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HAIG-On the 2nd Sept. 1905, at Woodend Farm, Irton, John, eldest son of the late Walter and Isabella HAIG, aged 52 years. Interred at St. Bees

HALE,On the 24th Jan. 1897, at St. Helena, Annie Mary, infant daughter of John HALE, farm bailiff.

HALES - At Whitehaven July 1844, Jonathan HALES, publican, in the 37th year of his age.

HALL - On the 26th Nov. 1882, at Quy (Quay) Folds, Wutham, near Keswick, Mr. John HALL, aged 51 years.

HALL-On Friday, the 25th October 1844, THOMAS HALL, infant son of MR. JOSEPH HALL, of the Coffee House Hotel,Whitehaven

HALL-on the 27th Aug. 1905, at Keekle-terrace, Mr. William HALL, aged 49 years.

HALL - In new South Wales, on the 6th March, 1844, Mr. William HALL of Upperby, who went out to New Zealand as a Chuch Missionary, in the year 1810.

HALLIBURTON - At Douglas, Isle of Man, on the 5th Oct. 1855, JOHN HALLIBURTON, second son of the late MR. JOHN HALLIBURTON, surgeon, Brampton, aged 48.

HAMILL-Alexander, who died at 129, MainStreet, Distington, On November 29th, 1918.

HAMILTON- At the Bush Hotel, in this City, [Friday] morning, after a lingeringillness, JAMES HAMILTON, Jun., aged 22 years, Oct, 1844.

HAMILTON. - On the 16th May, 1897 at Hensingham, John HAMILTON, coal miner, aged 69 years.

HAMILTON-Lady Maria HAMILTON,eldest surviving daughter of the Marquis of Abercorn.Feb. 1814

HANLEY-On the 29th March 1897, at 22, New Street, Whitehaven, JAMES, son of JOHN HANLEY, painter, aged 17 years.

HANNAH. - On the 27th Feb. 1897 at Whillimoor, David Alexander, son of Thos. Hannah, farmer, aged 10 years.
HANNAH- At 49, Strand Street, Whitehaven, 18th March 1884, Mary, daughter of the late Mr. John HANNAH, master mariner, aged 82 years.

HANNAY- Henry who died 10 Mar 1771 at 11 Leconfield St. in Cleator Moor.

HARDING - In Queen Street, Carlsile, on the 22nd Aprol 1880, DANIEL HARDING, infant.

HARDY- Last week, at Caldwell, near Greta Bridge,  in his 102nd year, Wm. HARDY, blacksmith. April 1812

HARKER-At 45, High Street, Cleator Moor, 23rd March 1903, Elizabeth Mary, relict of the late John HARKER, aged 68 years. Interred at St. George's Church, Millom

HARKER-On June 6th,1895, Florence HARKER, aged 13 years. Interred at Bridekirk Death by scalding.

HARKER.-On the 23rd April, 1899, at Troutbeck, Marion, daughter of Mr. William HARKER, in her 19th year.

HARKNESS-Nellie, who died November 27th, 1919.

HARLEY-At 84, West Street, Aspatria, on the 13th inst,Margaret HARTLEY, aged 85 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 16th 1932.

HARPER-At Potts Gill, on the 22nd inst., Henry Mounsey Harper, aged 71 years. Interred at Caldbeck, on Thursday. Nov. 1920.

HARPER-James Harper, who died at Stocks Hill, Harrington, April 14th 1926.

HARPER. - At 25, Cumberland Street, Workington on the 28th Oct. 1903, Robert HUGH beloved son of Joseph and Sarah HARPER, aged 16 months. - Interred to-day (Wednesday) at Harrington Road Cemetery

HARRIMAN - On the 25th Nov. 1882, at the Hawes, Bassenthwaite, near Keswick, Mr. Thomas HARRIMAN, aged 79 years.

HARRINGTON-Joseph HARRINGTON, who passed awayat the Blue Bell Inn, Workington, April 15th 1930.

HARRINGTON-At Low Biggins, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Mrs. HARRISON, advanced in years. Nov. 1858

HARRIS-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at 16, Waterloo Terrace, HAnnah, Whitehaven and Woodbourne Square, Dougloas, Isle of Man, widow in her 76th years. Interred at Whitehaven Cemetery.

HARRIS. - On the 29th April, 1882, at his residence, Derwent Lodge, Cockermouth, Joseph HARRIS aged 69 years.

HARRIS-On the 25th Jan 1863, at Greysouthen, Cumberland, JOHN HARRIS, Esq., in the ??[probably 35th] year of his age.

HARRISON-On the 18th Feb.1861, in Brunswick-square, Penrith, MAJOR-GENERAL A. R.HARRISON, Royal Artillery, aged 71.

HARRISON. On the 16th July 1882, at Fleming-street, Maryport, MR. ISAAC HARRISON, labourer, aged 73 years.

HARRISON-On the 7th Feb. 1897, at 98 Duke-street. Whitehaven, Brown, infant son of John HARRISON, postman.

HARRISON - At Beckbrow, in the parish of Ainstable, on Saturday the 7th Sept. 1844, suddenly, Mr. JOHN HARRISON, aged 45 years.

HARRISON-Elizabeth, At Brigham, 25th March 1884, wife of Jonathan and daughter of the late Mr. John RICHARDSON, sen., Cockermouth, aged 64 years.

HARRISON- Hilda Margaret, the dearly beloved child of John and Phoebe Harrison, who died November 25th, 1920.  To be interred at Dearham Churchyard

HARRISON- At Axholme House, Eskin Street, Keswick, on the 20th Dec. 1920, Joseph, retired draper, aged 69. Interred at St. John's-in-the-Vale Church

HARRISON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at Charles-street, Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Harrison, aged 29 years.

HARRISON- At Wigton, on Saturday last, MARY, infant daughter of MR. DANIEL HARRISON, spirit mechant. Oct. 1844.

HARRISON - January 8th, 1920 at Whitbeck Vicarage, Cumberland, suddenly,the Rev John HARRISON, aged 72 years

HARRISON- In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY HARRISON, of Mockerkin, Who died on Tuesday, July 19th, 1887, AGED 72 YEARS. To be Interred at Lamplugh Church, on Friday, the 22nd, at 3, leaving Mockerkin at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

HARRISON - At Watermillock, Ullswater, Nov. 1855, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN HARRISON, yeoman.

HARRISON-Thomas,1797-Bridgefoot - 24th Jan. Run down by cart.

HARTLEY- Roger, aged 34 years, at Ulverston Cottage Hospital, March 1903, deceased, with his elder brother, who died last week, were working in the Press House when the explosion happened, and they were blown into the river Leven. They were both terribly burned and disfigured.

HARTNESS.- At Skelton, on the 25th June 1887. Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Joseph
HARTNESS, farmer, and only daughter of George & Jane WALKER, aged 54 years.

HAUGH-On the 14th Aug 1903. at 1, Ellenborough Old Road, Netherton, Maryport, Jane Haugh, beloved wife of Jefferson Haugh (late of South End, Wigton) aged 74 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

HAWKINS. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at 21 Front row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of John HAWKINS, coalminer, aged 22 months.

HAWORTH- On the 21st June 1856, at Inglewood Bank, near Penrith, Cumberland, EDWARDLUMLEY HAWORTH, Esq., late of H.M. 25th Regiment, aged 24 years.

HAY–At 25 Charles Street, 3rd May 1895, Thomas second son of John and Tamar HAY, aged 6 years; also William, who died the 2nd of April, aged 8 years

HAYES-At Craikhow road, Dearham, on Sunday 19th June 1898, Joseph Hayes, thebeloved son of William and Margaret Hayes, aged 7 years. Interred at Dearham Parish Church

HAYES-On the 3rd Feb.1902, At Craika Road, Dearham, Margaret, wife of William HAYES, aged 44 years.

HAYNES - At Blennerhassett, on the 12th July, 1844,, Ann HAYNES, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas GIBSON.

HAYSTON - At Wiley Cottages, Newton Arloah on the 2nd Feb. 1933 Matthew Hayston, aged 80 years. To be interred at Newton Arloah

HAYTON-Issac, On the 8th of July, 1852 in the 50th year of his age. actuary of the Savings Bank,Whitehaven.

HAYTON-At Welbeck Nursing Home, London (of pneumonia) on April 8th,1932 aged 73 years, John Moore, dearly beloved husband of Alice HAYTON, Derwent Lodge, Westoe Village, South Shields.

HAYTON - At Gill Foot, Abbey Town (formerly of Barrow-in-Furness), on the 23rd June, 1938 Thomas, dearly loved husband of Martha HAYTON, aged 67 years. Was interred at Holm St. Cuthbert's

HAWKE-At Rimu, Waganui, New Zealand, on the 25th of June,1898 John Albert Hawke, M.R.C.V.S.,youngest son of Philip Hawke, Workington, aged 33 years.

HAWTHORN-Ann, the beloved wife of Henry Hawthorn, who died November 21st, 1918.

HAY. - On the 19th April, 1882, at Distington, Edith Jane, daughter of Mr. James CARR, master of a workhouse, aged 12 years.

HAYSTON - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Ellenborough, Jane, daughter of Mr. Joseph HAYSTON, waller, aged 4 years.

HAYTON-ANN, dearly beloved wife of GEORGEHAYTON,  who died at 7, Chapel Street, Flimby, on April 1st 1928, aged 65

HAYTON. On the 20th July 1882, at Cockermouth, ELIZABETH HAYTON, widow of the late JOSEPH HAYTON, of Cross Hill, Wigton, aged 85 years.  Interred at Allonby

HAYTON. - At Webeck Nursing Home, London (of pneumonia), on April 8th 1932, aged 73 years, John Moore, dearly beloved husband of Alice HAYTON, Derwent Lodge, Westoe Village, South Shields.

HAYTON-April 14th, at his residence, "Rose Lea," Green Lane, Stoneycroft, Liverpool, Captain William Hayton, aged 76 years. To be interred at Liverpool.

HAYWARD-On the 25t Oct. 1879, at the Crown and Mitre Hotel, Carlisle, Mr Fred W Hayward, aged 53 years.

HEAD- In Affectionate Remembrance of ANN HEAD, who died on Saturday, February 21st 1885, AGED 87 YEARS. Internment at the Whitehaven Cemetery, on Wednesday, the 25th, leaving No. 24, West Strand, at 2 o’clock. Her end was peace. Verse with card- none   **

HEAD-Jane, beloved wife of Thomas Head, Low Hollins, who died 16th Jan 1926. Also their son, Private Thomas Head, who lost his life near the Dardanelles, 13th August 1915. Also their son Walter Head, who was accidentally killed on Rannerdale Knott, 31st Mat 1931.

HEAD- In affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH HEAD, Of High Netherscales, Embleton, WHO DIED NOVEMBER 14th, 1887, AGED 65 YEARS. To be interred at Embleton Church, on Thursday, the 17th inst., at 2 o’clock, p.m. Verse with card- “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” **

HEAD-On the 17th Oct. 1879, at South-street, Cockermouth, Mary, daughter of Mr C Head, aged 2 years.

HEAD- In loving Remembrance of MARY, THE BELOVED WIFE OF OSWALD HEAD, of Gilbrea, Lorton, WHO DIED THE 29th of October, 1888, AGED 51 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Thursday, the 1st of November, at 2 o’clock p.m. ** Verse with card- “ THE LORD GAVE, AND THE LORD HATH TAKEN AWAY: BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD.”

HEAD- Ronald, dearly loved son of John and Elizabeth M. Head, who died at Rickerby, November 18th, 1918, aged 11 years.  Also of our dear little daughter, Hilda, who died November 28th, 1919, in her sixth year.

HEAD- In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH, Widow of the late Joseph Head, of High Netherscales, Embleton, Who died February 26th, 1906, AGED 68 Years. To be interred at Embleton Church on Thursday, the 1st March, at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- “HER END WAS PEACE” **

HEAD-Walter , beloved son of Thomas and the late Jane Head, who was accidently killed on Rannerdale Knott, on May 31st, 1931, aged 33 years. Interred at Lorton Church.

HEARD-At Liverpool, on the 26th Oct. 1844, ALICE, the wife of MR. JOSEPH HEARD,portrait painter, aged 45 years.

HEDLEY-At Workington, on the 12th Dec.1844, after a lingering illness, which he bore with patience and resignation to the will of God, MR. WILLIAM HEDLEY,officer of excise, aged 63 years

HEBSON-At Ousby,on the 18th Dec. 1844, the REV. HENRY HEBSON, B.A. in the prime of life, eldest son of the late CAPTAIN HEBSON, of Penrith, Justice of the Peace

HECKLE-On the 20th April 1882, at Ullock, Mr. John HECKLE, aged 60  years.

HEELIS.- At Helsington Parsonage, Kendal, Ada Loraine, infant daughter of
the Rev. Thos. HEELIS. Born May 17th; died May 19th 1896.

HELDER-On June 4th, 1931, at Callao, Whitehaven, Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Sir Augustus Helder, aged 68 years.

HENDERSON-At Penrith, on the 5th May 1844, Mrs. Elizabeth HENDERSON, widow, aged 88 years

HENDERSON. On the 16th July 1882, at Kirkland House, near Wigton, MR. JAMES HENDERSON, in his 90th year.

HENDERSON-On the 16th Dec. 1882, at Grasslot, Rachel Ann, infant daughter of Mr. T. HENDERSON.

HENDERSON - On the 31st Jan.1902, at Grinsdale, Joseph HENDERSON, aged 60 years.

HENDERSON-On the 20th Nov. 1902, at Parsonby, Mr. Joseph HENDERSON, aged 70 years.

HENDERSON- Perished in the wreck of the Royal Charter, ROBERT WADILOVE, sixth son of the late ROBERT HENDERSON, Esq., of Rylston House, Yorkshire, and formerly of Justus town, Cumberland, aged 28 Nov. 1859

HENDRY - At 11 Redbank Terrace, February 1st, 1933, Marion Smith, dearly beloved daughter of Mr andMrs A. BELL, of 210 Scalegate Road, aged 26 years. To be interred at Upperby

HERRING - At 16 Beaconsfield Street, on January 1933, 78th year. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HENRY- Off the Cape of Good Hope, on board the John Dugdale, bound for China,JOHN HENRY, second son of JOHN GREY, Esq. of Dilston, aged 26 years. Dec. 1844

HERALD-On the 5th June, 1897, at Lowca, Harrington, Frances, wife of Patrick HERALD, aged 33 years.

HERRON. - On the 17th June 1882, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Alice Herron, aged 34 years.

HESKETT-On the 28th Oct. 1884, at The Grotto, Yanwath, Penrith, Cumberland, WILLIAM HESKETT, Land Agent, late of Plumpton Hall, aged 76 years.

HESLOP- Robert William, beloved husband of Annie Heslop, who died at Derwent Street, Cockermouth, November 24th, 1918.

HETHERINGTON- At Orchard Farm, Allonby, Caleb Dixon HETHERINGTON, the beloved husband of Hannah, late of Fletchertown. To be interred to-day (Wednesday) April 13th 1932 at 3 p.m.. Leaving residence at 2-30. Friends please accept this only intimation.

HETHERINGTON- On the 10th August, 1882, at Garborough, Crosby, Mr. Daniel HETHERINGTON, labourer, aged 78 years.

HETHERINGTON-At Mealrigg, 8th June 1884, Joseph HETHERINGTON, yeoman, in his 71st years - much respected.

HETHERINGTON. On the 16th July 1882, at Aspatria, MR. JOSEPH HETHERINGTON, for upwards of 15 years reporter on the staff of the 'Carlisle Journal', aged 31 years.

HETHERINGTON-At Clifton Vicarage, near Workington, on the 25th April 1882,  the Rev. Joseph HETHERINGTON, M.A., Vicar of Clifton, aged 72 years.

HETHERINGTON-On the 29th March, 1897, at Rottington, MABEL ISABEL, daughter of THOMAS HETHERINGTON, husbandman, aged 2 years.

HETHERINGTON-On the 6th Jan. 1883, at Penrith, Cumberland, MISS MARGARET HETHERINGTON, in her  80th year.

HETHERINGTON-Nellie, Beloved wife of William HETHERINGTON, who died at Heather Lea, Seaton, April 2nd, 1920.

HETHERINGTON - At Thrustonfield, in the parish of Burgh-by-Sands, on Saturday, the 20th Oct. 1855, RICHARD HETHERINGTON, aged 65 years

HETHERINGTON-Robert On Sunday last, 25th July, 1852, in Queen Street, ship carpenter, aged 53 years.

HEWETSON- In Loving Remembrance of SIMPSON HEWETSON, Of the Apple Tree Hotel, Cockermouth, Who died on April 24th, 1880, AGED 61 YEARS. To be interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery, on Tuesday, April 27th, at 11 o’clock A.M. Verse with card- “Oh, why should your tears run down, And the heart be sorely riven? For another gem, in the Savior’s Crown, And another soul in Heaven.” *

HEWITT-On the 26th Nov. 1902, at 13 Bardy-lane-steps, Whitehaven. Bridget, daughter of Mr. George HEWITT, aged 2 years.

HEWITT –  RICHARD, the beloved son of JOHN and JANE HEWITT, of Ellenborough, Maryport, who died 16th June, 1894, aged 2 years and 3 months.

HEWSON-On the 24th April 1882, at Roper-street, Whitehaven, Ann, wife of Mr.  Jonathan HEWSON, stonemason, aged 54 years.

HEXAM- ALEXANDER. son of Martin, died August 21st 1902 aged 16 years
HEXAM-Betsy,who departed this life August 30th 1902.

HEXAM, wife of MARTIN HEXAM.who died August 30th 1902 aged 58 years

HIGGINS-Patrick, HIGGINS, residing in Church  Street, Workington,May, 1895

HILL-On the 6th June, 1897 at Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, Lily, infant daughter of Joseph HILL, labourer.

HILL - On the 26th Sept. 1869, at Longtown, Catherine, widow of Mr. Thomas Mitchell Hill in her 84th year.

HILL-Edward1809 - Great Clifton -Fell from cart.

HILLARY-On the 2nd December 1902, at 13, William-street, great Clifton, Workington, Catherine, wife of Mr. William HILLARY, aged 64 years.

HILLARY-At Solway Villas, Flimby, on the 6th inst., Margaret Lizzie, beloved daughter of Geo. Ernest and Sarah HILLARY, aged 16 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

HILTON- At Hensingham, on the 30th Oct. 1853, after a lingering illness, Mr. Jacob HILTON, of the firm of I and J. HILTON, tobacco manufacturers, Whitehaven, aged 24 years, much respected by all who knew him.

HIND-On the 25th Oct. 1879, in Pack Horse Lane, Carlisle, Mr Michael Hind, aged 54 years.

HIND-At Whitehaven, May 1844, Mr William HIND, aged 48 years

HINDE.-On the 18th April, 1899, at Pica, Distington, Ann, wife of Mr. Jonathan HINDE, aged 38 years.

HINDE - At Levens on January 31st, 1933, Jane, wife of the late Joseph Hinde. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HINDSON-On Sunday, the 15th May 1864, at St. Andrew's-place, Penrith, RICHARD GRAVE
 HINDSON, Esq., in the 69th year of his age.

HINE  At 41 Shelley Street, Bootle, Lancashire, JOHN, the beloved husband of HANNAH HINE, late of East Mill, Aspatria. Sept. 1903.

HIRD-On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Kirkby Ireleth, Mr. James HIRD, aged 72 years.

HIRD-On the 23rd Oct.1879, at Chaloner-street, Cockermouth, MR. JOHN EDWARD HIRD, aged 32 years.

HIRD-Mary, Broughton Lodge Farm, May, 1895

HODGSON,at Blennerhasset, Feb. 1814 aged 90 years.

HODGSON-The 2nd March 1814 at Grisdale, near Hawkshead, Agnes HODGSON.

HODGSON-Ann, At Allonby, 23rd March 1884, of Wigton, aged 66 years.

HODGSON -In loving and affectionate rememberance of our dear father, and beloved husband of Dinah HODGSON, who died at Greysouthen, March 25th, 1901, aged 66 years.

HODGSON - At Broad Street Hospital, on February 1st 1933, (suddenly), Edith E., widow of Thomas J. Hodgson, aged 69 years. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

HODGSON-Elizabeth,1828 2nd October- Buried by fall of earth on Common while illegally getting coal.

HODGSON- At Brook Street, Flimby, 2nd inst, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Hodgson, age 49 years. Was interred on Wednesday, the 5th Aug. 1903

HODGSON - At 9, West Street, Fletchertown, on the 14th January 1932, Francis Leslie, beloved infant son of John and Annie Hodgson. Interred at All Hallows New Church.

HODGSON-On the 11th Sept. 1879 in Main Street Keswick MR ISAAC HODGSON retired sexton in the 84th year of his age.

HODGSON-Dr. Isaac Clark, of Ramsey Brow, died Nov. 27th 1913

HODGSON-On the 19th Oct. 1879, at Crosby, Isabella, daughter of Mr J Hodgson, aged3 years.

HODGSON. - On the 13th June 1882, at New Town, Whitehaven, Mr John Hodgson, aged 53 years.

HODGSON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at Gaitsgill, Mr. John Hodgson, joiner, aged 74 years.

HODGSON - Suddenly, at the Vicarage, Netherwaslale, on the 14th Jan. 1920, the Rev, John HODGSON, vicar of Netherwasdale, aged 62 years. Interred at Netherwasdale
HODGSON-At Kirkbride, May, 1844, very suddenly, Mr. Joseph HODGSON, aged 74 years.

HODGSON-Mary, the dearly beloved daughter of Robinson and Mary A.Hodgson, who died at Sycamore Terrace, High Harrington, November 26th, 1918.

HODGSON-At Stockport Infirmary, Cheshire, 6 Aug. 1903 Lancelot, son of the late Mary Ann Hodgson, of Cockermouth, age 44 years

HODGSON - On the 1st April 1882, at Camp-street, Maryport, Rachel, widow of Mr. Richard HODGSON, seaman, aged 72 years.

HODGSON-On the 15th August 1903, at 16, Catherine Street, Maryport, Rebecca Jane Hodgson,aged 20 years.  Also Sarah, infant daughter of above, who died on the 14th August. Interred at the Cemetery on Tuesday, August 18th.

HODGSON. - On the 13th June 1882, at New Town, Whitehaven, Mr John Hodgson, aged 53 years.

HODGSON.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Joseph, son of Mr. William HODGSON, aged 16 years.

HODGSON - On the 14th April, 1897, at Demesne, Sandwith, Robert HODGSON, handyman aged 73 years.

HODGSON - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at the Sun Inn, Aspatria, Mr. Sibson Hodgson, innkeeper, aged 48 years.

HODGSON-TOM, the beloved husband of MABEL HODGSON, who died at Gilcrux, on April 6th 1930.

HODGSON-Tom, At Broughton Hall, 22nd March 1884. Aged 70 years.

HODGSON-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Chapel Street Whitehaven WILLIAM,son of MR J HODGSON accountant aged 2 years.

HODGSON-William Ewart, infant son of Tom and Sarah. At 3 Brow Top, Workington, on the 5th Nov. 1884

HODSON-At the Stables, Highfield, Ashton-on-Kibble, Preston, August 2nd 1902, John Simpson Eli, the dearly love son of Henry and Mary Hodson andgrandson of Mrs M Simpson Gilcrux, age 5 months.

HODSON-At the Rectory, Bootle, Cumberland, on the 25th Sept. 1903, the Rev Thomas HODSON, rector.

HOGG-At 11 Brunswick Street, Carlisle on 17th Oct. 1903,  PRISCILLA, the widow of the late GEORGE HOGG, Black Bull Hotel, Cockermouth and  the dearly beloved mother of MARY ANN WHARTON.

HOLLIDAY-Betsy HOLLIDAY, who died at 114 Victoria Road, Workington, April 15th 1931.

HOLLIDAY-At Pardshaw Hall, 20th Aug, 1895, Edward aged 6o years

HOLLIDAY-Herbert James, the dearly loved son of Henry and Annie Holliday who died November 24th, 1919.

HOLLIDAY-John HOLLIDAY, beloved husband of Betsy HOLLIDAY, who was killed at Aspatria Station, on March 7th, 1903, aged 51 years. Interred at Hayton Churchyard.

HOLLIDAY-On the 6th May 1899, at Scawthwaite Close, Ireby, George, son of Mr. Daniel Holliday, aged 20 years.

HOLLIDAY-At High Lowca, on the 17th March 1903, Sarah widow of the late Joseph Holliday, aged 52 years. Interred at Harrington.

HOLLIDAY-William Holliday, Croft Terrace, Lowca.(no date)1920

HOLME-On the 25th Sept.1879, at Mansriggs, near Ulverston, ELLEN, wife of MR JOHN HOLME, aged 71 years.

HOLMES.-On the 15th Jan., 1897 at the Infirmary,Whitehaven, Clarence Augustus, son of George Holmes, signalman, aged 14 months.

HOLMES-On the 13th Dec 1882, at St. Helen's-street, Cockermouth,Ann, widow of Mr. John HOLMES (COOPER), stonemason, aged 72 years.

HOLMES-Isaac, at Highcoathill, in the parish of Wetheral, Mr. Isaac HOLMES, aged 92. Nov. 1819

HOLMES-At Guard Street, Workington, 29th May 1895, Mr Thomas, aged 64 years.

HOLMES-On the 22nd Oct. 1879, at the Soapery, Workington, Sarah Holmes, relict of Mr W Holmes,aged 74 years.

HOLMES-On the 16th Sept. 1879at Ulverston MR RICHARD HOLMES aged 82 years.

HOLMES-On the 14th July, at the Village Main Relf Gold Mining Company, Johannesburg, South Africa, William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann Holmes, and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes, Winder Gate, Frizington, aged 30 years. Interred at Johannesburg Cemetery on 15th July, 1898.

HOLYWELL-On the 23rd November, 1902, at Trumpet ??, Cleator Moor, Samuel HOLYWELL, aged 1 year.

HOODLESS-On the 4th Feb.1902, at West Street, Wigton, William Henry HOODLESS, aged 61 years.

HOPE- In affectionate Remembrance of ADAM HOPE, of Pardshaw, Who died September 15th, 1885, AGED 62 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Saturday, the 19th instant, leaving Pardshaw at 2-30 o’clock, p.m. Verse with card- Farewell, wife and children dear, my life is past, My love to you so long did last; And now for me no sorrow take, But love each other for my sake. Weep not for me, but, pray repent, I was not yours but only lent; Dry up those tears and weep no more, I am not lost, but gone before. **

HOPE-Mary, infant daughter of Mr. Joseph Cook, carter. At Bolton Street, Workington, 27th March 1884.

HOPE - At Bridge House, Ainstable, on 26th January, 1933, (suddenly), Thomas William, dearly beloved husband of Evelyn Hope, in his 51st year. Was interred at Ainstable Church

HOPPER- At Blencathra View, Saint John's 2nd June 1895, Mr James HOPPER, aged 66 years.

HOOPER-On the 20th Feb. 1897, at 39 Scotch-street, Whitehaven, Martha Isabella Crosthwaite, daughter of Robert Dickinson HOOPER, piano tuner, aged 16 years.

HOPE - At Wigton, Nov. 16,1855, THOMAS, son of ISAAC HOPE, labourer, aged 6 years

HOPE - On the 12th July, 1844, Mr. Walter HOPE, aged 77 years.

HORNCASTLE- On the 20th Oct. 1844, aged 45, at his residence, No. 12, Tavistock-place,  Russell-square, MR. GEORGE HORNCASTLE, of ***Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
HORROCKS-Thomas, killed in William Pit, March 1903. Interred in Whitehaven Cemetery

HOST-Henry HOST, beloved husband of Mary HOST, who died at Millyeat, Frizington, on April 10th, 1929 aged 69 years,and was interre at St Paul's Frizington.

HOUGHTON on the 19th Feb.1889, at Brow street, Maryport, Georgina, infant daughter of Mr James. E. Houghton.

HOULGATE-On the 21 Sept. 1903, at the York City and County Bank House,Whitehaven, after a brief illness, Wm HOULGATE; in his 80th year

HOW, Mrs. Relict of late Peter, Esq., Whitehaven, March, 1777

HOWARD- On Tuesday, the 16th Jan. 1849, at her house in Brook-street, Catherine Mary HOWARD, widow of Henry HOWARD, of Corby Castle, Cumberland, in the 79th year of her age.

HOWARD - At Crosby, on the 5th Oct. 1855, WILLIAM, son of WM. HOWARD, labourer, aged 6 years.

HOWDEN-At Whitfield Crescent, Workington, James infant son of Mr William HOWDEN, blacksmith's striker.June 1884

HOWE-At 93, High Queen Street, Whitehaven, on Sunday September 6th 1903, DAVID JOHNSTON  HOWE. Interred at the Cemetery, Whitehaven

HOWE-At "the Garth" Chestnut Hill, Keswick, on June 1st, Jacob Howe, V.S. aged 91 years.  Was interred at Keswick St. John's Church, on Thursday, June 4th, 1931.

HOWE-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at Fleecy Ram Inn, Cleator Moor, Joseph Mason HOWE, chemist, aged 50 years.

HOWELL-On the 8th Sept. 1879 ALICE daughter of MR JOHNHOWELL Salthouse Barrow-in-Furness aged 20 years.

HOWES-At 3 Victoria Terrace, St Bees, on Wednesday April 9th 1930 in his 51st year, Hubert (Bertie) HOWES late secretary St Bees School only son of Mrs and the late Mr James HOWES formerly of Workington. Interred at Workington Cemetery.

HUCK - At Rydal, Nov. 1855, MR. .THOMAS HUCK, formerly footman to LADY le FLEMING, aged 75.

HUDDART-On the 19th Sept. 1879 at Bank LaneWorkington HANNAH wife of MR JOSEPH HUDDART seaman aged 55 years.

HUDDART-In memory of Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr Is. Huddart, Senr, of Arlecdon, who departed this life, August 5th, 1892, aged 69 years.

HUDDLESTON.--On the 4th Nov. 1869, at his residence, Crosshill, Workington, John HUDDLESTON, Esq.

HUDLESS - At Cockermouth, Sept. 1844, Mr. WILLIAM HUDLESS, labourer, in the 57th year of his age.

HUDSON-At Whitriggs Cottage, Seascale, on the 24th Sept. 1903, George Tyson HUDSON, aged 36 years

HUGGEN-At Longtown Union Workhouse, on the 7th Nov. 1844, MR. MARY HUGGEN, aged 74.

HUGGIN-On the 2nd Oct. 1869, in Swan-street, Longtown, Mr. Arthur HUGGIN, aged 26 years.

HUGHES- On the 2d Dec, 1856., ELIZABETH, relict of the late J. C. HUGHES, Esq., anddaughter of GEORGE STANLEY, Esq., of Ponsonby Hall, Cumberland.

HUGHES - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Greysouthen, Mary, widow of Mr. John HUGHES, schoolmaster, aged 77 years.

HUGHES-William at his Lodgings, in Castle-street, London,in the 63rd year of his age, formerly faro-dealer (?),at the Lad's Banks. This person never had a day's illness or went to bed sober for the last 30 years, and drank an average of a quart of gin everyday during that period, making in the whole 2792 gallons.Feb. 1814.

HUGHES-On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR WILLIAM HUGHES aged 70 years.

HUGO-On the 18th May, 1897, at Frizington, George, son of Michael HUGO. aged 4 years.

HULLOCK. At Marion Lodge, Little Salkeld, on the 14th Apr. 1918, Elizabeth,
widow of George Hullock, aged 82 years.

HULLOCK-WILLIAM,  at the Poorhouse Dec. 6th 1844, aged 76

HULLY-At Kirkgate, Cockermouth, on the 15thAug 1898, Violet, only daughter of William and Lizzie Hully, aged 7 months. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery

HUMPHREYS-On the 21st Sept. 1879at Quay Street Whitehaven MARY ADA infant daughterof MR WILLIAM HUMPHREYS.

HUNTER- At the Manse of Kirkpatrick Fleming, on the 8th Sept. 1844, the REV ARCHIBALD HUNTER, minister of that parish.
HUNTER - On the 19th March 1897, at Pica, Distington, Margaret, infant daughter of Joseph Hunter, miner.

HUNTER - On the 21st Nov.1879, at Wood Street, Maryport, James, son of Mr. Thomas HUNTER, stoker, aged 2 years

HUNTER- At Akehead, Wigton, on the 12th Nov. 1858, Jane, widow of the late GeorgeHUNTER, aged 74.

HUNTER-At 4, Fleming Square, Maryport, 27th July 1898., Murial Russell, daughter of Robert and Sissy Hunter, aged 10 months.

HURD-At Station Cottage, Camerton, on the 20th of December 1920, John, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann hurd.  To be interred at Camerton Churchyard.

HURST-Ann, wife of Thomas Hurst, Hill Farm, Abbey Town, who died November 6th, 1918.

HUTCHINSON. - On the 28th April, 1882 in New Street, Keswick, James, Infant son of Mr. Albert HUTCHINSON.

HUTCHINSON-Jas, Crookdake in the parish of Bromfield on the 18th Jan. 1847.

HUTCHINSON–At Hurrock Wood, 18th June 1884, the Rev John Robinson HUTCHINSON, B.D., senior fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, surviving son of the late Rev John HUTCHINSON, of Hurrock Wood, Penrith.

HUTCHINSON. At Skelcies Hall, Kirkby Stephen, on the 19th Apr. 1918
Isabella, wife of William Hutchinson, aged 61 years. Interment at
Kirkby Stephen Cemetery

HUTTON-Dorothy, In Carlisle,Feb. 1814, aged 80.

HUTTON- At Soulby, near Kirkby-stephen, Elizabeth HUTTON, relict of Mr. Thomas HUTTON, of that place, aged 86, Nov. 1819
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