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BAILEY-WATSON, On the 3rd of July,1852 at Brigham, by the Rev. C. H. WYBERGH, vicar of Isell, Mr. Thomas BAILEY, bookseller, Cockermouth, to Mary, eldest daughter of John  WATSON, esq., of Mosser.

BAIRD-PORTER, At Egremont Parish Church, 23rd March 1884, Mr. W.O. BAIRD, eldest son of Mr. Baird, Park House, to Miss PORTER, second daughter of the late Mr. W. Porter, Egremont.

BAKER-PHELPS-At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 10th Nov. 1844, by licence, by the REV. H. GOUGH, LIEUT. VASHON BAKER, R.N., of Leintwardine, Hereford, to HESTER PHELPS, of Littleton, Gloucestershire.

BANKS-EDGAR- At the Parish Church, Workington, on the 15th Sept. 1844, by the Rev. J. HETHERINGTON, A.M., Mr. WILLIAM BANKS, painter, to MRS. MARY EDGAR.

BANKS - EVE - On the 20th Dedc. 1882, at the Register Office, Cockermouth, Mr. John HAYTON-BANKS, Maryport, to Mrs. Elizabeth EVE, Fothergill, Flimby.

BANKS-HOWE, At All Saints Church, Cockermouth, on Saturday, January 23rd, by the Rev.J. Higgs, Gilbert Leslie, second son of Mr. and Mrs. T.G.Banks, 10 Castlegate, Cockermouth, to Georgina Helene, second daughter of the late George Howe and Mrs. Simpson, 32, Diggle Road, Long Sowerby, Carlisle.

BARBER-HUDDLESTONE, Apr. 1812 Mr. JOHN BARBER, of Longlands, Nr. Cartmel. To Miss HUDDLESTONE, daughter of Mr. T. HUDDLESTONE, of Milnthorpe.

BARKER - KAY - On the 10th Oct 1903. by the Rev. HAROLD FIRTH,  MA, J.W. BARKER of Bradford, to SARAH ROBINSON, youngest daughter of the late CAPT. JOHN KAY of Maryport

BARKER - SMITH. - On the 1st July, 1882, at Christ Church, Silloth, by the REV. SEPTIMUS HOBERT, M.A., HENRY LINDSAY BARKER, Sillloth, to MARY, youngest daughter of the late CHARLES SMITH, Esq., of Cockermouth.

BARNES-McBRIDE- MR. ELIJAH BARNES, to MRS. J. MCBRIDE, itinerant merchants.Oct. 1844

BARNES-SLOAN, Thomas to Elizabeth, 14th November 1857, Parish Church of Aspatria

BARNFATHER-HODGE- At Orton, in this county, on the 8th Feb.1812 Mr. Thos. BARNFATHER, to MissMary HODGE, of Orton Rig.

BEATTIE - GRAVE - On the 23rdSept.1869 at St. Mary's Chapel, Maryport, Mr. Daniel Beattie, to Miss Nancy Dixon Grave, both of Maryport.

BEATTIE-PATON- On the 23 rd June 1898 St. Mary's Church, Edinburgh,Dr J.C BEATTIE to Bessie PATON, third daughter of Mr William Paton, uperintendent of the Waverley Station, Edinburgh.

BEATTY-RODDICK-At Arthuret Church, on Friday, the 10th May 1844, by the Rev. W. GRAHAM, rector of Arthuret and Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, Mr. William BEATY, schoolmaster, Longtown, to Miss Mary RODDICK, of the same place.

BEAUCLERK-DILLEN- June 1813,  at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, the Right Hon, Lord Frederick BEAUCLERK [?], to Elizabeth, daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount DILLEN.

BEAUMONT-MITCHINSON.- On the 11th Sept.1909, at All Saints', West Dulwich, by  the Rev. James BEEBY, Chevalier Worby BEAUMONT, A.R.I.B.A., elder son of W.Worby BEAUMONT, to Sarah Agnes, second daughter of William MITCHINSON, of Kirkbride, Cumberland.

BELL-BEATTIEMR. WILLIAM BELL, of Wigton, colour mixer, to MISS JANE BEATTIE, of Union-street, Botchergate, Nov. 9, 1844

BELL-IRVING, On the 20th Nove. 1879, at St. Mary's Church, Wreay, Joseph, son of Thomas BELL of Cotehill, to Mary Jane, daughter of Andrew IRVING, Wreay.

BELLAS - DOWTHWAITE. - On the 29th June 1882, at St. John's-in-the-Vale, MR. JOHN BELLAS, Causeway Foot, to SARAH, daughter of MR. JOHN DOWTHWAITE, of The Green, St. John's-in-the-Vale.

BELLGRAVE-GOWER - 16th Sept, 1819. at Trentham, Staffordshire, Lord Viscount BELGRAVE, eldest son of Earl Grosvenor, to Lady Elizabeth Mary Leveson GOWER, youngest daughter of the Marquis of Stafford.

BENNETT-McCLELLAN, Rev E C BENNETT, of Cockermouth, fourth son of the late Mr W Garrett Bennett, Manchester, was married to Miss S McCLELLAN, Egremont.June 1895

BENSON-JOHNSTON, John BENSON - born 07/02/1806 - christened 22/05/1806 - married Margaret JOHNSTON 06/1938 in Liverpool.

BENSON-FLETCHER, THOMAS BENSON & MARGARET FLETCHER. Married 22/10/1805 in Bridekirk by Banns.

BENSON-McKEE-On the 27th March 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, JOSEPH BENSON, of Parton, to RUTH McKEE, of Whitehaven.

BENSON-TINKLER-On the 27th Sept. 1819,at Kirkham, Mr. John BENSON, of Half Penny Hall, Freckleton, a sprightly youth of 63, to Miss. Agnes TINKLER, aged 22.

BERRY-GORDON. On the 7th March 1882, at the register office, Whitehaven, Mr Richard BERRY, hawker, to Miss Mary GORDON, both of Whitehaven.

BESWICK- de Deus, June 1813 At Lisbon, Mr Samuel BESWICK, late of Lanchester, to Senhora Pelagio de Madre de Deus of Senza.

BEWSHER - SHEPHERD. On the 13th July 1882, at the Parish Church, Ennerdale, MR. THOMPSON BEWSHER, Scales Farm, Embleton, to MISS FRANCIS SHEPHERD, Moor End, Ennerdale.

BLACKBURN-LINDSAY, Ann Jane LINDSAY was married to Mr Geo. BLACKBURN. Both are representatives of old and esteemed families inArlecdon. The ceremony which took place at St Paul's Church, Frizington Sept. 1903

BLACKBURN-LOMAS At Stowell Church, Salford, on the 12th Sept. 1903, by Rev Arthur BOTTERILL, James, son of James LOMAS, Maryport to Annie Mary, daughter of Mrs BELL, Cross Keys Inn, King Street, Maryport.

BLAIN-HODGSON, On the 24th November 1879 at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Thomas Blain, railway clerk to Priscilla Hodgson, both of Maryport.

BLAIR-LECKENBY-on the 14th Dec. 1844, MR. GEORGE BLAIR, of Union-street, whip maker, to MISS SARAHLECKENBY, of Botchergate

BOADLE-MAXTON, At the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, on 5th April 1932, by the Rev Thomas BLACKWOOD, Archie BOADLE, Westend Farm, Flimby, Maryport, to Mary McNISH, daughter of Mrs MAXTON, Rhynd Farm, Braco, Perthshire.

BOADLE-MAXTON, At the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, on 5th April 1932, by the Rev Thomas BLACKWOOD, Archie BOADLE, Westend Farm, Flimby, Maryport, to Mary McNISH, daughter of Mrs MAXTON, Rhynd Farm, Braco, Perthshire.

BOADLE-ELLWOODJun 29th 1889 - James BOADLE aged 27, Bachelor and Farmer of All Saints, Cockermouth - father Chambers Boadle (dec.) - Farmer and Sarah Jane ELLWOOD aged 29, Spinster of All Saints, Cockermouth -father John Ellwood - Drayman.  Witnessed by James Ellwood and Mary Jane Boadle.

BOOTHBY- NISBETT -on the 15th Oct. 1844, SIR WILLIAM BOOTHBY,Bart, comptroller of customs, to MRS. LOUISA CRANSTOUN NISBETT, thecelebrated actress.

BONE-FLETCHER, Robert Bone of Sella Fields a Farmer married on Jan 11, 1783 St. James Whitehaven, Cumberland England Ann Fletcher

BORROWSCALE-PAPE. At Christ Church, Cockermouth 13th June 1884, by licence, by the Rev M. H. FISHER, Robert, eldest son of Mr Joseph BORROWSCALE, Cockermouth, to Mary Ellen, second daughter of the late Mr Thomas PAPE, London.

BOUCH-HAYSTON-At St. Kentigern's Church, Aspatria, November 25th 1920, by the Rev. T. Hackworth, William, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Jonathan Bouch, of Pringle, to Martha Evelyn,only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hayston, 10, Brough Street, Aspatria.

BOUSFIELD-HARKER, James married Agnes  on 8-29-1790 in Kirby Stephen

BOUSFIELD-HARKER, Matthew married Isabella married on 10-31-1821 in Kirby Stephen

BOWE - SWINBURN - On the 23rd Sept.1869 at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, Mr. Joseph Bow,  Cockermouth , eldest son of Mr. C. Bowe, Kirkhouse, Setmurthy, to Lizzie, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Swinburn, Millbeck Hall, Keswick

BOWES-FISHER, married 23 Oct 1771, was residing at Millom Castle

BOWSTEAD-DIXON On the 13th Sept. 1879 at Dearham Parish Church MR JONATHON OSTLE BOWSTEAD of Dearham to MISS JANE DIXON of Maryport

BOYLE-ROBARDS- At London, at St. George's Church, Hanover-square, on the 23rdOct. 1844, the HON. CAPT. ROBERT EDWARD BOYLE, second son of the EARL OF CORK AND ORRERY, to MISS GEORGINA ROBARTS, second daughter of MR. W. A. ROBARTS.

BRANTHWAITE - DAVIES. - On the 29th June 1882, at Arlecdon Church, by the REV. W.F. IVES, MR. J. BRANTHWAITE, The Beck, Lamplugh, to AGNES, youngestdaughter of the late JOSEPH DAVIES, of Brombrough, Cheshire, andgrand-daughter of HENRY BRAGG, Egremont.

BRAITHWAITE - MINTO, On the 31st May 1879. at Bensham Church, Robert, fifth son of Henry Braithwaite, Hall Flat, Irton, to Isabella Jamesins, daughter of Captain Minto, Gateshead.

BRAMWELL-CATHEY, Mr Alfred H. BRAMWELL and Miss Katie CATHEY were married at the Wesleyan Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev B.C. BARKER Sept. 1903

BRANTON-JOHNSTON, Henry John to Elizabeth, 12th November 1913, at Flimby.

BRETHERTON-SMITH-Sept. 1844, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Workington, by the Rev. FRANCIS WILLIAMS, PETER BRETHERTON, Esq. of Woodland Mount, Maghull, Lancashire, to MARY, eldest daughter of EDWARD SMITH, Esq., harbour-master, Workington.

BRINDLE-FLEMING- On the 1st January, 1877 at Broughton-in-Furness, by the Rev. F. A. MALLESON, M. A., vicar, Mr. Thomas BRINDLE, of Sea Cote Hotel, St. Bees, to Isabelle, daughter of the late Mr. James FLEMING, of Broughton-in-Furness.

BRIGGS-JACKSON--At St. John's Parish Church, Workington, on November 18th,1920 by special license, by the Rev. J. R. Croft, William, second son of Mr. William and the Mrs. BRIGGS, of Kingside Hill Farm, Abbeytown, and Emily Mary Victoria, fourth daughter of Clement and Dorothy JACKSON, 10 Devonshire Street, Workington.

BRIGGS - JACKSON - At Gilcrux, Nov. 1855, JOHN, eldest son of MR. WM. BRIGGS, farmer, Tallentire, to MARY, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN JACKSON, of Whitehaven.

BRISCO-COCHRANE, At St Andrew's Church, Thursby, on Saturday afternoon,the marriage took place of Miss Helen Mary BRISCO, eldest daughter of thelate Mr Robert George Brisco and of Mrs Brisco, Parton Heights, Wigton,and Mr William Frances COCHRANE, of Cochrane Ranch, Macleod, Canada, 13 July, 1895.

BRISCOE-WILKINSIN-On the 19th June, 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William BRISCOE, of Distington, to Mrs. Ann WILKINSON, Gosforth.

BROCKBANK-HINDE, July 1814, Mr. BROCKBANK, tobacconist, to Miss HINDE, daughter of Mr.Robert Hinde; all of Kendal.

BROCKBANK-HORTON-At the Friends' Meeting House, at Coalbrockdale on the 5thDec. 1844, MR.ELLWOOD BROCKBANK, of Carlisle, timber merchant, to ELIZABETH HORTON, of  Prior Lee Hall, in the county of Salop.

BROCKBANK - PARKER - John Brockbank & Ruth (Herbert) Parker, November 5, 1850, Gosforth, Cumberland, England

BROCKBANK-POSTLETHWAITE, On the 1st December 1879, at Ulpha Church, George BROCKBANK, Kirkby, Ireleth, to Jane, daughter of the late Robert POSTLETHWAITE, Kirkby, Ireleth.

BROCKLEBANK-ABBOTT-On the 1st January 1877 at St. Mary's, Maryport, Mr. Fisher BROCKLEBANK, master mariner, Harrington to Mary, daughter of the late John ABBOTT.

BROCKLEBANK-FEARNLEY- On the 23rd December 1876 at the Parish Church, Preston, Mr. James BROCKLEBANK, of the Ironworks, Barrow, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Peter FEARNLEY.

BROCKLEBANK-MOSSOP.-On the 14th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Broughton-in-Furness, Mr Benjamin Brocklebank, to Miss Ellen Mossop, both of Drigg.

BROUGH-JOHNSTON.-On the 29th Oct. 1869 at Browness, Cumberland, Mr. Pattinson BROUGH, Farmer, Fingland Rigg, to Hannah, second daughter of the late Mr. George JOHNSTON, of Fingland.

BROUGH-REGAN, On the 26th Nove. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, John BROUGH, master of the bargue William RITSON, to Mary Ann REGAN, both of Maryport.

BROWN-ELLIOT-At St. Mary's Chapel, Maryport, on Sunday, the 27th Oct, 1844,by the REV. J. HALLIFAX, MR. GEORGE BROWN, of Workington, to MRS.ELLIOT, of Mayrport.

BROWN-HODGSON, The Parish Church, Threkeld, 5th Nov.1884, by the Rev. J. BRUNSKILL, rector. Mr. Thomas BROWN of Caldbeck, to Miss. Mary HODGSON, Towngate, Threkeld.

BROWN-ROBINSON-Monday-fe'ennight, at Workington, Feb. 1812 Capt John BROWN, to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON, both of that place.

BROWNRIGG-IRVIN-Sunday fe'ennight,Feb. 1812 at Crosthwaite Church, Mr W. BROWNRIGG, to Miss IRVIN, daughter of Mr Thomas IRVIN, also Keswick

BRUCE - LIGHTFOOT. - On the 25th April, 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, George BRUCE to Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT, both of Egremont.

BRYDGES-BERESFORD-At Marylebone church,Apr. 1812 on Tuesday last, JOHN W. H. BRYDGES, Esq, of Worton Court, Kent, to the Right. Hon. Lady ISABELLA ANN BERESFORD, daughter of the late and sister of the present Marquis of Waterford.

BULLER-MACDONALD -At St. John-la-Sandoe, by the Rev. CHARLES LEE, Major-General Sir GEORGE BULLER, K.C.B., to HENRIETTA, youngest daughter of the late General Sir JOHN MACDONALD, G.C.B., Adjutant-General of the Forces. Oct. 1855.

BULLOCK-IRVEN.-At St. Michael's Parish Church, Workington, on the 9th Feb. 1903, by special licence, John Bullock,eldest son of the late James Bullock, to Emma, second daughter of the lateEdward Irven, Harbour Place, Workington.

BURN-PERRY-Feb. 1812, in Liverpool, Mr John BURN, to Miss PERRY, daughter of Capt. PERRY, of the Resolution, both of Parkgate.

BURNEY-SMITH, On the 29th Nov., 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William BURNEY, coalminer, to M. A. SMITH, Low Road.

BURNS~BIRTWELL - On the 1st Feb. 1923. at St. Clements Church, Urmston, by the Rev. E. H. Cooke, M.A., assisted by the Rev. C.O. Griffiths  M.A.,  Alan Chamley BURNS, M. Sc. A.I.C. of Cairo, Egypt,  third son of Mr. and Mrs. Burns, Fernacre Whitehaven, to  Margery BIRTWELL third daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Birtwell, The Elms, Urmston

BURNYEAT-WHITESIDE  On the 18th Sept 1879 at Lorton Church by the Rev. W.S.DAVIS ALFRED DALZELL son of WILLIAM BURNYEAT merchant Liverpool to MARY STEELE only daughter of RICHARD S WHITESIDE of Kirkfell House Lorton.

BURTON - ARMSTRONG - On the 28th Nov. 1882, at St. John's Church, Hensingham, by the Rev. W. H. WILKINSON, Walter LITTLEDALE, youngest son of the late Robert BURTON, Whitehaven to Mary Jane (Pollie) only daughter of the late Tom ARMSTRONG of Hensingham.

BUTLER-RAWLINSON -On the 9th Oct. 1855, at St. Mark's, Myddleton Square, London, Mr. JOHN BUTLER, of Winder Hall, Cartmel, to MARGARET, only daughter of the late ROWLAND RAWLINSON, Esq., Flookburgh, Cartmel, Lancashire.


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