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NANSON.- At the Manor Lodge, Hackney London, on the 13th May 1887, Sarah, widow of Isaac martin NANSON, aged 74 years.

NANSON-On the 20th Dec. 1881, at Woodcroft, Penrith, MARY, the wife of WILLIAM NANSON,AGED 67.

NASH-At Queen Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, on the 25th November 1920, following operation, Margaretta A. (Greta), beloved wife of Thomas S. Nash, and dearly beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Jackson, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, aged 24 years. Interred at Postling, near Hythe, Kent.

NASH - On the 25th June, 1897, at the Albion Hotel, Whitehaven, Samuel Daniels NASH, steelworker, aged 55 years.

NEEDHAM. On the 13th July 1882, at Marsh-side, Workington, MARY BEATTIE, infant daughter of MR. ALEXANDER NEEDHAM.

NEIL- Mary Jane, At Church Street, Workington, 27th March 1884, aged 23 years.

NELSON-At Pennington,11th June 1884, Ann, widow of Mr James NELSON, aged 68 years.

NELSON-On the 23d May, 1883 at Eden Bank, Langwathby, Penrith, HENRIETTA ADA, wife of J.W. NELSON, aged 28.

NELSON-At Springkell, Aspatria, on the 30th May,1895, John William, son of Walter and Margaret Ann Nelson, aged three weeks.

NELSON-At High Street, Maryport, 16th Aug. 1903. Jonathan Nelson.

NELSON.- At Dufton, on the 25th May 1887 after a short illnes, at the house of
his father in law, H. PARKIN, Thomas NELSON, aged 31 years.

NEWAL- Since our last in Carter Lane, in this town, Mrs. Dorothy NEWAL, widow, in an advanced age. Oct. 1953.

NEWBOLD-George Richard Newbold, Jenkin, Embleton, who died at Warren House, Brampton, on December 2nd, 1918, aged 23 years.

NEWBY-On the 5th Sept. 1905, Jane NEWBY, widow of  the late John NEWBY (Muncaster Head) aged 84 years. Interred at St. Catherines Church,Eskdale,

NEWMAN-On the 16th Sept. 1879at Furnace Road Maryport MARY ANN infant daughter of MR F NEWMAN.

NEWTON - On the 21 st. Nov. 1882, at Millom, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. John NEWTON, in her 80th year.

NEWTON: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Wood Street, Maryport, Mr John NEWTON, joiner, aged 66 years.

NEVIN-At 4 Foxhill, Distington, in her 84th year.Matilda, beloved wife of the late Thomas James Nevin, of Liverpool. Was interred at Distington.

NEWTON-At 13,Kelawick Lane, Whitehaven, 14th June 1884 Mr Benjamin NEWTON, tailor, aged 33 years.

NICHOL-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at Crosby Street Maryport MR JOHN NICHOL aged 20 years.

NICHOL-At 14, Homeside, Southport on the 5th May 1895, Mary, late of Allonby,Cumberland.

NICHOLSON, Christopher, On the 30th May, 1851, at Harrington, Cumberland, Mr. Christopher NICHOLSON, aged79.

NICHOLSON-Ann, who died at 25, Coronation Street, Grasslot, November 26th, 1918.  Also our dear brother, John Barton Henderson, who died at Marshall's Place, Nelson Street, December **th, 1918.

NICHOLSON-At Steam Packet Inn, Workington, 5th,Aug. 1903, Annie Jane, wife of Frederick Nicholson, age 39 yrs.  To be interred at Maryport Cemetery.

NICHOLSON - At the Post-office, Ambleside, on the 17th Nov. 1855, AGNES eldest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS NICHOLSON, aged 19.

NICHOLSON-On the 24th Oct. 1879, at Main-street, Cockermouth, Clara Mary, infant daughter of Mr S Nicholson.

NICHOLSON-David, At Queen Street, Whitehaven, 21st inst., Mr. David NICHOLSON, painter, aged 50 years.

NICHOLSON. - On the 28th April, 1882, at Hamilton Lane, Whitehaven, Mr. Edward NICHOLSON, carter aged 72 years.

NICHOLSON- At Appleby, Mrs ELIZABETH NICHOLSON, widow, aged 90.Dec. 1844

NICHOLSON - At Bowness, Oct. 4, 1855, ELIZABETH ISABELLA, granddaughter of the above, and eldest daughter of MR. JOHN NICHOLSON, of Liverpool, aged 3 years - deeply lamented

NICHOLSON. - On the 27th Oct. 1903, at the Steam Packet Inn, Workington, Frederick NICHOLSON, aged 44 years, late of Flimby Cottage. - Interred at Maryport Cemetery

NICHOLSON. - On the 21st April 1897, at 34, Nicholson-lane,
Whitehaven, HANNAH, wife of WILLIAM NICHOLSON, tailor, aged 34 years.

NICHOLSON-on the 19th Feb.1889, at Seaview, Broughton Moor, Henry Nicholson, aged 57 yrs.

NICHOLSON - On the 15th Sept. 1869, at Under-lodge, Workington, the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Boadle, Mr. Isaac Nicholson, aged 69 years.

NICHOLSON- In Loving Remembrance of ISAAC NICHOLSON, Who died at Eaglesfield, March 26th, 1879, AGED 56 YEARS, Internment at Brigham Church, on Saturday, 29th, at 3 o’clock. Verse with card- We’ll bid farewell to all our grief, And anguish know no more, From every storm we shall be safe On Heaven’s eternal shore. **

NICHOLSON- At Albany Place, Dumfries, Helen, relict of the late Mr. James NICHOLSON,farmer, Riggheads, Torthorwald, aged 79. Nov. 1858

NICHOLSON-At Long Close, Isel, on the 2nd April,1931, Jennie  (Twin), infant daughter, of Jonathon and Margaret Nicholson.

NICHOLSON. - On the 15th Oct. 1902, at 60 Queen Street, Whitehaven, John George NICHOLSON, coalminer, aged 30 years.

NICHOLSON-Margaret, the dearly loved daughter of Robert  and Agnes Nicholson, 8, Brookside, Cleator, died December 5th, 1918.

NICHOLSON-Onthe 17th Oct. 1879, at Fleming-street, Maryport, Mary, daughter of Mr RobertNicholson, currier, aged 1 year and 8 months.

NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY NICHOLSON, Who departed this life July 28th, 1865, AGED 79 YEARS, And was interred on the 31st, at the Friend’s Meeting, Eaglesfield .Verse with card- She learned through fasting to control The flesh that weigheth down the soul, And then by prayers sweet food sustained, To seek the joys she now has gained.**

NICHOLSON-Mary Ann, the beloved daughter of William and Eleanor Nicholson, Flimby, who died on August 5th, 1898 age 6 years. Also their son, Fletcher, who died June 26th 1891, age 7 months.

NICHOLSON, On the 24th Jan. 1897, at Hensingham, Robert Nicholson, iron miner, aged 73 years.

NICHOLSON-On the 17thOct. 1879, at Cragg's View, Brigham, Sarah Jane, (twin)infant daughter of Mr R Nicholson, Thornthwaite, joiner.

NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH MARIA NICHOLSON, of “The Cottage,” Pardshaw, Who Died on the 16th of Forth Month, 1899, AGED 68 YEARS. The interment in intended to take place at Pardshaw Hall, on the 19th inst., at 11-15, leaving Pardshaw at 11 o’clock. Verse with card- none**

NICHOLSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of THOMAS NICHOLSON, of Ullock, Who died on the 16th of the 10th Month , 1872, Aged 78 Years. The interment is intended to take place at Pardshaw Hall, on 1st day the 20th, at 11 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

NICHOLSON-At Rigg of Gretna, Wm. NICHOLSON, tailor, in the 81st year of his age, Nov. 1858

NICHOLSON-ON March 28th .1931 at the Victoria Cottage Hospital, Maryport, (Following road accident),  William, the beloved husband of Eleanor Nicholson Snn Dial Villas, Flimby, aged 68 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetery.

NILES. - On the 18th Oct. 1902, at Frizington, Ann, widow of John NILES, aged 68 years.

NIXON-Ellen, Aspatria, 2nd Nov. 1884, daughter of the late John NIXON, in her 30th year.

NIXON-At 69, Main Street, Ellenborough. Jane, beloved wife of John NIXON who died on Wednesday November 4th, 1931, aged 76 years. Interred at Flimby Cemetary.

NIXON-At 21, Church Street, Stanwix, 24th March 1903, John, the dearly beloved son of James and Elizabeth NIXON, aged 2 years. Interred at Dearham.

NIXON-On the 24th May 1897, at St. Bees, Joseph NIXON, engineman, aged 24 years.

NIXON-On the 29th Sept.1879, at South End, Wigton, MARGARET, wife of MR. ROBERT NIXON, aged 52 years.

NIXON-At the residence of her daughter and son-in-law "Deancross" on November 29th,1930 suddenly, Mary A. NIXON, of Ullock, wife of the late Reuben NIXON.

NIXON - At 2 Broad Street, Carlisle, on the 23rd January, 1933 Thomas, the beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Nixon, late of Nether Row, Newcastleton. Was interred at Minton Cemetery

NOBLE-On the 3rdFeb.1902, at Castle View, Egremont, Thomas NOBLE, aged 75 years.

NORMAN-At High Dike, in the parish of Brigham, MRS. NORMAN, wife of MR. NORMAN,
 yeoman of that place, aged 69 years, much and deservedly respected. Oct. 1844

NORMAN-Johnston, the 15-month old son of James and Louisa NORMAN, who have two rooms taken at J. TWEEDIE'S, 69, Church Street, Workington. Died March 1903.

NORMAN-John, the beloved husband of Isabella NORMAN, who died at Ramsay House, Camerton, on April 15th 1930.

NORMAN-Samuel, 20th August, 1792-Infant,Drowned by River Derwent.

NORMAN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE of WILLIAM NORMAN, of Loweswater, Born August 26th, 1826; Died February 5th, 1900. Will be interred at Loweswater Church, on Thursday, the 8th, at Half-past One o’clock.
Verse with card- “May we bear as fair a name when we are called to go.” **

NORWOOD-On the 29th Sept.1869, at Robinson's fold, Queen-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr. Samuel Norwood, aged 5 years and 6 months.

NULTY-On the 20th Feb. 1897 at 25, Low Queen-street, Whitehaven, Mary Turner, wife of William NULTY, labourer, aged 36 years.

NUNN-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Easthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead, ISABELLA NUNN, in her 66th year.


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