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PALMER- DUNGLINSON, Rev J. R. PALMER, B.A., of Whitehaven married Miss Agnes Rebina DUNGLINSON,daughter of MR and Mrs James DUNLINGSON,April 1931.

PALMER-EVANS.-On the 14th Oct. 1879, at the Register-office, Broughton-in-Furness, Mr Joseph Palmer, of Bowness, to Miss Martha Jane Evans, of Haverigg.

PARK-WILSON- At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 12th May 1844., Mr George PARK, hatter, to Miss Jane WILSON, both of Botchergate;

PARKER-TODD-NEWCOMBE, On the 26th Nov. 1879 at Kirkby Ireleth, John PARKER, Chapples House to Margaret Hannah TODD-NEWCOMBE of the Guards, Kirkby Ireleth.

PATRICKSON-CARRUTHERS, On the 19th April 1883, at Irthington Church, by the Rev. W. DACRE, assisted by the Rev. J. T. POLLOCK, cousin of the bride, Hugh PATRICKSON, of Kirklinton Park, Carlisle, to Catherine Mary (Kate) CARRUTHERS, of Seat Hill, Irthington, only child of the late William and Hannah CARRUTHERS, of Auchenhessnane, and niece of Edward WAUGH, Esq., M. P.

PATTERSON-REED, Mr Richard PATTERSON, of Caldew House,  Dalston, was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth REED, third daughter of Mrs REED, of Croft House, Great Orton, widow of the late Mr William REED of Moorhouse.June 1898.

PATTISON-CRAWFORD.-On the 21st Oct. 1879, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr William Pattison, labourer, to Miss M Crawford, both of Maryport.

PATTINSON-GOLDEN.- At Castlesowerby, on the 30th June 1887, by the Rev. T P. MONNINGTON,  Wm. PATTINSON, to Lettice, only daughter of Mr. Felix GOLDEN of Castlesowerby.

PATTINSON-HARDY,Margaret married Lawson PATTINSON, a journeyman blacksmith from  Scratchmel Scar, Lazonby, in April 1859

PATTINSON - VICKERS. - At St. James Church, Buttermere, on April 6th, 1931, by the Rev. John ROWLAND, Stanley, sixth son of Mr. and Mrs. George PATTINSON, Whyemoor House, Winscales, to Elsie Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph VICKERS, of Lanthwaite Cottage, Buttermere.

PEARS-ABBOTT, Joseph Henry PEARS, of Keswick,to Miss Laura L. ABBOTT, younger daughter of Mr C, ABBOTT, Carlton House, Southey Street, Keswick June 1895.

PEARSON - ADCOCK,At St Marks, Birmingham, 28th June 1898, by the Rev. J..Egerton, of Knottingley, assisted by the Rev. M. Rudkin, of Birmingham,John Barnes Pearson,M.B.,C.M., of Bridge House, Knottingley, eldest son of George Pearson, Dockrayrigg, Wigton, to Millicent, second daughter of Frank Adcock, Birmingham.

PEARSON-BAINBRIDGE At the parish church, Lorton, October 15th Oct. 1903 by the REV W COPELAND, MARK PEARSON, Clifton to Mrs ELIZABETH A BAINBRIDGE, Lorton.

PEARSON-BLAKENEY.  At the Presbyterian Church Wallsend-on-Tyne, on August 22nd Sept. 1903, by the Rev. J. RORKE, of Heaston, John PEARSON, to Sarah Gainford BLAKENEY, both of Wallsend, and late of Cleator Moor, Cumberland.

PEARSON-JOHNSTON - At St. Paul's Church, Frizington,  on the 1st January, 1902, Anthony W. Pearson to Margaret Johnston, Birks, Frizington.

PEARSON-SMITH-On the 7th June 1897, at St. Begh's Church, Whitehaven, George Frederick PEARSON, Rochdale, to Annie SMITH, Whitehaven.

PEAT - BEWLEY - On the 22 nd Nov. 1882, at Crosscanonby Parish Church, Mr. James William PEAT to Mrs. Jane BEWLEY, both of Maryport.

PENNY-BROWN, at Maryport, April 1812 Mr. JOHN PENNY, anchor smith to  Miss BROWN, daughter of Mr. BROWN of Yanwath Hall, Westmorland

PENNY-FENTON, The 7th Apr.1812. at Preston, the Rev. JAMES PENNY, vicar, to Miss FENTON.

PEPPERELL - JORDAN. On the 18th July 1882, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehaven by licence, MR. WILLIAM HENRY PEPPERELL, grocer, to MRS. EMELINE JORDAN, both of Ashby, Arlecdon.

PERCIVAL-BROWN-At Camerton Church, 17th Nov.1920, by Rev. E. C. Bennett, George, youngest son of Mrs. PEERCIVAL, Burgh-by-sands, to Annie, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. BROWN, Fern Bank Ladge, Sexton.

PERRY - HARRISON.  At St. Michael's Church, Arlecdon, on Monday, November 22nd, 1920 (by licence) by the Rev. H. Hunter Parker, Alfred, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Crossfield Road, Cleator Moor, to Mary Josephine, fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harrison, Waterloo Terrace, Arlecdon.

PHILLIPS-SCOTT- MR. JOHN PHILLIPS, of Stone Rayse, cork cutter, to MISS MARY SCOTT, of Ratten Row, both in the Parish of St. Cuthbert, Nov. 9, 1844

PIGG - QUIN. - On the 27th Apr. 1897, at St. James's Church, by the REV. R.DUNCAN, by special licence, JAMES PIGG, of Shildry to CATHERINE (KATE) QUIN.of Queen-street, Whitehaven.

PLENDERLEATH-MULCASTER, John PLENDERLEATH  married Mary MULCASTER ,  May 7th 1870 at St.Mary, Carlisle.

PORTEOUS-LAURIE,  Feb. 1812, At Edinburgh, Capt. John PORTEOUS, Royal Navy, to Miss LAURIE, daughter of the Rev. Dr. LAURIE, Newburn, Flintshire.

POSTLETHWAITE - JOHNSTON. - On the 26th Sept.1869 at Longtown, Mr. George Postlethwaite, shoemaker, High Hill, near Keswick, to Miss Ann Johnston, late of Portinscale, near Keswick

POSTLETHWAITE-SHAW.-On the 20th Oct. 1879, at the Parish Church, Ulverston, Mr George Postlethwaite, of Kirkby Ireleth, to Mrs Jane Shaw, of Ulverston.

PRESCOD-TRIMBLE-The 3rd Feb. 1812, at Thorsby Church, Mr Wm PRESCOD, of Coathill, to Miss TRIMBLE, daughter of Mr George TRIMBLE of Thorsby.

PURCELL-BIRKETT, At St. John the Baptists Church, Park Road, Liverpool, 5th March 1882, by the Rev. T. Davies, Mr. James Purcell, joiner, to Annie, second daughter of Mr. John Birkett, Rising Sun, High Lorton, Cumberland.

PURDAM - JOHNSTON.  -At St. Paul's, Causeway Head, on February 27th 1930(by licence), by the Rev. Canon Walker, Tom, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Purdam, Station House, Brayton, to Ida, only daughter of Mrs. Porter, Brough Street, Aspatria, and the late Mr. Wilson Jefferson Johnson, Abbey Town.


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