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SALKELD - On the 11th April, 1897, at Ginns, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas SALKELD, coal pit engineer, aged 53 years.

SALKELD-Thomas, dearly beloved son of John and M.A. Salkeld, who died at 3, Station Street, Cockermouth, November 23rd, 1918, age 35 years.

SALMOND- On the 11th Apr. 1856, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, aged 12 years, DAVID, fourthsurviving son of JAMES SALMOND, Esq., of Waterfoot, Cumberland

SANDELANDS-Joseph, the beloved son of John and Margaret E. Sandelands, who died at Newhouse, Seaton, on December 5th, 1919, aged 3 years and 5 months.

SANDELANDS-Matthew (Matt) the beloved husband of G. SANDELANDS, Sunnysides, Seaton, who died April 9th 1929.

SANDER-at Keswick, Mr Robert SANDER, brother to Mr John SANDER, nurseryman.Feb. 1812

SANDERSON-At the Infirmary, Workington, on the 15th May, 1930. Alfred, the dearly beloved husband of Mary SANDERSON, aged 55 years, and son of Mary and the late John SANDERSON, of Keswick. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery

SANDERSON.- At Temple Sowerby, on the 22nd May 1896, Margaret Sanderson, aged 92 years.

SANDERSON-At Bothel, 13th Sept.1903, John, the beloved husband of Mary SANDERSON. Was interred at Torpenhow Church

SANDERSON-At the Wool Pack Inn, Keswick on the 30th May,1895 Joseph, the loved husband of Mary SANDERSON, aged 40 years. To be interred at Crosthwaite Church

SANDERSON–Tommy SANDERSON, died May 15th, 1928, at Chapel Brow.

SANDHAM-William. beloved husband of Ada May SANDHAM, and beloved son of Thompson and Jane SANDHAM, who was accidentally killed (coal mine) on the 14thSept.1903, aged 28 years. Was interred at Dearham Church

SANDWITH - On the 17th Jan 1920, at Quantock, Seascale. Jane SANDWITH, of Haile, youngest daughter of the late Henry and Elizabeth SANDWITH ofHaile. Interred at Haile

SARTORE-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Whitehaven, Ellen,wife of Mr George Sartore, hawker, aged 19 years.

SATTERTHWAITE-Jane Elizabeth, beloved wife of George, who died May 12th, 1925.

SATTERTHWAITE-At Rosewell Cottages, Egremont, on December 7th 1920. John Beloved husband of Annie Satterthwaite born June 16th 1867. Interred at Egremont Cemetery

SAUL - On the 29th June 1882, at the Criffel Hotel, Silloth, MR. JOSEPH SAUL, aged 25 years.

SAVAGE-On the 21st May, 1897, at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, Edward SAVAGE, labourer, aged 70 years.

SAVILLE-On the 26th Aug. 1905. at Glebe House, Waberthwaite.JAMES SAVILLE, of Newport, East York aged 75 years.

SAYER-At Kirkby Stephen, on Thursday, the 9th May 1844, Agnes SAYER, daughter of Mr James SAYER, aged 18 years.

SCALES - At Outgate, near Hawkshead, on the 18th Nov. 1855, MR. ROWLAND SCALES, aged 72 years.

SCAMBLER-John, On Friday last, the 23rd July 1852, of consumption, farmer, Millbeck, Under-skiddaw, aged 50.

SCHNIUBEN-At the Sugar House, Whitehaven, on the 7th instant, Mr SCHNIUBEN, aged63 years. Dec 1844

SCOTT–ANN, who died 15th June 1892, at Bowcale, Allonby.

SCOTT-At 4 Gleafield Place, Barepot, 24th Oct. 1903, Blanche E M Scott, beloved daughter of James and Margaret Scott, aged 7 weeks. Was interred at Camerton.

SCOTT. - On the 21st Oct. 1902, at the East End, Wigton, Catherine, wife of James SCOTT, aged 38 years.

SCOTT - Edith Vera, dearly loved wife of Edward SCOTT, 6, Comely Bank, Aspartia, and beloved daughter of R. and M. F. LIGHTFOOT, aged 31 years. Was interred at Aspatria Churchyard, March 22, 1932.

SCOTT-At West Woodside, on the 19th Sept 1903 (at the house of her brother)Elizabeth SCOTT, aged 58 years

SCOTT-Elizabeth, On the 7th Oct. 1856, at Workington, Cumberland, ELIZABETH, relict of the lateISAAC SCOTT, Esq., in the 87th year of her age.

SCOTT- In Loving Remembrance of HANNAH ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of J. W. Scott, Who died on Sunday, September 14th, 1884, at Leatherhead, Surrey, AGED 24 YEARS. Interred in Lamplugh Churchyard, on Tuesday, September 16th. Verse with card- “She died as she had lived : trusting in the Lord.” **

SCOTT-Jane Scott, who died at Bullgill, April 13th 1929. Also our dear father, John Scott, who died at Bullgill, November 2nd 1918.

SCOTT-Jane, 5thDec 1844, JANE, second daughter of Mr JOHN SCOTT, aged 21 years.

SCOTT-Bridget, beloved wife of Robert Scott, who died at 76 Kirkgate, Cockermouth, March 5th, 1926

SCOTT. - On the 29th April, 1882, at Little Crosthwaite, near Keswick, , Edward, infant twin son of Mr. Jonathan SCOTT, auctioneer.
SCOTT-At Fitz House, Keswick, 3rd Aug. 1903, John Scott, age 65 years. Interred at Crosthwaite Church.

SCOTT - In loving memory of Private John SCOTT, killed in action, April 16th 1916, aged 25 years; and Private Harry SCOTT, killed in action on July 1st 1916, aged 35 years, dearly beloved sons of Hannah and the late John SCOTT. Also my husband, John SCOTT (late of Dearham), who died May 20th at Hobson, Durham.

SCOTT-At 2, Station Street, Maryport, on May 30th, 1931 James, the dearly beloved husband of M.A. Scott.  Was interred at Maryport Cemetery.

SCOTT-John Scott, insurance agent, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann SCOTT, who died at 49, Lonsdale Street, Workington, on March 27th, 1900.

SCOTT-on the 13th Sept. 1879 at Catherine Street Maryport MARGARET wife of MR J SCOTT aged 64 years.

SCOTT-At Newbiggin Townhead, on the 10th May 1844, Mary, wife of Mr. John SCOTT, aged 66 years

SCOTT,On the 25th January, 1897,at 1 Temple-terrace, Catharine-street, Whitehaven, William, son of William SCOTT, joiner, aged 4 years.

SCOTT-At Winifred Street, Workington 4th June 1895. Mary Ann Messenger SCOTT,infant.

SCURR-On the 2nd Dec. 1902, at 22, Ellenborough-??, Maryport, Mr. James SCURR, aged 59 years.

SENHOUSE - At Sawley Parsonage, on the 5th Sept. 1844, the REV. JAMES LOWTHER SENHOUSE, M.A., Perpetual Curate of Sawley, and sometime Rector of Gosforth, in the county.

SERJEANT- At Carhullan, in the parish of Bampton, Dec. 1844, aged 59, MARGARET, the wife of MR. JOSEPH SERJEANT, farmer.

SEWELL - On the 14th August, 1882 at Well-lane, Maryport, Annie Hall, infant daughter of Captain Joseph SEWELL.

SEWELL - At Keswick, Sept. 1844, Mrs. Jane Sewell, at the advanced age of 84 years.

SEWELL-John,  husband of Mary  31 dec 1887 at 3 Waughs Lane Botchergate. Age,58 years.

SEWELL-At Queen's Head Inn, Disington, on the 13 March 1903, John Sewell, aged 81 years.  Was interred at St Leonard's Church, Cleator.

SEWELL-Pvt. Joseph Edwin SEWELL, 23rd Royal Fusiliers, who died of wounds 12th June 1918.

SEWELL - On the 26th Nov. 1882 at the Hayborough House, Nancy, widow of Mr. William Miller SEWELL , brewer, aged 70 years.

SEWELL-At Carlton Road, Workington, on May 30th, 1931, Thomas Selkeld Sewell, solicitor, aged 77 years.  Was interred Workington Cemetery.

SEYMOUR - At Maryport, on the 18th Oct, 1855, Mr. Joseph SEYMOUR, shipowner, aged 80.

SHALE-On the 5th Oct.1879, at the Ironworks, Seaton, ELEANOR DIXON, infant daughter of MR. JOSEPH SHALE.

SHANNON-on the 15th Aug. 1904. at Topping Head, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfriesshire, Mary, wife of Mr John Shannon, police sergeant Maryport.

SHARP-At 7, Plumbland's Lane, Whitehaven, 17th June 1884, Mr.Isaac SHARP, shoemaker, aged 72 years.

SHARP-suddenly at Thwaites, in Millom, MR. LAWRENCE SHARP, aged 85 years.Dec. 1844

SHARP. - On the 14th June 1882., at Stanley-street, Workington, Sarah, the wife of Mr William Sharp, aged 51 years.

SHARPE-At Hensingham, on Monday, 27th May, 1895 the Rev. John Sharpe, Primitive Methodist minister, in the 75th year of his age. Interment at  Hensingham Cemetery

SHARPE-At the Oaks, Sussex, 29th July 1898, of heart disease, Margaret Jenkinson Sharpe, beloved wife of Robert Sharpe, and daughter of the late R.H.Dawson, of Lorton, aged 54 years. - To be interred at the Friends Burial Ground.

SHAW -, William - July 13, 1918, 31 Church St., moor Row, Cumberland, England

SHEARMAN-Robert, who fell asleep, November 25, 1918.

SHEFFIELD-At the Union Workhouse, Wigton, on the 27th May 1895, Mr George SHEFFIELD, aged 82 years.

SHIELDS. - On the 18th April 1897, at 25, Quay-street, Whitehaven, MARY MARGARET, daughter of HUGH SHIELDS, labourer, aged 9 years.

SHELDON-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Seaton Carew, Mr John Sheldon, late of Dearham.

SHEPHERD-On the 29th March 1897, at Kells, AGNES JANE, daughter of HARRY SHEPHERD, blacksmith, aged 14months.

SHEPHERD-At Penrith on the 26th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN SHEPHERD, Aged 83 years.

SHEPHERD. - In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary SHEPHERD, who died August 13, 1912.

SHEPHERD-William,at Temple Sowerby, Mr William, saddler, age 75. Feb. 1814

SHERIDAN-On the 4th June 1897, at 24, Duke-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of William SHERIDAN, master mariner, aged 54 years.

SHERWEN- In Affectionate Remembrance of Eleanor, Wife of John Sherwen, of Scallow, Lamplugh, who died on Wednesday, March 10th, 1875, AGED 70 YEARS. Interred at Arlecdon Church, on Sunday, March 14th, Leaving Scallow at 1 o’clock. Verse with card-none **

SHERWEN-Mr. Joseph H. third son of Mr. W. J. P. SHERWEN, late of Hensingham, which took place on Christmas Eve 1896 on board the German steamship "Zanzibar" off Mozambique.

SHERWEN - Nov. 1855, at Tarn How, in Gosforth, after a protracted illness, MR. PETER SHERWEN, aged 69 years.

SHERWEN-At High Church Street, Whitehaven, 11th Sept. 1903, Sarah Ellen (Sallie), beloved wife of Joseph SHERWEN, and daughter of the late John.

SHERWOOD- in Strand Street, Mr. JOHN SHERWOOD, in the 81st year of his age, Oct. 1855.

SHIMMINS-James, Winder Gate, Frizington, died Sept. 1903, 29 years of age.

SHORT. On the 13th July 1882, at Craika-terrace, Dearham, TOM, son of MR. JOHN SHORT, colliery overman, aged 14 months.

SILL-At Cliburn, on the 5th Dec. 1844, aged 78, MR. MILES SILL, many years gamekeeper to the EARL OF THANET.

SIM-Mary Sim of Hill House, who died at Mawbray Yard, August 11th 1880 aged 63 years.

SIMPSON - On the 17th March 1897, at 31 Roper Street, Whitehaven, Alfred, infant son of Henry Irwin SIMPSON, mariner.

SIMPSON- On the 10th Apr. 1823, at Wigton, Cumberland, Mrs. Elizabeth SIMPSON, late ofLane-head, Sebergham, aged 85.
SIMPSON-October 30th, at Fribo, Whitby, Yorks., Caroline, widow of Henry Simpson (formerly of Cockermouth), in her 90th year.

SIMPSON-at 80, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, 23rd Jan.1932 Edwin, dearlyl loved son of Joshua and  Amelia Simpson, aged 3 years.

SIMPSON-On the 19th April, 1899, at Hensingham, Hannah, widow of Mr. Henry SIMPSON, mariner, aged 72 years.

SIMPSON-On the 13th Dec. 1882, at Eaglesfield, Mr. Joseph SIMPSON, aged 80 years.

SIMPSON-On the 25th Dec. 1828, at Blennerhasset, of apoplexy, Mr. Joseph SIMPSON, late ofLonninghead, Sebergham, Cumberland, in the 52d year of his age.

SIMPSON-At 14, James Street, Frizington, on November 23rd,1920 Mabel youngest daughter of Margaret Ann and the late Jackson Simpson, aged 17 years and 8 months.

SIMPSON-August 5th,1898 at 9, Boardman Street, Eccles, Walter Everard, the dearly beloved little son of Walter and Annie Simpson, aged 9 months.

SINCLAIR-Christopher On Monday, the 26th instant, at the house of his father, in Roper Street,letter-press printer, in the 21st year of his age.

SINGERS-At No 7 Scalegill Road, Moor Row, James Singers, age 79.Aug. 1903

SINGLETON-At Moor Row, 16th June 1884, Mr Isaac SINGLETON, late of Whitehaven, aged 36 years.

SINGLETON-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Bransty-villa, Whitehaven, William Thomas, infant son of Mr Isaac Singleton, deputy-overman.

SKELLY-On the 15th June, 1897, at 2, College-lane, College-street, Whitehaven, Rachel Sarah, wife of Joseph SKELLY, fisherman, aged 41 years.

SKELTON. - On the 2nd July, 1882., at Dalston, ELIZABETH SKELTON, aged 38 years.

SKELTON-Jonathan, the beloved husband of Margaret Skelton,  who died at Newtown, Aspatria, Oct. 27th 1900.  Interred at Aspatria Churchyard.

SKINNER - On the 20th March 1882, at Harris Villa, Frizington, Abel, son of Mr Abel SKINNER, ironminer, aged 16 months.

SKURR- Oct. 19, 1844, , MISS MARTHA SKURR, aged 30. At Great Dockray, Penrith

SLADE- At Old New Quay, Whitehaven, 21st March 1884, Mr. John SLADE, shipwright,aged 61 years.

SLATER-At Rockdale House, Workington, 24th Oct. 1903, Joseph John, infant son of Christopher and Annie Slater.

SLEE- At Lowther Village, on the 3rdNov. 1844, JANE, wife of MR. JOHN SLEE, sawyer,aged 71 years.

SLOAN- On the 26th Oct. 1879, in Denton-street, Carlisle, Mr David Sloan, aged 78years.

SLOAN - On the 17th March 1882, at 16, Back-street, Ginns, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Robert SLOAN, groom, aged 35 years.

SLOAN-At Lamplugh Green, on Friday, January 29th 1932, in his 73rd year, John, dearly beloved husband of Grace Sloan. To be interred at Lamplugh Church.

SLOAN - At Dornock, on the 1st July, 1844, the Rev. Nicholas SLOAN, in the 81st year of his age, and the 49th year of his ministry in that parish.

SMALLWOOD - At Distington, July 1844, Mary, daughter of Mr. SMALLWOOD, aged 33 years.

SMALLWOOD- On the 28th Feb.1859 last, accidentally shot during the riot at Valparaiso, ROBERT SMALLWOOD, formerly of Hitchin, Herts, but who had for some years assumed the name of SHERIDAN.  He was nephew of the late JOSEPH BAILTON, Esq., of Smittlegarth, near Wigton, Cumberland.

SMALLWOOD-our dear father, who died April 6th 1926;also our dear brother JACK, who died at Ranfontien, South Africa, April 27th 1924. 

SMEDDLES-On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Barrow MR BENJAMIN SMEDDLES aged 41 years.

SMILEY- 14 or 15 years of age, living with his parents in Senhouse  Street, Workington, met with a fatal accident at the New Yard Works of Messrs KIRK Bros. He was working with his father, who has the contract for making up and loading the finished iron into wagons. Deceased was assisting to move a wagon, when he was caught between its buffers and those of another in the process of shunting. His head was smashed between the buffers, death resulting instantaneously. March 1903.

SMITH. - Agnes (Rose), beloved daughter of James and Sarah Agnes SMITH, John Street, maryport, who fell asleep in Jesus, Sept. 30th, 1902.

SMITH-Annie, daughter of Thomas and Annie SMITH, 16 Hartington Street, Workington, who fell asleep in Jesus (aged 11 years)September 23rd, 1903.

SMITH-Catherine, wife of James, At 36 Gilmour Street, Ellenborough, 4th Nov. 1884, aged 58 years

SMITH-At 12, Pinfold Street, on the 23rd, Clara I. Smith, beloved daughter of I.F. and S.E. Smith, aged 13 years.  Was interred at Harrington Road Cemetery on the 26th inst., Nov. 1920

SMITH-At 10, North Street, Maryport, on the 13th Sept. 1903, Eleanor, the only daughter of Joseph and Isabella SMITH, aged 7 years and 10 months.

SMITH - At Wigton, 28th Nov. 1855, ELIZABETH, wife of CHARLES SMITH, weaver, aged 25 years.

SMITH. - At Fold House, High Harrington, on 24th Oct. 1903, Elizabeth Emma, beloved daughter of William John and Jane SMITH, aged four months.

SMITH-At Workington, Nov. 1844, ISABELLA, wife of MR. JACOB SMITH, aged 69years.

SMITH-At Brierholme, Keswick, on the 8th May, 1930. Lavinia Scott SMITH,aged 23 years. Interred at St. John's Church, Keswick

SMITH-John, At Brighton, John SMITH, Esq. brother to Mrs. FITZHERBERT.Feb. 1812

SMITH-John, At 60, Copenhagen Street, London, 26th March 1884, John SMITH, only son of Mr. P. B. Twentyman, aged 26 years.

SMITH-on the 19th Feb.1889, at Ewanrigg, Maryport, Mr George Smith, retired coalminer, aged 66 yrs.

SMITH-At 31, Rownley Street, Leeds, February 27th, 1930 (suddenly), Gertrude Louisa Smith, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Merrick, late  of Workington.  Was interred at Harehill Cemetery, Leeds

SMITH-JACOB MESSENGER, Sept. 1903, 85 years.

SMITH- At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on the 4th May, 1844, Mr. John SMITH, fishmonger, formerly of Cockermouth.

SMITH-Joseph Smith, Midtown Farm, Whillimoor, who was killed at Oatlands Colliery, December 8th, 1918.

SMITH-In Church-street, Wigton, on the 12thDec. 1844, MRS. LUCY SMITH, ageed 72 years

SMITH-Margaret SMITH, of Wright Green, Lamplugh, who died April 16th 1931.

SMITH-Aged 73, Colonel Matthew, Major of the Tower, London.Feb. 1812

SMITH-On the 11th June 1898, at Church Street, Moor Row, May, beloved daughter of Alexander and Jane Smith, aged 12 years

SMITH. - On the 13th May, 1897, at Moss Pit, Patrick SMITH, labourer, aged 80 years.

SMITH- On the 12th April 1932, at the house of his parents, 12 Corckickle, Whitehaven, Reginald Alton Smith, aged 41 years.

SMITH-at Bury St Edmund's, Wm. SMITH, Esq. in the 89th year of his age, formerly of Drury-lane Theatre. Sept. 1819

SMITH - at Maryport, on the 19th Nov. 1855. MR. WM. SMITH, stone mason, aged 64

SMITH: On the 18th Apr. 1882, at Fothergill-row, Flimby, Barbara, wife of Mr William SMITH, coalminer, aged 32 years.

SNAITH-At Little Broughton 9th April 1930, Joseph SNAITH, aged 82 years. Interment at Broughton Church.

SNEDDON. - On the 25th April, 1882, At Moresby, William, son of Mr. James SNEDDON, labourer, aged 13 months.

SNOWDEN-On June 14th June 1903, at High Seaton, David the dearly beloved  husband of Dinah SNOWDEN, aged 67 years. Interred at Camerton Church.

SOFTLEY- At Camden Town, London, on the 10th Nov. 1858, Richard, third son of Mr.William SOFTLEY, painter, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 27.

SOULBY-Ann, 17th Jan. 1814, the wife of Anthony, printer, aged 63; after a lingering illness, which she bore with true Christian resignation. Blennerhasset.

SOUTHARD- 4thFeb. 1812. at Calder-bridge, Abram, mason, aged 45years.

SOUTHWARD - On the 20th March 1897, at Egremont, Barbara, wife of William SOUTHWARD, miner, aged 34 years.

SOUTHWARD-On the 28th Oct.1879, at the King's Arms Inn, Hensingham, Mr John Southward,aged 61 years.

SOUTHWARD. - On the 23rd Apr. 1897, at Cleator Moor, JOHN SOUTHWARD, ironminer, aged 63 years.

SOUTHWARD ~ On the 15th May 1899, John Southward, of Mill Gate, Waberthwaite, aged 57 years. Interred at Waberthwaite Church

SOUTHWELL. - On the 18th June 1882, at Queen-street, Maryport, Sarah, infant daughter of Mr Thomas Southwell, coalminer.

SPARK- Eleanor On Monday the 12th July.1852, at the house of her father, Mr. William BRAYTON, of Hunting How, Moresby, aged 42 years.

SPEDDING, Mrs., wife of James, Whitehaven, March 1777.

SPEDDING–On the 5th June 1895, at Dyke Nook, Frizington, James SPEDDING, aged 71 years. Interred at Arlecdon Church

SPENCER-On the 1st Oct.1879, at Dalton, ANNIE ISABELLA, wife of MR. JOHN SLATER, aged 27 years.

SPENCER. - On the 29th June 1882, at Moresby Hall, MAJOR HENRY SPENCER, late of the Royal Cumberland Militia, aged 61 years.

SPROAD-At Wheat Sheaf Lane, Wigton, on the 29th May 1895. Matthew SPROAD, aged three weeks.

STABLER- At Fitzsimmons Yard, Ellenborough, 19th March 1903, John Wood STABLER, the dearly beloved son of William and Mary STABLER, aged 2 years and 10 months. Was interred at Dearham

STAFFORD - At Hollywood Hall, Wolsingham, on 29th 1933 January, David Story Stafford (late manager of the Royal Typewriter Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne), eldest son of Mr and Mrs Stafford, The Homestead, Bowness-on-Solway. Was interred at Bowness-On-Solway

STAFFORD-On the 2nd Feb. 1903, at Trumpet Terrace, Ephraim Stafford, aged 69 years. Interred at St. Leonard's Church, Cleator.

STAGG - At Brisco, on January 30th, 1933 Ellen, widow of the lateJohn Stagg, in her 93rd(?) year. Was interred at Upperby

STAGG- At Stanwix, near Carlisle, on the 8th instant, MR. ROBERT STAGG, aged 42  years.Dec. 1844

STAINTON-At Lowhouses, Wigton, on January 9th.1932 Elizabeth Ann, dearly beloved wife of Matthew  STAINTON.

STALKER. - On the 20th April 1882, at Market-place, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. William STALKER, miller, aged 18 years.

STALKER, At Cockermouth, on the 4th Oct. 1855, ISABELLA, daughter of MR. ROBERT STALKER, hatter, aged 5 months.

STALKER - At Cow Gill, on the 25th Nov. 1855, of consumption, JANE, second daughter of MR. J. B. STALKER, aged 22 years

STALKER. - At Demesne, Whitehaven, on the 21st Oct. 1902, Jonathan STALKER in his 95th year. To be interred at St. Bees Priory Church

STALKER-Sally, aged 50 years, Murdered by her husband, William STALKER, by strangulation, Jan. 1847.

STAMPER-At The Result, High Harrington, 24th March 1903, Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Joseph, aged 79 years. Interred at Harrington.

STAMPER - On the 16th March 1882, at Belle Isle-place, Workington,William STAMPER, aged 11 years.

STANAWAY-On the 3rd Feb. 1897, at Kirkland Lamplugh, Elijah, infant son of William STANAWAY, ironminer.

STANDISH- at Huddersfield, of a fit of apoplexy, with which he was seized whilst walking in the street,Mr John STANDISH, printer, in the 22nd year of his age. Sept. 1819

STANDISH-On the 23d Dec. 1845, at Leamington Priory, in her 58th year, LADY LUCY STANDISH, second daughter of the late Earl of Limerick, and widow of the late ROWLAND STANDISH, Esq., of Farley-hill, Berks., and of Scaleby Castle,Cumberland. 

STANLEY - At Bellvue, near Whitehaven, July 1844, very suddenly, Isabella, wife of Dr. STANLEY.

STANLEY-Timothy,  at Shundrah, in St John's near Keswick, Feb. 1814,aged 87.

STARBUCK-Isaac, 1874-17th June - Great Clifton, 61, Lept down coal mine -of unsound mind.

STARKIE–At 50, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, on the 15th May,1930 Joseph, thedearly beloved husband of Sarah, aged 58 years. Interred at Cockermouth Cemetery.

STARKEY-In treasured memory of my dear son Pvt. William STARKEY, who was killed in action on the 14th 1918.

STEEL. - Ann, the bloved wife of Thomas STEEL, Harriston, Aspartria, who died September 26th, 1900, in her 52nd year.

STEEL-On the 24th Nov.1879, at Kirkby Ireleth, Annie, wife of Mr. James STEEL, aged 30 years.

STEEL-On the 3d Jan. 1863, at Mire-end, Cockermouth, Cumberland, EDWARD BOWE STEEL, Esq., aged 49.

STEEL-On the 16th May 1899, at Bankend Cottages, Oughterside, Mr.  George Steel, aged 75 years.

STEEL-Jeremiah,1803- Bridgefoot -- run down by carriage.

STEEL-Mary, wife of Mr. James STEEL, aged 84, Nov. 1819.

STEELE-at Catta, in Kinnyside, Mr Henry STEELE, Feb. 1812 aged 71.

STEELE-At 7 Fitz Road, Cockermouth, October 31st, John William beloved  husband of Hannah Steele, aged 72 years.

STEELE - At Brisco Mill, near Egremont, MARGARET, daughter of Mr. GEORGE
STEELE, miller, aged 18 months. Oct. 1855

STEELE-in George-Street, aged 32, Capt. Robert STEELE, late of the Lady Elizabeth Packet, Feb. 1812

STEPHEN-On the 24th April, 1899, at Little Scotland Court, Chapel-street, Whitehaven, Wm., son of Mr. John STEPHEN, labourer, aged 1 year and 10 months.

STEPHENS- At Biggrigg, 15th March 1884, Mr. Thomas STEPHENS, ironminer, aged 62 years.

STEPHENSON-On the 25th Oct. 1879, at Great Broughton, Eliza, infant daughter of Mr Joseph Stephenson.

STEPHENSON-At 11, Jane Street, Netherton, on Wednesday, March 5th, 1930, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Stephenson, aged 74 years (nee Elizabeth Eve).  To be interred at Flimby.

STEPHENSON-At Great Broughton, 29th May 1895, Martha, wife of Jos. STEPHENSON, coalminer, aged 65 years.

STEPHENSON - On the 13th Feb. 1897, at Distington, Samuel Dempster, infant son of Robert Stephenson, coalminer.

STEPHENSON-At 11, Coldgill Avenue, Great Broughton, 16th May, 1930, the residence of his daughter and son-in-law, William Thompson STEPHENSON, beloved husband of the late Sarah STEPHENSON. Interred at Brigham Parish Church

STEPHENSON - In loving memory of Sarah Jane, beloved wife of Samuel STEPHENSON, who died at Thornhill, July 3rd, 1935.

STEPHENSON-On the 26th Nov.1879, at Lamplugh, Mr. William STEPHENSON, labourer, aged 70 years.

STEWART-On the 28th March 1897, at Nicholson Lane, JOHN, son of JOHN STEWART, coalminer, aged 3 years.

STEWART-At Greysouthen, 12thAug 1895, William Stewart. late of Great Broughton, aged 69 years.

STEWART-On the 19th Feb. 1897, at Ripton-lane, Whitehaven, Margaret, infant daughter of William STEWART, general dealer.

STEELE-Margaret Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John Steele, formerly of Lindal-in - Furness and Arlecdon, who died in Johannesburg Hospital, South Africa, July 23rd aged 36 years.

STERNBERG- At No. 16, New Burlington-street, London, on the 7th Nov. 1858, the BARON DE STERNBERG, after a lingering and painful illness.

STERLING.--On the 9th Oct. 1869, at Barcaldine, Argyleshire, Arthur PATRICK, infant son of John Sterling, Esq., aged 6 months.

STOCKDALE-At Furnace Mill, Maryport, 3rd inst, Dorothy Annie, the beloved daughter of John and Hannah Stockdale age 6 months. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery on Wednesday, the 5 Aug. 1903.

STODDART-John, 10thOct.1819, at Cockermouth, Mary, the wife of Mr. John STODDART, Manufacturer, aged 68.

STODDART-Mary Ann, beloved wife of Thos. Stoddart, who died at Beehive, Deanscales, January 31st,1931

STODDART - In Bridge-street, Caldewgate, on the 21st Nov. 1855, SARAH STODDART, aged 73 years. same place, on the 24th inst., JOHN STODDART, aged 3 years.

STOREY - At 3, Meadow View, Egremont, on June 29th, 1938 Sarah, dearly beloved  wife of Sam STOREY and daughter of the late Robert and Jane HARDING, of Bassenthwaite, aged 57 years.

STORROW-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Lancaster, Hannah Hilda STORROW, of Carlisle, aged 18 years.

STORY-On the 13th Aug. 1853, at No. 5, Upper Glocester-place, Dorset-square,CATHARINA STORY, formerly of Penrith, Cumberland, aged 79.

STOTHART-At Crossbankhead, Ecclefechan, 20thAug1898, William Stothart aged 68.

STOUP-On the 26th August,1869 abroad, Mr. William STOUP, master mariner, and eldest son of the late Mr. John STOUP, master mariner, of High-street, in this town, aged 48 years.

STRAUGHTON-Sarah J., the beloved wife of J.W. Straughton, who died at 54, Guard Street, Workington, April 26th, 1930.

STRONG-September 3rd,1903 at Ash Lea, Cranbury Avenue, Southampton, ANN WHITE PEARSON  STRONG, aged 54 years, eldest daughter of the late MR JOHN RICHARDSON-Towns Missionary at Workington, Cumberland, and the well-beloved wife of MR W. E. STRONG, late of Workington. Interred at Southampton Cemetery

STRONG. - At Toll Bar, Thoenthwaite, on April 3, 1931, Isaac beloved husband of Mary STRONG, aged 74. Was in terred at St. Mary's Thornthwaite

STRONG - At Rose Cottage, Dearham, 20th March 1932, Isabella, the beloved wife of the late Joseph STRONG, Harker Marsh Farm, Broughton Moor, aged 78 years. To be interred at Christ Church, Great Broughton.

STRONG-At Drumleaning, in the parish of Aikton, 18th June 1884, Mr Jonathan STRONG, aged 84 years.

STUART-John, At Trelkeld, 2nd Nov. 1884 aged 22 yrs.

STUBBS-At Workington,May 1844, Mrs. E. STUBBS, aged 82

STUBBS-On the 4th May 1931, at 13, Jubilee Terrace, Gasslot, Thomas William, beloved husband of Emma Stubbs, aged 76 years. Interred at Maryport Cemetery.

STUDHOLME- At Station House, Bullgill, on the 14th Aug 1898, Amelia, the beloved wife of John Studholme, station master, aged 19 years. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

STUDHOLME-Very suddenly, Sept. 1819 in Carlisle, Thomas son of Mr. JohnSTUDHOLME, innkeeper, aged 15.

SUART. - On the 2nd May, 1882, at Scilly Banks, Moresby, John the son of John SUART, labourer, aged 5 years.

SUART-On the 1st April, 1930, at Hackney Hospital, London, William Edward, only son of Isabella and the late George Suart, aged 48 years. To be interred at Harrington Road Cemetery, Workington.

SUMPTON-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at Great Broughton, Catherine, wife of Mr D Sumpton, aged 68 years.

SURTEES-Mr John SURTEES of Alston, aged 61.Feb. 1812

SWAINSON-On the 23rd Feb. 1897, at Pasture Gate, Lamplugh, Taylor Swainson, retired colliery viewer, aged 78 years. Interred at Ennerdale Churchyard.

SWAILS.--On the 11th Oct. 1869, at the Infirmary, Howgill-street, Mr. John SWAILS, grinder, aged 44 years.

SWINBURN-At High Hill, Keswick, 29th May 1895, Edith May, infant daughter of Henry SWINBURN.

SWINBURNE. - On the 24th June, 1897 at 4, Church-street, Whitehaven, John, infant son of William SWINBURNE, coalminer.

SWINDLE-At Crosby, on the 3rd June 1895, Walter Wilson, beloved son of Wilson and Martha SWINDLE, of Keswick, aged 2 years and 5 months. Interred at Crosscanonby Church.

SYDNEY-Charles Henry, the beloved son of Charles and  Mary Ann SYDNEY, who died at Barepot, Workington, on March 24th, 1902, aged 22 years. Was interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery.


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