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JACK-Grace, widow of John,  At Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 27th March 1884, aged 81 years.

JACKSON-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Plough Inn, Market-street, Cockermouth, ANN, widow of MR. JAMES JACKSON, aged 34 years.

JACKSON-Ann, On the 18th at Little Salkeld, in the parish of Addingham, single woman, aged 70 years. Jan. 18th 1847.

JACKSON-At Brow Top, Workington, 9th June 1895, Arthur, son of Thomas aged 23 years. - Interment at Camerton Church

JACKSON-On the 5th Sept. 1905, at Kirsgillhow, Frizington, Eleanor, daughter of Henry JACKSON, yeoman, aged 75 years. Interred at Arlecdon Church

JACKSON at Schoose, Workington, on the 7th Feb.1889, Isaac Jackson, farmer, aged 78 yrs. Internment at Distington Church.

JACKSON. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at 74 Main Street, Cleator, Isabella, wife of William JACKSON, aged 75 years.

JACKSON- Whitehaven, MRS. JANE JACKSON, widow, aged
77. Dec. 1844

JACKSON. - On the 17th October 1902, at Underwood, Mosser, Jonathan, son of Matthew and Jane JACKSON, aged 27 years.

JACKSON - At No 1 Catherine Street, Whitehaven, on the 21st Jan. 1920,Joseph Wiilliam, second son of the late Joseph JACKSON, of Scotch street,Whitehaven aged 70 years.

JACKSON - At Hunberdale Farm, Jan. 1920 John Tyson,dearly beloved son of John and Jane JACKSON, aged 6 years to be interredat Arlecdon Church

JACKSON-At the Cottage Hospital November 28th,1930, Lillian Isabel, youngest dearly loved daughter of Philip and Maria Jackson, Waterloo Street, Cockermouth, and grand-daughter of Mr and Mrs George NICHOLSON, 22 Kirkgate, aged 2 years, 7 months.

JACKSON- At the Sun Inn Close, High Street, Dumfries, on the 14thNov. 1858, Jane,daughter of Mr. John JACKSON.

JACKSON-20th June 1898, Harker Marsh, Broughton, John, son of John,coalminer, aged 6 months.

JACKSON-John, At his residence, Holly House, Silecroft, 20th March 1884, Mr. John JACKSON, in the 90th year of his age.

JACKSON - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at St. Bees, Mr. Joseph Jackson, farmer, aged 68 years.

JACKSON-Martha relict of the late William JACKSON, of York Terrace, Liverpool, formerly of Allonby, Cumberland.

JACKSON-On the 25th May, 1897, at  Midtown, Distington, Mary, wife of George JACKSON, farmer.

JACKSON-Mary, the beloved wife of Robert Jackson, of Buttermere, who died Jan. 16th 1928. Also Jack, their son, who died Jan 13th 1908.

JACKSON - In Drovers Lane, on the 14th Nov. 1855, MRS. JANE JACKSON, aged 75 years.

JACKSON - Penrith, on the 6th Oct. 1855, MARY JACKSON, aged 57 years.

JACKSON- In Loving Remembrance of Rachel Jackson, (Widow of Robert Jackson, of Waterend,) Who died on the 2nd of 5th Month, 1892, AGED 75 YEARS. The internment is intended to take place at the Friend’s Meeting House, Pardshaw Hall, on Fifth day the 5th inst., at 11 o’clock a.m. Refreshments will be provided at the Meeting House after the Funeral. Verse with card- none **

JACKSON-Sarah , who died at 19,Cocker Lane, Cockermouth, November 29th, 1918.

JACKSON-On the 5th June 1897, at Fell Dyke, Lamplugh, Sarah JACKSON, landowner, aged 87 years.

JACKSON - At Greenodd, on the 28th Sept, 1855, THOMAS WILSON, son of MR. ABRAHAM JACKSON, mariner, aged 19 years.

JACKSON - At Mereside, on the 18th Sept. 1903, William JACKSON, of Southfield. Interred at Abbeytown.

JAMES-At the Wath, on the 10th Sept. 1903, Ann the beloved wife of ThomasJAMES, Aged 60 years.

JAMES- At Beech Hill, Oughterside, on the 18th June 1898, Margaret, widow of John Scott James, formerly of Oughterside Mills in her 75th year.

JAMES-On the 4th May 1861, at Barrock, Cumberland, in his 71st year, WILLIAM JAMES,Esq.

JAMESON-On the 21st. Aug.1881, at the residence of his son-in-law, J. CAPEL CREEME,Esq., Bageudon House, Cirencester, JOHN JAMESON, Esq., of Moorhouses,Penrith, aged 90 years.

JAMIESON -On the 28th Sept. 1869, at 7, Senhouse-lane, Senhouse-street, George Thomas, son of Mr. Samuel Jamieson, aged 2 years.

JARDINE - At Byreburnfoot, Canonbie, on the 22nd Jan. 1933, Joseph, the beloved husband of Maggie Ann Jardine, aged 46 years.

JEFFERSON, At Wigton, Mrs., Feb. 1812, grocer, aged 53.

JEFFERSON - At Well-Houses, Penny Bridge, on the 27th Sept. 1855, JANE, daughter of ROBERT JEFFERSON, labourer, aged 22 years.

JEFFERSON-At 74 Pica Cottages, on the 14th Jan.1932, Robert, the beloved husband of Henrietta Jefferson, aged 73 years. Interred at Distington Church.

JEFFREY - On the 22nd Dec. 1882, at Paper-mill Terrace. Workington, Dinah, wife of Mr. John JEFFREY, aged 58 years.

JENKINS-On the 24th March, 1897 at Keekle Grove, Cleator Moor, Mr. JOHN JENKINS, mine manager, aged 66 years.

JENKINSON-At Christian Street, Workington 5th June 1895, Elizabeth Ann JENKINSON aged50 years.

JENKINSON-At 4, East Row, Kells, Whitehaven, 14th Sept.1903, Joseph JENKINSON, aged  70 years. Was interred at St Bees Parish Church.

JENKINSON - on the 18th Nov. 1855, in Robinson Fold, Queen Street, MARY, relict of MR. JOHN JENKINSON, master mariner, aged 44 years.

JENKINSON-Nicholas, 1829-20th March, Caught in thrashing machine.

JENKINSON - At 85 Bowthorn Road, Cleator Moor, 25th Oct. 1903, suddenly, William, the beloved husband of Mary Jenkinson, aged 53 years. Was interred on Tuesday at Cleator Church.

JENKINSON-on the 24th Feb.1889, at Bel House, Seaton, Mr Wilson Jenkinson aged 69 yrs.

JENNINGS - In Carlisle, on the 24th Nov. 1855 MARY SARAH JENNINGS, eldest daughter of MR. CHARLES JENNINGS, late of Stepney, London, in the 15th year of her age.

JEWELL-On the 22nd Feb. 1897, at Cleator Moor, George, infant son of Charles JEWELL, iron miner.

JOHNSON- on the 11th Oct. 1844, much lamented, MARY, youngest daughter ofMR. ROBERT JOHNSON, of Harker Lodge, aged 17.

JOHNSTON. - On the 16th April, 1897, at 18, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, ANN, widow of JAMES JOHNSTON, master mariner, aged 81 years.

JOHNSTON-On the 10th Feb. 1897, at Kells, Whitehaven, Charolette, wife of Jno. JOHNSTON, aged 45 years.

JOHNSTON-David, 1823 19th December- Clifton - Roof fell in Good Intent Pit.

JOHNSTON-22nd June 1898, Wood View, Broughton, David John, son of James Johnston, coalminer, aged 11 months.

JOHNSTON-At Kirkbride, 24th March 1903, Harriet, beloved wife of Joseph JOHNSTON and third daughter of the late John LIDDLE, Blamire, Littlebampton. Interred at Kirkbride

JOHNSTON - In London, on the 27th Sept. 1855, MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, of H. M.'s Customs, London, and of Wetheral, near this city, much lamented by all who knew him.

JOHNSTON-On the 30th Nov.1879, at Queen Street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of John JOHNSTON, ware house manager, aged 65 years.

JOHNSTONon the 11th Nov. 1844, MARGARET, wife of MR. JAMES JOHNSTON, labourer, aged 63

JOHNSTON-William,1828 - Great Clifton – Fell down shaft of coal pit while affected by choke damp.

JOHNSTON - On the 28th Sept.1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Isabella, wife of Mr. William Johnston, ship carpenter, aged 33 years.

JOHNSTON-Joseph, of No. 8, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, retired Farmer, who died on 26th March 1931.

JOHNSTON-On the 21st Oct. 1879, in Scotch-street, Carlisle, Margaret Johnston, aged 26 years.

JOHNSTON. - On the 14th May, 1897, at the Infirmary, Whitehaven, Mary JOHNSTON, chairwoman of 3, Patterson's-buildings, aged 41 years.

JOHNSTON. - On the 12th May 1897, at 3, Old Town, Whitehaven, Mary Louisa, infant daughter of John JOHNSTON, labourer.

JOHNSTON - On the 19th March 1882, at George's-place, George-street, Whitehaven, Rebecca, daughter of Mr John JOHNSTON, labourer, aged 11 years.

JOHNSTON - On the 2nd April, 1882, at Flimby, Sarah, widow of Mr. James JOHNSTON, tailor, aged 81 years.

JOHNSTON-At Yearngill,on the 29th November,1920,Thomas, the beloved husband of Jane Johnston, aged 67 years.Interred at Westnewton Churchyard.
JOHNSTON-William Johnston, who died at Siddick, December 3rd, 1916. Also our dear mother, Elizabeth Johnson, who died February 13th, 1897.

JOHNSTON-William, At Moresby Parks, 22nd March 1884,shoemaker, aged 66 years.

JOHNSTONE-At Leeds, 25th July 1898, Elizabeth, the wife of John Johnstone, late of Cockermouth, age 70 years.

JOHNSTONE - On the 16th Oct. 1855, at Queensberry Square, Dumfries, MARGARET,
second daughter of Mr. W. F. JOHNSTONE, bookseller, of scarlet fever, after an illness of three days, aged four years and four months; and on the 19th Oct. 1855. HENRIETTA, his third daughter, of the same disease, after an illness of six days, aged one year and seven months. They were buried together in one grave.

JOHNSTONE - On the 17th March 1882, at Harrington, Mr Thomas JOHNSTONE, labourer, aged 32 years.

JOHNSTONE-Thomas Hodgson, dear little son of David and Mary Johnstone, who died at Dearham Mill, December 8th aged 9 months.

JONES. - On the 1st March, 1897, at Salter, Edward Peter, son of Richard JONES, ironminer, aged 14 months.

JONES-ELIZA, the dearly loved wife of RICHARDJONES, Seatoller, Borrowdale, who fell asleep, April 6th 1928.

JONES - On the 7th Oct. 1855, FREDERICK, infant son of MR. JONES, Citadel Station.

JONES-Sept. 1903 at his residence, 1, North Street, Maryport, JOHN JONES, stationer, Crosby Street, beloved husband of JANE JONES, aged 63 years.

JONES-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Barrow, MARGARET, wife of MR.JOHN JONES, aged 48 years.

JORDAN-On the 10th May 1899, at Longmire Court Whitehaven, Mr. Henry Jordan, mason, aged 56 years.

JOUGHIN - On the 19th March 1897, at Temple Lane, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, Dorothy, widow of Thomas JOUGHIN, mariner, aged 76 years.

JUKES-Paul, of Broadfield, Egremont, Died quite without warning, from heart failure. Feb. 1925 Mr JUKES who was 74 years of age, was a son of the Rev. W. JUKES, who was vicar of Ennerdale for over 20 years.

JUMP - On the 18th March 1882, aged 57 years, Catherine, wife of theRev. Edward JUMP, vicar of St. Paul's, Bolton.
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