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MACADAM-JACKSON, David, of Maryport fathers name David  to Ann, fathers name David, 17th October 1878 at Parish Church Flimby

MACDONALD-EDGECOMBE-at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, Reginald George MACDONALD, Esq. of Clanronald, to the Right Hon. Lady Caroline EDGECOMBE, second daughter of the Earl of MOUNT EDGECOMBE. Feb. 1812

MACELESTER-GRAHAM-On Monday the 22d Sept. 1817, at Stanwix, by the Rt. rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, Major MACELESTER, of the 13th light dragoons, to Georgiana Maria,daughter of James GRAHAM, Esq., of Richardby, in the county of Cumberland.

MACHELL- MASON at Cartmel, Mr. JOHN MACHELL, of Allithwaite, to
 Mrs SARAH MASON, of the same place, both being in their 74th year.Apr. 1812.

MACKERETH - BAKER - At. St. Cyprian's Church, Narraleri, on Sep. 23rd 1931, by the Rev. Canon B.W. Miller, John, second son of thelate George Mackereth, Grange Grassings, Gilcrux, and Mrs. Mackereth, 15,Petteril Street, Carlisle, to Lily Florence, youngest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. G. Baker, Narraleri, NSW, Australia

MADGIN- WILSON, Thomas MADGIN wed Ann WILSON in Alston in 1828


M'ALLAN - DANIELS. - On the 25th April, 1897 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, James George M'ALLAN, Whitehaven to Annie DANIELS, Whitehaven

MANDALE - FEARON - On the 25th Sept. 1869 at Embleton Church, Mr. Daniel Mandale, farmer, Easthouse, Embleton, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Westray Fearon, shipbroker, Maryport.

MANDALL-PLUMMER-At Embleton, onOct. 1844, by the REV. H. KITCHEN A.M., incumbent, MR.ROBERT MANDALL, jun. of Wythop, to MISS PLUMMER, of Byersteads, in Embleton.

MARTIN-BARROWCLIFF- and on the 21st Oct. 1844, MR. GEORGE MARTIN, to MISS HARRIETT BARROWCLIFF, both of East Tower-street.

MARTIN-BROWN-At St. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, on the 24th Oct. 1844, by the REV. JOHN JENKINS, incumbent, MR. JAMES MARTIN, grocer, to MISS ELEANOR BROWN, both of Whitehaven.

MARTIN-HAUGHIN, Edith Winifred HAUGHIN, daughter of Mr and Mrs William HAUGHIN of Watch Hill and Mr John MARTIN, son of Mr and Mrs MARTIN, of Dearham.April 1932

MASON-BARKER, Thomas to Ann, on 10th November 1872.

MASON-BARNFATHER-at Autheret in Cumberland,Aug. 2, 1783 by the Rev Dr James, Mr Thomas MASON of Nook, an eminent tanner, to the agreeable Mrs BARNFATHER of Banks, a widow lady in the same county, possessed of a fortune of 1000l.

MASON-BOLAND- Miss. Dorothy BOLAND, second daughter of Mrs. Catherine BOLAND, Frizington Road, Frizington, to Mr. Hugh MASON, youngest son of Mr. John MASON, Frizington, was solomnised at St. Joseph's R. C. Church. Apr. 1931

MASON - BROWN - At Egremont, Nov. 1855, by the REV. W. H. LEECH, Rector, JOHN MASON, Esq., of the firm of MASON and Son, merchants, Egremont, to MISS BROWN, of Globe Cottage, near Egremont, only daughter of the late CAPT. JOS. BROWN, of Workington.

MASSEY - KENNEDY. - On the 29th May, 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, John MASSEY to Catherine KENNEDY, both of Whitehaven.

MAYER-BLAIN, On the 18th Nov. 1879, at the United Methodist Free Church, Carlisle, John MAYER to Mary Jane BLAIN, both of Carlisle.

McADAM-SHYLAN, August 15th, 1904 at the Presbyterian Church, Cleator Moor James, eldest son of Captain McAdam of Whitehaven to Isabella Shylan, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J Shylan, Cleator Moor.

MCARTHUR - RAVEN - MR. J. MCARTHUR, Dalton to MISS H. RAVEN, Moss-side. Nov. 1855

MC.AVOY - MC.CORMICK. - On the 1st July, 1882, at St. Patrick's Chapel, by the REV. J. WATMORE, MR. THOMAS MC.AVOY, coalminer, to MISS SARAH MC.CORMICK, both of Grasslot.

McCALLUM~HILL, At Setmurthy Church on the 5th Feb.1923, by the Rev. J.A. Duncan, Graydon Archibald McCALLUM P.A.S.I., A.A.I. of Cambridge, son of James Archibald McCallum, F.C.M.S. of Barry, to Beatrice, eldest daughter of Mr. George HILL of Bassenthwaite Lake (late of Whitehaven)

McGLASSON-WILSON, Florrie WILSON, daughter of Mr Edward Wilson, Derwent Cottage, and Mr Isaac McGLASSON, Broughton Moor. April 1932.

McGUIGAN-ROBINSON-On the 21st June 1897, A the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Arther M'GUIGAN, of London, to Jane Ann Robinson, Distington.

McKENNA - BLACKBURN. John McKenna, of full age, Bachelor, Miner, resided Aspatria, father Owen McKenna (dec.?), Laborer married 19 Oct 1873 to Isabella Blackbuarn, of full age, Spinster, resided Aspatria, father Joshua Blackburn, Laborer. Witnesses Andrew Robson and Sarah Grieve (unsure of the spelling of her name). They were married in the parish church of the parish of Aspatria. Isabella signed the register with her mark.

McKENZIE-WILSON On the 16th Sept. 1879 at St James Marsh Lane Bootle near Liverpool by the Rev Father LYONS THOMAS G youngest son of the late HUGH McKENZIE of Maryport to ALICE youngest daughter of JAMES WILSON of Seaforth.

MCKEON-DENT - At St. Bede's Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 27th August,1898 by the Rev. R.J.B. GELDART, Robert J. MCKEON, inland revenue, Cockermouth, to Kate, only daughter of the late Henry DENT, Cockermouth.

McMICKING--NICHOLSON.--On the 11th August, 1869 at Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. Stanley LOW, assisted by the Rev. S. L. CHASE, Robert McMICKING, Esq., Manus, Upper Murray, to Eleanor JANE, only child of Germain NICHOLSON, Esq., St.
Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

McMULLIN - MORGAN, On the 26th March 1879 at St. Mary's Church, Henley on Thames, Oxon, by licence, by the Rev. Greville Phillimore, rector, Captain Charles McMullin of Harrington, to Elizabeth Morgan, of Henley on Thames.

McVICAR-HAYWOOD- Apr. 1812at Liverpool, Mr. JOSEPH McVICAR, merchant, to Miss HAYWOOD, daughter of FRANCIS HAYWOOD, Esq. of that town.

MELDRUM - HARRINGTON. -At St. John's Church, Workington, on March 4th,1930 by the Rev. J.R. Croft, Vicar, Alexander Meldrum, eldest son of Mrs. H.C. Bailey, to Bessie, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late J.E. Harrington, Golden Lion Hotel, Workington.  (By licence).

M'GLUE - WATSON - On the 29 th Nov. 1882, at the Free Methodist Church, Whitehaven, Mr. James M'GLUE. engine driver, Moor Row to Miss. Hannah WATSON, Hensingham.

M'GORRIAN-ASHBRIDGE, At St. Bee's Roman Catholic Church, Whitehaven, 4th Nov,1884 Mr. Joseph M'GORRIAN, coalminer to Miss. Mary Jane Ashbridge, both of Whitehaven.

M'GOWAN-GELDERT, On the 4th July 1852, at Trinity Church, by Rev. J. F. SIMPSON, Mr. Joseph M'GOWAN, to Miss. Mary GELDERT, all of this town.

M'KEE-MOORE, On the 30th Sept. 1869, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Michael-street, Whitehaven, by the Rev. Thos. CANNELL, Mr. Thomas M'KEE, shoe-maker, Chapel-street, Whitehaven, to Mis. Isabella MOORE, Mark-lane, Whitehaven.

M’KIE-BROOM, July, 1814 At Dumfries, Mr. William M'KIE, manufacturer, to Miss BROOM, daughter of the late Joseph Broom, **** merchant

M'KIE-ROWELL.-On the 22nd Oct. 1879, at St James's Church, Carlisle, Mr George M'Kie to Miss Mary Rowell, both of Carlisle.

MILLICAN - M'CLEARY. - On the 2nd May, 1897, at the Register Office, Whitehaven, Thomas MILLICAN to Mary Jane M'CLEARY, both of Cleator Moor.

MILLICAN-RICHARDSON, At the Wesleyan Church, Cleator Moor, 18th March 1884, Mr. B. M. MILLICAN, Patterdale, Westmorland,to Miss Annie RICHARDSON, Cleator Moor.

MILLS--GRAVES.--On the 4th May 1897, at the Register-office, Whitehaven, Isaasc MILLS to Elizabeth GRAVES,.both of Egremont.

MILNER-WYKEHAMJOHN MILNER, Esq., of Queen's College, Oxford, and late of Appleby,Westmorland, to MISS ANNE FRANCES WYKEHAM, only daughter of the late THOMAS WYKEHAM, Esq., of the Temple, London. Nov. 1844

MINIKIN- At Burton, on the 10th Oct. 1844, MR. JOHN MINIKIN, gamekeeper to E. HORNSBY,Esq., to MISS MARGARET ARMER, of Burton

MITCHELL  - ROTHERY - At the Parish Curch, Harrington, 21st Oct. 1903 by the Rev. G. Nedham, of Westfield, Robert, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell,Kiln Green, High Harrington to Mary Jane (Polly), daughter of the late William Rothery, Croft Head, Lowca

MONKHOUSE-ARMSTRONG.-On the 14th Oct.1879, at the Register-office, Cockermouth, Mr William Monkhouse, coalminer, to Miss Isabella Armstrong, both of Cockermouth.

MOORE – GIBSON On the 27th Sept. 1903, at the Congregational Church, Wigton, by the REV J S THOMSON, HERBERT B MOORE, (journalist on the staff of the "West Cumberland Times"), second son of MR WILSON MOORE, Church Street, Wigton to JEANNIE,fourth daughter of MR DANIEL GIBSON, High Blaithwaite, Wigton.

MOORE - PARKER - On the 7th August 1882 at St. Thomas' Church, Lancaster, James MOORE, formerly of Cockermouth to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Robert Parker, Lancaster.

MOORE-RIGG, At Dearham Parish Church, 1st Nov. 1884, Mr. William MOORE of Ellenborough, to Miss. Hannah RIGG, Maryport.

MOORE - WYLDE - On 14th Jan. 1920, at Ballaugh Parish Church, by the Rev T. R. KNEALE, Percy, youngest son of the late Mr John MOORE, Ullcoats, Egremont, Cumberlnad, to Frances Mary, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs WYLDE, Ashcroft, Ballaugh, Isle of Man.

MORGAN-FOX, On the 21st Sept. 1879 at St Bees Church Whitehaven by the Rev J ROWLEY MR NICHOLAS MORGAN, Charles St To MISS ISABELLA FOX, Ginns.

MOSS-GARNET- Feb. 1812, T. MOSS, curate of Ravonstonedale, and master of the grammar school at Orton; to Miss N. GARNET, of Orton; daughter of Mr W.Garnet of the same place.

MOSS-PATTON, Mr. W.H. MORTIMER MOSS, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.T. MOSS, of Oak Bank, Whitehaven, and Miss Lois PATTON, youngest daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. J.G. PATTON, of Swanland. April 1931

MOSSOP-LEIGHTON, At St. John's Church, Carrington, 8th March 1884, Clement MOSSOP, of Gosforth, Cumberland, to Fanny, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John LEIGHTON, Newton, Norrs.

MOSSOP - TURNER - On the 29th Sept.1869 at Egremont, Henry Mossop, Esq., of Rottington Hall, to Anne, relict of the late Mr. James Turner, of Low House.

M'ROY - WESTRAY - On the 27th Nov. 1882 at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. Henry M'ROY, miner to Miss. Jane WESTRAY, both of Crosby Villa.

M'QUHAE - ARMSTRONG. On the 15th July 1882, at the Congregational Chapel, Keswick, by the REV. A. HOWSON, minister, MR. JOHN WILLIAM M'QUHAE, to MISS ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, both of Cockermouth.

MUCKLE-CLARK, On the 24th Nov. 1879, Parish Church, Crosthwaite,
George Bristow MUCKLE, Portinscale, to Mary Ann CLARK, Keswick.

MULCASTER-SUTTON, Thomas to Mary, June 9th 1827, Scaleby, Cumberland.

MULLEN - BEECH. - On the 29th May, 1897 at the Methodist Free Church, Whitehaven, Robert Carron MULLEN, to Sarah Ann BEECH, both of Whitehaven.

MUMBERSON - MILBURN. Daniel Mumberson, of full age, Bachelor, Laborer, Hayton, father John Mumberson, Husbandman married 12 November 1861 to Sarah Milburn, of full age, Spinster, resided Oughterside, father Thomas Milburn, Husbandman. Witnesses were Thomas Brown and Margrat Blackburn. They were married at the parish church in the parish of Aspatria.

MUNBY-BRAMMER, Feb. 1812, Thursday, at Luddington, Lincolnshire, after the banns had been published EIGHT times, (the bride having twice refused to complete the ceremony) James MUNBY to Miss BRAMMER, both of that place.

MUNRO-STOCKDALE, Rosa STOCKDALE (manageress of the Steam Laundry, Workington), daughter of the late Mr Harry STOCKDALE, of Stanley House,Bradford, and Mr John Stuart MUNRO, St. Michael's Road, Workington.Sept. 1903

MURPHEY-ROBINSON-On the 31st Oct, 1819. at Trinity Church, Liverpool, Captain MURPHEY, of the brig  Jane, of Workington, to Miss Ann ROBINSON, of Cable-street.

MURPHY-KITCHIN, On the 15th Aug. 1904 at the Congregational Church, Whitehaven by the Rev SB Haudley of Hertford, Thomas Murphy second son of Edward Murphy of Whitehaven to Emma, second daughter of the late Tyson Kitchin of Whitehaven

MURRAY-BROWN-On the 8th Feb. 1897 at the Register office, Whitehaven, Thomas MURRAY to Mary Coulthard BROWN, both of Parton.

MURRAY - REED. On the 17th April 1897, at Christ Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev.T.S. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM J. MURRAY to CATHERINE (KATE) REED, both of Whitehaven.

MURRAY-SCURR, On the 17th Sept. 1879 at Crosscanonby Parish Church MR JOHN MURRAY, ship carpenter of Whitehaven to MISS ELIZABETH SELBY SCURR of Maryport.


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