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LABROWS (or could be LABROWA) - at Whitehaven, Mrs. MARTHA LABROWS, Quay-street, much respected. Sept. 1844

LACE- On the 21st April 1882, at Mandle-street, Ellenborough, James, son of  Mr. Daniel LACE, labourer, aged 8 years.

LAIDLOW - At Temple Bank, Prospect, on the 20th March 1932, Jane the dearly loved wife of Thomas. To be interred at Aspatria Church.

LAIRD- Jessie, daughter of Mr. Thomas, At Harrington, 3rd Nov. 1884, 1 year and 3 months.

LAMB-April 14th,1932, Elizabeth, wife of Edward LAMB, and eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Nathan COATES, Deanscales, aged 61 years. To be interred at Dean Church.

LAMB- At Kelswick Hill, in the parish of Irthington, on the 9th Nov. 1844, MARY,widow of the late MR. LAMB, of that place, aged 67 years.

LAMONBY - On the 19th March 1882, at Glasson, Maryport, Margaret, daughter of Robert LAMONBY, seaman, aged 9 years.

LAMONBY - On the 17th Sept. 1869, at the County Hotel, Carlisle, Margaret, third daughter of Lightfoot and Margaret Lamonby, of Fingland.

LANCASTER, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at Bransty, Agnes, wife of Jos. Lancaster, joiner, aged 66 years.

LANCASTER - At Belle Vue, on the 25th Sept. 1855, MR. JOHN LANCASTER, aged 55 years.

LANCASTER- At High Forge, Keswick, on hte 27th Jan. 1885, Margaret, wife of Mr John Lancaster, aged 72 years.

LANCASTER - At Denton Hill, Carlisle, on the 22nd Apr. 1855. THOMAS LANCASTER, aged 7 years.

LANGCAKE- At Row Beck, Dearham, 19th Dec 1920, Sarah Jane, wife of Thomas Langcake. Interred at Bridekirk

LANCASTER-At Dovenby, 21st Aug.1898, Olive, the dearly beloved daughter of Joseph and Sarah Jane LANCASTER, aged 6 months.

LANGLEY- Mary, Penrith, Nov. 1819, aged 36.

LATTIMER-At Watch Hill, near Aspatria, 12th August 1895,Elizabeth Ann, youngest child of George and Margaret Lattimer aged 3 ½ years.

LAW- At Etterby Nursery, on the 15th July, 1844, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas LAW, aged 16 months.

LAWS- At Haltwhistle, on the 15th Nov. 1858, Mrs. LAWS, wife of Mr. John LAWS,postmaster, aged 60.

LAWSON-Francis, of Corporation-road, Carlisle. 35 years of age, son of the late Mr. John LAWSON, Sept. 27th, 1869 who died November 3rd, 1916, at Allonby

LAWSON- On the June 1847, at his residence, at Holloway, in the 65th year of his age, of enlargement of the heart, after a lingering illness, John LAWSON,Esq., of Shooter's-hill and Bexley-heath, Kent, second son of the late John LAWSON, Esq., of Bowness-hill, in the county of Cumberland.

LAWSON - At Longhirst Hall, Northumberland, on the 20th inst., WILLIAM
LAWSON, Esq., aged 80. Oct. 1855


LEES-At 6, Church Road Terrace, Harrington, on the 6th instant, Ruth the beloved wife of Samuel LEES and second daughter of Alfred and Ann WHITTLE, Workington, aged 32 years. Interred at the cemetery Workington.

LEESON - (By cablegram) - On the 12th August, 1913, died from the result of an accident. Andrew, the beloved husband of Ada LEESON, of Jeppes Extension, Transvaal, formerly of Henry Street, Bransty, Whitehaven.

LEICESTER-On the 3rd Feb. 1902, at Hayton, near Carlisle, Edward LEICESTER, aged 67 years.

LEIGHTON-William, at his residence in Christian Street, Maryport, June 1895, 71 yrs of age.

LEMON-On the 7th March 1858, at Wigton, Cumberland, aged 49, MARGARET, wife of MR. JOHN LEMON, manufacturer.

LENNON-On the 31st May, 1897, at Cleator, John LENNON, ironminer, aged 52 years.

LENNON: On the 16th Apr. 1882, at 18 Back Street, Ginns, Whitehaven, Sarah, wife of Mr Thomas LENNON, coalminer, aged 51 years.

LENNOX- At Crosby-on-Eden, on the 25th Oct. 1844, MRS. ELISABETH LENNOX, aged 66 years.She survived her husband less than seven weeks.

LENNOX-Sarah, the beloved wife of Joseph Lennox, Low Lorton, who died March 6th, 1925, aged 72 years.

LESLIE - On the 4th Nov. 1882 at Tarmington, Memphis, United States of America, Robert, second son of the late William and Ann LESLIE, late of Carlisle, aged 31 years.

LEVASON-On the 4th Feb.1902, at 33 Tangier Street, Whitehaven, George Smith LEVASON, aged 56 years.

LEWIN.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at 2, Senhouse-lane, Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, Sarah Frances Ellen Scott, daughter of Mr. Alexander LEWIN, mariner, aged 4 years and 1 month.

LEWIS-On the 25th Nov.1879, At Ellenborough, Ann LEWIS, aged 47 years.

LEWIS, Elizabeth, wife of William, At Nelson Street,Maryport, 2nd Nov. 1884, aged 72 years.

LEWIS-At 29, Milburn Street, Workington, 23rd June 1898, Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of Robt. and Mina Lewis, aged 7 days.

LEWTHWAITE - On the 4th Jan. 1902 at Cockermouth John Lowther, aged 66 years.

LEWTHWAITE-On the 9th Feb.1903 at 14, Main Street, Egremont, William Lewthwaite, aged 64 years.  To be interred at Egremont Cemetery.

LIDDELL-At Bowness, 23rd May 1895, Janet LIDDELL, aged 66 years

LIETCH - David Ross, physician and author,  Derwent Bank, Keswick, died Aug 16, 1881 age 72, son of the late Rev. William LIETCH of North Shields.  Wrote "The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth" and helped to establish the Volunteer Corps at Keswick in 1860.  Interred at Crosthwaite churchyard.

LIDDLE - On the 19th March, 1882, Mary Ann, wife of Mr John LIDDLE, coalminer, aged 71 years.

LIGHTFOOT-Elizabeth, beloved wife of Tom Lightfoot, Brough Hill, Bolton, on the 15th April 1932. To be interred at Boltongate Church.

LIGHTFOOT. - On the 26th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, MRS. MARY LIGHTFOOT, late of Maryport, aged 67 years.

LINDSAY - On the 25th Nov.1879, at Belle Vue, Papcastle, Cockermouth, Ann, daughter of Mr. John Charles LINDSAY, joiner, aged 5 years.

LINDSAY-At Braithwaite, 27th Oct. 1903, after a long and painful illness, Dorcas, the dearly beloved wife of James Lindsay, aged 7(?4) years and 11 months. Interred at Thorrnthwaite Church

LINDSAY- Lenny, who died at Park Cottages, Seaton, December 4th 1919.

LINDSAY-At Carlisle Infirmary, 29th Nov. 1920 Sarah Jane (Sallie), dealy loved wife of William Lindsay, Cockermouth, age 42.

LINDSAY-On the 19th Oct. 1903, at Croft House, Ellenborough, Maryport, MARY BELL LINDSAY, beloved wife of THOMAS LINDSAY, aged 34 years.

LINDSAY-Thomas Carlyle LINDSAY, who died in hospital at Freetown, Sierra Leone, June 12th,1917.

LINDSAY-At 14, Gladstone Street, Workington, on the 8th Feb. 1903, Thomas Lindsay, in his 84th year.  To be interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.

LINTON: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Monkwray, John LINTON, of Parton, aged 60 years.

LINTON - On the 6th Jan. 1902 at Church Road, Distington, Joseph husband of Ann LINTON, aged 51 years.

LISTER-At Temple Terrace, Aspatria, on the 7th inst, Annie, beloved wife of Robinson LISTER, aged 48 years. Was interred at Aspatria Church on Sunday April 10th 1932.

LISTER-On the 5th Oct.1879, at Crown-street, Cockermouth, GEORGINA, infant daughter of MR. GEORGE LISTER, stonemason.

LISTER: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Herbert Hill, Whitehaven, Isaac Collius, infant son of Mr. Henry LISTER, master mariner.

LISTER-At Maryport Cottage Hospital on the 3rd May, 1931 John Cottier, dearly beloved son of James and the late Isabel Lister, and dearly beloved husband of Nancy Lister, Outgang Farm, Dearham, aged 26 years. Interred Dearham Churchyard.

LISTER- Minnie, beloved granddaughter of Lucy Lister, of Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1918.

LISTER- Sarah Ann, who died at Coulderton, November 29, 1918.

LITHGOW - At 22, Highland View, Bransty, Whitehaven, on Sunday March 20th 1932, Robert dearly beloved husband of Annie LITHGOW, aged 48. To be interred at the Cemetery, Whitehaven.

LITT-Elizabeth LItt, who died January 28th, 1920.

LITT-On January 10th, 1932, at the Nursing Home, Whitehaven, Mary, only surviving daughter of the late John and Mary Ann LITT, late of Birks Farm, Cleator Moor. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

LITTLE - On January 21st 1920, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J. WILSON,Aragella, widow of the late William LITTLE, of St Bees, aged 81 YEARS.Interred at the Priory Church St. Bees

LITTLE-On the 3rd June 1897, at Rose Hill, Harrington, Ann, widow of William LITTLE, aged 87 years.

LITTLE, JOHN, Abbey Town, died on the 31st day of March, 1931.

LITTLE-Joseph Henry, beloved son of Thomas and Mary LITTLE, 9, Wilson Terrace, Broughton Moor, who died March 31st 1930, aged 25 years.

LITTLE. At the 30th General Hospital, Calais, on 16th April, 1918, Lance
-Corporal James Little, Border Regiment, the dearly beloved husband
of Agnes Ann Little, Langwathby, aged 25 years. Deeply lamented.

LITTLE-At Bolton Wood Lane, Wigton, 31 July 1903., Mary the beloved wife of John Little (late of Atkinson House), age 69 years.

LITTLE-Robert Hunter, Charters Towers Goldfields, Northern Queensland, August 26th 1884 aged 27 years.

LITTLE-On the 23rd April, 1899, at Islay-place, Workington, Thomas, son of Mr. William LITTLE, aged 2 years and 5 months.

LITTLE-William, Mr. William LITTLE, spirit-merchant, Longtown, after a few days illness, of an inflammation in the brain, aged 34, Nov. 1819.

LITTLEDALE. At Anderson Creek, Melbourne, Australia, MR. WILLIAMLITTLEDALE, late of Harrington, Cumberland, aged 72 years. July 1882.

LITTLETON-At Seymour House, on the 15th March 1903, Jane Hannah beloved wife of Robert Littleton, aged 31 years.  Interred at Beckfoot.

LIVESAY, At Cockermouth, on the 3d Oct. 1855, MR. WM. LIVESAY, hatter, of Preston, in his 29th year.

LIVESLEY-Richard, April 1812 in the 74th year of his age, at his home in Formby, and on the Tuesday following, his wife, Mrs MARY LIVESLEY in the 74th year of her age.

LOCKE-At Barrow, 16th June 1884, William F., son of the late Mr Frederick R. LOCKE, of Whitehaven, aged 49 years.

LOCKERBY - On the 14th Oct. 1855, at Closeburn Lodge, JOHN LOCKERBY, third son
of WILLIAM LOCKERBY, aged 4 years and 6 months.

LOCKYER-On March 5th 1930, at Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth, Emma
Lockyer, aged 85.

LONG. - On the 17th June, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Moses LONG, farm labourer, aged 84 years.

LONG - In James Street, Carlisle, on the 11th Nov. 1855, of scarlatina, JAMES, son of MR. JOHN LONG, aged 7 years.

LONG-At Blea Bank, 20thJune 1898, Sarah, widow of Francis Long, aged 83 years. Interred at Brigham Church

LONGSTAFF-At Crosby Villa, 15thSept.1903, Jane LONGSTAFF, widow of the Late Wm. LONGSTAFF, aged 78 years. was interred at Crosscononby Church.

LORRAINE-At Park Lane, Workington, on the 2nd Dec. 1920, Marion Lorraine, beloved wife of James Lorraine, aged 78 years. Interred at Harrington Road.

LOSH-Elizabeth 1817-Great Clifton-1st February- Throat cut by husband.

LOSH-John 1817-Great Clifton- 1st February. Cut his throat, lunatic.

LOWDEN. - On the 19th July 1913, in her 70th dear, at the residence of her son, 22, Balliol-road, Bootle, Liverpool, Martha, widow of the late Hugh Williamson, shipbuilder, of Whitehaven. Was interred at Moresby

LOWES-At Egremont, since our last, Mr. John LOWES, joiner, aged 81. Nov. 1819

LOWES-At Lonthwaite Road, Wigton, 24th May 1895, Mr Joseph LOWES, aged 70 years.

LOWTHER-At 10 Derwent Street, Cockermouth, 15th April 1932, Hugh, fourth and dearly loved son of Jane and the late William Lowther, aged 21 years.

LOWTHER-At Umballah, on the 9th of September last, 1844 in the 29th year of his age, from a coup de sollel, WILLIAM, only surviving son of the REV. HENRY LOWTHER, of Distington Rectory, Lieutenant in the 41st Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry.

LOWTHER. - On the 16th May, 1897, at Gale-court, Market Place, Whitehaven, Thomas, son of Joseph LOWTHER, dock labourer.

LOWTHIAN-On Whit-Sunday, at 2,June 1882 Cavendish-place, Carlisle, ISAAC LOWTHIAN, formerly of  Penrith, aged 80 years.

LOWTHIAN-21stJune 1898, Goat, Papcastle, Margaret, daughter of Robert Lowthian, clogger, aged 15 years.

LOXLEY-On the 14thAug, 1898, at Westfield, Sarah Ann, wife of Thomas Loxley, aged 65 years.

LUCAS-Elizabeth (Elsie) Lucas, the beloved daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth LUCAS, of Moor Row, who died June 20th, 1895.

LUMB-On the 24th Apr. 1866, at Bank's Hall, Cumberland, MARY, the eldest daughter of WILLIAM LUMB, jun., Esq., aged 18 years.

LUMSDAINE-at the South Parade,Feb. 1812 Bath, Vice-Admiral LUMSDAINE.

LUNTON-Oct.30, 1844,  MR. JAMES LUNTON, Penrith, Townhead.

LUNSTOE-At Penrith, on the 10th Nov. 1844, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. JOHN LUNSTOE, labourer, aged 62 years;

LYNCH-John, Whitehaven, Mr Lynch who was 67 years of age, died April 1932.

LYNN.- At 72 Wordsworth Street, Penrith, on the 22nd June 1887, Wm. LYNN, aged 81

LYON-On the 1st Feb. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, James LYON, carter, aged 52 years.

LYON-On the 26th June 1819, at Chamberry, Savoy, where he went for the benefit of hishealth, James Wedderburne LYON, Esq., late of the Temple, London, andUllswater, Cumberland, in the 27th year of his age.

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