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CAIN-MAYWELL at Glasgow,July 1814 Mr. Henry CAIN, being the 6th time he has been married, aged 84, to Mrs. MAYWELL, of Clark's Bridge, aged 66, being the 9th time of her joining in wedlock ! ! !

CALVERT-MOUNSEY, Raisley m. Dorothy in Novermber 1768 in Greystoke.

CAMPBELL - NICHOLSON - On the 16th February, 1897 at the Register-office, Whitehaven, William Robert Andrew CAMPBELL, to Emma NICHOLSON, both of Whitehaven.

CANNELL-GRAHAM- At Grinsdale Church, on the 10th Sept. 1844, by the Rev. J. WILSON, Mr. CANNELL, of Carlisle, to MISS GRAHAM, of Grinsdale.

CARR-M'GRATTAN, At Presbyterian Church, High Street, Whitehaven, 4th Nov.1884, Mr. Willaim CARR, to Miss. Frances Ann M'GRATTAN both of Whitehaven.

CARRUTHERS-BELL, Thomas m. Sarah  on December 29, 1808 (place unkwn)

CARRUTHERS-BULMAN On the 18th Sept. 1879 at St James Church Carlisle MR J CARRUTHERS to ELIZABETH BULMAN both of Carlisle.

CARRUTHERS-EDMONDSON, Richard m. Jane on on May 14, 1776, in Irthington

CARRUTHERS-FAINT, Richard m. Mary (bn.May 22, 1816 in Westmoreland) on October 1, 1838 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

CASSON-JENKINSON, On the 29th November, 1879, at St. Ann's Church, Thwaites, Joseph CASSON, Wholepippin, Whicham, to Tamar, youngest daughter of John JENKINSON, farmer, Bankhouse, Thwaites.

CAWDWELL-ASHMORE- 31stAug. 1819, at Bawtry, Mr Joshua Cawdwell to Miss ASHMORE. This is the fifth time the bridegroom has entered into the holy state of Matrimony

CHARLTON-FERGUSON-At Middlesbrough, on November 13th, 1920 James Arthur, younger son of Mr.and Mrs. Charlton, 45, Langley Avenue, Thornaby-on-Tees, to Maria, younger daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. Ferguson, 1, Challoner Street, Cockermouth

CHORLEY-JACKSON-at Lancaster, William CHORLEY, Esq. of Bolton-le-Sands to Miss Mary JACKSON of Lancaster. Nov. 1819

CLARK - GRAVES - At St. Mary's Parish Church, Wigton, on January 12th 1882, Thomas, son of the late James and Sarah Clark, Cockermouth, to Jane, daughter of the late Samuel and Mary Graves, Wigton. Present address: 80 St. Helen's Street, Cockermouth

CLARK- PHILLIPSON, Joseph CLARK wed Frances PHILLIPSON in Alston in 1832.

CLARK-THOMPSON-At Barton Church, on the 12th Sept. 1844, Mr. JAMES CLARK, of Widewath, to MARGARET, the youngest daughter of Mr. JOSEPH THOMPSON, of Seat.

CLARKE-CLEMENTSON, Feb. 1812, at Moresby, (by the Rev. M. NICHOLSON) Capt. CLARKE, of  Maryport, to Miss CLEMENTSON, daughter of Mr. Wilfrid CLEMENTSON, of Parton.

CLARKE--CRAWLEY.--On the 10 Oct. 1869at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Mr. John CLARKE, labourer, to Miss Jane Ann CRAWLEY, both of Whitehaven.

CLAYTON~FARRIES - On the 31st of January, 1923 at the Presbyterian Church by the Rev. J.V. McNeil, Edmund H. CLAYON youngest son of Mrs. J. Clayton, Hilton House, Seesay, Yorks, to Violet Isabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. FARRIES Bransty Farm Whitehaven

CLAYTON - FLETCHER - At St. John's Church, Workington, on Weds. 14th Oct. 1903, by the REV. A.A. FfOSTER, Mr. H.B.CLAYTON, of Seaton, to Miss ISABELLA FLETCHER of Workington

CLUCAS-HALCROW on the 21st Sept. 1879 inst at the Register Office Whitehaven MR T R CLUCAS baker to MISS F E HALCROW both of Cleator Moor

COADE-SMITH: On the 12th Apr. 1882, at St. George's Church, Barrow-in-Furness, by the Rev. A.B. CROSSE, M.A., vicar, Samuel, only son of S. COADE, Esq., Redruth, Cornwall, to Annie Tyson, third surviving daughter of the late Mr. Charles SMITH, Kell Bank, Gosforth.

COCKTON-WILLIAMSON-10 November 1849, after banns, George Cockton, miller of Harrington, father William Cockton, and Jane Williamson, full age, spinster of Harrington, father Nicholas Williamson, in the presence of John Williamson and Sarah Cockton.

COLLIN-TAYLOR, George COLLIN married Hannah TAYLOR on 21.2.1852 at St Cuthberts, Carlisle by Supt Registrars Certificate.

COOK - MCCOLL - At the Royal hotel Edinburgh, 30 the Dec. by the Rev. R.R. Fisher M.M.M.A, John Porter Cook, M.R.C.V.S, Market Weighton, Yorks.,and of Annfeld, Ccockermouth, to Catherine McColl, M.A. , 28, Charles Street,Inverness.

COCHRANE-BRISCO, Miss Helen Mary BRISCO, eldest daughter of the late Mr Robert George Brisco and of Mrs Brisco, Parton Heights, Wigton, and Mr William Frances COCHRANE, of Cochrane Ranch, Macleod, Canada, second son of the Hon. M H Cochrane, Senator, of Hillburst, Quebec, Canada. June 1895

COMBERMERE- GREVILLE 21st June, 1814. the Right Honourable General Lord COMBERMERE, to Miss GREVILLE, niece to Lady CROWE.

CONKEY - STEELE - Robert Conkey & Ann Steele, December 25, 1860, Egremont, Cumberland, England

COOKSON-ELTON,  1st of February,1812 at Clifton, Joseph COOKSON, Esq. son of Isaac Cookson, Esq. to Elizabeth, daughter of William ELTON, Esq. of Clifton Wood.

CORKHILL-KNOWLES - On the 31st Jan. 1902 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Anthony CORKHILL to Miss Ann KNOWLES, both of Whitehaven.

CORKHILL - M'LAUGHLIN - On the 16th Feb. 1897 at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Thomas CORKHILL, to Mary Ann M'LAUGHLIN, both of Whitehaven.

COTTAM - KNOWLES - 0n the 15th Jan. 1920 at St Cuthberts Church, Seascale, by the Rev H. M. FAIRLIE, Joseph youngest son of the late William COTTAM, Seascale Hall to Ada, younger daughter of the late J. W. KNOWLES, Town End, Seascale.

COULTHARD-CALLOW-Sept. 1819, at Trinity, Mr Wm. COULTHARD, mate of the ship Richard Walker of Liverpool, to Miss CALLOW, of this town.

COULTHARD-STEPHENSON, MARRIED IN U.S.A.. - Mr. Tom Coulthard, formerly resided in East Road before going to U.S.A. was recently married at Long Beach, California, to Miss Elizabeth Stephenson.March 1930

COWARD - HAYES - At Hawkshead, on the 17th Nov. 1855, MR. WM. COWARD, Sawrey, to MISS AGNES HAYES, Ferry Hotel.

COWARD-PROCTOR.-At the Parish Church, Coniston, Mr Jackson Coward, to Miss Alice Proctor, both of Coniston. Oct. 1879

CRACOFT-INGILBY at Harrington,July 1814 in Lincolnshire, Robert CRACROFT, Esq., of Hackthorn, to Augusta, second daughter of Sir John INGILBY, Bart. of Ripley Park, Yorkshire.

CRAIG-RUDD- At St Michael's Church, Isel, on Thursday, November 5th 1931 by the Rev.C.W. WAKEFIELD.  Thomas W Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig, High Farm,Blindcrake, to Rachel Ann (Nan) Rudd, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudd, Croft House, Blindcrake.

CRANKE-PARKER.-On the 29th Oct. 1879, at St Mary's Church, Whitbeck, by the Rev Joseph WATSON, Mr Henry Cranke, farmer, Kirksanton, Millom, to Jane, daughter of Mr Anthony Parker, farmer, Holmgate, Whitbeck.

CRONE-HARRISON.-On the 21st Oct,1879, at St James's Church, Carlisle, Mr Richard Crone to Miss Isabel Harrison, both of Carlisle.

CROSTHWAITE-BOWMAN- at Cockermouth, Mr CROSTHWAITE, of Liverpool, to Miss Elizabeth BOWMAN, of the former place. Sept. 1819.

CUBBY-DIXON.-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Wigton, Mr John Cubby, compositor, to Miss Mary Dixon, both of Wigton.

CURWEN-ARMSTRONG on 3rd March 1890 at the register office Wilkinson Curwen coal miner to Margaret Armstrong both of Great Clifton


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