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MACKERETH-The 27th February, 1814, Mrs. Agnes MACKERETH, 72.

MACLEAN-On the 8th Dec. 1863, at Lazonby Hall, Cumberland, LT.-COLONEL HENRY DUNDASMACLEAN

MACLEAN-On the 29th Sept.1870, at Lazonby Hall, Penrith, Eleanor, widow of the late Lieut-Colonel Henry Dundas MACLEAN, and daughter of the late REV. Joseph Dacre CARLYLE, Professor of Arabie at the University of Cambridge, and Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlisle.

MacCOSS-THISEL, who died 25th March 1926.

MACULLOCH- At Ayr, on the 28thMarch 1812. EUPHEMIA, aged 6 years; on the 1st inst. HELLEN SHAW, aged 2 years; and on the 4thApril 1812. JANET aged 4 years; daughters of Mr. THOMAS MACULLOCH, innkeeper.The two last were carried off by the croup, and the firstby the dregs of the measles.

MAGEE-At Park End Road, Workington, 28th May 1895, Catherine MAGEE, aged 78 years.

MAGEE-At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, MR. CHARLES MAGEE, grocer, in the 69th year of his age.

MAGEEAN- On the 24th March 1897. at 7 Littledale Lane, Whitehaven, Daniel MAGEEAN, stone mason, aged 70 years.

MAGRADY-On the 21st Sept, 1879 at 35 Ginns Whitehaven JOHN infant son of MR JOHN MAGRADY.MAJOR, Mrs. Wife of James, Cockermouth, Feb. 1777.

MAKEPEACE-on the 12thAud. 1904. at Rowrah, suddenly, Eliza wife of Mr William Makepeace, age 53 years.

MALKINSON - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, Mr. John Malkinson, compositor, aged 23 years, only son of the late Mr. John Malkinson, painter, of this town.

MALLARD. - On the 5th July, 1882., at Kirkby-street, Maryport, JOHN JAMES, infant son of MR. JOHN MALLARD, labourer.

MALLISON - On the 24th Nov.1879, at Crosby Street, Carlisle, Mr. Joseph MALLISON, aged 77 years.

MALLINSON. At 19 Foster Street, Penrith, on the 17th Apr. 1918. Thomas,
beloved husband of Barbara Mallinson, aged 65 years. To be interred at
Penrith Cemetery

M'ALLISTER. - On the 2nd July 1882, at George-street, Whitehaven, HENRY, infant son of MR. ISAAC M'ALLISTER, joiner.

M'ALLISTER-On the 1st Dec.1879 at West Strand, Whitehaven, Mr. James M'ALLISTER, joiner, aged 63 years.

M'ALLISTER - On the 5th January, 1902 at Bransty Hospital, Whitehaven, Ruth Jessie, wife of Thomas M'Allister, coal miner aged 35 years.

MANDALE-Mary, At Queen's Street, Whitehaven, 27 Nov. 1884, relict of the late Matthew,81 years.

MANLEY-On the 4th Feb. 1820, at Manley, near Tiverton, Devon, Mary, widow ofthe late Henry MANLEY, Esq.,

MARMION-On the 17th Sept. 1879at Nelson Street Maryport PATRICK MARMION aged 10 years.

MARR -Caroline, wife of Samuel, Highfield Place, died, March 1930. At the early age of 39 years.

MARSH-Alfred Marsh,who departed this life, broken hearted, on Jan. 15th 1929, and was laid to rest in Distington Churchyard.

MARSHALL- Jane Ann, infant of Arthur, At Leegate Cottages. 28th Nov. 1884, aged 14 days.

MARSHALL-On the 24th March 1897, at Gosforth, JULIA, daughter of JOHN MARSHALL, labourer, aged 34 years.

MARSHELL-On the 18th Sept. 1879at Glasson JOSEPH son of MR EDWARD MARSHALL aged 8 years.

MARTIN - At Kenmore, Craig Road, Workington, on the 8th Jan.1932 Margaret, widow of the late Joseph Martin, aged 78 years. Interred at Dearham Church

MARTIN On the 10th Sept.1903 at 3, Earl Street, Cleator Moor, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of JAMES MARTIN, aged 60 years. Interred at St. John's Church.

MARTIN-At West End Farm, Gilcrux, on November 27th 1930 James Robinson, the dearly beloved husband of Maggie E. MARTIN, aged 38 years. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

MARTIN- At Silly Banks, near this town, Oct. 1853, William MARTIN, in the 5th year of his age.

MARTIN.--On the 10th Oct. 1869, at High Dyke, Frizington, William, third son of Mr. William MARTIN, aged 17 years.

MARTINDALE. - On the 27th June 1882, at Broughton Cross, Brigham, MRS. ELIZABETH MARTINDALE, aged 73 years.

MARTINDALE-At Birks Hill, in Castle Sowerby, on Sunday last, MR. ISAAC MARTINDALE, of  Liverpool, third son of MR. GEORGE MARTINDALE, aged 35 years.Oct. 1844.

MARTINDALE.- At Greystoke, on the 23rd May 1887, James MARTINDALE, formally farmer at Bunkers Hill, aged 78 years.

MARTINDALE-At Motherby, Penrith, on May 30th,1895 John James, second son of James and Margaret MARTINDALE, aged 28 years. Interred at Greystoke Church.

MARSH.--On the 8th Oct. 1869, at Gosforth Gate, William, son of the late Mr. Henry MARSH, joiner, in the 18th year of his age.

MARSHALL-On the 11th Feb, 1881., at 40, Lowndes-street, S.W., in his 52d year, JOHN WILLIAM MARSHALL, of Patterdale Hall, Penrith.

MARTON (or could be MARION) - On the 8th Sept. 1844, at Capernwray Hall, near Lancaster, GEORGIANA, eldest daughter of George MARTON, Esq., M.P.

MASHITER- At Kendal, Mrs., aged 72.Feb. 1812

MASHITER- In Affectionate Remembrance of Thomas Mashiter, ( Late of Ponsonby Old Hall), Who died at Mockerkin, on March 12th, 1895, AGED 83 YEARS. To be interred at Ponsonby Church, on the 16th inst., at Half-past 2 o’clock. Refreshments at Stanley Arms.Verse with card- none **

MASON- Emma, at Workington, on the 1st August 1879, murdered by her husband, Johnston MASON.

MASON-Colonel D. J., Penny Bridge, Great Broughton,Nov.1920

MATCHES - On the 13th Feb. 1897 at Distington, Ann Louisa Matches, aged 63 years.

MATTHEWS - At Greenside Lodge, Patterdale, on the 15th Nov. 1855, THOMAS, son of MR. JAMES MATTHEWS, in his 21st year.

MATTINSON-At Oulton Grange, Wigton, on the 24thJune 1898. John Humble, youngest son of George and Margaret Mattinson, aged 7 years. Interred at Wigton Cemetery

M’AVOY-John, At 44, Grasslot, 22nd March 1884, Mr. John M'AVOY, aged 36 years.

MAUGHAM–Ruth the beloved wife of Wm. MAUGHAM. May 16th 1927.

MAWSON–At Co-operative Cottage Seaton, 16th May, 1930. Albert, dear beloved eldest son of Jos and Eleanor, aged 20 years. Interred at  Camerton Churchyard

MAWSON-On the 15thMarch 1903, at Cringlethwaite, near Egremont, Jane, widow ofthe late Isaac Mawson, aged 93 years. To be interred at St Johns Church, Beckermet.

MAYHOLLAMS-At th Bungalow on April 5th 1932 Ada, the beloved wife of William MAYHOLLAMS, died aged 56 years.  Interred at Dearham Cemetery

MAYNARD- On the 4th Nov. 1858, the Lady Frances Julia MAYNARD, wife of Colonel the Hon.Charles Henry MAYNARD, only son of Viscount MAYNARD, Lord-Lieutenant of thecounty of Essex.  Her Ladyship died at Shern Hall, Walthamstow, on the anniversary of her birthday,

MAYNE-John beloved husband of Mary MAYNE, who died at Netherton, June 12th, 1914.

M'BAIN on the 23rd Feb.1889, at 33 George Street, Whitehaven, Margaret Clark, infant daughter of Mr John Jas. M'Bain, ship-plater.

M'BRIDE-Elizabeth, at her daughter's in Liverpool, aged 71, wife of Mr John M'Bride, of Garston. Feb. 1814

M’BRIDEIn Preston Street, on the 28th Oct. 1853, Mr. James M’BRIDE, son fo Alexander M’BRIDE, late tide surveyor at this port, aged 21 years.

M'CARTNEY - At Belle Vue, On the 21st July, 1844, Mr. Alexander M'CARTNEY,  aged 20 years.

M'CARTNEY-On the 24th April, 1899, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Mr. John M'CARTNEY, coalminer aged 24 years.

M'CARTNEY. On the 18th Jan. 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Thomas, son of John, coalminer, aged 1 year.

M'CAUGHERN - On the 11th Feb. 1897, at 3 James-place, West Strand, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of Alexander M'CAUGHERN, labourer.

M'CAUGHERN - On the 14th Feb. 1897, at 21 Fox-lane, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of Daniel M'CAUGHERN, labourer, aged 28 years.

McALLEN - On the 16th March 1882, at the Infirmary, Maryport, Mr John McALLEN, labourer, aged 26 years.

McALPINE-at Wigton, Mr Hugh McALPINE, aged 77.Feb. 1814
McATEER-(Mrs., no first name) resident of Egremont, who passed away at the age of 60. April 1930.

MACAULEY-JANE, who died at 28. Croft Terrace, Aspatria, on April 4th 1926.

M’CAA-At Newton-Stewartry, on the 11thFeb. 1812. Mr. Anthony M'CAA, aged 74.

McCRACKEN. - On the 25th 1903, at Carlisle, Elspeth (Elsie) COCHRANE, beloved daughter of Jane Ann and Andrew McCRACKEN, Police Station, Dearham, aged 9 years 2 weeks. Interred at the Carlisle Cemetery.

M'COLL-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Barrow, Margaret, daughter of Mr John M'Coll, aged 16 years.

M'CONVEY-On the 30th Nov. 1902, at 1, Barnyeat-b??, Chapel Street, Whitehaven, Sarah wife of Edward, aged 70 years.

McCORMICK - In Robert Street, Carlisle, on the 24th Apr. 1880, JOHN M'CORMICK, aged 10 years.

M'CLORRY-On the 21st Dec 1882, at Wood-street, Maryport, Mary Ellen, infant daughter of Mr. Edward M'CLORRY, saddler.

M’CLURRY. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, Robert M’CLURRY, coalminer, of Whitehaven aged 66 years.

M'CREDIE - On the 23 rd Oct. 1882, at Williamson lane, Tangier-street, Whitehaven, Mary, widow of Mr. Alexander M'CREDIE, aged 65 years.

McCULLOGH-At Henry Street, Harrington, on the 10th June 1903, John the beloved husband of Agnes McCULLOGH, aged 44 years. Interred at Harrington Church

McDEVITT - At 53 Rigg Street, on January 27th, 1933, Hugh Mcdevittaged 79 years. was interred at Carlisle Cemetery

McDONALD-At Laversdale, Brampton, on the 18th May 1895, Catherine Railton, widow of David McDONALD, formerly of Wigton, aged 65 years.

McDONALD-Elizabeth, wife of James INMAN, died January 14, 1856 in Dumfries aged 28 years

McDONALD - On the 8th Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of WM. MCDONALD, shipwright. Maryport.

McDONALD-On the 8th June, 1897, at the house of her father, J. S. PEILE, Esq., Parton, Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Peter McDONALD, aged 33 years. Interred at Moresby Church

M'KENDREY. On the 15th July 1882, at Collin's-terrace, Ellenborough, JAMES,infant son of MR. PATRICK M'KENDREY, labourer.

McLEAN: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Kirkgate, Cockermouth, Mr. Alexander McLEAN, aged 77 years.

MCMEIKEN - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at 45, Market-place, Martha, wife of Mr. Archibald McMeiken, aged 40 years.

MCMEIKEN - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at 45, Market-place, Henry, son of Mr. Archibald McMeiken, aged 8 years and 9 months.

McFALL-Elizabeth Anne, 45 Milburn Street, Workington, died April 1932.

McFARLANE- At the Carlisle Infirmary, 3rdAug 1903,Malcolm, of Maryport, age 64 years.

McGANN-Peter,Maryport, died June 1918, injuries from a fall.

McGRAA - On the 2nd April, 1882, at Nelson-street, Maryport, Hugh, son of Mr. Samuel McGRAA, aged 2 years.

McGUFFIE-Hannah, the dear wife of James McGUFFIE, who died April 19th 1922; also of Catherine, daughter of the above, who died October 26th 1923.

McGUINESS. Private J. H McGuiness, Kirbythore, of the W. and C.
Yeomanry (attached to the Border Regiment) killed in France, 23rd March
1918, aged 22 years.

McGUIRK-JAMES, October 9  1879, 19 years of age at the Henry Pit.

McGURK-On the 23rd April 1882, at the Workhouse,Whitehaven, Jane, widow of  Mr. John McGURK, mariner, aged 49 years.

McKENZIE- Ann McKENZIE, who died at  No. 1, Newtown, Whitehaven, on June 12th 1919.

McKENZIE-At Lonsdale Terrace, Parton, 4th June 1895, David Dallas, the beloved son of Forrester and Sarah Jane McKENZIE, aged 15 months.

McKENZIE-William, at Maryport, at the great age of 94 years, Jan. 1814, The deceased has left a widow in her 88th year, to whom he had been married not less than 67 years.

McKITTEN- Samuel, At Derwent Street, Workington, 1st Nov. 1884, aged 46 years.

McMANUS - At Hodgson's Court, Church Street, Stanwix, on February 1st. 1933,  Catherine McManus, aged 72 years. Funeral at Carlisle Cemetery

MCMASTER-Suddenly, at 2 New Street, Cockermouth, on January 21st 1932, Martha Jane, beloved wife of the late Robert McMaster, and eldest daughter of late Joseph and Jane Tolson, postman , of Cockermouth, in her 80th year.

M'MILLEN - On the 19th March 1897, at Cleator Moor, Joseph William, infant son of Thomas M'MILLEN, miner.

McMILLIN- Martha, the beloved wife of John McMillin, died May 27th, 1894, aged 62.

McNAE-At 5, Holly Square, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 22 March 1903, George SMITH,  youngest son of John McKENZIE and Agnes McNAE, aged 7 years, 7 months. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

M’COID. - On the 1st May, 1882, at Littledale Lane, Quay-street, Whitehaven, Ellen, wife of Mr. Daniel M’COID, carter, aged 57 years.

MCQUILLAM - On the 24th Sept. 1869, at 11, Bardy-lane, Rose McQuillam, spinster, aged 50 years.

McTAGGART-On the 17th instant, at Temple Terrace, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, Robert McTaggart, aged 83 years.

McWILLIAMS-On the 14th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR ROBERT McWILLIAMS aged 27 years

McWHIRR-Elizabeth, widow 73 years of age,last at Whitehaven Workhouse June 1895

M'DINE - In Botchergate, July, 1844, Mrs. Mary M'DINE, aged 31 years.

M'DONALD - On the 9th April, 1897, at Trumpet-terrace, Cleator, Julia, infant daughter of William M'DONALD, engine fitter.

MEAKIN-On the 6th Oct. 1845, at Speenhamland, Berks., aged 34, Julia Rachel, thebeloved wife of the Rev. John A. D. MEAKIN, and only child of the late JohnMYERS, Esq., of Millom, Cumberland.

MEALS-At Cockermouth, Dec. 1844, Mr MEALS, in the 94th year of his age

MEGANNON-Mr. J., Frizington, died March, 1903.

MELVILLE-At South Marsh Street, Workington, 23rd March 1903, Henry BURNS, the dearly beloved son of William and Sarah Jane MELVILLE, aged 3 years.

MESSENGER-David the beloved husband of Eleanor Messenger, who died at Crow Park, Ingwell, Hensingham, on March 15th 1900 aged 33 years and was interred at Distington Church.

MESSENGER - In Morton Street, Carlisle, on the 27th April 1880, HENRY MESSENGER, aged 2-1/2 years.

MESSENGER-At Allonby, on the 1st June 1895, after a short but painful illness, John Elliot, the dearly beloved and only son of William and Mary Messenger, Rogerscale, aged 15 years. Was interred at Aspatria Church

MESSENGER- Joseph, of Seaton, March 1882.

MESSENGER-At Spring Bank, Brigham, 26th Oct. 1903, Joseph Messenger, aged 59 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

MESSENGER- On the 21st Dec. 1859, in his 33d year, much regretted by his numerous friends, MR.JOSEPH MESSENGER, of Keswick, Cumberland

MESSENGER.- William, who died at 22, Bolton Street, Workington, November 23rd, 1917.

MESTER-At Gale Terrace, Low Seaton, on the 15th May 1930, James Robert, husband of Isabella MESTER, aged 47 years. To Interred at Camerton

METCALF- Benjamin Dec. 1879, 23 years of age. Deceased was employed at the Londale Pit, Dearham

METCALFE- Gunner Joseph METCALFE, beloved son of William and Ann METCALFE, late of Broughton Moor, killed in action in France, June 12th, 1917.

METCALF. - On the 23rd April, 1882, at Nook Street, Frizington, Mr. Thomas METCALF, iron miner aged 65 years.
M'EWEN: On the 15th Apr. 1882, at 87 Middle Row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, Betsy, infant daughter of Mr. John M'EWEN, coalminer.

M'GINN-On the 21st Feb. 1897, at Bigrigg, Hannah, widow of Charles M'GINN, engine fitter, aged 67 years.

M’GLASSON- At Stone Know, in the parish of Scaleby, on the 20thOct. 1844, MRS. MARY M'GLASSON, aged 77 years, widow of MR. ROBERT M'GLASSON, and mother of JOHN M'GLASSON, of the Carlisle post-office.

M'GRATH - On the 31st December, 1901 at Dixon'd Square, Ginns, Whitehaven, Margaret M'Grath aged 63 years.

M'GRIEVY.--On the 6th Oct1869, at the Marketplace, Whitehaven, Mr. Hugh M'GRIEVY, tailor, aged 39 years.

M'HALE-On the 28thOct. 1879, at Longmire's-court, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, daughter of Mr Michael M'Hale, aged4 years and 4 months.

MIDDLETON, On the 20th Jan. 1897, at St. Bees, Mary, wife of Isaac MIDDLETON, gardener, aged 66 years.

MILBURN,John Edwards, son of John and Sarah Jane Milburn, who died at Church View, Seaton, December 2nd, 1918, aged 1 year5 months.

MILBY - At Ingwell, near Whitehaven, Mrs. ANN MILBY, in her 68th year, Oct. 1855.

MILLAR - On the 18th June, 1897, at Moresby, William MILLAR, coalminer, aged 24 years.

MILLER-Ann, 1825 20th July- Killed by a cow being driven by an Irish drover.

MILLER. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Harrington, Ann, widow of William MILLER, aged 81 years.

MILLER-At the residence of his sister, at Ulverston, on the 4th May, 1931. Arthur, fourth son of the late Thomas and Mary Miller, of Bassenthwaite. Interred at St. Johns, Bassenthwwiate.

MILLER-At Cockermouth, on Tuesday, the 14th May 1844, Margaret, the daughter of Mr. Jonah MILLER, grocer, aged nine years.

MILLER- Mary MILLER, beloved wife of James MILLER, 117, King Street, Maryport, who died March 26th, 1901, aged 53 years.

MILLER- Pvt. Richard Jackson MILLER, 5th Border Regiment, who was killed in action June 8th 1917.

MILLER-At Penrith Union Workhouse, on the 10th May 1844, Mrs. Sarah MILLER, Widow, aged 67 years.

MILLER - At 15 John Street, Caldewgate, on February 1st. 1933, William, the dearly beloved son of Catherine and later Robert Miller. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery

MILLICAN-On the 22nd May 1897, at Harrington, Mary Isabella, infant daughter of Richard MILLICAN, draper.

MILLING, Sarah, At 14, Gauntlet Street, Middlesbrough, 1st inst., late of Workington, aged 38 years. the wife of Robert,Nov. 1884

MIREHOUSE- In affectionate Remembrance of Jonathan Mirehouse, of Mockerkin, Who died on Wednesday, January 20th, 1892, AGED 70 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Saturday, the 23rd inst., at 2-30 p.m., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock. Verse with card- Affliction sore, long time I bore, Physicians were in vain ; Till God did please to give me ease, And free me from my pain.In Affectionate Remembrance of BETSY, Widow of Jonathan Mirehouse, of Mockerkin, Who died July 2nd, 1905. AGED 67 YEARS. “Her end was Peace.”Verse with card- none **

MIREHOUSE- In Loving Remembrance of Mary, Widow of the late James Mirehouse, of Ullock, Who died 6th. Day of November, 1889, AGED 73 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Saturday, November 9th, at 2 o’clock p.m.
Verse with card- She has gone from amongst us, her spirit has fled. We number he now amongst those who are dead ; Her last sigh is heaved, her last words are given, She has gone from this world to a better in heaven.    **

MIREHOUSE- In Affectionate Remembrance of Sarah, The Beloved Wife of James Mirehouse, Ullock, Who died on Tuesday, June 9th, 1885, AGED 28 YEARS. To be interred at Dean Church, on Friday, 12th inst, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
No verse with card-**

MIREHOUSE- Died at her late residence, No 1302 King Street, London, Ontario, Sarah Ann Aged Fifty Years, Beloved Wife of Jonathan Mirehouse, Who died October 14th. 1926. Funeral from her late residence to Mount Pleasant Cemetary, Saturday, October Sixteenth, Service at 2 o’clock. Verse with card- none**

MITCHELL - On the 22nd June, 1897, at Parton, Ellen, wife of Tom MITCHELL, aged 42 years.

MITCHELL - In Eldon-street, Newcastle, on the 17th July, 1844, aged 31, Ann, wife of Henry A. MITCHELL, Esq.

MITCHELL,- Isaac, dearly loved son of John and Elizabeth Mitchell, of Fairfield Farm, who died at 51, Roper Street, Whitehaven, on November 27th, 1918, aged 11 years and 3 months.

MITCHELL -At St. Helens Street, on the 23rd inst., Jane Mitchell, aged 85 years. Was interred at the Cemetery on Thursday, 25, 1920

MITCHELL-the 11th May 1844 John MITCHELL, At Newtown-of-Rockliff  aged 78 years

MITCHELL - John, beloved husband of Mary Ann Mitchell, of West View, High Scales, near Aspatria, who diend suddenly on February 2nd, 1933, in his 65th year.  To be interred at Bromfield Church

MITCHELL-At Crindledyke, on the 11th May 1844, Mr. John MITCHELL, aged 73 years.

MITCHELL-At Bothel, on the 21 Sept.1903, Joseph, the beloved husband of Ann Mitchell, aged 77 years.

MITCHELL-On July 24th 1879 at Skelsmergh Hall Hyneton Victoria Australia ESTHER the wife of JOSIAH MITCHELL and daughter of the late JOHN DICKINSON Kidburngill.
MITCHELL- Joseph, who died at Hollin, Lamplugh, March 30th 1871, aged 54. Also of Isabella, beloved wife of the above, who died at Egremont, on September 8th, aged 80. Interred at Arlecdon Church.

MITCHELL- At Plumbland Moor, on the 6th Oct,1903 Mary, the
youngest daughter of the late Robert Mitchell, sen. of Threapland Moss,aged 73 years.

MITCHINSON - At Portinscale, on November 5th.John Hetherington, beloved husband of Sarah Ann Mitchinson, aged 83.Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

MITCHINSON - At Mawbray House, Crosby, on the 12th Jan. 1932,William, beloved husband of the late Margaret Mitchinson, aged 87 years. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

M'KEE.- On the 17th May, 1897 at Branary Hospital, Whitehaven, Ada, daughter of James M'KEE, tailor, aged 3 years.

M'KEE. - On the 19th June 1897, st Hensingham, Christina, wife of Mr. David M'KEE, stone mason, aged, 63 years.

M’KEE- On the 1st Sept. 1819. at the advanced age of 101, Mrs Susannah M'KEE

M'KENZIE - On the 24 th Nov 1882 at Dearham, Mary, wife of Mr. Edward M'KENZIE, labourer, aged 48 years.

M'KEOWN. - On the 3rd July 1882, at 15, Keekle-terrace, Hensingham, ANN, widow of MR. JOSEPH M'KEOWN, farm labourer, aged 71 years.

M'MANUS - On the 5th April, 1897 at Cleator, Mary, widow of Bernard M'MANUS, farmer, aged 70 years.

M'MEAKIN. - On the 2nd July 1882., at Harmless-hill, Whitehaven, MR. ARCHIBALDM'MEAKIN, shipwright, aged 53 years.

M'MILLAN-On the 4th June 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Joseph M'MILLAN, saddler, aged 66 years.

M'MULLEN. - On the 28th May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, James M'Mullen, labourer, aged 28 years.

M'NEIL - On the 23rd Nov.1879, at South George Street, Carlisle, Mary M'NEIL, aged 70 years.

MODLIN-At the house of his broher, at Nixon Head, in the parish of Castlecarrock. on the 6thDec. 1844, MR.HOLMES MODLIN, yeoman, aged 61 years.

MOFFAT-On the 20th Sept. 1903, John eldest son of the late John and Martha Moffat, Anchor Hotel, Frizington, aged 40 years

MOFFAT-Robert, the beloved son of Thomas and Elizabeth Moffat, who died Oct 26th, 1900, aged 23 years and 9 months. Interred at Cocckermouth Cemetary.

MOFFAT-At Newtown of Rockliff, in the parish of Kirklinton, on the 1st Dec. 1844,ROBERT, the infant son of Mr ROBERT MOFFAT, farmer, aged 10 months; and on the 5th MARGARET, his daughter aged 2 1/2 years.

MOFFAT. With the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Palestine, on the 31st
March 1918, Trooper Wilson, Lincolnshire Yeomanry, older son of the late Mr
J. Moffat, Bampton and Shap, aged 36 years

MOG-Samuel, at Corpusty, Norfolk, aged 102, one of the last survivors of that brave army which fought at the battle of Quebec, under the celebrated General WOLFE. April, 1812

MONKHOUSE- On the 31st Jan. 1845, Mr. J. MONKHOUSE, of High-bridge, Cumberland, andSidney-place, Clapham-road, aged 77.

MONKHOUSE- Penrith, May 5, 1844, Mrs. Margaret MONKHOUSE, widow, aged 87 years

MONTEITH-On the 11th Dec. 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth,Sarah MONTEITH, aged 30 years, late of Workington.

MOOR - At Brampton, on the 18th July 1844, Mrs. Ann MOOR, aged 72.

MOORDAFF - At Harrington, on Saturday, WILLIAM, eldest son of the late Capt.
SHADRACH MOORDAFF, in the 26th year of his age. Oct. 1855

MOORE-At Garth Cottage, Blennerhasset, on the 11th Jan. 1932,Bertha, beloved  wife of William MOORE. Interred at Maryport Cemetery

MOORE-On the 31st March 1931, Elizabeth , the beloved wife of Issac  Moore,Station Road, Cark-in-Cartmell.

MOORE-On the 1st Oct. 1869, at St. Bees, Joseph, son of Robert and Mary Moore, aged 3 months.

MOORE-Miss. (no 1st name) Scotch Street, On the 2nd of July,1852 in the 81st year of her age.

MOORE-At Egremont, near Whitehaven,Nov. 1844, MRS. SARAH MOORE, aged 70 years.

MOORE-On the 5th Feb. 1897, at Whineray, Gosforth, Sarah Arabella, infant daughter of Thomas MOORE, farmer.

MOORE-On the 21st Nov.1879, at Dearham, Sarah, daughter of Mr. William MOORE, coalminer, aged 1 year and 6 months.

MOORE - on the 19th Nov. 1855, at Maryport, MR. WM. MOORE, labourer, aged 29

MOORE-At 10 Arlecdon Road, Arlecdon, on Saturday, 13th June 1903, after a  lingering illness William, beloved son of the late Joseph and Mary MOORE,aged 24 years. Was interred at Arlecdon Parish Church.

MORESBY - At Penrith, on the 18th Sept, 1844, MARGARET MORESBY, widow, aged 83 years.

MORELAND-At Dendry Banks, Newby, in the parish of Morland, on the 10th Oct. 1844, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. JOHN MORLAND, late of Plover-riggs, farmer, advanced in years.

MORGAN. - On the 17th Jan. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Charles MORGAN, master Mariner, aged 64 years.

MORGAN- Elizabeth MORGAN (50), wife of Patrick MORGAN, a miner, of 13, Church  Street, Cleator, Aug. 1898.

MORGAN. - On the 15th Oct. 1902 at 68 Middle Row, Newhouses, Whitehaven, John MORGAN, coalminer, aged 61 years.

MORRIS-Ann, of Bath aged 104.Feb. 1812

MORRIS-On the 16th Oct. 1879, at the residence of her uncle, Lowther-street,Carlisle, Bessie Morris, aged 28 years.

MORRIS-On the 30th Nov. 1902 at 13 Black Row, ??houses, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of William MORRIS.

MORRISON-On the 5th Oct.1879, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, JANE MORRISON, aged 39 years.

MORRISON- On the 27th April 1882, at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, after  a long and painful illness, Mr. John MORRISON, of Collins-terrace, Maryport,  aged 42 years.

MORRISON-Mary, wife of Thomas INMAN died January 20, 1875 in Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire aged 84 years.

MORTON. - On the 28th May, 1897, at Netherwasdale, Crowther MORTON, born November 21st, 1825. Interred at Netherwasdale

MORTON-on the 19th Feb.1889, at 5, Graslot, Maryport, Martha, wife of Mr James Morton, labourer, aged 70 yrs.

MORTON: On the 8th Apr. 1882, at Lane House, Burton, Westmorland, Richard Canon MORTON, aged 51 years.

MOSLEY-ISABELLA, wife of Mr JAMES MOSLEY, aged 78 years.Dec. 1844

MOSSOP-(no first name) who died November 25th, 1918, aged 28.  Interred at St. Columbia Church, Broughton Moor.

MOSSOP - At Coniston, near Broughton-in-Furness, on the 25th Sept. 1855,  MR. GEORGE MOSSOP, slate quarryman, third son of the late MR. MOSES MOSSOP, junior, formerly of High Prior Scale, near Calderbridge, aged 53 years.

MOSSOP.--On the 29th uSept. 1869, at Low Petton, in the parish of Gosforth, James, youngest son of the late Mr. Thomas MOSSOP, veterinary surgeon, aged 32 years.

MOSSOP-John, killed in William Pit, March 1903. Interred in Whitehaven Cemetery.

MOSSOP-On the 24th March 1897, at the Workhouse, JOHN MOSSOP, labourer, aged 60 years.

MOSSOP-At West Nook Terrace, Cockermouth, 29th July 1898, Jane Ann, the youngest daughter of the late Charles Mossop, of Montreal, - To be interred at the cemetery, Cockermouth.

MOSSOP-At Low Leys, near Gilcrux, on the 12thDec. 1844, SARAH, the wife of MR. ISAAC  MOSSOP, aged 26 years.

MOUNSEY, at 89, Duke-street, Whitehaven, on the 4th Oct. 1855, JOHN, son of HANNAH MOUNSEY, aged 2-1/4 years.

MOUNSEY-Nancy, who died at Oughterside, on November 29th, 1918; also my dear little grandson,Leslie Mounsey, who died at Oughterside, December 11th, 1919.

MULGREW-On the 27th Nov.1879, at 10 Milton Street, Carlisle, Jane MULGREW, aged 20 years.

MULLINS. - On the 16th July 1897, at 8, Newtown, Whitehaven, ELIZA, wife of JOHN MULLINS, coalminer, aged 55 years.

MUMBERSON-On the 20th April 1882, at Keswick, Mr. Mathias MUMBERSON, formerly  of Eskett, and *** Old Park, aged 85 years.

MUNCASTER- Thomas On Saturday last, 24th July, 1852, at Egremont, aged 76 years.

MUNDY-On the 16th Feb. 1844, at Stanwix-cottage, Carlisle, Frances, the infantdaughter of R. M. MUNDY, Esq., Royal Horse Artillery, aged 2 months.

MURPHY - On the 21st March 1897, at Cleator Moor, Eliza Ann, daughter of the late James MURPHY, aged 25 years

MURPHY. - On the 27th May, 1897, at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Patrick Murphy, coalminer, aged 50 years.

MURPHY-On the 11th May 1899, at her residence, 48 Duke Street Whitehaven, Mary, relict of the late Captain William Murphy, in her 89th year.

MURPHY.- On the 29th January, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Michael MURPHY, labourer, aged 40 years.

MURRAY-On the 27th March, 1897, at the Newhouses, CHARLES MURRAY, son of JOHN BRADLEY, coalminer, aged 1 month.

MURRAY-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Church Street Maryport MARY widow of MR JOHN MURRAY aged 77 years.

MURRAY-At 33, Nelson Street, Maryport, 15th June 1884, James, infant son of Sarah MURRAY.

MURRAY-Ruth, the six-year-old daughter of Mr Samuel E MURRAY, drowned April 1931.

MURRAY-Sarah of Hexham, aged 91, Feb. 1814

MURRAY-David beloved husband of Sarah Jane MURRAY, who died at 69, John St, Workington on April 6th, 1918. 

MURRAY, Francis, aged 46, of 34, Northumberland Street, Workington, Dec. 1920.

MURRAY - On the 23rd Sept. 1869, at 15 Chapel-street, Whitehaven, Mary daughter of Mr. Michael Murray, aged 7 years and 11 months.

MURRAY-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Wilson-street, Workington, MATTHEW BARNES, son of MR. JOSEPH MURRAY, innkeeper, aged 1 year and 7 months.

MURRAY- At Sealands, in the parish of Arthuret, on the 16th Sept. 1844, aged 83 years, MARGARET MURRAY, spinster.

MURRAY - At Tarnrigg Moor, in the parish of Wigton, on the 22nd July 1844, Mary, the daughter of Mr. Robert MURRAY, aged 11 years.

MURRAY. - On the 3rd July, 1882., at Queen-street, Whitehaven, MR. THOMAS MURRAY, master painter, aged 60 years.

MURTON-James,24th August, 1753 Clifton, Fell down coal pit

MUSGRAVE- On the 3d Dec. 1844, at Rome, in her 19th year, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of theDowager LADY MUSGRAVE and the late SIR PHILIP MUSGRAVE, Bart., of Eden-hall, Cumberland.

MUSGRAVE.- In loving memory of Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of John, who died at No. 1? Frizington Road, Frizington, on May 14th 1921.

MUSGRAVE- On the 16thMay 1859., at Madrid, PHILIP MUSGRAVE, Esq., eldest son of SIR ***E MUSGRAVE, Bart., of Edenhall, Cumberland.

M'VEA-On the 28th Nov. 1902, at Hugh Street, Bra???, Whitehaven, Mr. Edward M'VEA, aged 67.

M'VEY-On the 29th Jan.1902, at Fusehill, Carlisle, George M'VEY, aged 73 years.


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