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WADDILOVE-March 7 th 1878,At Beacon Grange Hexham Northumberland on the, Elizabeth Ann,relict of the late WJD WADDILOVE, aged 86 years.

WADDINGTON - On the 15th Feb. 1897, at Scillybanks, Moresby, Emily Bromley, infant daughter of M. Waddington, coalminer.

WAITE-ISABELLA WAITE, who died at 13, Cocker Lane, Cockermouth, April 1st. 1929.

WAITE.--On the 9th Oct. 1869, at Sandhills-lane, Mr. John WAITE, schoolmaster, aged 74 years.

WAITE-On the 22nd Nov.1879, at Barrow, Ann, widow of  Mr. William WAITE, aged 71 years.

WAITHMAN-Mrs. Elizabeth, Kendal, Oct. 1819

WAKEFIELD-On the 1st April, 1931 at Infirmary Road,  
Workington.  Lottie beloved daughter of Nancy and the late James Wakefield, aged 27 years. Interred at Salterbeck.

WALDEGRAVE-On the 1st Nov. 1869, at Rose Castle, Cumberland, the Hon. and Right Re. Samuel WALDEGRAVE, D. D., Bishop of Carlisle aged 52 years.

WALDEMAR-PRINCE CHRISTIAN,son of the DUKE OF CUMBERLAND, died yesterday Sept. 3, 1901 at Gmunden of appendicitis after a short illness.  PRINCE CHRISTIAN FREDERIC WILLIAM GEORGE PETER WALDEMAR was the second son and the fifth child of the DUKE and DUCHESS ofCUMBERLAND, and was born at Gmunden on July 4, 1885.

WALES. - On the 3rd May, 1882, at 38 King-street, Whitehaven, Mr. William Baty WALES, tobacconist, aged 84 years.

WALKER - On the 25th Nov. 1882 at Lamb-lane, Duke Street Whitehaven, Ann Walker, aged 25 years.

WALKER- On the 12th May 1859, of bronchitis, at her seat, Ashford Court, near Ludlow,BRIDGET CHRISTIAN WALKER, aged 71, relict of CHARLES WALKER, Esq., and eldest daughtr of the late JOHN CHRISTIAN CURWEN, Esq., of Workington Hall, Cumberland

WALKER. On the 11th July 1882, at Mullingar, Ireland, MR. DANIEL WALKER,musician, native of Keswick, aged 64 years.

WALKER-on the 5th Feb.1889, at Cleator Moor, Ernest Fearon, son of Mr William Walker, ironminer.

WALKER: On the 9th Apr. 1882, at the Cumberland Infirmary, Hugh WALKER, Corby Hill, aged 63 years.

WALKER-At Gale Field, Dean, May 25th,1895 Isable WALKER, beloved daughter of Joseph and Mary WALKER, aged 19.

WALKER: On the 15th Apr. 1882, at Catherine Street, Maryport, Isabella, daughter of Mr Thomas WALKER, coalminer, aged 3 years.

WALKER-on the 16th Feb.1889, at Brewery Terrace, Workington, Mr John Walker, boilermaker, aged 59 yrs.

WALKER. - On the 26th June 1882, at the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, MR. JOHN  WALKER, late of Workington, aged 67 years.

WALKER. - On the 25th April, 1882 at the Rosthwaite, Borrowdale, near Keswick, Mary, widow of Mr. Isaac WALKER, blacksmith, late of Grasmere, aged 77 years

WALKER-At the residence of his brother, Gale Field, Dean,  17th Oct, 1903, THOMAS WALKER, aged 75yrs, late of Ireby

WALLACE-Bridget Mary WALLACE, who died at Great Clifton. June 19th 1919.

WALLACE-James, beloved son of John and the late Margaret WALLACE, who died at North Side, Workington, April 8th, 1928, aged 11 years.

WALLACE-Joseph Henry Wallace, eldest and beloved son of the late Henry and Jane Wallace of Flimby, who died December 2nd, 1919, aged 47 years.

WALLAS- At Longmoor, near Wigton, on the 24thDec. 1844, MR. Thomas WALLAS, one of the brethern of the Miners lodge of Oddfellows, Bolton, aged 26 years.

WALLER- At Ingleton, Oct. 1844, the REV. W. WALLER, B.D., aged 80. His memory will be long held in remembrance; he is deeply lamented by his parishioners, to whom he has preached the Gospel for the last forty years.

WALMSLEY - On the 19th March 1897, at 16 Fox Lane, Whitehaven, Edward James, son of James Buldridge WALMSLEY, plumber, aged 2 years.

WALTER-Maurice, 24, third officer of the steamer Huntingdon, who was buried at sea in the Pacific Ocean, April 1932.

WALTON-On the 1st Feb.1902, at Dalston House, Annie WALTON, aged 14 years.

WALTON - At Alston, on the 26th Nov. 1855, MRS. ELEANOR WALTON, aged 57 years.

WALTON - On the 20th March 1882, at 5, Gale Back-lane, Whitehaven, Emily Wood, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas WALTON, labourer.

WALTON - On the 27 th Nov. 1882, at Ribton, Moorside, Whitehaven, Esther Blanche, daughter of Mr. Joseph WALTON, shoemaker, aged 4 years.

WALTON-On the 15th June, 1897, at 14 New-street, Whitehaven, Margaret, wife of Richard WALTON, shoemaker, aged 51 years.

WALTON - At Lezzes House, Alston, on the 3rd Oct. 1855, WILLIAM WALTON, jun., late of the establishment of MESSRS. RICHARDSON AND COXON, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 25 - deeply mourned by his family and friends.

WANNOP - At Hill Field, on the 16th May, 1848, Mrs. Ann Wannop, wife of
Mr. Arthur Wannop, aged 73, much and deservedly respected.

WANNOP - At Hillfield, in the parish of Walton, on the 30th June 1860, greatly respected
for his upright and Christian conduct through life, and deeply regretted by a large circle of friends and relatives, Mr. Arthur Wannop, yeoman, in the 88th year of his age. " Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace."

WANNOP - Also on the 8th July 1860, Mary, eldest daughter of the above named Arthur Wannop, in her 57th year

WARD-Ann Ward, who died at Distington, January 29th,1931.

WARE - on the 10th August at Challoner-street, Cockermouth, Mr. Henry WARE, aged 63 years.

WARWICK - At Crosby, near Maryport, Oct. 13, 1855 James, son of Mr. Walter WARWICK, aged 12 years.

WARWICK-In affectionate and loving remembrance of Sarah (Sally), dearly beloved wife of John WARWICK, who died April 17th 1929, at Kirksville, Mo. USA, formerly of Netherton, Maryport, aged 60 years 23 days.

WATERHOUSE.- On the 22nd June 1887, at Ennim, Thomas Parrington WATERHOUSE, groom, in his 22nd year.

WATERS-At 92 Beckside, 23rd Oct. 1903, Joseph, the dearly beloved son of Grace and the late Peter Walters, aged 27 years. Was interred at St. Michael's Church.

WATMAN - On the 18th Ot. 1855 at Barnaby-on-Don, Yorkshire, the Rev. P.
WATMAN, advanced in years.

WATSON-On 3rd May,1931, Ada, beloved wife of George Watson, Slayleigh, St Bees (and daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Graham, Solway House, Moresby). Interred at Moresby Church

WATSON: On the 13th Apr. 1882, at Old Print Works, Wigton, Ann, wife of Mr John WATSON, aged 68 years.

WATSON - In Norfolk Street, Carlisle, on the 19th Apr. 1880, ANNIE WATSON, aged 2 years.

WATSON-Charlotte, Whitehaven, July 9th 1852, aged 29 years.

WATSON-At 36, Church Street,Egremont, 6th Aug. 1903,  Mrs H. Watson, wife of Mr T. Watson, age 44 years.

WATSON-Isaac Thomas, of Edderside, and dearly beloved husband of Lily Watson, who died at Low Mire, November 26th, 1918.

WATSON-(no first name), the dearly loved husband of Hannah WATSON, who died at 5 Queen Street, Aspatria, April 13th 1929, aged 77 years.

WATSON-JAMES, beloved husband of ELEANOR WATSON, Johannesburg,South Africa who died at 8,The Crescent Cleator Moor, August 27th 1903

WATSON-John WATSON, who fell asleep in Jesus on 13th April 1929, aged 77 years.

WATSON-On the 3rd November, at 20, Beaconsfield Road, Gosforth, Liverpool, John, beloved husband of Martha and younger son of the late James Watson, Carlisle, aged 60 years.

WATSON-On the 23rdOct. 1879, at Eaglesfield, Jonathan, infant son of Mr J Watson, labourer.

WATSON-Thomas, beloved husband of Sarah Ann Watson, who died at Arlecdon on Jan. 5th 1929 Ever remembered by his wife and family.

WATSON - In loving memory of William WATSON, who died at 36, Maryport Road, Dearham, June 28th, 1834. Loved, honoured, remembered by Amy, Billy, and Jinnie.

WATSON - In Norfolk street, Carlisle, on the 22nd April 1880, WM. HENDERSON WATSON, infant.

WATTERS-At Preston Hows, on the 25th April, 1899, Henry WATTERS, aged 91. To be interred at Brigham

WAUGH-In loving memory of dear mother, who died 13th April 1929.

WAUGH- At Cockermouth, on the 9th Dec. 1844, CATHERINE MARY, the infant daughter of E. WAUGH, Esq.

WAUGH - At Atchinson's Bank, Parish of Gretna, on the 23rd July, 1844, aged 18 years, George, only son of George WAUGH of this city.

WEAR. - On the 2nd July 1882, at Newtown, Whitehaven, CATHERINE, wife of MR. DANIEL WEAR, coalminer, aged 64 years.

WEAR - On the 15th Feb. 1897 at 44 Peter-street, Whitehaven, Thomas William, son of the late Thomas Wear, coalminer, aged 2 years.

WEAR-on the 21st Feb.1889, at Quay Steps, West Strand, Whitehaven, Mr Thompson Wear. labourer, aged 48 yrs.

WEAR - On the 4th Jan. 1920, at the Workhouse Hospital, Whitehaven, William,beloved husband of Anna Jane WEAR, of 6, Nicholson's lane, Whitehaeven,aged 60 years

WEAR: On the 17th Apr. 1882, at Bardy Steps, Whitehaven, Mr. William WEAR, labourer, aged 61 years.

WEDGEWOOD-Joseph, At Flimby, 23rd March 1884, Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph WEDGWOOD, coalminer, aged 32 years.

WEDGE-Richard, At North Watts Street, Workington, 2nd Nov. 1884, aged 53 years.

WEIGHTMAN-At Wilson Terrace, Flimby, on the 5th March 1930, Isabella, the beloved wife of the late John Weightman, aged 81 years.  To be interred at Flimby Cemetery.

WEIR, At Egremont, on the 9th Oct. 1855, DOROTHY, the wife of MR. WM. WEIR, butcher, aged 45 years.

WEIR-On the 12th Sept. 1879 at Milbourne Crescent Carlisle THOMAS WILLIAM son of MR JOHN WEIR aged 28 years.

WELLS-At 57, Corporation Road, Workington, on January 16th,1932. John Wells, in his 82nd year. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

WERE-Onthe 27th July 1861, at 13, Newton-terrace, Westbourne-grove,Bayswater, Middlesex,  CAROLINE, the beloved wife of ANTHONY WERE, Esq.,of Wigton,Cumberland, and daughter of the late LOVELL TODD, Esq., ofWeston-road, Bath.

WEST. - On the 28th January 1897, at Distington, William WEST, farmer, aged 65 years.

WHATLEY - In loving memory of Hannah, dearly loved daughter of T. and S.J. TINNION, Wife of Peter. Crossbarrow, who died July 5th, 1936.

WHINNERAH - At Ravenglass, HANNAH, relict of the late Mr. JONATHAN
WHINNERAH, in her 80th year. Oct. 1855

WHITFIELD - On the 25th Sept. 1869, at Harper Town, near Haltwhistle, Mr. Henry Whitfield, aged 70 years.

WHITAKER-At 6 Bolton Bridge Road, Ilkley, 10th June 1895, Catherine Jane, the beloved wife of John William WHITAKER.

WHITE-On the 17th Sept. 1903, Elizabeth WHITE ("Aunt Libby"), the dearly beloved wife of Thomas WHITE, printer, of Garden terrace, Keswick. Her last words were-"I'll try to be brave," Interment at Crosthwaite Church.

WHITE-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at 91 Main Street, Keswick, Hanna WHITE, aged 57 years.

WHITE-On the 24th July,1869 drowned, on the capsizing of a small boat belonging to the Silver River (ss), at the River Paraguay,S. A., Mr. John Westray WHITE, eldest son of the late Mr. James WHITE,shipbroker of Whitehaven, aged 26 years. Deeply regretted.

WHITEHEAD. - On the 6th March 1896, very suddenly, at Lanercost Priory,Cumberland, Henry WHITEHEAD, aged 70.

WHITESIDE. - At the Cottage, Highfield, Scarborough, on the 18th June, 1897, John WHITESIDE, aged 71 years, formerly of Whitehaven and Isel of Man.

WHYBROW-Frederick, of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Gosforth, died April 1931.

WIGHAM-Mary, Holemire, Lorton, who died on the 1st Aug. 1903 aged 79 years

WILCOCK, On Monday 21st June 1881 at Ambleside Ann WILCOCK, age 91

WILKINSIN - On the 4th January, 1902, at Church Road Distington, Jonathan Crookdale, son of Charles and Rebecca Wilkinson, aged 6 months.

WILKINSON-Hannah, Feb. 1812, at Eskat, in Ennerdale, Mrs Hannah WILKINSON, aged 66 years

WILKINSON-On the 3rd Oct.1879, at Wellington House, Wellington-row, HENRIETTA BROWN, daughter of MR. JAMES WILKINSON, aged 6 years  and 6 months.

WILKINSON. - On the 28th April, 1882 at Rowrah, Arlecdon, Herbert, son of Mr. John WILKINSON, stationmaster, aged 1 year.

WILKINSON - At 46, Moor Close Road, Harrington, on the 27th June, 1938 Jane Ellen, dearly beloved wife of John Kendall WILKINSON, aged 77 years. Interred at Harrington Churchyard

WILKINSON-On the 18th Oct. 1879,in the Cottage Hospital, Ulverston, Mr J F Wilkinson, aged 42 years.

WILKINSON.--On the 5th Oct. 1869, at 11, Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven, Mr. John WILKINSON, accountant, aged 63 years.

WILKINSON. - On the 30th June 1882, at West Newton, MR. JOHN WILKINSON, formerly of Plumbland mill, aged 75 years.

WILKINSON - On the 17th March 1882, at Fisher's-place, Legburthwaite, near Keswick, Mr Joseph WILKINSON, yeoman,aged 85 years.

WILKINSON-At 28, Duke Street, Whitehaven, on the 21 Sept. 1903, Joseph WILKINSON, brazier, aged 76 years.

WILKINSON-At 51, Main Street, Cockermouth, 13 Sept,1903 Joseph WILKINSON, assurance agent, aged 63 years. Interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery.

WILKINSON.- Mary Wilkinson, who died at 58, Brisco Mount, Egremont, November 27th, 1918, aged 5 years and 7 months.

WILKINSON-In loving memory of Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of John and Isabella Wilkinson, of Harriston, Aspatria who died August 19th 1897 aged 17 years.

WILKINSON - In affectionate remembrance of my dear sister, Phyllis, who died at 8, Westfield View, Flimby, July 4th, 1937.

WILKINSON-AT Moose Jaw, *Saskatchewan* Canada, Robert Hodgson,husband of Margaret Wilkinson, and son of the late Robert and Sarah Wilkinson, Flimby, died January 22nd, 1932, aged 41 years.

WILKINSON, at Cockermouth, the 7th Oct. 1855, THOMAS, son of MR. ISAAC WILKINSON, weaver, aged 19 years.

WILKINSON-At Barron's Court Keswick, 17thAug, 1898, William, beloved husband of Sarah Wilkinson, aged 56 years.Interred at Crosthwaite Church

WILLAN-On the 16th Feb. 1897, At Beckside, Distington, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Willan, farmer, aged 78 years.

WILLIAMS- In loving memory of Richard Williams, husband of Elizabeth Hannah Williams, who died August 24th 1898 aged 32 years.

WILLIAMS-At Workington, since our last, (Oct. 853), Mrs. WILLIAMS, aged 58.

WILLIAMSON-James, On the 2ndOct. 1819. at Liverpool, much respected, Mr. James WILLIAMSON, jun. late of Moor End, in Ennerdale, aged 24 years.

WILLIAMSON, John-Watchmaker, Queen Street, Frizington Hall, near Whitehaen Feb. 1777.

WILLIAMSON - On the 28th Nov.1879, at George Street, Whitehaven, Edith, daughter of Mr. Joseph William WILLIAMSON, grocer, aged 1 year and 6 months

WILLIAMSON-Joseph, At Eden Vue, Lang***bby, 22nd March,1884, Mr. Joseph WILLIAMSON, M. D., aged 62 years.

WILLIAMSON-On the 21st April 1882, at Allerby, Mary, wife of Mr. James  WILLIAMSON, coalminer, aged 21 years.

WILLIAMSON- Margaret, At the Goat, Cockermouth, June 17th 1894, MARGARET (MAGGIE), the beloved wife of JOHN WILLIAMSON, painter and decorator.

WILLIAMSON-At No 2, Devonshire Street, Workington, on the 17thMarch 1903, Sarah Williamson, aged 49 years. Interred at Harrington Road Cemetery.

WILLIS-ANN WILLIS, beloved wife of CHAMBERS WILLIS, Craika Road, Dearham,who died June 17th 1894, aged 63.

WILSON-The 26th February 1814, Agnes WILSON

WILSON -Sept. 1844, at Whitehaven, Mrs. WILSON, Tangier-street.

WILSON. - On the 1st July 1882, at Longmire's-court, Queen-street, Whitehaven,ANNIE, infant daughter of MR. THOMAS WILSON, labourer.

WILSON - On the 19th Sept. 1869, at Hunter-place, in the parish of Gosforth, of scarlatina, Benjamin, son of the late Mr. Benjamin Wilson, farmer, aged 5 years.

WILSON-On the 30th Sept.1879, at Ellenborough, BETSY,infant daughter of MR. ROBERT WILSON.

WILSON-On the 3rd June 1897, at Distington, Catherine Jane, wife of Harold WILSON, aged 34 years.

WILSON-On the 6th Feb. 1897, at 86 George-street, Whitehaven, Christina, wife of James WILSON, life assurance agent, aged 48 years.

WILSON-on the 10th Feb.1889, at Egremont, Clarrie, daughter of Mr George Wilson, joiner,aged 3 yrs.

WILSON-At Flower Hill, Distington, on the 18th Sept. 1903, Dinah, Relict of the Late Capt. W. WILSON, aged 82 years. Interment at Harrington Church.

WILSON: On the 12th Apr. 1882, at Aspatria, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Jonathan WILSON, aged 48 years.

WILSON-On the 17th Feb. 1897, at Frizington, Elizabeth Jane, infant daughter of Thos. Wilson, fitter.

WILSON, Sunday morning at Workington, Mrs. Jane WILSON, aged 79. (August 1798).

WILSON-At Tallentire, 3rd June 1895, Elizabeth Ann, the beloved daughter of John and Jane WILSON, aged 11 years.

WILSON- At Gilcrux, on the 4thNov. 1858, Mr. James Wilson, aged 28.

WILSON-On the 12th Nov. 1902, at Cleator Moor, ?? Jane WILSON, aged 2 years.

WILSON-John, At High Street, Maryport, 26th (no year)., Mr. John WILSON, shipwright, aged 86 years.

WILSON - On the 6th Oct. 1855, JOHN son of CAPT. THOMAS WILSON, aged 10 months, Maryport

WILSON - At Hawkshead, on the 4th Oct. 1855, MR. JOHN WILSON, Hawkshead and Kendal carrier, aged 40 years.

WILSON-At St. Helen's cottages, Flimby, 16th. Aug, 1903 Jonathan, the beloved husband of Isabella Wilson, aged 44 years. Interred at the Flimby Cemetery.

WILSON-On the 25th April 1882, at Great Broughton, Joseph Daniel, son of Mr.  Daniel WILSON, check-weighman, aged 4 years.

WILSON-Richard, the beloved husband of Catherine A.Wilson, Westfield Terrace, Flimby, who died December 1st, 1918.

WILSON At Gill Cottage, on the 26th Oct. 1844, MRS MARGARET WILSON, wife of MR. JAMES WILSON, gamekeeper, aged 22.

WILSON-At Moresby Parks, near Whitehaven, on the 21st of September1844, MRS.MARTHA WILSON, aged 39 years, highly respected through life.

WILSON-On the 14th Dec. 1882., at Flimby,Thomas WILSON, farm servant,aged 67 years.

WILSON- On the 29th May 1823, at Wigton, Cumberland, Mr. Thomas WILSON, aged 85.

WILSON. At 48, Lowther Street, Penrith, on the 18th Apr. 1918. Thos.
Wilson, aged 76 years.

WILSON-AT Wyndham Terrace, Egremont 22nd Aug 1898 Hannah, the beloved wife of William Wilson, aged 42 years - to be interred at the cemetary, Egremont.

WILSON- On the 17th Aug. 1849, at No. 9 Bevenden-street, Hoxton, Mr. William WILSON, ofCockermouth, Cumberland in the 48th year of his age.

WILSON-Henry 2nd July, 1712 Clifton - Fell down coal pit.

WILSON-Margaret Ann Wilson, who died at 12, Challoner Street, Cockermouth, 17th Jan. 1921

WILSON-Nellie, beloved daughter of Tom and Susannah WILSON, who fell asleep at Solway View, Westfield, June 15th, 1900, aged 21 years.

WILSON. - On the 17th Oct. 1902, at 3 John’s Lane, Whitehaven, Martha, daughter of Charles WILSON, coalminer, aged 10 months.

WILSON - On the 20th Sept. 1869, at Hunter-place, in the parish of Gosforth, of scarlatina, Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin Wilson, farmer, aged 10 years.

WILSON-Peter, The 17th June 1813. at Ireby, Mr Peter WILSON, aged 82.

WILSON-On the 28th Aug.1905,at Nook Cottages Great Broughton, WILFRED, son of Mr. DANIEL WILSON ,Aged 14 Yrs.

WILSON-May 18th 1877 - Susannah WILSON and Susannah WILSON of South William Street - 28 years and 21 hours - Both in one coffin.

WILSON-At Westnewton, 25th Oct. 1903, Thomas Wilson, retired farmer, aged 91 years. Interred at Westnewton.

WINDER-At Blennerhasset, on the 6th Nov. 1844, after a short illness,MR. WILLIAM WINDER, yeoman, in his 69th year.

WINN-Catherine WINN 70. Hawkshead, March 1814.

WINTER- At Durham,Jane, aged 98.Feb. 1814.

WINTER - in Kelsick Lane, Mrs. JANE WINTER, wife of Mr. R.
WINTER, horse dealer, aged 41. Oct. 1855

WINTER - In South Street, Carlisle, on the 25th April 1880, JOHN WINTER , infant.

WINTER - On the 1st April, 1882, at Rattan-row, Dearham, Joseph, infant son of Mr. John WINTER, Coalminer.

WINTHROP-Ann, On Thursday 17th Jan. 1847, At Longpark in the parish of Scaleby, on the body of Ann WINTHROP, infant daughter of James WINTHROP, agricultural labourer aged 16 weeks, who was found dead lying beside its mother, in bed, on the previous morning.

WISE-11  April 1874   George, of Lorton.

WISE-of Lorton, 13  Aug. 1887   Joseph (waller)  inquest

WISE-John, The 21stOct.1819 at Seville, Abbey-holme, aged 82 years; much respected throughout life.

WISE-of Lorton-1  Oct.  1887   Martha.

WISE-24  April 1875   Mary, of Lorton.

WISE-1  April  1891  Sarah Annie, of Lorton

WISE-8  Sept. 1897  Sarah – obituary, of Lorton.

WISE-12  Jan.  1884   Tom, of Lorton.

WISE-8  May   1875  William (waller), of Lorton.

WISE-At 23, Sullart Street, Cockermouth, Jan. 1932. William, husband of the late Sarah Wise, aged 66 years.

WOOD - At Brownrigg, Arlecdon, Oct. 1855, MRS. WOOD, relict of MR. HENRY WOOD, yeoman, aged 85 years.

WOOD-At the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, on the 22nd June 1898, Ernest, the dearly beloved son of Elizabeth Wood(late of Cockermouth) aged 15 years.

WOOD - On the 24th Nov. 1882., at Dovenby Close, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Thomas WOOD, railway carter, aged 90 years.

WOOD-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at William Street, Workington, Joseph WOOD, late of Thackthwiate, Loweswater, in his 94th year.

WOOD-Margaret, The 20th March 1812, at Bishop Auckland, aged 68,Mrs.(?) MARGARET WOOD, a maiden lady.

WOOD-At Tallautire on the 16th March 1903, Robert Wood (late of Aughertree) in his 80th year. To be interred at Uldale Old Church

WOOD. - On the 30th May, 1897, at Frizington, Phoebe Wood, Hawker, aged 80 years.

WOODEND-On the 11th Sept. 1879at Kirkby Ireleth MARY wife of MT JOHN WOODEND aged 44 years.

WOODHALL-At 57 Skipton Road, Harrogate on the 9th April 1930 ,Mary Jane (Minnie) beloved wife of Felix Wm WOODHALL, and eldest daughter of the late Robert and Ann WILSON of Cockermouth, aged 58 years. Interred at Harrogate.

WOODMAN-At Collin Terrace, Grasslot, Maryport, 24th March 1903, William, the  eldest and beloved son of Henry and Isabella WOODMAN, late of Fletchertown, Mealsgate, aged 25 years and 11 months. Interred at the Maryport Cemetery

WOOD-William in Blackfriars-street, Carlisle, William WOOD, aged 68. Nov. 1819

WOOD. - On the 24th June 1882, at Bassen Beck, MR. WILLIAM WOOD, aged 72 years.

WORDSWORTH-At Lindsay's Court, Cockermouth, Betsy, the dear beloved wife of Robert WORDSWORTH, who died on the 19th Sept. 1903, aged 60 years.

WORDSWORTH-Henry, C., On the 27th Dec., 1865, at Echucha, Victoria, aged 31,Esq., eldest son of the REV. JOHN WORDSWORTH, vicar of Brigham, Cumberland.

WORDSWORTH- At Villa Perri, Bagni di Lucca, Italy, on Wednesday, the 13th Sept. 1848, in the 41st year of her age, Isabella Christiana, wife of the Rev. John WORDSWORTH, of Brigham, Cumberland, and eldest daughter of Henry CURWEN, Esq., of Workington-hall

WORDSWORTH-Rev John, On the 25th July 1875, Burton-Street, Eaton-Square, Vicar of Brigham, and Rector of Plumbland Cumberland, aged 72 years.

WORDSWORTH-On the 28th Sept. 1869, Rebecca, wife of John Wordsworth, Esq., Of Oakenshaw House, near Wakefield, and sister-in-law to Mr. FORSTER (Cumberland Pacquet), Whitehaven, aged 31 years.

WORKMAN- At Mire End, in Embleton, near Cockermouth,JOHN, yeoman,late of Elterwater, Westmoreland, aged 62 years.Dec 1844

WORKMAN: On the 12th Apr.1882, at Belle Vue, Papcastle, Mr. Robert WORKMAN, retired farmer, aged 71 years.

WORSLEY - On the 17th Oct. 1855 at Hovington Hall, near Malton, aged 28 years,
THOMAS ROBINSON WORSLEY, Esq., eldest son of Sir WM. WORSLEY, Bart.

WRANGHAM-At Lamplugh Mill, 14th Sept. 1903, George, the dearly beloved son of George and Mary WRANGHAM, aged 15 months. Interred at Dearham Church

WRAPE-Margaret, beloved wife of Martin Wrape, Brow Top, Bothel, died March 8th, 1929.

WREN-Annie, beloved wife of Benjamin Wren, who died at Flimby, November 28th, 1918, aged 24 years.

WREN - At Belle Vue, Distington, on the 20th March 1932, Thomas, husband of Dorothy WREN, aged 76 years. To be interred at the Distington Church Yard.

WREN-At the Cottage Hospital, Keswick, on April 1st,1930 Martin Wren, the beloved husband of Eliza Wren. To be interred at Crosthwaite Church.

WREN- IN AFFECTIONATE REMEMBRANCE OF SARAH, The beloved wife of Fletcher Wren, (of Stonethwaite, Borrowdale), WHO DIED, APRIL 20th, 1895. AGED 58 YEARS. To be interred at Borrowdale Church, on Tuesday, April 23rd, at 2-45 p.m.
Verse with card- I was so long with pain oppressed, That wore my strength away, It made me long for eternal rest Which never can decay. Grieve not, dear husband, but be content, For unto you I was but lent ; Jesus brought me with His blood, And took me home when He thought good. **

WREN-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at Brigham, Susannah,infant daughter of Mr E Wren, quarryman.

WRIGHT - On the 8th Feb. 1897, at Harrington, Amos Holliday, infant son of George Wright, grocer.

WRIGHT, On the 25th Jan. 1897, at Fishers-court, Irish-street, Whitehaven, Elizabeth, infant daughter of James Wright, brazier.

WRIGHT.-On the 1st February, 1897, at Lancet Villa, Harrington, Joseph, son of George WRIGHT, grocer, aged 2 years.

WRIGHT - On the 14th August at Ellenborough, Mr. George WRIGHT, coalminer  aged 31 years.

WRIGHT-George, 10th Oct.1819, in the 66th year of his age, Mr. George WRIGHT, of Hall-foot Mills, in the parish of Kirklinton

WRIGHT-On the 23rd Oct. 1879, at Furness-lane, Maryport, George Ritson, infant sonof Mr G Wright.

WRIGHT-At the Laithers, 14th June 1884, Mr James WRIGHT, farmer, aged 57 years.

WRIGHT-Margaret, beloved wife ofInspector Wright, Millom, who died on 12th Jan 1931.

WRIGHT-On the 16th Sept. 1879 at George Street Maryport MARY wife of MR G WRIGHT aged 37 years.

WRIGHT-Robert,1830, 9th February - Drowned in engine cistern at Cocksons Pit.

WRIGHT- In Memory of WILIAM WRIGHT, of Mockerkin, WHO DIED ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 26th, 1888, AGED 59 YEARS. To be interred at Loweswater Church on Saturday, the 28th inst., leaving Mockerkin at 1 o’clock, p.m.
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