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KAY - STOPPERTON. - On the 18thAug. 1898, at St. Nicholas' Parish Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. Arthur Campion BROWN, Joseph Fearon KAY, son of the late Capt. John KAY, of Maryport, to Emily Francis STOPPERTON, third daughter of John STOPPERTON, of Liverpool.

KEENAN–BARRON-On the 8th June, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Peter KEENAN to Annie BARRON, both of Whitehaven.

KENDALL-HODGSON-27th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN KENDALL, Edenhall, to MISS MATILDA HODGSON, dressmaker of Penrith.

KENNEDY-JAMIESON- At St. Martin's Church, Brampton, on the 18th June,1898. Rev S. FALLE, vicar, Sergt.-Inst. F.W Kennedy, 1st V.B Border Regt., to ate, youngest daughter of George Jamieson, Brampton.

KENNEDY-WILSON-On the 6th Feb. 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, James Whittaker KENNEDY to Martha Ann WILSON, both of Whitehaven.

KERR - EAGER. - On the 1st July 1882, at St. Bees Roman Catholic Church,Whitehaven, MR. PATRICK KERR, drayman, to MISS ELIZABETH EAGER, both of Whitehaven.

KEWLEY-FISHERAt Cleator, May, 1844, by the Rev. R. P. BUDDICOM, A.M., of St. Bees, Thomas Rigby KEWLEY, Esq., B.A., to Jane, youngest daughter of Wilson FISHER, Esq., of Keekle Bank, near Whitehaven.

KEY- GRAHAM, Betty KEY (fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. KEY, Beech Cottage, Tallantire), and Mr Spencer GRAHAM, youngest son of Mr and Mrs. GRAHAM, Clifton Hall, Clifton.Nov. 27th 1920.

KILLEN-KILLEN- On the 25th May.1879 at St. Bees Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. W. Dillon, Mr. Patrick Killen, labourer, to Miss Mary Jane Killen, both of Whitehaven.

KILNER-DIXON- at Kendal, Mr KILNER, printer, to Miss DIXON, both of that town. Sept. 1819.

KINNISH-BIRD, On the 20th March, 1897, at the Register office, Whitehaven, William Lewis KINNISH, of BIGRIGG, to Mary BIRD, of Moore Row.

KIRKBRIDE-BENNETTS-On the 18th January, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, James KIRKBRIDE, High Hensingham, to Elizabeth BENNETTS, Moor Row.

KIRKPATRICK - FEARON - At St. James's Church, Whitehaven, Nov. 1855, MR. WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, to FRANCES, fourth daughter of MR. THOMAS FEARON, shipwright.

KITCHIN-BANKS.  At the Priory Church, St Bees, on the 17th Sept. 1903, by Rev Herbert SNAPE, vicar, Jonathan, fifth son of Mr Henry KITCHIN, St Bees to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr Isaac BANKS, St Bees.

KITCHIN- Kitchin, born at Egremont July 5th, 1819, attained his 76th birthday this year, and his wife, born at Biggar, in Lanarkshire, on April 1st, 1819,has consequently just reached that age.  Mr. and Mrs. Kitchin were married at the South Leith Parish Church, near Edinburgh, on the 25th May, 1845,by th Rev. Francis Muir.

KNIPE-THEOBALDS- June 1813 at Hold Hutton, near Kendal, the Rev. Philip KNIPE, to Miss Frances THEOBALDS, daughter of the Rev. George THEOBALDS.


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