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RADCLIFFE - At Middlesburgh Hospital, South Africa, December 20th, 1901, Private Alfred Radcliffe (formerly of Workington), aged 23 years.

RAE-On the 3rd May 1931, at 8, Coates Lane, Whitehaven, William Moir, the beloved husband of Christina Rae, aged 62 years. Interred at Whitehaven

RAGAN-On the 29th Sept.1869, in Hart-street, Ulverston, Rose, wife of Mr. John RAGAN, aged 58 years.

RAILTON-On the 4th May 1899, at Horsman Street, Cockermouth, Ann Railton (late of Harrington) aged 74 years.

RAILTON- At Ireby, on the 9thNov. 1858, Mr. William RAILTON, yeoman, aged 74.  He wasmuch esteemed and highly respected, and his loss as a man of business willbe greatly felt in his immediate neighbourhood.

RAMSAY-On the 16th Feb. 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Mary Ann, wife of George Ramsay, slate quarrier, aged 54 years.

RATHBONE-At Bassenfell, on the 13 March 1903, Samuel Greg Rathbone, age 79years.  Highly respected.

RATTENBURY-William, at Lappit, near Houlton, aged 106 years, Feb. 1814.

RAVELL-On the 24thOct. 1879, at Westgate Farm, Great Broughton, Mrs Betty Ravell,aged 71 years, formerly of Crosby.

RAVELL-At Allonby, on the 6th June 1895, Elizabeth (Betty), wife of Collin RAVELL, aged 54 years _ To be interred at Allonby

RAVEN - On the 19th March 1882, at Crosby-Street, Maryport,Mary Ellen, daughter of Mr James Jordan RAVEN, aged 3 years.

RAVEN-At High Close Aspatria, 22nd Aug 1898, Bridget, widow of the late John Raven, and younger daughter of Mr Rothery, Great Clifton aged 66 years. Interred at Plumbland

RAVEN-At 57, Crosby Street, Maryport, on the 17th Sept, 1903, Margaret RAVEN, Beloved  wife of Joseph Bell RAVEN, and daughter of Hugh and Sarah McKENDRY

RAWSON-On the 2d June 1863, at Downing Lodge, Cambridge, CHARLES STANSFELD RAWSON,Esq., of Wastdale Hall, Cumberland, aged 50.

RAY - At the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, on the 20th Nov. 1855. MARK, son of CHRISTOPHER RAY, husbandman, aged 4 years.

REA-At Orchard House, Embleton, on March 3rd 1930 (suddenly), Alexander James, beloved husband of Ruth H. Rea, aged 65 years.  Was interred at St. Cutherbert's, Embleton.

REA -At Esk Villa, Eskdale, 18th March 1884, Mr. Daniel Key REA, aged 73 years.

REAY-On the 24th March 1897, at Hensingham, ANN, widow of CHRISTOPHER REAY, aged 62 years.

REAY- On the 18th Nov. 1856, aged 60, JANE ELIZABETH, the wife of JOHN REAY, Esq., of Glocester-gardens, Hyde-park, and of the Gill, Cumberland.

REAY. - At St. Mungo's Park, Aspatria, on the 9th 1931, Jane beloved wife of Thomas REAY, aged 56 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church,

REAY. - On the 15th June 1882, at Crosby, near Maryport, Mary, widow of Mr Edward Reay, aged 70 years.

REAY. - On the 27th April, 1882, at St. Leonard’s Mary S. REAY, daughter of the late Mr. John REAY, of the Gill, Cumberland.

REAY- In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN, The beloved Wife of John McNight Reay, Who died at Rowrah Hall, Rowrah, Jan. 4th, 1904, AGED 37 YEARS. To be interred at Lorton Church, on Thursday, Jan. 7th, At Two o’clock, leaving Rowrah Hall at 12 o’clock. Verse with card- Joy after sorrow, calm after blast, Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last. **

REAY- On the 6th March 1846, at Gill-house, in the county of Cumberland, after a lingering illness, William REAY,  Esq., late of Mark-lane, London, aged 43.

REDHEAD - At Dent House, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, on the 11th June 1920. James REDHEAD, aged 58 years.Interred at St Paul's Churchyard.

REDFERN-On the 2nd Oct.1879, at Barrow, ROSE ANN, wife of MR.WILLIAM REDFERN, aged 33 years.

REDMAN-On the 17th March 1903, at 38, Lawson Street, Maryport, Isabella Redman,beloved wife of James Redman, in her 71st year. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

REDPATH.-On the 1st February, 1897, at Eller Bank, Harrington, George Ennis, infant son of James Edward REDPATH, labourer.

REED-Benjamin, 49, Kirby Street, died May 5th 1931.

REED - On the 16th March 1882, at Harrington, Ellen, daughter of MrThomas REED, laboured, aged 10 years.

REED-At Fairhaven, Blue House Lane, Limpsfield, on the 3rd March 1930, Bertha Wood, youngest daughter of the late Frederick John Reed, of Hassness, Cockermouth.

REED-On September 29th,1903.  aged 81 years, John REED, at Kirkland Car (formerly of Lamplugh Cross).

REED. - On the 16th June 1897, at Kells, Whitehaven, Julia Ann, wife of John REED, coalminer, aged 26 years.

REED-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Great Corby, Mary Elizabeth REED, aged 17 years.

REED-RICHARD, who died April 3rd 1926.

REED-At the residence of his brother, 7,Victoria Street, Keswick, suddenly, Sept. 1903 JOHN, beloved son of JOHN and MARY REED, Portinscale. Interred at Crossthwaite Church

REED-At Wakefield on June 4th,1903, Oliver, the dear loving husband of Mary Alice REED, and second son of the late Robert REED of Workington, aged 37 years. Interred at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery

REED-Elizabeth, the relict of the late Joseph REED, of  Weary Hall, who died on the 13th Sept,1903 aged 82 years. Interred at Bromfield Church

REED- MRS. ISABELLA REED, widow, aged 80 years, Oct. 1844, Whitehaven.

REED-At Wigton, on the 18th June 1898, William Reed, aged 69 years.

REEVE-on the 4th May 1931.(suddenly), William Herbert Reeve, late Headmaster at Victoria School, Workinton.  Interred at Salterbeck Cemetery.

REEVELEY-Henry, Lately in London, Henry REEVELEY Esq of Newby Wiske near Northallerton, own cousin to the late Duke of Northumberland and uncle to Sir John Midford the present Attorney-general. June 14th 1800

REEVES-On the 27th Sept.1879, at Etterby- street, Stanwix, MR.WILLIAM HODGSON REEVES, in his 49th years.

REID-At Workington, on the 15th June 1903, at 65 High Street, Frederick, only  child of Joseph and Christina REID, aged 1 year and 4 months. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

REIKIE-William, at Kinghorn, postmaster, aged 79, April 1812.

RELPH-Deborah Relph died 3 Nov 1849 at Wilson's Court, Scotch Street,
Whitehaven aged 61 (from certificate)

RELPH-On the 22nd April, 1899, At the Workhouse Wigton, Jane RELPH, aged 72 years.

RELPH-At Station Road, Workington, 15th June 1884, William RELPH, pattern-maker, aged 41 years.

RENFREY-On the 3rd Feb. 1897, at Arlecdon, James, son of James RENFREY, aged 2 years.

RENNICK-John, Fern Villa, died April 11th  1932.

RENNY-Isaac RENNY, who died at Benson's Court St Helen's St, Cockermouth, April 9th 1927.

RENNEY-Albert, the beloved son of William and Elizabeth RENNEY. who died at Greysouthen on March 22nd, 1902, aged 2 years. Was interred at Brigham Church.

REYNOLDS-At Broughton Cross, on the 18th Aug. 1898, Agnes, beloved wife of John Reynolds, aged 37 years. Interred at Brigham Church.

REYNOLDS-John, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret, who died at 13 Craika Road, Dearham, April 15th 1919. Also Thomas CARTER, brother-in-law of the above, died March 26th, 1923.

RICHARDSON - At Annan, on the 16th Oct. 1855, at the advanced age of 87 years,
CHRISTOPHER RICHARDSON, carrier betwixt Annan and Edinburgh for many years.

RICHARDSON - At his cottage, Susan-place, Kingstown, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, aged 100, HENRY RICHARDSON, Esq. He was the oldest solicitor on record, and was also a notary public, proctor of admiralty, and stockbroker, being one of the original committee.

RICHARDSON-At Railway Terrace, Cockermouth, on the 23rd June 1898, Margaret, widow of the late Clement Richardson, aged 78 years.

RICHARDSON-At Railway Cottages, Workington, 5th June 1895, Agnes RICHARDSON infant.

RICHARDSON-On the 21st Sept.1879 at Aspatria, JANE, wife of Mr.BENJAMIN RICHARDSON, aged 86 years.

RICHARDSON. - On the 22nd April 1882, killed at Dromo* Station, Kirkcudbright,  Henry RICHARDSON, stationmaster, formerly of Holme Head, Carlisle, aged 3*  years.

RICHARDSON. –At Bolton, on the 23rd May 1896, Jonathan, infant son of Samuel RICHARDSON.

RICHARDSON-On the 4th Nov. 1869, at the house of his father, in Water-street, Longtown, John, eldest son of Mr. John RICHARDSON, barber &c., and late of the 6th Enniskillen Dragoons, aged 32 years.

RICHARDSON-On the 5th Dec. 1844, JOSEPH RICHARDSON, Esq. of Nunwick Hall, aged 72 years.

RICHARDSON - At Manchester, in his 80th year, Mr. JOSEPH RICHARDSON,
formerly of Whitehaven. Oct. 1855

RICHARDSON: On the 14th Apr. 1882, at Robinson's-fold, Queen Street, Whitehaven, Mary, widow of Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, labourer, aged 66 years.

RICHARDSON-On the 30th April,1861 at Cockermouth, Cumberland, MR. ROBERT RICHARDSON, in his74th year

RICHARDSON.--On the 10th Oct. 1869, at 35, Chapel-street, William, son of Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, aged 12 days.

RICHARDSON-In loving memory of Pvt. Thomas RICHARDSON, who died from wounds received in France, June 10th 1916.

RICHARDSON-On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Flimby WILLIAM SCALLOW son of MR R RICHARDSON aged 17 months.

RICKERBY-At Blennerhasset, Eleanor, widow of the late Thomas Rickerby, aged 78 years.Interred at Torpenhow Church on August 19th 1898

RIDDICK-At Scales Terrace, 17th Aug 1903, Mary, the beloved wife of William

RIDDICK-age 56 years.  To be interred at Bromfield.

RIDLEY- In the Willow Holme,May, 1844, Mary RIDLEY, aged 40 years.

RIDLEY - At 3 Hugh Street, Wallsend on January 29th, 1933 Furnessbeloved husband of Mary E. Ridley, and son of Cuthbert and the late Elizabeth Ridley, Croft House, Netherby Street, Longtown.Was interred at Holly Cross Cemetery

RIGG-On the 26th Oct. 1879, at Buttermere, Mr James Rigg, slate quarrier, aged 56 years.

RIGG-At Keswick on Sunday, the 14thAug, 1898, suddenly, James Clement Rigg, second son of Mrs. Youdale, of the Lake Hotel, Keswick, aged 22 years.

RIGG-John Rigg (Bromley), the beloved husband of Sarah Rigg, Egremont, who died at Kimberley, South Africa, August21st, 1895.

RIGG-The 21st February 1814. suddenly, Mr. John RIGG, of Skinner How, in the parish of Hawkshead, aged 66.

RILEY - On the 19th March 1882, at Hensingham, Hannah, widow ofthe late John RILEY, master mariner, aged 71 years.

RIMINGTON-On the 10th Jan.1885, at Castlegate, Penrith, ELIZABETH, only surviving daughter of the late WILLIAM RIMINGTON, of Castlegate, Penrith, aged 78 years.

RITSON. On the 12th July 1882, at Tallentire, GEORGE, son of the late MR.GEORGE RITSON, aged 30 years.

RITSON-On the 1st June 1897, at Sandhills lane, Whitehaven, James RITSON, stonemason, aged 49 years.R-On the 4th Feb. 1897, at 4 Strand-street, Whitehaven, John RIMMER, engineman, aged 53 years.

RITSON-on the 11th No. 1844, JOHN RITSON, Esq., late ship builder, after several years' affliction of paralysis, which he bore with great resignation, aged 67 years.

RITSON - In Loving memory of our dear mother, who died at Shiney Brow Row Brow, Dearham, June 29th, 1925. Also our dear Grand-dad, who died at Maryport Cottage Hospital, October 7th, 1935.

ROBERTS- in George Street, Mr. HENRY ROBERTS, mariner, aged 82, Oct. 1855

ROBERTSON - On the 14th Feb. 1897, at 29, Plumblands-lane, Whitehaven, Edward James Robertson, aged 30 years.

ROBINSON, Mr., of Poe Street, Whitehaven aged 66, formerly of the 1st Troop of His Majesty’s Life Guards.

ROBINSON-Annie, Penrith, Oct. 1844 Church-yard, aged 60 years.

ROBINSON-Ann, The 21stJune, 1813. at Great Broughton

ROBINSON-Agnes, The 22ndJan. 1812. at Penrith, aged 72, Mrs Agnes ROBINSON, mother of the Rev.John ROBINSON of Ravenstondale.

ROBINSON-Arthur, beloved son of John and Elizabeth Robinson, who died in the Whitehaven Infirmary, 27th of November, 1919, aged 1 year 5 months.

ROBINSON - On the 3rd Jan. 1902 at Cottage Hospital, Keswick, Christopher Robinson, late of Castle Inn, Bassenthwaite.

ROBINSON-David the beloved husband of Jane Robinson, who died at Nook Cottages, Great Broughton, November 27th 1916.

ROBINSON-Dinah Robinson, who died November 23rd, 1918.

ROBINSON-On the 2d March 1862, at Cockermouth, Cumberland, JANE, widow of the late JAMES ROBINSON, deeply and sincerely regretted, aged 68.

ROBINSON-On the 1st May,1883 at The Thorne, Penrith, Cumberland, JANE, the wife of D.B.ROBINSON, aged 78.

ROBINSON-In loving memory of John BUSHBY, the dearly loved son of William and Hannah ROBINSON, who died at 35 Queen Street, Aspatria, April 15th 1921, aged 21 years. Also of dear little Olive, who died April 9th 1905, aged7 months.

ROBINSON-On the 18th Feb. 1897 at Egremont, John Ellwood Robinson, aged 45 years.

ROBINSON. - On the 26th May, 1897 at Frizington, Jonathan Robinson, ironmaster, aged 44 years.

ROBINSON-Margaret, 1861 - Little Clifton - 10th May, Hanged herself - unsound mind.

ROBINSON-In Gibbon's-Court, Scotch-street, on the 7th Dec, 1844, MARY ROBINSON, relict of the late Mr JOHN ROBINSON, woollen manufacturer,Cockermouth, in her 80th year

ROBINSON - On the 23rd Oct 1879, at Robinson's-brow,Workington, Mary Ann, widow of Mr J Robinson, labourer, aged 53 years.

ROBINSON-Henry, beloved husband of Mary Robinson, Aspatria, who died August 3rd 1901, age 67 years.
ROBINSON-John, At his residence, The Bank, Eaglesfield, 25th March, 1884. Aged 77 years.

ROBINSON,Mary, widow of the late JOHN ROBINSON, master mariner, Workington,who died June 13th 1891, aged 84 years. 

ROBINSON-On 25th January, 1932, at Skiddaw Grove, Keswick, Norman Robinson, solicitor, youngest son the the late Captain and Mrs. Robinson,of Thorncroft, Workington, aged 52 years.

ROBINSONON- the 25th Oct 1866, at Brunstock Cottage, Plaistow, Essex, REBECCA, widow of the late JOSEPH ROBINSON, Esq., of the same place, and oldest daughter of the late WILLIAM ROBINSON, of Wigton, Cumberland, Esq., aged 88

ROBINSON-Pvt Sam Robinson.  Boarder Regiment, died of wounds in France, December 6th 1915.

ROBINSON-Sarah, beloved wife of James ROBINSON, Rose Cottage, High Seaton, who died April 16th 1926.

ROBINSON-Sarah, of Moresby Terrace, Parton, the widow of Henry Dalton Robinson, died April 1932, interred at Moresby Churchyard.

ROBINSON-In loving memory of Thomas, beloved husband of Catherine Robinson, who died at Mill Street, Frizington, on Sunday, December 6th, 1914.

ROBINSON-WILLIAM, at Wigton, aged 70. Mr Philip ROBINSON,much esteemed through life; many years a bookseller, and latterly librarianof the Book-club of that place.Feb. 1814

ROBSON, Andrew born 11 Dec 1840 - died 14 Jan 1906  (Andrew is Jane's [above] oldest son; he was born in Aspatria, Cul) In ORCHARD HILL CEMETERY

ROBSON-At Gowrie, Aspatria, 7th June 1895, Ann the beloved wife of George Robson aged 71 years. Interred at Aspatria Church.

ROBSON- AT Lough, on the 28thNov. 1844, Mr EDWARD ROBSON, skinner

ROBSON- James born 1871 - 1953 (son, born in Aspatria, Cul)

ROBSON-Margaret born 1 March 1832 - died 4 July 1921 (Margaret Blackburn, bDearham, Cul)ORCHARD, ANTELOPE CTY, NE:

ROBSON, William born 1870 - died 1922 (son of Andrew and Margaret buried at Orchard Hill, LAUREL CEMETERY, LAUREL, CEDAR CTY, NE:  Will's wife, Alice Ross, is buried next to him.  She was born in Iowa, so is only a footnote.)  Will was born in Aspatria, Cul.

RODGERSON-On the 18th Nov.1879, at Frizington, Elizabeth Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. William RODGERSON, mason.

RODGERSON-Tom RODGERSON, beloved son of James and Esther, of Patron and grandson of David and Esther MARTIN, who died on Friday, the 13th Sept 1903, from injuries received at No 7 Harrington Colliery on January 6th 1897, aged 29 years

ROE-At "Etwall," Egremont Road, Hensingham, on the 5th inst., Emily, wife of Tom ROE, aged 60 years. Interred at Hensingham

ROGAN-On the 22nd Feb. 1897, at 50 Scotch Street, Whitehaven, James, infant son of James ROGAN, butcher.

ROGER - At the house of Mr. John SHEPHERD, of Gosforth Hall, on Monday last (July 1844), after a short illness, Mr. John ROGER, son of the late Mr. John ROGER, of Kirkland, in the parish of Irton, aged 27 years.

ROGERS-At Kirkoswald, on the 11thOct. 1844, MR. THOMAS ROGERS, grocer, aged 47 years.

ROGERS-Thomas Henry H. Rogers, who passed away at Rowrah Road. Rowrah, on June 6th,1927

ROGERSON-On the 25th Sept.1879, at Dearham, MR. JOSEPH ROGERSON, coalminer, aged 51 years.

ROGERSON-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Barrow, Mr Thomas Rogerson, aged 69 years.

ROLAND- at Edinburgh, Adam ROLAND, of Gask, Esq. advocate and deputy governor of the Bank of Scotland. Sept. 1819

ROOK-At Castle Terrace, Aspatria, 16th Aug 1903. Joseph Rook, aged 74 years. Interred on Tuesday, at Aspatria Churchyard.

ROOK, Mrs., Strand St., Whitehaven March 1777, aged 68.

ROOKE-On October 12th 1902, at his home, Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, Canada, Mr. Jo?? ROOKE, late of Whitehaven, aged 71 years and ?? months.

ROOKE-on the 13th Feb.1889, at Hensingham, John Tyson Rooke, aged 35 yrs.

ROOME- At Wigton, on the 10th Nov. 1844, MRS. ANN ROOME, widow, aged 37 years.

ROONEY - On the 12th April, 1897, at Cleator, Eliza, wife of John ROONEY, ironminer, aged 48 years.

ROPER-On the 30th Sept.1869, at Marsh-villa, Barrow-in-Furness, the residence of Mr. James LINTON, his son-in-law, after a lingering illness, Mr. John ROPER, late of Whitehaven, aged 70 years.

ROSS-Acccidentally killed at Watergate Pit, 26th Oct. 1903, David Tinnion Ross,  beloved husband of Charlotte Ross, Ellenborough, aged 63 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

ROSS-Jane On the 24thJuly 1852, at Workington, widow, aged 82 years.

ROSS-William, of 18, Long Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne, died June 1898, 19 years of age

ROTHERY-On the 12th May 1899,at Snebro Head, Hensignham, Mr. Henry Rothery, stonemason, aged 44 years.

ROTHERY-At Garden Cottage, Parton, on the 18th Sept. 1903, Ann, the beloved wife of George William ROTHERY. Interment at Moresby.

ROTHERY-At Home Lea, Eaglesfield, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph Whinney Rothery, aged 28 years. Interment at Brigham Church.

ROTHERY- the 20thOct. 1844, in Liverpool, after a short illness, MISS MARY  ROTHERY, aged 22 years, formerly of Bouch-house in Embleton

ROTHERY-At Westend, Aspatria, June 22nd,1898 William Rothery, farmer, aged 64years.- To be interred at Aspatria Church

ROUTLEDGE-At Newlands Row, on the 29th May 1895, Jacob Hewitson ROUTLEDGE, eldest surviving son of the late Joseph ROUTLEDGE, Grove Cottage, Mealsgate, aged 45 years. Interred at Boltongate.

ROUTLEDGE-At "The Golden Lion" Harrington, 20thAug, 1898. John,  formerly of Belle Vue Cockermouth, born July 1838 died August 20th 1898.Interred at Bridekirk

ROUTLEDGE-At the Sun Inn, Boltongate, August 19th 1898, Jane, third daughter of Annie Elizabeth and the late Jacob Routledge, aged 5 years and 6 months.Interred at Boltongate Church

ROUTLEDGE-At No.11, Lawson Street, Workington, on the 7th Feb. 1903, Thomas the beloved husband of Mary A. Routledge, aged 43 years.  Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

ROUTLEDGE - On the 19th March 1882, in Willow Holme, Carlisle,Sarah ROUTLEDGE, infant.

RUDD-JACOB RUDD, who died 3oth March, 1930. Also MARY, his wife, who passed away , May 22nd, 1922.Moresby Park.

RUDD-James, son of Mrs Ellen Rudd, Mill, Street, Frizington, succumbed on August 6th 1903 to enteric fever.

RUDD-Mary, at Scalegill,aged 35. Sept, 1819

RUDD-On the 20th Nov.1879, at Kirkland, Lamplugh, Joseph, infant son of Mr. Thomas Adamthwaite RUDD, butcher.

RUDD-Sarah, The 24th of December 1813, at the Park in Loweswater,Sarah, aged 96, late of Whitehaven

RUMNEY-At 9, Union Street, Wigton on the 3rd inst., Joseph, dearly beloved husband of  Barbara Rumney, aged 65 years. Interred at Wigton Cemetery.

RUMNEY - At Bank End, near Sandford, on the 2nd Oct. 1855, MARY RUMNEY, relict of THOS. RUMNEY, Esq., of Bank End, aged 83.

RUSSELL-On the 31st Jan.1902, at Lismore Street,Carlisle, Elizabeth RUSSELL, aged 58.

RUSSELL- in Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, after a short illness, Mrs. Grace RUSSELL, widow, aged 72. Nov. 1858

RUSSELL-On the 2nd April,1897 at Netherwasdale, John RUSSELL, formerly of Sheepfields, aged 67. Interred at Haile Church

RUTH-At the house of her aunt, Mrs. PEA???, Fisher-Street, Workington, on the 18th Nov. 1902, ?? Eleanor, eldest daughter of the late Capt. James, ?? Faith RUTH, aged 38 years.

RUTHERFORD-At Eller Vale, 25th May 1895,Hilda Alice youngest daughter of Thomas and Ada Rutherford, aged 5 years  Was interred at Harrington Churchyard

RYCROFT - At 20 Margaret Creighton Gardens, on the 27th 1933January, Mary Ann, widow of John Rycroft.

RYLANDS-At Penrith on the 6thDec. 1844, Mr ISAAC RYLANDS, shoemaker aged 18 years.

RYRIE - On the 26th Nov. 1882, at 511, Springburn-road, Glasgow, Mr. Alexander RYRIE, aged 79 years.


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