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HAILEY-MORTON.At the Register Office, Whitehaven, 16th June 1884, Mr James HAILEY, sawyer, to Miss Kate MORTON, both of Whitehaven.

HALES-MURRAY: On the 11th Apr. 1882, at the Parish Church of Harrington, Mr John HALES, son of M. Jonathan HALES to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Robert MURRAY, both late of Whitehaven.

HALL - CRAWFORD. - On the 27th April, 1897 at the Register office, Whitehaven, Robert HALL to Mary Ann CRAWFORD, both of Distington.

HALL-DUGGAN-At Crosscanonby, on the 15th May, 1844, Robert Hall SANDERSON, Esq., to Mrs. Ann DUGGAN, widow, both of Maryport.

HALL-KIRKBRIDE, Charles m. Hannah on Oct.22,1811 at Distington,Cumberland. daughter of John Kirkbride and Jane Gaity

HALL-STODDART-On the 9th June, 1897 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, bu the Rev. C.  SWANNELL, Mr. William Henry HALL, of Kirkstead, Lincoln, to Miss. Mary STODDART, daughter of Councillor STODDART, of 10, Scotch  Street, Whitehaven.

HALLEY - REAY. On the 17th April 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven,GEORGE MILLER HALLEY, Cleator Moor, to MARY REAY,

HAMILTON - BAIRD. - On the 2nd June 1897 at the congregational Church, Whitehaven, Thomas HAMILTON, Dalry, Ayrshire, to Jessie Macaulay BAIRD, Whitehaven.

HAMMOND-BARKER-July 1814at St. Nicholas's (by the Rev. A. HUDDLESTON, A.M.), Capt.Thomas HAMMOND, to Margaret, the youngest daughter of Mr. BARKER, merchant;all of this town.

HANNON-THOMPSON, July 1814 Mr. Brian HANNON, to Miss Jame

HARKNESS-MOORE - On the 4th January, 1902, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, John Fisher Harkness to Miss. Elizabeth Benn Moore, both of Whitehaven.

HARRISON - THORNBORROW - At Grasmere, Nov. 1855, MR. WM. HARRISON, tailor, to MISS ELIZABETH THORNBORROW, of the Hollins Hotel, Grasmere

HARRISON-ROE-at Trinity, Mr Anthony HARRISON, to Miss Sarah ROE, of Catherine-street. Sept. 1819

HARRISON-WHEELWRIGHT, At Crosscannonby, July 1814, Mr. William HARRISON, sail maker, to Mrs Eleanor WHEELWRIGHT, widow.

HARVEY-BROWN, On the 7th of July,1852 at the Independent Chapel, Cockermouth, by the Rev. Wm. GORDON, of Workington, the Rev. Moses HARVEY, Presbyterian Minister of Maryport, to Sarah Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. Issac BROWN, of the former place.

HASSEL-WHITEHEAD-At Ormside, on the 20th Feb. 1812. (by the Rev. Wm. PHILLIPS, M. A.) Edward HASSEL, Esq. of Islemain, in this county, to Jane, elder daughter of the Rev. R. WHITEHEAD, of Ormside Lodge, Westmorland.

HASTINGS-YATES. On the 18th MARCH 1882, at the WesleyanMethodist Church, Whitehaven, Mr Samuel HASTINGS, railway clerk, to Miss Mary Ann YATES, both of Rowrah.

HAWKRIGG-PARKER, On the 19th Nov. 1879 at Windermere, Hugh HAWKRIGG of Castle, Sawrey, to Mary Jane PARKER of Cragg House, near Bowness.

HAYST-WESTRY- at Harrington, Mr Wm HAYST mariner to Miss WESTRY both of that place. Sept, 1819

HEAPS-ATKINSON- John HEAPS (sp.), Esq., of Kew Green (sp.), near London, to Miss E. ATKINSON, of Lancaster.Nov. 1819

HEATHCOTE - ASKEW-at Holy Trinity Church, Mr. Thomas HEATHCOTE, youngest son of Mrs. HEATHCOTE, of Moss Bay, and the late Mr. HEATHCOTE, married Miss. Catherine ASKEW, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James ASKEW, North Side. Apr. 1931

HEDDLES - SCURR. - At Embleton Church, 4th inst. by the Rev J. Moorhouse, John, eldest son of Mr James Heddles, King Street, Maryport, to Eleanor Jane (Nelly), fifth daughter of Mrs Scurr, Embleton, and the late James Scurr, Maryport.

HENDERSON-ELLIS-At St. Mary's Church, on the 10th May 1844, Mr. Matthew HENDERSON, to Miss Mary ELLIS.

HENDERSON-STAMPER- at Workington, Mr Robert HENDERSON, Tailor, to Miss STAMPERSept. 1819.

HENRY-RIGG -At Boston, U.S., on the 22nd September1855, EVAN JAMES HENRY, barrister-at-law, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to LUCY, daughter of the late Mr. THOMAS RIGG, Mid Kelton, Kirkcudbrightshire.

HERBERT-LANCASTER, Daniel Herbert, youngest son of Mr & Mrs R.S. Watson, The Oaks, Gilcrux, and Anne (Annie), younger daughter of Mr & Mrs T. Lancaster, Park Road, Aspatria, took place at the Wesleyan Church, Aspatria, Nov. 1920.

HESKETH-IRVING, On the 29th Sept. 1869, at St. Michael's Church, Great Lever,near Bolton, by the Rev. J. S. MULCASTER, rector of Great Salkeld, assisted by the Rev. T. LOXHAM, James, second son of Thomas Manley HESKETH, Esq., Summerfield, near Bolton, to Nathalie Mary, daughter of William IRVING, Esq., Penrith.


HETHERINGTON-WALKER-At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 9thDec. 1844, MR. ROBERT HETHERINGTON, to MISS MARY WALKER, both of Burthwaite Lane

HEWITSON-BIRRELL, Jane Birrell married Joseph Hewitson at Wigton in 1824.

HEWITSON-ROUTLEDGE-At Gretna, Nov. 1819, Mr. Thomas HEWITSON, of Wigton, butcher, to Miss. Sarah ROUTLEDGE, of Jenkincross, near Wigton.

HEWS-RICHARDSON, at Carlisle, Nov. 1819, Mr. Thomas HEWS, to Miss Margaret RICHARDSON.

HIGGIN-ARMSTRONG- The 20th June 1814. Mr. John HIGGIN, solicitor, to Miss Susannah ARMSTRONG, both of Lancaster.

HIGGIN-At Trinity Chapel, Whitehaven, by the REV. THOMAS DALTON, incumbent, MR.ROBERT HIGGIN, mariner, to MISS ELIZABETH MARGARET M'NULTY. Dec. 1844

HIGGINS - BRISCOE. - On the 2nd May, 1897 at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Harrington, William HIGGINS to Martha BRISCOE, both of Distington.

HIGGINS-M'KANNY, On the 17th Nov. 1879 at the Catholic Church, Duke-street, Barrow, Tom HIGGINS, to Mary Josephine M'KANNY, both of Barrow.

HILL-POWIS, On the 6th Oct. 1819, by special license, at Newham Paddocks, the seat of the Earl of Denbigh, Sir Francis Brian HILL, od Hawkstone, to Miss. POWIS, of Berwick House.


HINDE - THOMPSON. - On the 10th June 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the Rev R Bower, Mr Thomas Matthew Hinde, joiner, Bolton-le-Moors, to Miss Eleanor Thompson, Maryport.

HINDMOOR-BROWNRIGG, On the 22nd, Nov. 1879 at the Parish Church, Threlkeld, Thomas HINDMOOR to Ann BROWNRIGG, both of Threlkeld.

HODGSON-BARNES-On December 9th, 1880, at the Parish Church of Workington, by the late Rev. E.M.RICE, M.A., Thomas HODGSON and Elizabeth Christian BARNES. Present address: 12, Gray Street, Workington.

HODGSON-ELLWOOD- At Penrith, on the 12th May, 1844, Mr. Thomas HODGSON, farmer, to Miss Jane ELLWOOD, both of Penrith.

HODGSON-GRAHAM-At St. Mary's Church, Carlisle, on the 20th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. Wm. REES, Mr. WILLIAM HODGSON, of Crown Street, to Miss CATHERINE GRAHAM, of Byron Street.

HODGSON-HENDERSON.At St John;s Church, Carlisle, 19th June 1884, Mr Tom HODGSON, station master, Wigton, to Susannah, eldest surviving daughter of the late Mr James HENDERSON of Kirkland House, Wigton.

HODGSON-HOBSON, At Stanwix, Sept, 1819, Mr Thomas HODGSON of the firm HODGSON and BOWES, drapers in Carlisle, to Miss HOBSON of Stanwix.

HODGSON-HODGSON, The wedding of Miss Elsie Hodgson, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Hodgson, Thwaite Hill Cottage, Thornthwaite, and Mr. Thomas Hodgson, only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hodgson, Skiddaw View, Thornthwaite, took place at St.Mary's Church, Thornthwaite, Jan. 1932.

HODGSON-KIRKHAUGH-At Aspatria, on Nov. 1844, MR. WILLIAM HODGSON, to MISS KIRKHAUGH, only daughter of J. KIRKHAUGH, Esq., of that place.

HODGSON - LIGHTFOOT. - At Holy Trinity Church, Carlisle, on the 7th Aug. 1898, by the Rev. J. PROWDE, William, second son of the late John HODGSON, Liverpool, formerly of Hawes, to Dinah GARDNER, youngest daughter of Joseph LIGHTFOOT, Gilcrux.

HODGSON-SANDHAM- At Dearham Parish Church on Monday, 2nd November, 1931, by the Rev. A. HAWORTH.  Mr. H. Hodgson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hodgson, Fleming Street, Maryport, was married to Miss Sarah Isabella Sandham, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Sandham, Brow House, Dearham.

HODGSON-STEELE- On the 22nd May 1879, at the Independend Chapel, Ulverston, Mr.John Hodgson, to Miss H. Steel, both of Ulverston.

HODGSON-TODHUNTER,Robert m. Sarah Jane 25 Sep 1895.

HODGSON-WRIGHT-18th Oct. 1819. At the same place, Mr Wm. HODGSON, to Miss Jane WRIGHT.

HOLLIDAY-IRVING-Feb. 1812, at Cross Cannonby, Mr John HOLLIDAY, mariner to Miss Mary IRVING, both of Maryport.

HOLLAND/HIBBERT- LAWSON, Parish Church, Aspartia, on the 5th Nov. 1884, by Cannon HOLLAND, uncle of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. T. W. POWELL, MA., vicar, Arthur Henry HOLLAND-HIBBERT, second son of Sir Henry HOLLAND, Bart.,M.P., to Ellen, eldest daughter of Sir Wilfred LAWSON, Bart., M. P

HOLMES - QUIRK - At Trinity Chapel, Whitehaven, July 1844, Mr. J. HOLMES, miner to Miss. Catherine QUIRK.

HOPE-SCOPES. At St James Church, Barrow-in-Furness, 14th June 1884. by Rev J. HOWDEN, John, eldest son of Mr Joseph HOPE, Harrington, to Emma, youngest daughter of Mr A. W. SCOPES, Barrow-in-Furness.

HOROBIN - FERGUSON. - On the 2nd JULY, 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, bythe REV. R. BOWER, MR. THOMAS HOROBIN, plumber, to MISS CATHERINE FERGUSON, both of Maryport.

HUDDAR-TYSON, At the Register-office, Broughton-in Furness, Mr. WIlliam Huddart, of Millom, labourer, to Miss Mary Ann Tyson, of the same place. April 1879

HUGHES-WILLIAMSON, At the Register Office, Whitehaven, 3rd Nov.1884, Mr. George HUGHES, labourer, to Miss. Mary Ann WILLIAMSON, both of Whitehaven.

HUME-BROMFIELD, July 1814 Mr. James HUME, grocer, to Mrs. Mary
 BROMFIELD,  of the Salmon public house.

HUME-M’KITTRICK-Oct. 1844, by license, at St. Catherine's Church, Liverpool,ALEXANDER, eldest son of CAPTAIN HUME, of that port, to MARGARET M'KITTRICK,daughter of MR. JAMES JOHNSON, of Clare-street, Liverpool, and niece of the late MR. JOHN LOWTHER, of Wicham, Cumberland.

HUNTER-JACQUES-At St Mary's Church Thirlmere, November 29th 1930 by the Rev. E. RUSSELL, J.W.HUNTER, Crosby Ravenworth, to Agnes eldest daughter of John and Mary JACQUES, Bridge End, Threlkeld, Keswick.

HUSBANDMAN - DYKES - At the parish church, Workington, July 1844, Mr. Craig Hall HUSBANDMAN , cabinet maker, to Miss. Elizabeth DYKES.

HUTCHINSON - LOSH - The 26th July 1798, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas HUTCHINSON, of Bury, Lancashire, to Miss. LOSH, of the former place.

HYSLOP-AITKEN -At Creetown, on the 16th Oct. 1855, Mr. ANDREW HYSLOP, draper, Creetown, to CHRISTINA, second daughter of the late BAILIE AITKEN, architect, Creetown.


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