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O’BRIEN-At Longtown, on Monday the 16th Sept. 1844, very suddenly, FRANCIS O'BRIEN, of Dumfries, cattle driver, aged 60 years.

O'BRIEN-Michael, Low Mill, Egremont, Dec., 1920, 85 years.

O'DONNEL - On the 21st March 1882, at Cleator Moor, Bernard O'DONNEL, eldest son of the late James O'DONNEL, of Whitehaven, aged 32 years.

O'DONNELL-Elizabeth, 45 High Street, Cleator Moor, widow of the late James, March 17th 1903, aged 72 years.

O'FEE - On the 21st March 1897, at 2 Peat Place, Mark Lane, Whitehaven, James, infant son of Anthony Sewell O'FEE, butcher.

OGLETHORPE - At Pow Street, Workington on the 16th Oct. 1903,  suddenly, JOHN OGLETHORPE aged 59yrs.

OLDFIELD.- On the 13th May, 1897, at Kells, Isabella, daughter of Juno. OLDFIELD, coalminer, aged 17 years.

OLIPHANT - On the 25th Nov.1879, at South Henry Street, Carlisle, Mr. Edward OLIPHANT, aged 65 years.

OLIPHANT- On Saturday, the 28th Sept 1843, Henry OLIPHANT, Esq., of Broadfield-house, andMoorhouse-hill, Cumberland, aged 58.

OLIPHANT-On the 21st Feb. 1819, in the 79th year of his age, John OLIPHANT, Esq.,brother of the late Lancelot OLIPHANT, Esq., of Itonfield,

OLIVER-At Calvert Bridge Lodge, Keswick, on the 31st May,1895 Mary Ann Oliver, aged 21 years, daughter of Mr C Oliver, water bailiff. Interment St John's Church.

OLPHERT-at 6, Mandle Terrace, Netherton, Maryport, in the 2nd June 1895, Elizabeth Ann Olphert, aged 53 years, beloved wife of Matthew Olphert,late of the Ordnance Survey Department, and daughter of the late John COOPER, builder, of St Helen's Street, Cockermouth. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

OLIPHANT - On the 19th March, 1882, in Lamplugh-street, Carlisle,Elizabeth OLIPHANT, aged 79 years.

O'NEIL - On the 28th Nov. 1882, at Mount Pleasant, Whitehaven, Alice, widow of Mr. James O'Neil, labourer, aged 52 years.

O’NEIL - William - September 22, 1846, Carlisle, Cumberlnd, England

O'NEILL-At Low William Street, Workington, 11th June 1884, Patrick, son of the late Mr Daniel O'NEILL, aged 1 year and 4 months.

O'NEIL-At Southey Street, Workington, 29th May 1895, Mr William O'NEIL, aged 22 years.

O'NEILL-Dennis, At the Union Workhouse, Whitehaven, 22nd March 1884, iron ore miner, aged 60 years.

ORR-On the 8th Feb. 1897, at Prospect, Whitehaven, Eleanor, daughter of Peter ORR, coalminer, aged 3 years.

OSBORNE-On the 28th July, 1904 at Houston Texas, America Dinah, widow of Mr Miles Osborne of Mawbray, third daughter of the late Mr Edmund Gibson, Pasture Side, Bolton, Cumberland.

OSBORNE-At St. Ann's, in the Island of Jamaica, on the 8th of July 1844, after aresidence in the Island of eighteen years, MR. JOSEPH OSBORNE, son of the late MR. JOSEPH OSBORNE, of Rae Beck, Dearham, aged 42 years.

OSBORNE-At Myrtle Manor, Church Road, Seaton, Workington, on the 7th Feb. 1903,George, the dearly beloved (twin) son of Robert and Jane Osborne, aged5-1/2 months.

OSBOURNE-Robert, died Jan 19th, 1931.Ever remembered by Tom, Ellen and family, Gilcrux

OSTLE-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Curzon-street, Maryport, Eleanor, widow of Mr William Ostle, aged 75 yrs.

OSTLE-On the 20th Nov.1879, at Dearham, Mr. Jonathan OSTLE, joiner and cabinet maker, aged 30 years.

OSTLE- Jonathan OSTLE, eldest son of Thomas and Mary OSTLE,  who did at Newtown, Aspatria, Sept. 19th 1900.

OSTLE-On the 20th Sept.1879 at Little Broughton MARGARET daughter of MR JOHN OSTLE aged 12years.

OSTLE-Mary Elizabeth (Liddy) Ostle, who died at Threapland, January 31st, 1931, age 48 years. Interred at Plumbland,

OUSBY-JANE, wife of Mr GEORGE OUSBY, of the Crown Inn taproom, aged 24. Dec 8th 1844.

OWEN-Edward, At Flimby, 4th Nov. 1884, coalminer, aged 67 years.

OWEN-Mary, At Soapery, Workington, 15th March 1884, Mary wife of Thomas OWEN, farmer, aged 84 years.

OWEN - On the 6th Jan. 1902, at Lonsdale Street, Workington,
William Mille Owen, aged 49 years.

OWENS-Annie OWENS, who died at Camerton, May 17th, 1928.

OWENS-Isaac, the beloved son of John and Mary Owens, died at Workington Infirmary on the 19th May, 1893, aged 18 years.

OXFORD - On the 19th March 1882, in Willow Holme, Carlisle, Margaret OXFORD, aged 30 years.

OXLEY - At Lonning-head, Spark Bridge, on the 1st. Oct. 1855, STEPHEN, son of MR. ROBERT OXLEY, beerhouse-keeper, aged 21 years.


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