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TAIT - At Ambleside, Oct. 1855, JANE, wife of MR. TAIT, of Lindale-in-Furness, aged 23 years.

TALLENTIRE - At 2 Rose Hill, Harrington (suddenly) on the 19th March 1932, Joseph WILSON, beloved husband of Mary, aged 61 years. To be interred at Harrington.

TALLENTIRE.- At Edenhall, on the 22nd June 1887, Richard John TALLENTIRE, infant son of William TALLENTIRE, of Edenhall.

TARLETON-at his house Poulteney-street, Bath the Lady of Thomas TARLETON, Esq. of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire.Feb. 1812

TATE- At the Deanery, in Carlisle, on the 13th Sept. 1819, Wm. TATE, aged 82.

TATHAM - At Cockermouth, on the 17th Sepy, 1844, MARY JANE, third daughter of Mr. C. TAHTAM, watchmaker, aged 9 years.

TAYLOR-Elizabeth, of Hexham, Feb. 1814 aged 109.

TAYLOR-On the 15th June, 1897, at 1, Newtown, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, daughter, of James TAYLOR, labourer, aged 7 years.

TAYLOR - At the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle on March 19th 1932, George TAYLOR, 47, beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, of Stoneycroft Farm, Newlands, near Keswick. Internment at St. John's Keswick.

TAYLOR-on the 23rd Feb.1889, at Mountain View, Irton, Frances, widow of John Taylor,mason, aged 68 yrs.

TAYLOR-On the 28th Nov.1879, at Sand Hills Lane, Whitehaven, Jane, daughter of Mr. Richard TAYLOR, joiner, aged 7 years and 8 months.

TAYLOR-At 38 New Lowther Street Whitehaven, on November 6th, suddenly, (Mark Parkie), second son of the late Mark TAYLOR, aged 55 years.

TAYLOR - Mary, the wife of John TAYLOR, aged 63 years.July 1844.

TAYLOR-HERD-On March 4th, 1930, at Riverside, Keswick, Rev. W. Taylor-Herd, aged 81 years. For 23 years Pastor of Lake Road Congregational Church, Keswick.

TAYLOR-At Brigham on the 16th March 1903, Margaret Taylor, in her 88th year. Interred at Brigham Church.

TAYLOR-Mary, beloved wife of Joseph Taylor, 3, Frazer Street,Workington,who died December 5th, 1913.

TEARE-On the 24th Aug.1905 ,at 24 Chapel-street. Whitehaven, Mr JAMES TEARE, blast furnace man,aged 64 years

TEARE-At 54 Main Street, Frizington, on 7th March 1930, William, beloved husband of Catherine Teare, aged 78 years. Interred at St. Paul's Church.

TEASDALE-Collingwood Teasdale, who died November 5th,1930.

TEBAY-Mary On Monday last,July 1852 at Soulby, near Kirkby Stephen, widow of the late Mr. TEBAY, formerly of King Street, in this town, aged 77 years.

TELFORD-At 6, George Street, Wigton, 10th Sept.1903, Elizabeth, widow or John TELFORD, aged 78 years. Interred in Wigton Cemetery.

TELFORD. - On the 4th July 1882, at Scotch-street, Whitehaven, MR. JAMES TELFORD,  stableman, aged 75 years.

TELFORD, Mary --At English Damside, Carlisle on 25 Dec 1846, age 70; wife of William TELFORD, mother of James of USA, and Mary Ann TWEDDLE of Carlisle. Interred at Christ Church.

TELFORD-William-At 73 Union Street, Carlisle, age 72, on 22 Sept 1849, widower; father of James and and Mary Ann [NUGENT] TELFORD of USA, and John TWEDDLE (son-in-law) of Carlisle; a pensioner of the  9th Battalion Royal Artillery, served in the Napoleonic Wars. Interred at Christ Church.

TEMBEY-On the 22nd May, 1897, at Cleator Moor, Albert, infant son of John Henry TEMBEY, iron miner.

TEMPLETON-Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Jane Templeton, single woman of 56 Mount Pleasant, died March, 1903.

THOMAS-On the 2nd June 1897, at Moor Row, Emily Jane, wife of William Henry THOMAS, labourer, aged 22 years.

THOMAS - On the 8th Feb. 1897, at 70 Lonsdale-road, Millom, William Robert THOMAS, ironminer, aged 61 years.

THOMPSON, At 77, Lowther Street, Whitehaven, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MRS. THOMPSON, wife of MR. THOMPSON, solicitor, aged 40 years.

THOMPSON-(no first name)At Keys Brow, High Harrington August 29th, 1905.

THOMPSON-At Solway View, Lowca Lane, Seaton, on the 16th Sept. 1903, Annie Mary, the  beloved daughter of John FAWCETT and Mary Jane THOMPSON, and grand daughter of John and Ellenor.

THOMPSON-Eleanor THOMPSON, who died April 15th 1931.Fondly remembered by her two sons, granddaughter and Eva.

THOMPSON-On the 20thOct. 1879, at High House, Whitbeck, Eleanor Thompson, aged 16 years.

THOMPSON-Elsie, the beloved twin daughter of Joseph P. and Mary Thompson, who died at Newtown, Gilerux, on November 24th, 1918, aged 1 year and 8 months.  Also of William Irving, beloved brother of the above, who died at West Moor End on November 30th, 1918, aged 33 years.

THOMPSON. - On the 21st June, 1897, at Newhouses, Elizabeth, wife of James THOMPSON, labourer, aged 58 years.

THOMPSON-at Kirkoswald, Mrs Esther THOMPSON, aged 79.Feb. 1812

THOMPSON-At Victoria Terrace, Netherton, Maryport, 30th May 1895, Henry THOMPSON, bandmaster, aged 54 years. Interred at Dearham Church.

THOMPSON-Isaac, beloved son of Isaac Thompson, Chapel Brow, who died Oct 29th 1902, aged 7 months; also of Joseph, infant son of the above named, who died April 28th 1903.

THOMPSON-On the 2nd Feb,1902 at 2, Old Road, Netherton, Isabella THOMPSON, aged 69 years.

THOMPSON-At Primrose Cottage, Embleton, December 21st, 1920, Jane Thompson, aged 67 years. To be  interred at Embleton Church

THOMPSON-Jacob,1828-27th August -Great Clifton - Run down by cart.

THOMPSON-JAMES the beloved husband of CATHERINE THOMPSON,aged 58 years . Interment at Harrington Church ,on Saturday, Aug. 1905

THOMPSON-At 47, Main Street, St Bees, on Saturday, January 9th,1932 Hannah,dearly beloved wife of Mr Gerard THOMPSON, in her 69th year. Interred at St Bees Priory Churchyard.

THOMPSON, Thursday last, in Scotch Street, Mrs. Jane THOMPSON, widow, aged 73. (August 1798).

THOMPSON- At Rigg of Gretna on the 12th Nov. 1858, Mrs. Janet THOMPSON, aged 64.

THOMPSON. - On the 1st July 1882., at Sandhill's-lane, Whitehaven, MR. JOHN THOMPSON, shoemaker, aged 75 years.

THOMPSON - On the 19th Sept. 1869, at Havre, in France, Mr. Joseph Thompson, formerly of Maryport, in his 81st year.

THOMPSON-, Nov. 1844in Castlegate, MRS. MARGARET THOMPSON, advanced in years.

THOMPSON. - On the 26th May, 1897 at the Workhouse, Whitehaven, , Martha THOMPSON, charwoman, aged 86 years.

THOMPSON-At 71 Queen Street, Aspatria, on the 24th Sept 1903, Mary Elizabeth,dearly loved daughter of William Walter and Maggie THOMPSON, aged 7 months.

THOMPSON-Nancy, the beloved wife of the late William THOMPSON, late of the Queen's Head, Distington, who died on the 20th of September, 1889, aged 54 years.

THOMPSON- JOHN THOMPSON, Who departed this life on the 28th July, 1876, Aged 66 Years. And was interred on the 31st at Anfield Cemetery.Verse with card- “In the midst of life we are in death”**

THOMPSON-On the 29th1903. at the residence of his brother, JOHN THOMPSON, 6, Mill Street, Maryport, WILLIAM THOMPSON, master mariner, aged 63 years.

THOMPSON-At Bridekird, on June 4th, 1931 Thomas Crozier Thompson, age 60yr. For 29 years a friend to all at Bridekirk Vicarage.

THOMPSON. - On the 23rd Apr. 1897, at Frizington, THOMAS ANTHONY, son of JOSEPH THOMPSON, aged 8 years.

THOMPSON-on the 27th Oct. 1879, at Sullart-street, Cockermouth, Mr Peter Thompson,aged 39 years.

THOMPSON. - On the on the 21st Oct. 1902, at his residence, 160 Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor, Robert THOMPSON, aged 47 years.

THOMPSON-Monday the 20thFeb.1812 at Workington, much respected, Sarah, widow, aged 73 years.

THOMPSON - At Broad Street, on January 31st, 1933, William J. Thompson, beloved husband of the late Margaret Thompson, late of 29 Shaddongate.

THORNBURN- Joseph THORNBURN, of Papcastle, March 1882

THORNBURN-At How Gill, in the parish of Abbey Lanercost, on the 2ndDec. 1844, Mr WILLIAM THORNBURN, aged 75 years

THORNTHWAITE-On the 24th April 1882, at Netherton, Ellenborough, Harriet  Alice, daughter of Mr. Robert THORNTHWAITE, joiner, aged 1 year and 3  months.

THORNTHWAITE- In Affectionate Remembrance of JOSEPH THORNTHWAITE, Who died on May 11, 1888, IN HIS 71st YEAR. Will be interred in Flimbly Churchyard, on Monday, the 14th inst., at 4-30, leaving Brook Street at 3-45.  Verse with card- “His end was peace. Be ye also ready” **

THORNTHWAITE-Joseph William,eldest son of Daniel and Margaret Elizabeth Thornthwaite, of Low Mire, Allonby, who died December 2nd, 1920, aged 47 years. Interred at Christ Church

THURLOW-At Westnewton on the 20th Sept. 1903, Margaret beloved daughter of Thomas and Hannah THURLOW, aged 10 years and 6 months

THURNAM-On the 25th Nov.1879, at 22 Hartington Place, Carlisle, Margaret Dorothy, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Charles THURNAM, of Carlisle, aged 60 years.

THWAITE. - On the 24th April, 1882, in Heads-lane, Keswick, Mr. James THWAITE, farmer, aged 31 years (the age is blurred so may be incorrect.)

THWAITE - At Crosby Garrett, on the 20th Nov. 1855, suddenly, MARTHA wife of THOMAS THWAITE, aged 19

THWAITES-On the 2nd Feb.1902, at Flimby, Joseph Stanley, son of Tom and Rachel THWAITES, aged 1 year and 10 months.

TICKELL- On the 6th Nov. 1858, near Keswick, Cumberland, Mr. George TICKELL, in his62nd year, many years a commercial traveller.

TICKLE - At 6 Pow Street, Workington, MARTHA ANN widow of the late FLETCHER TICKLE, aged 51yrs. Oct. 1903

TICKLE-Mary, at Wigton, Feb. 1814aged 74.

TIDYMAN - On the 21st March, 1932 at 4, Oddfellows Terrace, Egremont, Eleanor, widow of the late William TIDYMAN, aged 76 years. To be interred at Egremont Cemetery.

TINNING-John, On 8 Jan 1903 of Chatsworth Square, Carlisle.

TINNION-Annie, Allerby's oldest resident passed away at the age of 85 years and 8 months. April 1931.

TINNION-At 272, Bearwood Road, Smethwick, on September 6th,1903 JANE, the beloved wife of  JOHN TINNION, and the eldest daughter of the late THOMAS BANKS, Mountain View, Cockermouth.

TINNION. - On the 29th June 1882, at Moorside, Ewanrigg, MR. JOHN TINNION, labourer, aged 63 years.

TINNION-Edward Cowen, the beloved son of James and Jane Tinnion of Harriston who died August 4th, 1901 aged 18 years.

TINNION-At Harriston, on 14th June 1898, John Walker, the beloved son of James and Jane Tinnion, aged 6 months and 2 weeks.

TINNION-At Oughterside House, 1st inst, William Tinnion, age 68 yrs. Interred at Hayton Aug. 1903

TODD- On December 1st (suddenly) at 2 Cotswold Terrace, The Cliff Broughton, Manchester, Eleanor Isabel, the darling little child of Jim and Ella Todd and granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Oglethorpe, Lorton, aged 2 years and 4 Months

TODD. On the 12th July 1882, at Collin's-terrace, Ellenborough, ELEANORELIZABETH, infant daughter of MR. ISAAC TODD, provision dealer.

TODD-On the 29th Sept.1879, at Crosby, GEORGE, infant son of MR. THOMAS TODD.

TODD - On the 20th March 1897, at Low Road, Whitehaven, Hugh GIBSON, infant son of William TODD, coalminer.

TODD-On the 16th Dec. 1882, at Moss Bay, Joshua TODD, aged 47 years.

TODD-Thomas, Moor Row, in his 90th year, at the home of his daughter in Newcastle. Died April 1930.

TODD-On the 4th Oct.1879, at Scarwell House, Cockermouth, MR.JOHN TODD, High Bailiff County Court and Registrar of Marriages, aged 45 years.

TODHUNTER, At Moffat, Scotland, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health, on the 1st Oct. 1855, MR. HUGH TODHUNTER, builder, Whitehaven, aged 44.

TOLSON- at Keswick, Mr John TOLSON, aged 70, formerly a Whitesmith, and allowed to possess superior mechanical genius and abilitiesin the line of his profession.Feb. 1914

TOLSON- At Dearham, on the 13th Nov. 1858, Mr. Joseph TOLSON, aged 77.

TOMLINSON. - Henry, beloved son of John and Hannah TOMLINSON, of Parton, who was found drowned in the Whitehaven Dock on Sept. 29th 1900, aged 30 years

TOMLINSON-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Seaton, MARGARET, wife of MR.JAMES TOMLINSON, aged 38 years.

TOMLINSON-Margaret, the beloved wife of Joseph Tomlinson, who died at 7 Derwent Street, Workington, August 11th1901 age 65 years.

TOMLINSON - At Holmefoot House, Carlisle, on the 29th April 1880, ROBT. THOMLINSON, formerly of Denton Mills, aged 78 years.

TOOLE. - On the 27th Feb. 1987 at Salter, Thos., son of James TOOLE, engine driver, aged 4 years.

TOPHAM - At Forrest Hall, near Kendal, July 1844, Jane TOPHAM, relict of the late Mr. Robert TOPHAM, of Hutton, aged 74 years.

TOPPIN. - On the 1st July, 1882, at the Queen's Hotel, Silloth, MR. WILLIAMWINGRAVE TOPPIN, aged 44 years.

TOPPING-Elizabeth, of Bowness, Nov. 1819 very suddenly, Elizabeth, daughter of John TOPPING, aged 25.

TOPPING - At Bowness, on the 4th Oct. 1855, JUDITH ISABELLA, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN TOPPING, aged 16 years

TOPPING-Accidentally drowned at Allhallows Vicarage, on the 4th June 1895. Ruth, the beloved daughter of  Barnfather and Isabella TOPPING, Mid Town, Aspatria, aged 17 years. Interred  at Aspatria Church

TOSH-E. G. manager of the North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Company, Ulverston, and well known in business circles in West Cumberland Died on the 22 April, 1899, aged 52 years.

TOWERS. - On the 16th Apr. 1897, at Row End, Waberthwaite, WILLIAM TOWERS, aged 78 years.

TOWERSON-on the 23rd Feb,1889 at 42 South street, Egremont, Mr John Towerson, aged 53 yrs.

TOWERSON- On the 9thDec. 1844, in Rose Place, Liverpool, of Small Pox,MR. THOMAS TOWERSON, formerly of Redmain, near Cockermouth, aged 39 years.

TOWERSON - On Monday last, Oct. 1855, at Tod Holes, near Cleator, Mr. THOMAS TOWERSON, yeoman, aged 73.

TOWERSON- In Affectionate Remembrance of William Towerson, of Mockerkin, Who died on Thursday, Oct. 30th, 1902, AGED 83 YEARS. To be interred at Ennerdale, on Monday, November 3rd, at 3 p.m. Inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock. Verse with card- none **

TREMBLE.- In Friar Street, Penrith, on the 23rd June 1887, suddenly, Frances Jane
TREMBLE, daughter of Lot TREMBLE, aged 49 years.

TRINKEL- JAMES,son of MRS. ANN TRINKEL, aged 22 years.Oct. 1844.

TROUGHEAR-Maggie, the dearly beloved and only child of S. J. and the late J. Troughear, who died at Keekle Hotel on August 11th1894 aged 5 years

TROUGHTON-Mr Thos, TROUGHTON, master of the packet between Ulverston and Liverpool. Feb. 1812.

TUBMAN. - On the 20th Apr. 1897. at Cleator Moor, ELIZABETH, widow of ISAAC TUBMAN, clogger, aged 59 years.

TUBMAN. - On the 19th Oct. 1902, at croft House, Arnside, Jane the youngest daughter of the late Isaac TUBMAN. Interred at Arnside Cemetery

TUER (or could be TOER) - In St. Ann's Hospital, Appleby, on the 4th  Sept. 1844, Mrs. AGNES TUER, aged 84 years.

TUER - At Park Head, Kirkoswald, on the 26th Sept. 1855, after a painful illness, born with christian resignation, RACHEL, the beloved wife of JOSEPH TUER, aged 49 years.
Turner - At Hatter Went, Egremont, Oct, 1855, FREDERICK JAMES son of MR. JAMES TURNER, miner, aged 9 months.

TURNER-At Shaw Bank, St John's, Mr Henry TURNER,June 1895 aged 72 years.

TURNER-On the 5th Oct.1879, at Saint Herbert-street, Keswick, MARY, daughter of MR. ROBERT TURNER, aged 21 years.

TUNSTALL-At Church Street, Brigham, on March 6th 1930, Alice, beloved wife of the late William Tunstall, aged 68 years.  Interred at Brigham Church.

TUNSTALL - wife of the late James Tunstall of Little Broughton, who died August 10th, 1890, aged 54

TUNSTALL-John, the beloved son of Fletcher and Hannah Tunstall, who died June 6th, 1927, aged 20 years.

TURNER-At Boustead Hill, in the parish of Burgh-by-Sands, on the 17thOct. 1844,GEORGE TURNER, aged 77 years, much and deservedly respected through life.

TURNER-At the house of her nephew, W BELL, Whitrigg, Torpenhow, on the 21 Sept. 1903, Jane, late of Sunderland, in her 80th year.

TURNER-On the 7th March 1930, at 7 Brisco Road, Egremont, Wm. Woodend Turner, dearly beloved son of William and Jane Turner, aged 4½ years. Interred at Egremont Cemetery.

TURNER, Mary-mother of Mr. TURNER, tobacconist, Queen St. Whitehaven, February, 1777.

TURRELL: On the 15th Apr.1882, at Great Broughton, Mr. John TURRELL, coalminer, aged 69 years.

TWEDDLE, Mary Ann-At Castle Street, Carlisle, age 44, on 13 Aug 1847; wife of John TWEDDLE, mother of John and William, daughter of William TELFORD (all of Carlisle). Interred at Christ Church.

TWENTYMAN-On the 15th Sept. 1844, ARABELLA, the second daughter of the Rev. JOSEPH TWENTYMAN, aged 4 years and 7 months.

TWENTYMAN-At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Flimby, on the 2nd, John, the beloved husband of Mary Wills Twentyman, aged 72 years. Was interred at Flimby Cemetery.Nov. 1931

TWENTYMAN - ON the 9th Oct. 1882 at No. 25, Dorcas-Street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Thomas Twentyman, eldest son of the late John Twentyman of Angerton Bank, Bolton, aged 56 years.
TWIST- Ralph Leslie, aged 20, killed while riding a motor cycle, Nov. 1920.

TYSON -  In East Street, Carlisle, on the 21st April, 1880, EDWARD TYSON, aged 32 years.

TYSON-Mrs.H.TYSON, widow of the late James TYSON, a well-known Gosforth master plasterer of his day, died at Torquay, where the family removed from Gosforth, May 1931

TYSON-At the County Hotel Keswick, on May 13th, 1930,
Dunglinson Dykes TYSON, relict of Lavinia Mary TYSON, aged 56. Interred at Keswick St. John's Church

TYSON-ELIZABETH, for 28 years the faithful and devoted friend servant of the family at Millom Vicarage, Aug. 1905

TYSON-On the 17th Oct. 1879,at Coniston Villa, Coniston, Mr George Tyson, aged 54 years.

TYSON - Nov. 1855, at St. Thomas Cross, near Egremont, MR. JOHN TYSON, stonemason, son of MR. JAMES TYSON, mason, aged 22 years.

TYSON- In Loving Memory of Tyson, The Beloved Husband of Ann Gill, of 17, Mayo Street, Cockermouth, Who died on February 1st, 1925, Aged 77 Years. To be interred at Lamplugh Church on Wednesday, February 4th, at 2-30 p.m., leaving residence at 1-45.
Verse with card- “Peace, Perfect Peace” **

TYSON - At Bootle, MARY, relict of the late THOMAS TYSON, aged 74. Oct.1855

TYSON - At Rakefoot, near Keswick, on the 19th Oct, 1855, Mr. Miles TYSON, formerly of Ullock, farmer, aged 61.

TYSON-At Egremont, on Sunday week, Mrs PHOEBE TYSON, grocer aged 56 years,Dec 1844

TYSON-Richard on the 20thFeb. 1812. at Egremont, Mr Richard TYSON, spirit dealer, aged 35.


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