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JACKMAN-WEBSTER-On the 6th Feb. 1897 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven, James Edward JACKMAN, Moor Row, to Sarah WEBSTER, Egremont.

JACKSON-BATEMAN -At the Parish Church, Kendal, on the 13th Oct. 1855, by the Rev. J.W. BARNES, vicar, Mr. JOHN JACKSON, farmer, Helsington, to Miss ANN BATEMAN, of Levens - after a rather tedious courtship of nearly twenty years.

JACKSON-BURNS, At St. John's Church,Keswick, 22nd March 1884, by the Rev. J. N. Hoare, vicar, Joseph JACKSON, of Maryport, joiner, to Lizzie, the only surviving daughter of the late James BURNS, gardener, Keswick.

JACKSON-DIXON-At Bolton, near Appleby, Dec. 1844, MR. JAMES JACKSON, of Cliburn Mill, to MISS DIXON, of Bolton.

JACKSON - GRAHAM - On the 18th Jan. 1920, at St John's Church, Cleator Moor, by licence, by the Rev. W. TAYLOR, Joseph JACKSON to Ann GRAHAM, of 2. Queen Street, Cleator Moor.

JACKSON-KENMARE-On the 3rd Apr. 2897, at the register-office, Whitehaven, John Henry JACKSON to Eleanor KENMARE, both of whitehaven

JACKSON- LAURIE- on the 6th March, 1897, at the register-office Whitehaven,CHARLES WILLIAM JACKSON, Parton, to JANET ANDREWS LAURIE, of Whitehaven.

JACKSON- PEARSON - At St. Cuthbert's Church, Lorton, 20th Oct. 1903,by the Rev. Copeland, William, son of Mr. Joseph Jackson, Camerton, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Pearson, Lorton

JACKSON-ROTHWELL, marriage of Captain W. JACKSON, Maryport, and Lieutenant B. ROTHWELL, Brighton Slums, was solemnised, the ceremony being conducted by Brigadier RICHARDS, June 1895.

JACKSON-WALKER-at Egremont, Mr. Joseph JACKSON, miller, to Miss Bridget WALKER, both of Egremont. Feb. 1812

JOHNSTONE - MACDONALD-The last of a family of 17, to marry, Mr. Thomas JOHNSTONE, son of Mrs. and the late J. JOHNSTONE of Fleming Street, Maryport, went to the altar on Easter Monday. His bride, Miss. Jessie MACDONALD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. MACDONALD, of 3, Gavel Street, Maryport, is one of ten children. Apr. 1931.

JENKINSON-HODGSON, On the 13th Aug.1904 at Bridekirk Church, William Hodgson, son of the late  Mr Dan Jenkinson of Greysouthern to Janie, daughter of Mr Hodgson of Belle Vue, Cockermouth.

JONES - ARMSTRONG. At St. Paul's Church Seaton, on Monday, July 1938 by the Rev. W.A. JOHNSTON, George Nicholson, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. JONES, Lawson Street, Workington, to Annie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ARMSTRONG, Crook Hall Gardens, Seaton.

JONES - WISE - At St. Mary's Church,5th  Aug. 1895, by the Rev W. Taylor, Joseph Arthur Jones,' of Barrow-in-Furness, to Jennie youngest daughter of L. Wise, Maryport. August 1895.

JOHNSON-LEE-At Christ Church, Great Broughton. 3rd Dec. 1930., by the Rev. R.W.A.ECROYD, M.A., vicar, Clarence, second son of Mr and Mrs James JOHNSON, High Burnthwaite, Dalston, to Mary Esther, second daughter of Mr and Mrs John LEE, Ribton House, Camerton.

JOHNSON-WELLS-At Penrith, on the 27th Oct. 1844, MR. FRANCIS JOHNSTON, of Carlisle, to MISSSARAH WELLS;

JOHNSTON-KITCHIN-On the 3rd Feb.1902, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Isaac Henry JOHNSTON, Sandwith, to Miss Jane KITCHIN, Whitehaven.

JOHNSTON-SMITH, At the Register Office, Cockermouth, 22nd March 1884, Mr. Henry JOHNSTON, brickmaker, to Miss Sarah SMITH, both of Dearham.

JOHNSTON - SMITH. - On the 5th July 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, by the REV. R. BOWER, MR. JOSEPH WILLIAM JOHNSON, grocer, to MISS MARY SMITH, both of Maryport.

JOHNSTON-WATSON.At the Parish Church, Roughtonhead, 19th June 1884, Mr David JOHNSTON, of Hall Hill, Dalston, to Miss WATSON, of Greenfoot, Castlesowerby.

JOHNSTONE - REED. - On the 20th June 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, on the 20th inst., by the Rev R Bower, Mr Robert Johnston, mariner, to Miss Sarah Ann Reed, both of Maryport. (this is typed exactly as written, including the different spellings of the groom's name)

JOYCE-MULLEN, Elizabeth MULLEN married James JOYCE, an engine fitter or engineer from Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1859.


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