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OLIVER-COOPER, Joshua E. OLIVER, of Agneash, Isle of Man, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. John OLIVER, and Miss Ann Eliza COOPER, third daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. COOPER, 63, Ginns, Whitehaven. May 1931.

OLIPHANT-PEARSON, 20th May 1839 Bell OLIPHANTof full age,  Blacksmith, Cockermouth Father: Robert Oliphant, Labourer Alice Pearson of full age, X her mark Cockermouth Father: George Pearson, Hatter

O'PRAY-HUTCHINSON-On the 17th June 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, William O'PRAY of Consett, to Mary Ellen HUTCHINSON, of Whitehaven.

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