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KAVANAGH. - On the 5th July 1882, at Queen-street, Whitehaven, MR. DANIEL KAVANAGH, master mariner, aged 53 years.

KAY.--On the 3rd Nov. 1869, in Curwen-street, Workington, Ann, relict of John KAY, Esq., of the H.M. Customs, advanced in years.

KEENAN-At Distington, 1st Aug. 1903, Nancy, widow of the late Hugh Keenan,age 79 years.

KEENAN-On the 24th April, 1899, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Martha, wife of Mr. Thomas KEENAN, coalminer, aged 64 years.

KEENLISIDE-On the 13th May 1899, at 50 Jane Street Workington, Edith BAINBRIDGE, infant daughter of Mr. Tom D. Keenliside.

KELLY-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at Egremont, Hannah, wife of Thomas KELLY, labourer, aged 40 years.

KELLY-On the 1st December, 39, Ennerdale?? Cleator Moor, Margaret, wife of Edward.

KELSALL-On the 7th June, 1897 at 12, Irish-street, Whitehaven, John KELSALL, grocer, aged 53 years.

KELT-At Great Broughton, 17th inst, William Kelt in his 81st year. Interred at the Broughton Baptist Church.

KENDALL-In sweet remembrance of our dear father, who passed away at Robinson Terrace, Ellenborough, March 31st 1929.

KENDALL - At 10, Findlay Place, Workington, 10 Sept.1903, Henry KENDALL, the beloved husband of Elizabeth KENDALL, aged 70 years.  Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

KENDALL-At St James's Road, Carlisle, 13th June 1884, Miss Isabella KENDALL, formerly of Cockermouth, aged 38 years.

KENDALL- ISABELLA , the beloved wife of JOHN KENDALL, late of Clifton. Sept. 1903 Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery, Workington.

KENDALL-At Camerton, Workington, on the 14th March 1903, Mary Ellen, the beloved daughter of Jeremiah and Ellen Kendall, aged 22 years 6 months.  Was interred at Camerton Church.

KENDALL-At Home Farm Cottages, Whitehall, 27h Aug. 1898, Sarah, the dearly  beloved wife of Joseph KENDALL, and daughter of Richard and Mary KENDALL, Greysouthen, aged 24 years.

KENMARE-John Joseph KENMARE, who died June 11th 1919, aged 10 months.

KENNEAR-On the 15th April, 1899, at Newtown, Aspatria, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas KENNEAR, aged 60 years.

KENNISH-On the 4th Feb. 1902; at 7, Marine Terrace, Hensingham, Ann, wife of William, aged 71 years.

KENNEDY-On the 4th Sept. 1905, at Station-road, Flimby, Catherine, widow of the late Mr. William KENNEDY, aged 75 years.

KENNEDY, On the 4th Oct. 1855, Whitehaven, ISABELLA, the beloved daughter of MR. JOHN KENNEDY, furniture broker, &c., aged 10 months.

KENNEDY - On the 18th Sep. 1855, in her 88th year, JANET KENNEDY, relict of ROBERT GRANGE, Ayr. She was a native of the district of Carrick in Ayrshire, and some fourscore years ago, was a schoolmate of BURNS, when attending Kirkoswald School, taught by MR. RODGER, whither BURNS went in his nineteenth summer, "to learn mensuration, surveying, dialling, &c."

KENNEDY - On the 22nd March 1897, at 108 Queen Street, Whitehave, Mary HAYES, wife of James KENNEDY, grocer, aged 51 years.
KENNEDY. - On the 24th April, 1882, in Greta Street, Keswick, Mr. Thomas KENNEDY, aged 85 years.

KENNEDY-On the 19th August 1879 of heart disease on board the ship Sierra Nevada on his passage from Bassein aged 36 years Captain THOMAS KENNEDY of this town and Calderbridge and grandson of MR LUMLEY KENNEDY of Beckermet formely and for many years shipbuilder at this port.  

KENT-On the 10th June 1903, at Carlisle, Mary, relict of the late William KENT, of Maryport aged 55 years. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery.

KERMODE-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Barrow, ANN, widow of MR. JOHN KERMODE, aged 64 years.

KEOUGH-on the 22nd Feb.1889, at 10, Irish street, Whitehaven, Anxastasia, widow of Mr John Keough, iron monger, aged 58 yrs

KERR. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, at 46 Queen Street, Whitehaven, Sarah, wife of Francis James KERR, aged 45 years.

KEWLEY - At Woodgate-terrace, Egremont, on the 10th Oct. 1855,  ANN, Wife of MR. THOMAS KEWLEY, miner, aged 59 years - highly respected.

KEY- George, the infant son of the late George KEY, spirit  merchant.Oct. 1819.

KEY -On the 1st jan. 1902 at 16, Church road, Harrington, Maria, widow of the late Captain Joseph KEY, in her 89th years.

KEY-At Cockermouth Institution Thomas beloved son of the late John  and Mrs. KEY 75 John Street, Maryport, who died on May 15th 1930,aged 35 years. Interred at Mary port Cemetery

KILLEN.-On the 15th Jan,. 1897, at the Harbour Railway Siding, Whitehaven, John Thomas, son of Joseph KILLEN, mason, aged 10 years.

KILPATRICK, Margaret Coin, aged 4 years and 9 months, daughter of John KILPATRICK, Innkeeper, who had died Dec 1879 from injuries received from burning.

KING- Sarah, dearly beloved daughter of Fred and Ruth King, who died at Great Broughton, November 28th, 1918.

KING - On the 11th Feb. 1897 at 21, Hope-street, Millom, Thomas, son of James King, miner, aged 3 years.

KINSEY. - On the 2nd July 1882, in Portland-place, Carlisle, MR. WILLIAM KINSEY, aged 35 years.

KIRK-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Skinner Street Cockermouth LILY HARPER infant daughter of MR R KIRK.

KIRKBRIDE-On the 12thOct. 1879, at Asby,Arlecdon, Mr E Kirkbride, colliery manager, aged 48 years.

KIRKBRIDE-Ephraim, 1856 - Great Clifton - 29th September - 19 - Fell down coal shaft.

KIRKBRIDE - On the 10th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, J. Kirkbride, labourer, aged 61 years.

KIRKBRIDE-At his residence on Sunday, Jan. 10th,1932 John Kirkbride aged 84. Interred at Dearham Churchyardon

KIRKBRIDE-John KIRKBRIDE, who died  June 19th, 1902 at Queen's Head Inn, Workington; also our dear mother,who died  July 1st, 1892.

KIRKBRIDE-Mary At Penrith, Nov. 1819, aged 24.

KIRKBRIDE - On the 2nd Jan. 1902, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Isabel Kirkbride, Globe Inn, Hensingham.

KIRKBRIDE. - On the 28th June 1882, at Dearham, THOMAS, son of MR. JOSEPH KIRKBRIDE, railway guard, aged 3 years.

KITCHIN - On the 24th June, 1897, at 1, Johns-lane, Whitehaven, Jane, widow of William KITCHIN, plasterer, aged 70 years.

KITCHIN- On the 21st Dec 1920, John Turner Kitchin, dearly beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchin, H. M. Customs, 167 Ruby Terrece, Vulcan's Lane, Workington, late 2nd-Lieutenant,  Lancashire Fusiliers.

KITCHIN - On the 10th Sept. 1869, at Chicago, United States of America, John A. Atkinson, son of Mr. Henry Kitchin, joiner, formerly of Whitehaven, aged 4-1/2 years.

KITCHIN- At his father's house, 11, Carton-lane, Whitehaven, on the 13th Nov. 1858,after a short illness in scarlet fever, James, son of Mr. Jonathan KITCHIN,joiner, aged 20 years and 3 months

KNEEN-On August 12th,1903, at Fever Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne, John, second son of Thomas and the late Margaret Jane Kneen, of Frizington, aged 32 years. Interred at Elswick Cemetery.

KNIGHT. - On the 14th May, 1897 at Kitchin Ground, Irton, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. John KNIGHT, farmer, aged 57 years.

KNIGHT-At Silecroft, 11th June 1884, Elizabeth,wife of Mr William KNIGHT, postmaster, Silecroft, aged 53 years.

KNOWLES. - On the 20th June 1882, at Crosby, Mr Paul Knowles, stonemason, aged 42 years.

KNOX-On the 8th Feb. 1897, at 1 Mark-lane, Whitehaven, Jackson, infant son of Robert KNOX, coalminer.

KNUBLEY-On the 15th June 1863. at Whitehaven, MARY, relict of the late E. C. KNUBLEY, Esq., and daughter of the late MILES PONSONBY, Esq., of Hale Hall,Cumberland.
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