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DAKIN-ARMSTRONG-On the 21st June 1897 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Jonathan DAKIN to Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Cleator Moor.

DALGLEISH-TEMPLETON On the 13th Sept, 1879 at St Johns Church Carlisle WILLIAM son of MR THOMAS DAGLEISH to JANE daughter of MR JOHN TEMPLETON both of Carlisle.

DALTON-PEACOCK, at Penrith, Mr John DALTON to Miss Ja*** PEACOCK, Both of that place. Sept. 1819

DALLZELL-BURNYEAT-At Hensingham, Dec. 1844, MR. JOHN DALLZELL, butcher of Whitehaven, to ESTHER, Second daughter of the late MR. JOHN BURNYEAT, butcher, Chapel Street.

DALSTON - FINLINSON - At St. Cuthberts Church on the 11th July 1844 Mr. Thomas DALSTON to Miss. Mary FINLINSON, both of Botchergate.

DAND-HEWETSON-Jana Dand married Josephus Hewetson on 24 May 1696 at Wigton.

DANIEL-BROWN, At Julian City, California, U. S. A., 2nd Oct.1884, Mr. Henry DANIEL, formerly of Moor Row, to Miss. Mary Jane BROWN, eldest daughter of Mr. John BROWN of Moor Row.

DANSON-MYERS at Heversham,April 1812 Mr. W. DANSON of Gressingham, to Miss MYERS, daughter of Mr. T. MYERS, of Milnsthorpe, millwright.

D'ARCY-WHITTAKER - On the 15th Oct. 1855, at the Cathedral, Manchester, by the Rev. R. BUXTON, WILLIAM BAGOT D'ARCY, Esq., 6th Royal Lancashire Militia, son of the late JOHN D'ARCY, Esq., D.L., of Clifden Castle, and Kiltulla House, county Galway, to HANNAH, eldest daughter of the late ROBERT WHITTAKER, Esq., of Hurst, Ashton-under-Lyne.

DARGAVEL - MESSENGER.  At West Seaton Church, November 20th, (by licence) by the Rev. F. Ogden, Robert, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dargavel, to Isabella, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Messenger, Barepot,

DAVY-APREECE-April 1812, by special licence, Sir HUMPHREY DAVY, toMrs. APREECE. The ceremoney was performed in her mother's house, in Portland Place, by the Lord Bishop of Carlisle.

DAVIDSON - ATKINSON.  Philip Davidson married Margaret (Peggy) Atkinson 10 Nov 1844 in Castle Carrock, Cumberland, Eng. Philip was born in Irthington 4 Mar 1822; father's name George. Margaret/Peggy was born in Castle Carrock about June 1824; father's name Christopher.

DAVIDSON-M’CORMICK on the 19th Oct. 1844, MR. JAMES DAVIDSON, Damside, to MISS JANE M'CORMICK,English-street

DAVIDSON - ROBSON. Isaac Davidson, age 21 years, Bachelor, Coalminer, Fletchertown, married Annie Robson, 21 years Spinsers, resided Aspatria, father Andrew Robson, Coalminer. Witnesses Crosthwait Davidson (possible brother) and Jane Robson (sister or aunt?). They were married in the Register Office in the District of Wigton on18 Oct 1884.

DAVIDSON-STEPHENSON.-On the 18th Oct. 1879, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Carlisle, Mr John Davidson, Carlisle, to Miss Ann Stephenson, Warwick Bridge.

DAVY-CARRUTHERS, 20th July 1814. at Addle, (by the Rev. George LEWTHWAITE)Lieutenant-Colonel DAVY, to Mrs. CARRUTHERS, of Arlington-hall, Yorkshire

DAYSON-MILBURN. At Ivegill Church, on the 26th January, 1882 (by license) by Rev. Canon Phillip, John Dayson, Home Hill Lodge. Dalston, to Jane Milburn, Bekfoot, Dalston. Present address; Beck Cottages, Skinner Street, Cockermouth. Late of Woodhall Lodge, Cockermouth.

DENT - BRAITHWAITE._ At Clifton Parish Church, on Sunday,  April 26th,1931 Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs T. Dent, of Great Clifton, to Muriel Dorothy, daughter of the late Henry Braithwaite, of Bridgefoot.

DEVON - PARR - On the 5th January 1902 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Nicholas DEVON, to Miss. Mary PARR, both of Whitehaven.

DIXON-AKETT, On the 23rd January, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, William DIXON to Ann AKETT, both of Whitehaven.

DIXON-GIBSON-Nov. 1819, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas DICKSON, to Miss. Margaret GIBSON.

DIXON-MOORE, At St. Philemon's Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 23rd Oct,1884 Mr. Thomas DIXON to Miss. Annie MOORE, both of Liverpool but formerly of Cockermouth.

DIXON-NULTY-On the 9th June 1897, at the Methodist Free Church, Whitehaven, Isaac DIXON, Moor Row, to Fannie NULTY, Cleator Moor.

DOBINSON-GIBSON- At St. Mary's Church, on the 17th Oct. 1844, MR. THOMAS DOBINSON to MISS JANE GIBSON, both of Cummersdale;

DOBSON-BULMAN, Thomas DOBSON and Mary BULMAN m. 25 JUL 1808 in Caldbeck, Cumberland.

DOCKERAY- STODDERT - at Carlisle, Mr Robert DOCKERAY, to Miss Bridget STODDERT. Sept. 1819.

DOCKERTY-BRYAN.-On the 27th Sept.1869, at Whitehaven, Mr. Matthew DOCKERTY, coalminer, to Miss. Ann BRYAN, both of West-strand, Whitehaven.

DODGSON-NORMAN, At the parish church of Beaumont and Kirkandrews-on-Eden, near Carlisle, on the 12th Oct. 1847, by the Rev. W. BENN, B.A., rector, the Rev. Isaac DODGSON, M.A., of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and incumbent of Lanercost Abbey and Upper Denton, Cumberland, to MArgaret, second surviving daughter of Robert NORMAN, Esq., of Kirkandrews-on-Eden.

DONALD-ARMSTRONG- 19th Sept. 1819. At the same place, Mr Wm. DONALD, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG.

DORAN - M'DONALD - On the 25th April, 1897 at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, James DORAN to Elizabeth M'DONALD, both of Whitehaven.

DOUGLAS-HARTLEY-On the 28th December 1876, St. Mary's Church, Harrington, Mr. Hugh DOUGLAS, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. John HARTLEY, both of Harrington.

DOUGLAS-OSTLE-JOHN DOUGLAS, police officer, to Miss Ann OSTLE, dressmaker, youngest daughter of MR. Henry OSTLE, of Greysouthen. Nov. 1844

DOUGLAS-PROUD, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. William DOUGLAS, Kirkgate, Cockermouth, to Miss Ellen PROUD, Cockermouth.

DOUGLAS-STAINTON.At the Evangelical Union Church, Carlisle, 3rd June 1884, by Rev J. McILDOWIE(?), Robert DOUGLAS, gardener, Whitehaven, to Margaret STAINTON, Carlisle.

DOUTHWAITE-FOX-At Welton Church, Sebergham, on November 24th Nov. 1920 by the Rev. R. P. H. Malim,Joseph youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Douthwaite, Borrans Hill, Welton,to Mary A. L. Fox daughter of the late Wm. and Mary Ann Fox, formerly of Mealsgate.

DRYDEN-LAMB, Alexander m. Margaret on 7th January 1834 in St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle

DUNCAN - SALKELD. - On the 26th June 1882, at St. John's Church,Newcastle-on-Tyne, MR. PHILLIP DUNCAN, to ISBELLA MARY SALKELD, daughter of the late THOMAS SALKELD, of Workington.

DUPRE-TROLLOPE, Apr. 1812, in Lincolnshire, Corporal DUPRE, to
Miss N. TROLLOPE, with a fortune of 12,000L. Miss T. fell in love with him while he was on parade with the soldiers; the next morning, she communicated her sentiments to him, which he joyfully accepted, and on the following day he led her to the altar of Hymen


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