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LACKLISON-BARR- at Cockermouth, Nov. 1844, MR. JOHN LACKLISON, cooper, to MISS MARY BARR.

LAMPORT-NOBLE- at Caton,July 1814 the Rev. William LAMPORT, minister of the Presbyterian chapel in Lancaster, to Miss Frances NOBLE, daughter of Mr.James Noble, of the former place.

LANCASTER-GORDON - On the 27th Jan.1902, at the Parish Church, Arlecdon, Richard LANCASTER, Bamber Bridge, to Sarah I. F. GORDON, Frizington.

LANCASTER - KIRKBY - on the 22nd Nov. 1855, MR. HENRY LANCASTER, of Ambleside, butcher, to MISS MARY ANN KIRKBY, of Satterthwaite.

LAW-BRUCE, At Leith, Apr. 1812 JAMES LAW, Esq. of the General Postoffice to Miss J. BRUCE of Constitution Street, Leith, daughter of JAMES BRUCE,Esq. banker, Edinburgh.

LAWRENCE-CLARK At Embleton, by the Rev. H. KITCHIN, Mr. THOMAS LAWRENCE, farmer, Shatton Hall, Embleton, to Miss CLARK, of Hanger, daughter of Mr. ROBERT CLARK, of Blinderake. Oct. 1855

LAWSON-BOUCH At the Parish Church, Towpenhow, Mr Thomas LAWSON, Blennerhasset, to Miss Ann BOUCH, Towpenhow. June 1895

LAWSON-BROWN- At Setmurthy Church,  Bassenthwaite Lake, on March 30th 1931 THOMAS ROBINSON , son of Mrs. and the late RICHARD ROBINSON LAWSON, of Workington , to MARGARET (PEGGY) daughter of Mrs.  and the late HERBERT WALKER BROWN,  of Bassenthwaite Lake.

LECK-LUNSON-Anthony LECK, to Ann LUNSON, both of Kendal.Nov. 1819.

LEECH - GUNSON - At Ponsonby, July 1844, By the Rev. John FOX, A. m., Mr. Peter LEECH, only son of Mr. Isaac LEECH, of Seascale in Gosforth, yeoman, to Miss. GUNSON, only daughter of Mr. Isaac GUNSON, of Calder Hall in Ponsonby.

LEWIS - HUTCHINSON. - On the 1st July 1882, at the Register-office, Whitehaven,MR. WILLIAM LEWIS, coal miner, to MISS ANN HUTCHINSON, both of Whitehaven.

LEWTHWAITE - M'ALLISTER. On the 20th Apr. 1897, at the Register-office,Whitehaven, JAMES LEWTHWAITE, to MARY ANN M'ALLISTER, both of Whitehaven.

LINDSAY-LLOYD-Major Robert LINDSAY, of the Scots Fusilier Guards, led to the altar Miss JONES LLOYD, only daughter of LORD and LADY  OVERSTONE, the heiress of a vast accumulation of wealth. Nov. 1858

LINDSAY-TROUGHTON, On the 30th Nov. 1879 at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Charles LINDSAY, railway pointsman, to B. E. TROUGHTON, both of this town.

LINTON-HARTLEY, On the 6th of July,1852 at St. Nicholas' Church, by the Rev. F. W. WICKS, Mr. LINTON, watch-maker and jeweller, Roper Street, to Anne, daughter of thelate Mr. HARTLEY, of Church Street, in this town.

LISTER - MULCASTER - At the Baptist Chapel, Broughton, 20th Oct. 1903, by the Rev. A. Greer, Alfred Lister to Amy Paul Muncaster

LITTLE - GRAY - On the 14th July 1844 at St. Cuthberts, Mr. John LITTLE, painter to Miss. Hannah GRAY, both of Blackfriars street.

LITTLE-ROUTLEDGE, at Carlisle, July 1814,Mr. Robert LITTLE, to Miss Ann ROUTLEDGE

LITTLE-SCOTT-At Torpenhow, Nov. 1844, MR. JOHN LITTLE, sheep dealer, to MISS BARBARA SCOTT, of the Low Wood Nook Inn

LODGE-CARTER, July 1814, Mr. LODGE, of Hawkshead, surgeon, to Miss CARTER, of Ridleys in Tatham.

LOFTUS-VERE-At St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, VISCOUNT LOFTUS, eldest son of the MARQUIS OF ELY, to JANE, daughter of the late JAMES JOSEPH HOPE VERE, Esq., of Craigie Hall, and Blackwood, N.B. Nov. 1844

LOMAS-BLACKBURN, James LOMAS the brilliant three quarter back and captain of the Salford team who is a native of Maryport, was quietly married to MISS Annie BLACKBURN daughter of Mrs Bell, Cross Keys Inn, Maryport. The ceremony took place in Salford.Sept. 1903

LONGMORE-POTTS- Oct. 13th 1903 at St. John's Church, Cleator Moor, by the Rev. HAYTHORNTHWAITE,assisted by the Rev. G.B.ARMES, Rural Dean, the Rev. FREDERICK DEAN, andthe REV. DAWSON PARSONS, the Rev. H.R.LONGMORE Curate of the PArish of Cleator Moor, to Annie Thompson, daughter of Mrs. POTTS, of the MontrealOffices

LONGMORE-THOMPSON, the Rev. H. R. Longmore, BA curate of Cleator Moor and Mrs. A. Thompson, of Crossfield. Oct. 1903

LONGRIGG-RICHARDSON, On the 20th Nov. 1879 at St. Michael's, Bongate, Appleby, Thomas LONGRIGG, Battlebarrow, to Mary RICHARDSON, Bridge End, Appleby.

LONSDALE-STORDY-On the 5th July 1882, at the parish church of Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland, by the Rev. Francis REDFORD, Rector of Silloth, assisted by the Rev. Edward FITCH, Vicar of Burgh-by-Sands, Horace B. LONSDALE, second son of the late Dr. LONSDALE, of Rose Hill, Carlisle, to Catherine Nancy, younger daughter of the late Thomas STORDY, of Thurstonfield.

LORD-MOULTON-July 1814 Mr. Edmund LORD, skinner, to Miss Hannah MOULDEN, both of

LOUGH-SERGESON MondayFeb. 1812, Mr Rd. LOUGH, printer, to Miss Ann SERGESON, both of Penrith.

LOW-ROBINSON.- At the Parish Church of St. Michaels, Appleby, on the 22nd June 1887, by thre Rev. Albert WARREN, M.A. vicar, Dr. John Houston LOW, of Appleby,
to Annie, second daughter of the late Jonathan ROBINSON, of the Friary, Appleby.

LOWES-ROBINSON, at Carlisle, Mr. Thomas LOWES, spirit merchant to Miss Ann ROBINSON, Sept. 1819

LOWIS -INMAN. At St. Michael's Church Shap, on 30th March 1918 by the
Rev. J.P Haslem, Crosby Ravensworth, Sapper James Bateman Lowis,
Australian Engineers, fifth son of the late George Lowis and Mrs Lowis,
Hermitage, Shap, to Laurie, younger daughter of the late Robert Inman,
M.D, Sedbergh and Mrs Inman, Church View, Shap

LOWTHER-ERSKINE.-At St. Andrew’s Church, Penrith, on the 20th May 1896, by the
Rev. Canon MONNINGTON, Henry LOWTHER, Indian Staff Corps, eldest son of
Major General LOWTHER, Eden Lacy, to Eveline Mary Elise, eldest daughter of the Hon. A.W. ERSKINE, Bowscar.

LOWTHIAN-ASHCROFT,At St. Columba Church, Broughton Moor, H. Lowthian, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lowthian, Goad Road, to Phyllis, only daughterof Mrs. Relph, Broughton Moor, and the late Thomas Ashcroft. June 1931.

LYON-PRICE, Feb. 1812, Tuesday, at Sparshot, in Berkshire, John LYON, Esq. of Hilton House, Durham, to Miss Anne PRICE, second daughter fo Barrington PRICE, Esq.


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