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FALLOWFIELD-WEAVER- On the 1st Feb. 1902, at St Begh's Church, Coach Road, Whitehaven Thomas FALLOWFIELD to Miss Margaret WEAVER, both of Whitehaven.

FALONA - FITZSIMONS. - On the 28th Apr. 1897, at the Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. THOS. PATRICK FALONA, Consett, to MISS ELLEN FITZSIMONS, Whitehaven.

FARMER - McDONALD - On the 27th May 1879. at Christ Church, Claughton, Birkenhead, by the Rev. W. H. F. Robson, Hon. Canon of Peterborough Cathedral assisted by the Rev. R. W. Britton, Henry Richard Farmer, of the Madras Civil Service, son of the late Rev. H. B. Farmer, rector of Donaghmore, Queen's County, to Margaret, fifth daughter of James Macdonald, Esq. of Ennerdale Lodge, Claughton.

FELL-HARRISON, Feb. 1812, at the Friend's Meeting-house, at Penketh, Mr Joseph FELL, of Warrington, to Miss HARRISON, daughter of Mr John HARRISON, of Liverpool, merchant.

FELL-JACKSON- Nov. 1844, Mr. John FELL, to Miss JACKSON, both of Blennerhasseett.

FELL-KENNEDY, On the 24th March 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, Walter James FELL, to Ann Williamson KENNEDY, both of Whitehaven.

FELL-THORNBURN- MR. JOSEPH FELL,farmer, of Park Lane, Cockermouth, to MISS ELIZABETH THORNBURN, of Southwaite; Oct. 1844

FERGUSON-BELL- At St Kentigern's Parish Church, Aspatria, on the 5th Nov 1931, by the Rev. A.H. HODSON, M.A., James F., youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.Ferguson, 1 Challoner Street, Cockermouth to Mildred, only child of Mr. and Mrs.  Jos. Bell, 75, King Street, Aspatria.

FLEMING-STOREY-Holy Trinity Church, West Seaton, the wedding took place of Mr. Joshua Bowe FLEMING, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew FLEMING, of 7, Mountain View, Harrington, and Miss. Ethel STOREY, second daughter of Mr. amd Mrs. John STOREY, of North Side. April 1931

FISHER-BROCKLEBANK, Apr. 1812 at Trinity, (by the Rev. T. HARRISON, A.M.) Mr. WILSON FISHER , merchant, to Miss ANN BROCKLEBANK, second daughter of the late Mr. DANIEL BROCKLEBANK.

FISHER - RIDLEY. - At Defford, Worcestershire, on the 10thAug. 1898, by the Rev. Geo. SWINDEN, Mr. Will L. Fisher, formerly of Workington, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Matthew RIDLEY, Esq., engineer, Worcester

FLETCHER-FLETCHER- the 4th Nov. 1844, at Birkenhead, Cheshire, Mr. J. FLETCHER, of Lorton, to Miss. Hannah FLETCHER, late of Harrowhead, Netherwasdale.

FLETCHER-HOLLIDAY.—At St. Cuthbert's Church, Plumbland, on Monday, June 1st 1931, by the Rev. E. B.Formston, John, only son of Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Fletcher, High Street, Maryport, to Isabel Winifred, youngest daughter of the late W. M. Holliday, ArklebyHouse, and Mrs. Holliday, Green Hill, Arkleby

FORMBY-PEEL, the 16th June 1814., M. G. FORMBY, Esq. of Formby Hall, to Catharine,daughter of Jonathan PEEL, Esq. of Accrington. (Arlcedon?)

FORSTER-SPOTTISWOOD-At Arthuret Church, on the 14th Sept 1844, by the Rev. John WANNOP, curate, Mr. JOHN FORSTER, weaver, to MISS MARY SPOTTISWOOD, both of Longtown

FORSYTH-POSTLETWAITE, at Keswick St. John's Church, Hilda Postlethwaite, second daughter of Mr. J. W. and the late Mrs. Postlethwaite, 14, Blencathra Street, Keswick, and Mr. FrankForsyth, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Forsyth, Woolpack Hotel,Keswick Jan. 1932.

FORSYTH-SWAINSON.-On the 15th Oct. 1879, at St Peter's Church, Sawrey, Mr Thomas Forsyth, Windermere, to Miss Alice Swainson, of the Ferry Hotel.

FOSTER-BARNES October 6, 1855 at the Independent Chapel, Wigton, by the Rev. GEORGE YOUNG, Mr. ANDREW FOSTER, Bolton, to Miss MARGARET BARNES, Bolton.

FOX - DICKINSON. On the 17th Apr. 1897, at the Methodist Free Church,Whitehaven, THOMAS FOX, to HENRIETTA DICKINSON, both of Whitehaven.

FOX - HELLING. On the 17th June 1882, at Broughton-in-Furness, by the Rev F A MALLEASON, Mr William Fox, of Foxfield, to Miss Mary Helling, Broughton-in-Furness.

FRAZIER-TOPPIN-On Monday Nov. 1819, at St. James's, John FRAZIER, Mariner to Jane TOPPIN, Straw hat maker.

FRECKLETON-ROWLANDS - October 5, 1901, at the Presbyterian Church, Paddington, Sydney, N. S. W., Robert Freckleton, of Whitehaven, master mariner, to Annie, second daughter of John Rowlands, Esq., of Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.

FROST-EDKIN-At Tynemouth, by the REV. CHRISTOPHER REED, Vicar, MR. RALPH SHIPLEY FROST,to ELEANOR ANN [both of that parish], eldest daughter of BARWISE EDKIN,Esq., ship owner, Harrington. Oct. 1844

FULTON-GRAVES-At St. Bees, Mr. David FULTON, mariner, to Miss Agnesd GRAVES, both of Whitehaven, Oct. 1819


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