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GAINFORD-At Greysouthen, on Wednesday, 4th November, Annie Mary, beloveddaughter of John G. and Mary I. Gainford, aged 19 months.Interred at Brigham Churchyard.

GAITSKELL. - On the 27th day of April, 1882 at Bootle, Eleanor, the wife of Mr. James GAITSKELL, saddler, aged 59 years.

GAITSKELL-On the 13th May 1899, at 192 Queen Street Whitehaven, James, infant son of Mr. James Gaitskell.

GAITSKELL - On the 25th Sept.1869, at Church-street, Kensington, London, the Rev. John Gaitskell, M. A., brother of Mr. James Gaitskell, Bootle, aged 48 years.

GALE - At 26, Derwent Street, Workington, on the 21st March 1932, suddenly Mary Frances, widow of the late John GALE, aged 73 years. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

GAMBLES-On the 15th May 1899, at 2 South Marsh Street, Workington, Margaret Jane, wife of Mr. Jonathan Gambles, aged 39 years.

GAMMELS-In Cockermouth Union workhouse,May 1844, Mr John GAMMELS, waller, aged 66 years.

GARDNER-On the 15th Sept. 1879  at Barrow ANN wife of MR WILLAIM GARDNER aged 52 years.

GARDNER-On the 24th Sept.1879, at Cartme, ELEANOR,wife of MR. WILLIAM GARDNER, aged 62 years.

GARNETT, At 126, Queen-street, Whitehaven, on the 2nd, Oct, 1855 son of MR. PETER GARNETT, saddler, aged 10 weeks

GASGARTH-On the 13th Dec, 1882, at Donenby Railway Station, Julia Eleanor, infant daughter of Mr. William GASGARTH,platelayer.

GASKIN-At Penrith, Mrs Sarah GASKIN, aged 82, widow of the late Mr John GASKIN,  joiner.  She was better known by the name of Nurse GASKIN, having been mother to 8 children, given suck to 16, and brought up 18 without the breast; in  all forty-two.July 1813.

GATE-On the 11th Jan. 1932, Jane, widow of the late William Skelton GATE (late of Wigton).Interred at Wigton Cemetery.

GATE-Jonathan, At Spring Bank, near Keswick, 20th March 1884, of Blackburn, in his 82nd year.

GATES-On the 5th Feb. 1897, at 20, Market-place, Whitehaven, John William GATES, butcher.

GATES-Joseph GATES, the beloved husband of Jane GATES, who was killed at William Pit, Great Clifton, June 16th, 1894, aged 26 years.

GAWITH, Lately at Broughton-n-Furness, Lancashire, William GAWITH, Esq., formerly in the Hon. East India’s Company’s Service, at Bengal. (August 1798).

GEORGE - On the 16th Nov.1879, at Frizington, Mr. Charles GEORGE, ironminer, aged 54 years.

GEORGE - At 2 Alice Court, Court Street, Carlisle on January 31,1933 Esther Ann George, widow of the late John L. George, Chemist, Wigton aged 73 years. Interred at Carlisle Cemetery
GIBBONS-Annie, daughter of Elizabeth LITT, died April 18th,1927.

GIBBONS-In loving memory of Annie, the dearly beloved wife of Robert GIBBONS, who died on April 18th 1927.

GIBSON-In ever loving memory of Amy, dearly beloved daughter of James and Mary Gibson, who died November 29th, 1918, aged 4 years and 4 months.

GIBSON. - On the 20th June 1882, at Dearham Hall, Margaret, daughter of Mr John Gibson, farmer, aged 2 years.

GIBSON-ANN, daughter of Mrs MARY BEATTIE,aged 37 years, Dec 1844

GIBSON-At Dumfries,the 18th inst.Miss CLEMENTINA GIBSON, aged 26, April 1812.

GIBSON. - On the 11th Oct. 1902, at Harrington, John GIBSON, iron furnace man, aged 72 years.

GIBSON - At Poughkeepsie, State of New York, America, on the 2nd Sept, 1855, JOHN, the infant son, and JANE, the wife of WILLIAM GIBSON, blacksmith, formerly of Welton, Sebergham, in this county, aged 28 years. Both mother and son were interred on the same day in one grave.

GIBSON - On the 10th Feb. 1897 at Holehouse, Millom, Sarah, widow of W. R. GIBSON, farmer, 81 years

GIBSON-Muriel Violet, beloved wife of William Gibson, Wilkyn Syke, Buttermere, who died on November 23rd, 1919.

GIBSON-William, who died at Hayborough Cottages on November 11th 1930.

GILBERTSON - At Murrell Hill, Carlisle, on the 24th April 1880, JOHN GILBERTSON, aged 20 years.

GILL- In Loving Memory Of Ann, Relict of the late Tyson Gill, of 17, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, Who died on December 5th, 1926, AGED 75 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Wednesday, December 8thth, at 2 p.m., leaving residence at 1-15.
Verse with card- Her toils are past, Her work is done, And she is fully blest: She fought the fight, The victory won, And entered into rest. **

GILL- In Loving Memory of Annie May, Daughter of John and Isabella Gill, Who died at Waterend, Loweswater, on Friday, September 7th, 1923. AGED 17 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Monday, September 10th. At 2 p.m. Verse with card- none **

GILL-At 81 Lawson Street, Aspatria, on the 20th inst., Humphrey Robert, beloved husband of Elizabeth Gill, who was interred at Aspatria Church on 23rd inst., Nov.1920

GILL -John the dearly loved nephew of J. W. and H. BROWN, and beloved husband of Hannah GILL, who was accidentally killed at St Helens Colliery, June 4th,1920 aged 33 years.

GILL- In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary Grace, (Pollie), The dearly beloved daughter of Tyson and Ann Gill, who died at Lamplugh Hall, on Friday, March 1st, 1912, AGED 19 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Tuesday, March 5th, at 2-30 p.m. Verse with card- Day by day we do miss her, Words would fail our loss to tell; But in heaven we hope to meet her, Evermore with her to dwell. **

GILL- In loving Memory of TYSON, The Beloved Husband of Ann Gill, of 17, Mayo St., Cockermouth, Who died on February 1st, 1925, AGED 77 YEARS. To be interred at Lamplugh Church on Wednesday, February 4th, at 2-20 p.m., leaving residence at 1-45. Verse with card- none **

GILL-On the 20th Feb. 1897, at 20 Inkerman-terrace, Whitehaven, William
GILL, stationer, aged 70 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

GILLON-At New Street, Wigton, 5th June 1895, Elizabeth GILLON, aged 82 years.

GILMOUR - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at Senhouse Srteet, Maryport, Helen, daughter of Mr. Alexander GILMOUR, furnaceman, aged 1 year.

GILPIN-June 1831 In Newcastle on the 17th inst, Charles Bernard, youngest son of Mr James GILPIN, one of the Society of Friends, aged 10 months.

GLAISTER. - On the 27th June 1882, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven,MR. HENRY GLAISTER, farmer, aged 64 years.

GLANDONING-Joseph, son of Margaret and William, who  was murdered the 13th of June 1808 aged 56 years. Workington.

GLANDONING-Margaret, the wife of William, died 12th day of September 1790 aged 77 years.
GLANDONING-William husband of Margaret who died 25th September 1755 aged 81 years.

GLASS - On the 13th October, 1882, at Shanghai, of Asiatic cholera, George GLASS, chemist, formerly of Whitehaven.

GLASS-At Toronto Maternity Hospital on November 15th 1930, Ruby, beloved wife of Walter GLASS and youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John NICHOLSON, of Arlecdon, aged 34 years.
GLEAVES-Elizabeth, beloved wife of John James Gleaves, who died at Egremont, November 30th, 1918.

GLENDINNING-At Newtown-of-Rockliff, on the 9th May 1844, Mr William GLENDINNING, aged 77 years

GLOVER-Joseph, eldest son of Mr Glover boat builder, of Main-Street, Keswick died Jan. 1869.

GLOVER.--On the 8th Oct. 1869,  at Melton Mowbray, very suddenly, Robert GLOVER, Esq., aged 65 years.

GODFREY-George Godfrey, who was drowned in Garston Dock, November 29th.  Was interred at Harrington on December 5th, 1919.

GOODFELLOW - At Ainstable on January 23rd, 1933, Robert, the beloved husband of Ann Goodfellow aged 74 years. Was interred at Ainstable

GOODWIN - On the 30th Nov.1879, at Mitchell's Court, Irish Street, Whitehaven, Hannah, wife of Mr. Edward GOODWIN, labourer, aged 23 years.

GORDON, On the 23rd January, 1897, at Marlboro-street, Whitehaven, Sarah, widow of John Gordon, ironmonger, aged 81 years.

GORDON-At Threkeld, on November 5th, Sarah Hannah, widow of Thomas GORDON, of Whitehaven and second daughter of the late William NICHOLSON of Lownthwaite, Milburn, aged 94.

GORMAN-At Beeby Street, Workington, 18th June 1884, Mr Thomas GORMAN, aged 24 years.

GOULD-At 123, Rockingham Road, Kettering, North Hants, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Emmanuel Gould, and eldest daughter of Thomas Ritson, formerly of Branthwaite,aged 48 years.

GOWAN, On the 21st January 1897, at 4 Briggs Court, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Ann, widow of Thomas GOWAN, farmer aged 82 years.

GOWAN - On the 12th January 1902, at the residence of his sister, New york, Robinson (Bob) GOWAN, second son of the late William and Mary GOWAN, formerly of 1, Clay Street, Workington, aged 32 years.

GRAHAM. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, Crosside, Egremont, Mrs. GRAHAM, aged 75 years.

GRAHAM-At Mellguards, on the 9th May 1844, of consumption, Mrs. GRAHAM, aged 24, wife of Mr C. GRAHAM, and eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. SLACK, of Ellerton Grange.

GRAHAM-On the 3rd Feb. 1902 at Quay Street, Whitehaven, Albert, son of John GRAHAM, coalminer, aged 4 years.

GRAHAM-Ann, at Workington, Mrs Ann GRAHAM. Sept. 1819

GRAHAM on the 23rd Feb. 1889, at Beckfoot, Rockliffe, Mr Edward Graham, late of Gearshill, aged 86 years.

GRAHAM - On the 20th March 1932 At No. 4 Westfield View (Council Houses), Flimby, Elizabeth the beloved wife of William GRAHAM, aged 66 years. To be interred at Flimby Cemetery.
GRAHAM- Frank Ernest, Burial 1863, Dec. 3rd, Longtown, aged 11 months.

GRAHAM-George, At 20, Duke Steeet, Whitehaven, 15th March 1884, aged 70 years.

GRAHAM-At 16, Alexandra Terrace, Whitehaven on May 15th 1930 Hannah, the beloved wife of Francis GRAHAM, aged 51 years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery

GRAHAM. - On the 28th June 1882, at Waterloo-street, Cockermouth, ELIZABETH,widow of MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM, aged 55 years.

GRAHAM- On the 28th Dec. 1830, at the house of her brother, Mr. SIMPSON, in Nottingham-place, after a short but severe illness, Mrs. Harriet GRAHAM,widow of the late James GRAHAM, Esq., of Richardby, near Carlisle,Cumberland.

GRAHAM-At Blackhamilton, in the parish of Kirklinton, on the 17th Sept. 1844, aged 29 years, Mrs. JANE GRAHAM, wife of Mr. GEORGE GRAHAM, yeoman, late of Rigg.

GRAHAM-On the 19thOct. 1879, at the Samson Inn, London-road,Carlisle, Mr J Graham, aged 65 years.

GRAHAM- On Tuesday, the 13th April 1824, at Netherby, Cumberland, SIR JAMES GRAHAM,Bart., aged 62.

GRAHAM-On the 26th Nov.1879, at Milbourne Street, Carlisle, Mr, James GRAHAM, aged 40 years.

GRAHAM, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at the Newhouses, Whitehaven, Jane, wife of Phillip, coalminer, aged 49 years.

GRAHAM-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Milbourne-street, Carlisle, MR. JOHN GRAHAM, aged 23 years.

GRAHAM-Margaret, the wife of Mr. John GRAHAM, cabinet maker, Carlisle, aged 46, much respected.Oct. 1819

GRAHAM-Mary, At Liverpool, 3rd March 1884, daughter of the late James, Scallow, Lamplugh.

GRAHAM-Mary , who died at 15, Craika Road, Dearham, on November 29th, 1919.

GRAHAM-At Barwise Gate, on the 10th Dec 1844, Miss MARY GRAHAM, aged 83 years,sister of the late Mr ROBERT GRAHAM, steward to Sir JAMES GRAHAM, ofNetherby.

GRAHAM-Mary Graham, who died March 7th, 1929.

GRAHAM-At the Infirmary, Workington, on the 3rd inst., John (Jack), the dearly loved son of Thomas and Louisa Graham, aged 18 years and 11 months. Nov. 1931

GRAHAM.-On the 18th April, 1899, at the Albion Hotel, Harrington, Samuel Easton, son of Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 14 months.

GRAHAM-At Workington, on the 9th Dec. 1844, PHOEBE GRAHAM, daughter of MRS. MARGARET BENSON, aged 4 years

GRAHAM-On the 11th Nov. 1844, MARY, wife of MR. DAVID GRAHAM, blacksmith, of Greenfoot, in the parish of Bolton, aged 83.

GRAHAM-On the 14th Sept. 1879 at the Old Brewery Wigton JANE widow of MR RICHARD GRAHAH aged 75 years.

GRAHAM- On the 27th Jan. 1852, at Dursley, Sir Robert GRAHAM, Bart., of Esk, county ofCumberland, in the 83d year of his age.

GRAHAM - At 71 Petteril(?) Street, Carlisle, on 1st February, 1933, Robert Graham (late 30 Clifton Street), aged 78 years. Tobe interred at Carlisle Cemetery

GRAHAM - At the Hospital, on the 24th January, 1933, Thomas, the beloved husband of the later Francis Graham, late of 34 Morton Street. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

GRAHAM-On the 27th Nov., 1902, at Cooper's Court, Quay-street, Whitehaven, Winifred Victoria, daughter of John GRAHAM, aged 2 years.

GRAHAM. - On the 21 April. 1897, at 7, Irish-street, Whitehaven, MARGARET, widow of JOHN GRAHAM, labourer, aged 70 years.

GRAHAM - On the 27th Nov.1879, at Hill's Place, Church Street, Whitehaven, Wyly, son of Mr. William GRAHAM, mariner, aged 2 years and 8 months.

GRAHAM. - At 6, King Street, Aspatria, on April 2, 1931, William, dearly loved husband of Eleanor GRAHAM, aged 77 years.

GRAHAM- Since our last, in Tangier Street, William , son of Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 18 years. Oct. 1853

GRAINGER-Richard, of Chatwall, aged 25, April, 1812; and on Monday at the Trumpet Inn, Shrewsbury, where he had come for the purpose of ordering a hearse &c. for the funeral of his brother,Mr. THOS. GRAINGER of Adcott, aged 20.

GRANT. - On the 30th April 1882 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mr. Charles GRANT, Labourer, aged 40 years.

GRANT - On the 3rdFeb.1902, at Orchard Street, Carlisle, John George GRANT, aged 17 years.

GRAVE- IN LOVING MEMORY of MARY, Widow of the late Peat Grave, Who died at Low Lorton, on April 19th, 1906, AGED 35 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Churchyard, on Sunday, April 22nd, at 2 p.m.
Verse with card- “THY WILL BE DONE” **

GRAVE. On the 14th July 1882, at Netherton, Ellenborough, SARAH, widow of MR.MATTHEW GRAVE, farmer, aged 81 years.

GRAVES- At Keswick on the 26th Jan. 1885, Annie May, daughter of Mr LeonardGraves, aged 2 years.

GRAVES.- At Morcambe on the 13th June1887, Thos. James, only son of William GRAVES, aged 21 years.

GRAVES-Little Willie, dearly loved son of Isaac and Sarah E. Graves, who died at Blennerhasset, November 22nd, 1918.

GRAY. - On the 14th June 1882, at Sullart-street, Cockermouth, Mr William Gray, threadmaker, aged 69 years.

GRAYSON-James BAIN, the beloved husband of Nellie R., and son of the late John and Ellen GRAYSON, of Ullock, died April 9th 1930 aged 47. Interred at Dean Church.

GREARS - On the 5th Jan. 1902 at 51, Back row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Sarah Ann, daughter of James GREARS, coal miner aged 17 months.

GREAVES- At Manchester, on the 11th Dec. 1844, aged 24 years. MR. ROBERT GREAVES,youngest son of the late MR. THOMAS GREAVES, of Cadishead.

GREAVES-On the 23d Nov. 1883, at Brighton, WILLIAM THOMAS GREAVES, Esq., M.R.C.S., Eng.,late of Penrith, Cumberland, in his 75th year.

GREEN-At Green Bank, Borrowdale, yesterday (Friday), 25th Sept. 1903,Elizabeth, wife of the late Jno, Green, aged 90.

GREEN- In Loving Memory of Joseph, The Beloved Husband of Jane Green, of Pardshaw Lee Gate, Who died September 21st, 1907 AGED 71 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Tuesday, September 24th, at 3 p.m., leaving residence at 2 p.m. Verse with card- none **

GREEN- At 18, Vulcan's Lane, Workington, on the 20th March 1932, William, (Ex-Sergeant of Police, the beloved husband of Ann SHARP-GREEN, in his 66th year. Interred at Salterbeck Cemetery.

GREEN-At Marina Cottage, Allonby, on the 24 Sept. 1903,  William eldest son of Thomas and Ann GREEN aged 36 years

GREENER-Henry, who after a well spent useful life entered into rest May 17th, 1929.

GREENER-John, eldest son of Henry and Mary Greener, 48, Pica, Distington, who was killed in action at Bourton Wood, France, November 30th, 1917, aged ** years.

GREENHOW - On the 20th Nov.1879, at Ellenborough, Collin Wedgewood, son of Mr. John GREENHOW, aged 3 years.

GREENHOW-On the 21st Oct. 1879, at Crosby-street, Maryport, Samuel, son of Mr W Greenhow, aged 3 years.

GREENHOW.- At High Lounthwaite, on the 21st June 1887, Harrison GREENHOW, aged 78 years.

GREENOP-On the 16th June, 1897, at 4, Duke-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. GREENOP, brazier, aged 61 years.

GREGG. - On the 1st May, 1882, at Harrington, Henry GREGG.
GREGG-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at Bigrigg, John Leeming, infant son of Matthew GREGG, miner.

GREGG- On Monday, the 10th Aug. 1846, of apoplexy, Thomas GREGG, Esq., Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland, in the 67th year of his age

GREGORY - On the 12th Feb. 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Geo. Gregory, labourer, aged 81 years.

GREGORY-Joseph, manager of Messrs. Lightfoot and Cockbain's Ltd., drapers, of Maryport, May 1931.

GREGORY. - On the 19th June 1897, at Back Ginns, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of G. H. GREGORY, coalminer, aged 36 years.

GREGSON-At Brough Sowerby, Mrs GREGSON, aged 86.Feb. 1812

GREVESON - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Orchard House, Dean, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. George GREVESON, coalowner, aged 74 years.

GRIBBIN, Whitehaven, MRS. JANE GRIBBIN, widow, aged 55 years, Oct. 1844

GRIBBIN ~ On the 12th May 1899, at Briggs Court, Scotch Street Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr. John Gribbin, tailor, aged 20 years.

GRIBBONS - On the 4thFeb.1902, at Seaton Moor, John GRIBBONS, of Great Broughton, aged 91years.

GRIFFITH-Elizabeth, in Percy-Street, Newcastle, Mrs Elizabeth GRIFFITH,aged 65, the last surviving daughter of the late Mr. Gabriel GRIFFITH, ofthis town. Feb. 1812

GRIEVES-William the dearly beloved son of Archibald and Hannah Grieves, who died December 5th, 1903.

GRIFFITH-Gladys, infant daughter of Thomas, At the Tinplate Works, Seaton, 26th March 1884.

GRINDALL - On the 17th March 1882, at Baker's-Court, Market-Place,Whitehaven, Ann Steel, daughter of Mr Patrick GRINDALL,mariner, aged 2 years and 3 months.

GRINDALL-Thomas, who resided at Low Houses, Brigham. Sept. 1903 aged 72.

GRINDLEY-At Weaver Bank, Wigton, on the 4th Oct. 1903. Margaret Jane (Maggie), daughter of Catherine and the late Wm. GRINDLEY, aged 23 years.

GRISDALE-At 94, Main Street, Keswick, on the 27th May, 1895, Alice, the beloved daughter of the late William and Jane Grisdale, aged 10 years. Iterred at Crosthwaite Parish

GRISDALE - On the 31st Jan.1902, at 47, Front Street, Brampton, John GRISDALE, aged 67 years.

GUNSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of HENRY GUNSON, of Yottenfews, Who died at Mockerkin, on Tuesday, April 5th, 1887, AGED 41 YEARS. To be interred at St. Bridget’s Low Church, Beckermont, on Saturday, the 9th inst., at 3 o’clock p.m. Verse with card- none **

GUNSON - At Waterloo Terrace, Near Whitehaven, on Sept. 1844, after a long  and painful indisposition, Mr. JAMES GUNSON, Aged 62.

GUNSON-At Baggrow, on the 26th April 1844., at the advanced age of 82, Mary, the wife of Mr. Christopher GUNSON.
GUNSON-Rev. William Mandell, Baggrow near Aspatria, Cumberland, had been suffering of late, it is feared, from the effects of overwork. Oct. 1881

GUY-at Maryport, Mrs GUY, widow, at the advanced aged of 84.Feb. 1812
HADWIN, In the 24th Jan. 1897, at 62 Market-place, Whitehaven, James Walker, son of Daniel HADWIN, messenger, aged 14  1/2 years.
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