at 2,827, North Roby Street, Ravenswood, Chicago, Bessie Jane (Bessie), aged 30 years, the dearly beloved wife of Andrew FORREST, and youngest  daughter of A. KENDALL,The Elms, Harrington.

FORRESTER-At the Coach Works, Cockermouth, 8th June 1895, George ALLAN, youngest son of Margaret and the late John FORRESTER, aged 7 years.

FORSTER-Jane, about 2 1/2 years of age, the daughter of James, died from burns, March, 1903.

FOSTER-On the 4th June 1897, at Cleator Moor, Arthur Victor, infant son of John FOSTER, miner.

FOSTER-At 12 Wedgewood Street, Siddick, on the 14th April 1932, Henry Dixon, dearly beloved husband of Lilian Foster, aged 41 years. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery.

FOSTER-beloved daughter of William and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, who died at Ellenborough, JUNE 13TH 1918.

FOSTER - At High Crosby, in the parish of Crosby-upon-Eden, on the 21st Oct. 1855, THOMAS FOSTER, innkeeper, aged 68 years, much respected.

FORSYTH - On the 30th Jan.1902, at Barclay House,Keswick, Leah FORSYTH, aged 19 years.

FOWLER-At Workington on the 14th Dec. 1844, MR. PATRICK FOWLER, aged 82 years.

FOX-At Workington, on the 26thNov. 1844, Mrs ANN FOX, widow, aged 57 years

FOX. - On the 26th February 1897, at 102, Scotch-street, Whitehaven, Isabella, daughter of John and Sarah FOX, aged 8 years. Was interred Whitehaven
FOX - On the 25th Nov. 1882 at George-street, Whitehaven, Jane, widow of Mr. John FOX, aged 67 years.

FOX-Joseph, 1862, 33 - 11th June - Explosion of firedamp in Colliery.

FOX - On the 21st March 1897, William FOX, of Seacroft, St. Bees, Cumberland, in his 34th year.

FRANKLAND-Frederick Alphonso Frankland, who was drowned at sea December 3rd 1920. Interred at Maryport Cemetery

FRAZER-Daniel beloved husband of Adelina Frazer, who died at 11, Margaret Street, Flimby, June 3rd,1930.

FRASER-On the 17th Feb. 1897, at Moor Row, John Murdoch, infant son of Hugh FRASER, railway signalman.

FRAZER-Reginald Conrad, Doctor,aged 32 years, lately residing at 185 St. Leonard's  Road, Bromley-by-Bow, who committed suicide, June 1895.

FREAR- On Wednesday, at Distington, after a short indisposition, Mrs. Margaret FREAR, landlady of the Globe Inn, at that place, aged 63, much respected. Nov. 1983.

FRENCH-At Glasson, 22 May 1895, Jane FRENCH, aged 76 years.

FROST-At Daventry, aged 40, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. W. FROST, Three months ago, she gave birth to her twentieth child, sixteen of whom are living. Oct. 1844.

FULLARD- at Mount Pleasant, Miss Mary FULLARD, aged 16 years.Sept. 1819

FULTON-At Sligo, on the 7th May 1844, Captain FULTON, of the brig Lively, of Galway, aged 23 years, only son of the late Captain David FULTON, of the Brothers, of Whitehaven.

FULTON-At 104, Peter Street, Workington, Mary Ann Fulton, beloved wife of Thomas R. Fulton. Interred at Salterbeck on March 8th 1930.

FURNACE-Joseph On the 20th July,1852 At Workington, at the house of his father, watchmaker, of Cockermouth, aged 26.

FURNACE-On the 9th Sept. 1903, the infant son of ROBERT and ADA FURNACE, of Cumberland Street, Workington.

FURNASS-At Ravenstondale, Westmorland, Mr. William FURNASS, aged 96.Feb. 1812
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