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I'ANSON-On the 19th Aug, 1898, at 20, Irish Street, Whitehaven, Thomas Francis I'Anson M.D., J.P., aged 73 years.

INGLIS-James INGLIS, of South End, Wigton, who died March 24th 1901, aged 10 years.

INMAN-James, weaver died Nith Lodge, Dockhead, Dumfries April 6, 1906 aged 73 years.
IREDALE-At West Nook Terrace,Cockermouth, on the 6th Dec 1920, Nancy the dearly beloved wife of Peter Iredale, aged 66 years.

IREDALE-At Mountain View, Workington, 15th June 1884, Robert, infant son of Henry IREDALE.

IRELAND, - At the villas, Egremont, 1st July 1898, William Ireland, senr., aged 83 years, - To be interred on Monday, 1st inst., at the cemetery, Egremont.

IRVING- Abigail, At Stanwix on the 19th Jan. 1847.

IRVING - At East Curthwaite, Thursby on February 1st, 1933, Annie, eldest daughter of the late John and Elizabeth, Irving, Plumpton. To be interred at Plumpton Churchyard

IRVING-At the Post Office, Flimby, 27th May 1895. Dinah, widow of the late Joseph IRVING, aged 56 years. Interred at Flimby.

IRVING - On the 22nd of August, 1855, after being dangerously wounded in the trenches before Sebastopol, on the 14th of August, GEORGE IRVING, grandson of MR. GEORGE IRVING, Botchergate, in this city, in his 24th year.

IRVING. - At 27, Main Street, Frizington, on Monday, Sept. 28th, 1903, Hannah Mary (Annie), fourth daughter of Joseph and Agnes IRVING, aged 6 years and 2 months. - Interred at St. Paul's Churchyard

IRVING-On Monday, 11th Jan.1932, at the home of her son, Dr. Irving, Stockton on Tees, Margaret, the beloved widow of the late Thomas Irving, Maryport.

IRVING-Fell asleep in Jesus, at Westnewton, 29th July 1898, Isabella Irving, aged 22 years, the beloved and only sister of William Irving,-Interred at Westnewton Church.

IRVING - Sept.12th 1844, at Bellsfield, Carwindlaw, in the parish of  Kirkandrews, Mr. JOHN IRVING, bleacher, aged 66 years.

IRVING. - On the 18th June 1882, at Queen-street, Maryport, Mr Joseph Irving, railway engine-driver, aged 61 years.

IRVING- At the Post Office, Flimby, 27th May 1895.dow of the late Joseph Irving, aged 56 years. Iterred at Flimby

IRVING-At Whitehaven Hospital on December 2nd,1930, Robert Conway IRVING, husband of Maggie IRVING, aged 41.Interred at Harrington

IRVING-Sarah Ann Irving,who died at 36, Crosby Villa, December 5th, 1918.

IRVING-At Ireby, 29th Aug. 1898, Jane, widow of Thomas IRVING, aged 64 years.

IRVING-On the 17th Oct. 1879, at Dearham, Mr William Irving, tailor, aged 59 years.

IRVING-On the 21st May,1870 at Barrett's Hotel, Cecil-street, Strand, WILLIAM IRVING,Esq., F.R.C.S., late of Crown-square, Penrith, Cumberland, aged 61.

IRVING - Ellen, beloved wife of William IRVING, Egremont, died June 29th, 1938, aged 68 years. Interment to-day (Saturday) at Egremont Cemetery

IRVING-William Irving, who died at West Moor End, November 30th, 1918.  Also our dear brother, Robert Turnbull, killed in France.  October 20th, 1918.

IRWIN-Ann, At Blengfell Gate, Gosforth, ANN IRWIN, wife of MR.WILLIAM IRWIN, aged 39 years. The deceased was daughter of MR. ANDREW M'CORMICK, of Seascale, in the same parish, and was highly respected through life.Oct. 1844

IRWIN, (Child) 16 months, Oct. 9, 1879, Parton, Drowned in pail of water.

IRWIN-On the 24th May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Richard IRWIN, farm labourer, aged 79 years.

IRWIN-Thomas, At Hazareebaugh, East Indies, on the 16th of June 1850, Lieutenant Thomas Somerville

IRWIN, Bengal Engineers, grandson of the late Thomas IRWIN, Esq.,Cumberland.

ISMAY - At Lawrenceholme, Wigton, on the 11th June 1920. John, eldest son of the late Thomas and Mary ISMAY, Lawrenceholme, aged 63 years, Interment at Wigton Cemetery

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