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INGRAM-SIMPSON-at Carlisle Mr John Ingram, to Miss Sa*** Simpson.Sept. 1819.

IRVEN - GAITSKELL - At Bootle, July 1844, Mr. Joseph IRVEN, shoemaker, to Miss. GAITSKELL, dressmaker, both of Bootle.

IRVINE-PATERSON, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 24th March 1884, Mr. John IRVINE, engineman, Workington, to Miss Margaret PATERSON, North Side, near Harrington.

IRVING - BELL - At the Primitive Methodist Church, Cockermouth, on 2nd January, by the Rev. Roland Hind, BA, James Henry, only son of Mrs. and the late Herbert Irving, of Challoner Street, to Emily, daughter of Mrs. and the late Wilkin Bell, 63, Main Street,Cockermouth.

IRVING-FOWLEs On the 17th Aug. 1904 at the Wesleyan Church, Cleator Moor by the Rev. JC Harrison, Rockferry, Birkenhead assisted by the Rv. BC Barker, Whitehaven. Mr Leonard Irving, eldest son of Mr J Irving, Wyndham, Egremont to Miss Edith Jane (Cissie) eldest daughter of Mr JTE Fowles, High Street and Market Square, Cleator Moor.

IRVING-PATTINSON, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. George IRVING, husbandman, to Miss Jane PATTINSON, bothof Dearham.

IRWIN-BROWN, At St Nicholas Church, Whitehaven, Thomas Irwin  married  Jane Brown 4 Sep1792; Wit. George Raveley  &  Mary Raveley

IRWIN - STEWART - On the 24th Nov. 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. John IRWIN, labourer of Maryport to Miss. Annie STEWART, of Grasslot.


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